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  1. Pickles... I can handle pickled foods in moderation but any super sour like vinaigrettes all lover a salad dish is a no go for me ):
  2. Wallaceeeeee Huooo is so hot and his eyes are piercing!!! I fell in love with him when I first watched Rouge Snow btw thanks @BellyButton for all your hard work on updates!!
  3. Hmmm... oily skin and huge pores huh.... My recommendation is to wash your face with icy cold water. That helps with tightening of pores (and a slimmer face haha). I also recommend gentle exfoliation. I am not sure of the exact mechanism but gentle exfoliation is healthy for any skin type. Honestly though, I would recommend products but generally I would say take care of your skin by moisturizing well. Don't use the heavy duty moisturizer but a good one that tells your skin to calm down with the oil production. I recommend Alive:lab's Multi Ice Cream. I got this recommendation from Hanbyul, a Korean YouTuber who has AH-MAZING skin tips. Hope this helps~
  4. I've always found Yoo Seung Ho but I didn't fall in love with him until the drama Remember. I guess I am relatively a new fan haha... anyways, I am super excited about the release of his latest drama with my fav gurl Kim So Hyun!!! AHHHHH~
  5. Hi~ Lets be friends~