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  1. you can checked here. look like there will be no youns kitchen this week. tvN 측 "‘윤식당’, 28일 지연 방송…‘시타’ 본방 결방"(공식입장) Broadcasting Times For tvN Dramas And Shows To Be Adjusted Due To Election Additionally, “Youn’s Kitchen,” which normally airs on Fridays at 9:20 p.m. KST, has been pushed back to air at 10 p.m on April 28. KST instead.
  2. anyone know what is this?is it said that ep 7 n 8 will be air on saturday? instead like normal friday ep7, saturday ep8?
  3. i wish the bazaar still on. hing another recommendation,lol, my list getting looonger....hahahahaha
  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww....I want the charity bazaar happennnnnnn..... urm...but i have korean movie in my mind currently....kundo age of rampant....ahhh I remember thai movie...Teacher's diary's_Diary_-_Thai_Movie
  5. dubbed?....why not subbed....huhuhuhu..... someone said he is fluent, in the comment
  6. yes, i totally forgot about the cnn interview. pls someone upload it at youtube. T_________T
  7. I dont know since when he start playing basketball, but recently he start? before this mostly are football and hiking.
  8. His hair stylist update. I dont know since when he become client at this saloon, to the point the hairstylist using his picture as her display picture. They must be have good relationship =).
  9. I miss yumi~~
  10. No. Dicrector cuts is limited, you have to place your order and it have no subtitle. i dont know if they still open the preorder date
  11. Pray circle for this not to be happen.
  12. That last part......he state the reason why he want to complete the novel. i need the sub, not very sure with my understanding. YJO said something like "now you believe me? i asked you, to complete the novel. why i died, why i cant reborn, living inside the typewriter, you can knew it". I dont think YJO and RSH are a lover in 1930 scene, cause, if yes, why he write a love story btween SHY and RSH?. A present to JS? to tell her, all this while i know you like SHW, not me?. HEOL I dont think it is random Bangjin can see Jin Oh. She been praying to get possessed by writing god. So instead got possessed, she got to write and see the writing ghost instead?. Hehehehe. Well, the thing is, she dont know Jin Oh is a ghost yet I think. Thank you @__jesse =)
  13. Grazia Instagram/Youtube update That last part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omggggggggggg