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  1. Yep! Coz it's fun.. LOL I really am curious about the "shameless" tag on the couple.. Pfft.. There is a rank for shamelessness people.. LOL
  2. *whispers*... how shameless? Please e l a b o r a t e. *coughs* We NEED a blow by blow account of the said shamelessness of this couple of ours.. We. Need. It. Pffft... LOL
  3. As a comparison, (took out the gifs so as not to qoute LOL, thanks! ) NAM JI HYUN really became a woman after SP. She slayin’ and stunnin’ and just being simply gorgeous. That glow she has? Genuinely.. happy? in.. love? HAHA. HAPPY NEW YEAR fam..
  4. Oh. Hello ladies! Glad that lots of you called out who needs to be called out. Good job. Good job. Hee~ I was about to co I got a pop up notifying me that she posted but then read your posts.. so yeah.. imma back off now.. HAHA.. Though that one is just a runner-up. *smirks and whispers to @MoonlightSerenade: good job you! Pwahahaha! XD*
  5. Hello ladies! I am backreading a gazillion pages.. though I am enjoying the "swimming" stuffs.. LOL OMG YOU GUYS! *whispers: be careful of mods HAHA* @lovethatlook your gifs are just.. *fans self* HAHA On a serious note: To that poster who thinks she can low-key shade our OTP and cast doubts and malice in here, in our own thread, think again. I'm sorry but I am not as nice and zen and understanding as majority of the posters here. I just wanna say, I am onto you already. We know who you are. WE KNOW. Yes. I am reading ALL your posts here and sees your pattern. So be very careful with your next post. And yes, this is a warning. The next time you post out of line, I will tag you and everyone here will know how fake of a shipper you are. *smiles evilly*
  6. Good morning!!! It's Saturday from where I am so 2 more days till.. Enlistment. *sigh* Winter is coming.. Drought is around the corner.. Sunshine is faltering.. My JiJi heart is trying to be cool.. HAHA. I see some posts above about his farewell party with some of his friends. I hope the SP drama team (did they get-together already?) did one for him as well. *whispers: with NJH of course*
  7. Heeeey fam! Happy Friday!!! I was just browsing and peeking at some stuffs (gossips, etc. LOL) in the web and the below caught my eye and I just can't help but compare it with our JiJi. It isn't bad. It's just my natural curiosity. LOL. I know some of you discussed this already. HAHA. The difference between the two is the FMW otp was asked this VERY important question (shippers'-wise LOL) while the SP otp was never asked that life-changing question. WHY? Even to this day, I just don't get the reason why they were never asked this question: ARE YOU DATING??? -Is it because of their 8yr age gap? Highly unlikely. No one looks or sneak looks at their possible oppa or dongsaeng like that. No one hugs their sibs like they'd absorb them into yourself. Most importantly, No one, and I MEAN NO ONE, kisses and respond to kisses like that if age actually mattered to them. -Is it because they don't physically match at all? Unlikely! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? They match in every way. And it's not just the physical aspects. Everything matched. Their kindness, simplicity and how they loved their family and friends are a match made in heaven. Wookie's new picture with his mum just made me tear up. He's a legit good guy. Hyunnie would be really lucky. Or any girl for that matter. -Is it because of their agencies? Unlikely as well. GloriousEnt posts pictures/vids of Wookie with Hyunnie like it's no one's business. SoopEnt never filtered Hyunnie's interviews even though she is a motor-mouth. -Is it because of fans? Unlikely too. As the guy keeps dropping bombs and wishes about love and smiles like he's got this sweet little secret he can't wait to share with the world. While the girl is a bit forward with the necklace, kissy faces and oppa-ing thru interviews. -Is it because of time? Possibly? HAHA. With the upcoming enlistment, they just have so little time to really get to know each other and actually spend precious hours together that people around them just let them be. Now this is what makes everyone around JiJi really suspicious. SO... I'm actually beginning to think JiJi is an open secret in the industry. HAHAHA. *whispers: I think they are dating or the early stages of it called: COURTING. LOL*
  8. Oho!!! ADVANCE HAPPY BIRTHDAY @kyrajijin*trumpets and horns blastin'* I am greeting you now as I might be slaving off that day. LOL And I think most of us would be kinda skittish that day due to the enlistment. So.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY 7 DAYS FROM NOW!!! *whispers: you definitely exist.. *
  9. W-wait? Can anyone tell me the exact page these happened? HAHA. Sorry, I'm extracting a report for my work right now and my boss is killing me. *whispers: I need something to hate LOL* Please @luvforever HAHAHA. I'm just gonna read, I won't react. Promise.
