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  1. [Upcoming Drama 2018] Live 살다

    yumi look so smoll cute~~~
  2. KIK just replace the phone, not the number. KHB lackey bring KIK phone to his house, that is when he notice that there is something in the house, cause KIK phone vibrates(intruder detected). He throw out everything on the table that include KIK phone. So, KIK only need to replace the phone, no need to change his phone number.
  3. [Upcoming Drama 2018] Live 살다

    Love the poster!..it is adorable
  4. i knowww...but this is torture... death letter is indeed brilliant!...omg...how inkyu!! what are you going to do?!!
  5. can we have ep 7 today?!! that ending.... this is unexpected...heol...daebak
  6. @alohagongyoo p/s: I love the discovery pictures.....he make me want to travel but i cant....sobs i wish GY can take slice of life genre...drama or movie..i take any....as long as new project...
  7. so there is no Radio romance for tonight....what is your schedule @V for live recap?.... =) oppppsss..........ehehehe...i will be waiting the live recap then~~~....fighting!!
  8. i like this idea of another celebrity come as one of their customers...but i prefer that the celebrity is really come to that place for holiday and unintentionally saw the crew...and decided to pay a visit. This is a bit hard. ehehehe
  9. [SPOILERS] CROSS E04 + RATING Naver - sports donga: 'Cross' Ko Gyung Pyo, become a bait to catch the illegal trafficking of human organs 1. [+268, -4] I'm more nervous ㄷㄷ2. [+217, -4] Today was seriously on another level!!!!!!!!!!!!!!3. [+189, -4] Daebak a medical drama about illegal trafficking of human organs!!!!4. [+185, -4] Wa i'm so nervous ㅠㅠ5. [+165, -2] No, Kang In Kyu ㅜㅜㅜㅜ6. [+91, -1] What are you doing by going there alone ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Where were you running while caring her on your back ㅠㅠㅠ7. [+66, -2] The immersion is daebak...I was laying down and in a moment I found myself sitting in front of the tv8. [+64, -2] Ah the preview! I think my heart is about to stop9. [+64, -3] A drama that has a huge immersive ㅋㅋ10. [+62, -1] Oh seriously my heart is trembling!!!!!! Why is everyone this good at acting ㅠㅠ It's so fun!!!! Daum - sports seoul: 'Cross' Ko Gyung Pyo, he was late for the surgery so he can save the kid 1. [+226, -1] It's so scary ᆢ This could happen to the missing childreen ᆢ2. [+154, -1] After watching this drama, I realized again that illegal traffic of human organs is the worst crime3. [+146, -1] Until now it's watchable~ don't go to mountains again...4. [+102, -3] There is also immersion..5. [+81, -0] It's just scary that this could happen in reality6. [+78, -2] Cross it's so fun, Ko Gyung Pyo please save the girl ㅠ ㅠ7. [+66, -1] Kang In Kyu daebak, his character is detailed ㅋㅋ Ko Gyun Pyo's acting is so good, Cross is getting more fun8. [+60, -1] till now it's really fun..!! Keep it this way..!!!9. [+52, -1] Please save the girl. Cross is so fun http://netizendrama.blogspot.my/2018/02/spoilers-cross-e04-rating.html
  10. Jung Yoo Mi 정유미

    Live 2nd teaser is Yumi's teaser
  11. lol...they do really met before....that clip is from "God of Quiz" and GKP was a doctor in that drama.
  12. why tvn havent upload the cuts at their youtube channel....sobs maybe because the deal fall through?...the liver for congressman is the one they want to buy from the black market right?. So since they cant used it on the time, maybe they sold it to another person?
  13. I thought so too. Let see what is next. Original Source (TV Report via Naver): 'Cross' Go Kyung Pyo x Jeon So Min, unite together for pregnant patient…Jo Jae Hyun denies offer 1. [+685, -13] I feel like the female doctor who's heart started beating after seeing Go Kyung Pyo received a heart transplant from Go Kyung Pyo's sister... Cross is so good ! 2. [+441, -14] My heart hurt when the pregnant patient's young daughter wiped away the tears of the grandfather she saw for the first time.. Cross is fun! 3. [+346, -11] Wow today's episode of Cross was so good, I was in trouble cause I started crying cause of the last scene ㅠㅠㅠ 4. [+305, -9] Please watch it! https://ddoboja.blogspot.my/2018/02/spoilersmonday-drama-roundup-radio.html Congratulation to team Cross!! Awww...rating increase!
  14. awww...sorry @Noor90 im busy with new drama. LOL....and it is my fave genre + my biased + my fave actors inside...next month is yumi month cause her new drama is start!..o yeah so dear GY pls announce your next project ASAP.