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  1. I hope this gets picked up by the groups with a wider country reach soon. I am quite happy with episode one. I hope you all enjoyed it. Here are my first thoughts. Or well, about 1/3 of them, because I have a word limit and had to erase so much text. Have fun with the series, folks! I'm out to avoid any future spoilers. [HanCinema's Drama Review] "The Good Wife" Episode 1 "The Good Wife" starts with a focus on the present and gives us only the bare essentials of the past. Episode one establishes the scandal and we flash forward to a point where our heroine has a husband in jail, nothing but her phone contract to her name and a family to support. We are introduced to some key characters and our lead gets her first court case. It is a packed, straightforward and stylish premiere for the drama. Kim Hye-kyeong's (Jeon Do-yeon) position is dire, but rather than focusing on her handling of her husband's scandal, we get to see her just as she begins to bounce back. This is a smart decision in terms of pacing, because we get to the fun part of her work as a lawyer right away. It is also much more realistic. A woman with a big mess on her hands and teenage children who need her has little time to sort her feelings out. >> FULL PIECE <<
  2. VIU Indonesia seems to have picked it up and if one of my twitter folks is right, it is subtitling in English as well. VIU Singapore, which previously said they are not subbing it later said they will consider it. So yay! It's something! I am sure DF and/or Viki will follow eventually. The work is a remake of a popular series, it stars a big actress on her drama comeback and other known actors, it is a prime time drama and it airs on a CJ E&M-owned channel. I mean, Cheo Yong never got much love and all, but this one has good chances.
  3. Thanks for reading. I'm kind of sad I can't participate in discussions for series I cover, but I hope you all enjoyed the show. I did, for the most part. I will say goodbye pleased, after my final review. And find a way to make a poor version of that dang signature dish, because I will not rest until I have it.
  4. Thanks for sharing my stuff, @irilight. I am so busy between Twitter and work. XD And I agree, @icemaid. We have seen less focus on her in these two episodes, but I also understand why Deul Ho's relationship with Soo Bin is important. Eun Jo has a "perfect" life, which is not ideal for dramatic content. Her joining the team is though, so I hope her growth as a lawyer and her official hiring will happen soon. Maybe this case will just show Deul Ho she is a worthy addition. She practically lives there already and she has gotten used to playing by their rules. In short, she is now a weirdo among weirdos.
  5. Mal Sook has given the pair her blessings, so they can officially be a One True Lawyer or any other Pairing! I think this next case will finally push Eun Jo to leave those jerks and join Deul Ho. After she manages to remove his chains. XD [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho" Episode 4 Deul-ho continues to be one crazy son of a gun and he keeps making that work to his advantage. Episode 4 concludes Byeon Ji-sik's (Kim Gi-cheon) story, but the fight against Chairman Jeong (Jeong Won-joong) is far from over. Instead a new case presents itself and while clumsily connected to all of our key characters in terms of writing, it keeps the show moving forward. Before I move on to our new case, there is something I think is worth mentioning about the previous one. Much like Byeon Ji-sik, our cool grandma Lee Mal-sook is a character who gets some development, despite her short appearance in the show. Guest roles like "homeless man" or "dementia granny" are often stereotypes in drama, but this series reminds us that those are real people with real stories. Mal-sook is not defined by her dementia alone and her characterization and interactions with our team are wonderful. >> FULL PIECE <<
  6. Does anyone else want Eun Jo to smack Deul Ho with her heels? He was so close to enlightenment, but then the revenge thoughts and booze stopped him. Ahaha. Glad to see Eun Jo is starting to wake up and smell the coffee regarding her company. Go with Deul Ho! He has good pay!... Ok, he doesn't. But he has a nice offi... Nevermind... [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho" Episode 3 The power of Byeon Ji-sik's words may have hit Deul-ho and Eun-jo hard, but it is surprisingly the latter, supposedly the more naive and oblivious of the two who understands what she feels and what this means to her first. Episode 3 continues with the trial, but we also get more backstory on some of our characters, including our guest father and son. "Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho" catches me by surprise in many pleasant ways. I was expecting the comedy to have died down by now, but the creators know when to insert it in a way that maintains the gravity of the story while giving viewers a much needed breather. If you are anything like me, you will need said breather, because I became teary-eyed quite a few times in this episode. The drama portrays its characters, situations, and emotions with great sensitivity and honest warmth. >> FULL PIECE <<
  7. It's weirdo pair day! Ugh, I want to participate here so badly, but I avoid spoilers for work and it's killing me. I hope you enjoy today's episode. I can't wait to see it. Monday has become a great day lately. And Tuesday. And Sunday. A good three days for me during this drama season. I can't wait to see how/if Deul Ho and Eun Jo contemplate on their actions and their meaning to their client. I hope so. Hurrah for character development!
