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  1. I hope this gets picked up by the groups with a wider country reach soon. I am quite happy with episode one. I hope you all enjoyed it. Here are my first thoughts. Or well, about 1/3 of them, because I have a word limit and had to erase so much text. Have fun with the series, folks! I'm out to avoid any future spoilers. [HanCinema's Drama Review] "The Good Wife" Episode 1 "The Good Wife" starts with a focus on the present and gives us only the bare essentials of the past. Episode one establishes the scandal and we flash forward to a point where our heroine has a husband in jail, nothing but her phone contract to her name and a family to support. We are introduced to some key characters and our lead gets her first court case. It is a packed, straightforward and stylish premiere for the drama. Kim Hye-kyeong's (Jeon Do-yeon) position is dire, but rather than focusing on her handling of her husband's scandal, we get to see her just as she begins to bounce back. This is a smart decision in terms of pacing, because we get to the fun part of her work as a lawyer right away. It is also much more realistic. A woman with a big mess on her hands and teenage children who need her has little time to sort her feelings out. >> FULL PIECE <<
  2. VIU Indonesia seems to have picked it up and if one of my twitter folks is right, it is subtitling in English as well. VIU Singapore, which previously said they are not subbing it later said they will consider it. So yay! It's something! I am sure DF and/or Viki will follow eventually. The work is a remake of a popular series, it stars a big actress on her drama comeback and other known actors, it is a prime time drama and it airs on a CJ E&M-owned channel. I mean, Cheo Yong never got much love and all, but this one has good chances.
  3. Thanks for reading. I'm kind of sad I can't participate in discussions for series I cover, but I hope you all enjoyed the show. I did, for the most part. I will say goodbye pleased, after my final review. And find a way to make a poor version of that dang signature dish, because I will not rest until I have it.