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  1. of course...hehehe...i think it will be a warm, sweet scene instead. I really want that kind of scene. Where CP and GE disguise as commoner, enjoying normal dating scene without their escort and listen to the people problem.
  2. im curious how the relationship change between CP and mooha, woobo and the another minister once CP back to the throne....the protocol that they have to follow. Previously they can simply have a talk with CP at the same table......once CP on the throne, they all have to follow the protocol, the speaking manners....hurm....interesting.
  3. hi~~~~~ hehehehhehehe how are you all been doing these day~~~~~~ im busy with life + new drama taking my time too...mian~~~heeeeeee pop by want to said that.....YESSSS GY IS TAKING HIS LONG DUE VACATIONNNNNNNNNN FINALLYYYY.......
  4. in logical thinking. if CP want to follow daemok instruction, by went to his house. I believe Woobo, Moha, and Chungwon know about it. Chungwon should be standby somewhere watch over CP.
  5. I hope anyone who can watch live vlive tomorrow can paste some screencap. I dont think i can watch the live vlive and usually it take ages from vlive to upload the replay on their site (depends). Haih...Im sooooo going to miss this pairing. KSH and YSH pairing is my 1st ever dream pair come true for me. Im not ready to let them go yet. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. T______________________T
  6. this is what i think of too. Assume that he immune, that means his body will reject the poison and he will not need the pills. I hope he will collect the pills and send to woobo. Then they can proceed with the antidote. Can I have Gaeun and woobo make the antidote but Gaeun still the court lady/LS royal concubine. She live in palace, how can collaborate with woobo then. Haih.
  7. omoooo yumi got new CF?....and it is freaking CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  8. Pls write is torture to wait for another wednesday and thursday to see CP and GE again. Hehehehe. Thank you =) About the spoiler. I think that scene maybe CP (based on the hashtag and the height) and I think it is a scene where Gaeun told him to be careful and be back safely, be mind full with anything offer to you in case it is a poison. Kikikiki.
  9. he is the king based on the hashtag #20170618 #드라마촬영 #mbc드라마 #군주 #유승호 #김소현 #20170618 #dramasite #mbcdrama #monarch #yooseungho #kimsohyun from the picture look like Gaeun is out from the palace/not court lady anymore, and that hanbok....either she got dating scene with CP or they reinstate her dad status so she is now not traitor daughter anymore but back to her previous family status. Hence the hanbok look fancier.
  10. I dont think all of the minister under Daemok control are taking the pills. The minister of war(?), QD family member also one of the meeting members, yet he have no problem follow QD instead of following DM instruction. Means the higher up in the court is having no problem with the poison. So I think the ministers that following DM is more to loyalty. I wish CP reshuffle whole members of court who are following DM instead give them the 2nd chance. Hehehehe.
  11. your post give me some idea......... I dont know if this is what CP will do later. 1st he have to come out with antidote 1st and ensure LS is free from the drug. This is to ensure that their antidote work. 2nd once everything set, he can destroy the field and make deal with the officers/ministers. Such as "come to my side and have the antidote become my people, our you can died as a traitor tgt with DM or maybe you all died even before that". Then he already weakened DM power, either the ministers went to CP side or not. Cause there is no one palace people at DM side.