  8. I can already smell the "Eww, he's OLD" and "Nooo, she is not good enough!" comments around this casting. I plan to just dive into the series and enjoy it while keeping the fandom/s well away from me, frankly. XD I have not experienced Kim Rae Won much and have not warmed up to Park Shin Hye yet, but I know enough about both to trust them with this work and if given good material to work with. So bring it on. Let's see some medical goodness! I think we might get some good chemistry. I don't know if they will be an OTP or not, but I am good either way.
  9. Here to share my second review. I want next week to come sooner! I know it cannot, but let me be delusional here. XD I really love the wake up call our heroes got here. It came early enough for them to do something about it. Go team! [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho" Episode 2 "Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho" has had one pretty impressive first week with episode two continuing to build our characters and their strengths and weaknesses, giving us a better look into our villains and delivering on the comedy as well. Most importantly, it is potentially a major turning point for Deul-ho and Eun-jo, showing us a glimpse into their future together. The episode delivers some well-paced progression. Deul-ho (Park Shin-yang) now has Ae-ra (Hwang Seok-jeong) and Dae-soo (Park Won-sang) working with him, and he is getting back his groove in court despite some hilarious mistakes. We also get a glimpse into what makes our villains tick. Ji-wook (Ryoo Soo-yeong) feels inferior and wants to prove himself to his father, Sin Yeong-il (Kim Kap-soo). Yeong-il is motivated by success. Both are slaves to the Big Bad, played by Jeong Won-joong, because neither of them can see it hurts them and their relationship. >> FULL PIECE <<
  10. Thanks for sharing my piece, @pandalover1! And thanks for reading @kaiskloset! I absolutely loved the episode. I hope soooo hard it stays this good!
  11. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, it's doing weeeeell! Can't talk! First episode review coming soon! No time. I must flyyyy! That was so darn good!
  12. This! While drama creators experiment more now and we have diversity, we also have more duds due to it. Soooo many dramas abandon their good points and chase after the dang ratings by the end. I just want a fun drama. I want Park Shin Yang to be a weirdo and Kang So Ra to be embarrassed for having to handle that weirdo. Ahaha. And after "Warm and Cozy", I reeeally hope she gets a solid role to work on. She was so wasted there. If they keep this light and kooky and inspiring and if we get good chemistry and a power-duo, it will be great. Pray to the Dramagods, people! XD
  13. I have also been thinking about this. Korean audiences do love their melodrama and sageuk, but there are always exceptions. "Monster" would be top here, if all goes as usual and given the "Empress Ki" success and the writers' dramas even before it. Between "Jackpot" and this, it really depends. Park Shin Yang is veeeery popular and has been away for quite some time. At the same time star power is not what it used to be by itself. Look at Hyun Bin's latest drama... Jo Deul Ho is also a legal drama. Not much makjang shown in the promotional stuff and no romance, or "even worse" for Korean audiences, an age gap ajeossi romance! They will rarely warm up to those. Same for international fans. On the other hand, "Jackpot" has Jang Geun Seok, who might still have his fans abroad, but who Korea mostly seems to have abandoned after some of his career choices and the tax scandal. And Yeo Jin Goo is popular, but not so much for ratings to form just for his presence. So who knows. I am guessing here as well, based on how I have seen things play out over the years and how Korean audience tastes are. Thanks for sharing my pieces, @allmylife00. I will be doing episode reviews for this as well, so let's hope it's a great show! I want nothing more than to have nothing but praise for it at the end.
  14. I was thinking about the same thing when writing it. I can tell Lee Cheong Ah is kind of a femme fatale or villain/antagonist presence, but Lee Se Yeong seems like just a part of the group. Didn't her description mention a brother who had something happen to him? Perhaps her life has been touched by the same person or people who change San's. I wonder if this will be a case of the characters all having played a part in the lead's past or playing one in the current cases. I mean Oh Jeong Se's looks pretty standard "silly sidekick", but the ladies are a mystery. And hopefully a good one!
  15. Thanks for calling. I need to clone myself to keep up with all the dramas. Let me know when that is possible. Ahaha.