  10. *whispers: I feel like I'm 80-ish? Bones creakin. Wrinkles aplenty. LOL* SBS Catch should post more about their new drama. If they're to post more about SP, it should be more of a new content. Like a never before seen behind the scenes. *ahem* when NJH first threw herself at JCW on the couch or when NJH stole a kiss at the courtroom *ahem* @sharreb *whispers: it's okay.. it's perfectly normal to go gutter-y* LOL @songsongdiehard I am totally serious. You sound like 18. @gglex6275 exhale... inhale... now relax your mind.. and repeat after me.. Ji Hyun and Chang Wooksitting in a treeK-I-S-S-I-N-GFirst comes the drama,then comes enlistment,then comes the marriage after 2 years.. and TWINS after.. HAHAHA.
  11. Whoa. 25. So young. That's me jurassic-ages-ago. Damn. LOL Waeyo? What happened in 2Bic's IG live? Was Wookie mentioned? Was he? Was he? Haha.
  12. Realistically? It'll depend on how long you've been dating. And it'll depend on what kind of person you're dating. BUT! This is possible. It doesn't really matter if you spent the whole two weeks together, what really matters is what happened in that two weeks, what kind of memories made within in it and what's spoken of and promised in-between it. An hour-long phone calls, silly letters and texts is highly-stimulating especially for new couples. *wink wink* Also, having someone who understands that you need to spend time with yourself, your family and friends, even with that tight time-frame is a keeper. By the way, is this about JCW and NJH? LOL
  13. They're quite similar here; JCW and NJH, they don't read comments coz they get hurt too. Poor kids. *whispers: and I can't wait for your Ceci translations too.. uri maknae LOL* Heeeeeey! Share it to me to me too! We can't be keeping secrets here.. that's forbidden.. HAHAHAHA! Seriously.. share! Coz sharing is caring, y'know! LOL @songsongdiehard I ain't stucked. *sniffs sniffs* More of imprisoned at my dayjob. LOL And noooo, you don't sound like 3-more-years-and-you're-the-big-Five-O! You actually sound like 18 to me. For real. Cross my blackened-pervy heart and hope to die. And I am a Halmoni at a very ripe age of 30. *whispers: I can actually hear my bones creak each time HAHA* Come to think of it, most of the byeontaes are in their 30s.. Whoa. What is it with the 30-ish? LOL Also, what is this vid you're all crazy about? I guess I am late again in spazzing as most of you has debunked it already. Bummer. Nevermind. Carry on fam. Still backreading here.
  14. Happy 700th! Literally just peeked and I see.. another warning.. HAHAHA! Omo.. uri byeontae squad.. *pats pats and hugs* It's okay you guys.. we can't really do anything about that particular rule but to be real careful. I am late again today still I just want you to know THAT you guys actually are the life of this thread. When we have nothing to spazz about, you guys would literally light up this thread. THANK YOU @Huntergal @gglex6275 @MoonlightSerenade @lovethatlook @Dingy Conk @babyval22. *whispers: guys, don't ever change.. y'all actually doing a great job.. LOL* I'm still backreading but some of you here are hinting of some evil spirits lurking and that you've chased them off already. Good job. 6 more days till enlistment day and SAD is an understatement. I am proud that he's not taking an easy way out of his duties and that he's proud he's going to be an active-duty soldier. *sniffs* The weather here at my place is gloomy. A perfect depiction of what I feel with the upcoming enlistment and enrollment. My two babies. *sniffs sniffs*