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  1. MARIO BADESCU SPECIAL HEALING POWDER | $10 shipped Special Healing Powder by Mario Badescu is formulated for oily, troubled skin, this gentle powder helps fight t-zone shine, decongest pores, and balance oil in the skin. NYLON X MEMEBOX SWEET 16 PALETTE | $10 shipped Gathering inspiration from some of our most of-the-moment cover stars, we created eight original shades (under the direction of our senior beauty editor Jade Taylor and e-commerce assistant Blake Vulgamott): a shimmering opalescent rose wash (“The Moment”), a matte white (“Lilo”), a glittering olive (“Mary-Kate”), a deep red (“Mischa”), a sparkling copper (“Lana”), an eye-capturing hazel (“Paris”), a bluish-brown (“Nicole”), and a highly pigmented hot pink (“Sweet 16”). Each color is specifically designed to be your go-to palette—you know, the one you throw in your bag and can use to take you from day to night in a pinch. TREEANNSEA SMOOTHING CLEANSING WATER | $20 shipped Infused with fresh and fruity extracts, this cleansing water of pH 6 hydrates skin while freeing it from makeup and impurities. Plus, it's made of Carbonated Water, so all the nutrients fizz deep into pores, nourishing and cleaning so pores appear smaller and smoother. MILKY DRESS THE WHITE | $15 shipped This product is popular in South Korea, as there is a new trend of having a complexion that is brighter, dewy and radiant. This product brightens and repairs skin. It is softly absorbed into skin like whipped cream. Snail Secretion Filtrate and Panax Ginseng Root Ferment Filtrate help to keep moisture and protect skin from harmful substances. See results within 3 minutes of application. High functional ingredients are good for whitening, moisturizing, wrinkle improvement, anti-aging and skin repairing. Ceramide3 and EGF improve skin glow and clarity while soothing sensitive skin. KANEBO ALLIE EXTRA UV GEL SPF 50+ PA++++ | $15 shipped Kanebo Allie EX UV Protector Gel (Mineral Moist) N SPF50/PA++++ is a combination chemical/physical, broad spectrum, sunscreen that promises waterproof sun protection with a light, non-sticky finish. It is great for dry skin and has a cooling sensation upon application.
  2. BUMBLE AND BUMBLE BB HAIRDRESSER INVISIBLE OIL PRIMER (2 fl oz) | $10 shipped A multitasking pre-styler that instantly protects, conditions, and eases styling for dry, brittle, or coarse hair. This multitasking primer is infused with six feather-light oils to instantly make hair softer, smoother, silkier, and less tangled. It tames frizz, has heat and UV protection, and protects against breakage—all without weighing hair down. (Used a bottle myself and this stuff is great! I bought a second one but now I don't bother styling my hair anymore--too lazy haha) ETUDE HOUSE MOISTFULL COLLAGEN HALF & HALF CREAM | $20 shipped Moistfull Collagen Cream & Deep Cream can be mixed and matched depending on the condition of the face by area and time. More information here. BERRISOM OOPS MY LIP TINT PACK in Vivid Scarlet | $5 shipped Currently trending - smudge-proof makeup! Say goodbye to worrying about your lip color rubbing off or having to re-apply throughout the day. Bold yet natural-looking pigment is embedded onto your lips with Berrisom’s Oops My Lip Tint peel-off pack, giving you that tint-kissed look that’ll last you through all your coffees, meetings, meals, and even kisses during the day, up to 12 hours without smearing or fading. After application, all you’ll need is a dab of gloss and you’re glammed and good to go! MISE EN SCENE REPAIR HAIR SERUM | $8 shipped This repair serum was all the rave and I bought a 3 pack when I visited Korea. Contains seven essential oils to repair and protect your hair. THE SAEM SEE & SAW AC CONTROL SPOT PATCH | $5 shipped Protect acne, wound and damaged skin from bacteria. Prevent infection and help recovering. Q&A A DAY FOR ME 3-YEAR JOURNAL | $10 shipped Filled with 365 questions, one on each page for every day of the year, the journal keeper has the space to write down a short response every year for three years. It’s easy to get started—just turn to today’s date and take a minute to answer the question at the top of the page. As the years pass, he or she will have a keepsake time capsule that shows how much his or her answers change (and which ones remain the same)! NOYL EYE SHADOW PALETTE in Model Style | $8 shipped Six gradation color colors from off-white to burgundy are arranged in the base color. Match blue and emerald green and to the eye origin of an elegant, colorful model style. SINGLES KOREAN MAGAZINE January 2017 Issue | $12 shipped Featuring everyone's fav BTS COSMETEA DUST OUT TEA CLEANSER | $12 shipped This first and second step cleanser glides on like a balm, removes makeup like an oil, and lathers up into foamy goodness. Rich vitamins from White Tea, Lemon, and Plum Extracts purify skin from toxins, while Oatmeal and Brown Rice powders gently scrub off makeup, dirt, and even the finest dust particles lodged deep within pores. The result is fresher, brighter, cleaner skin in just one step.
  3. Welcome! REASON Hi, my name is Karina and I am a makeup and skincare junkie. I have spent (maybe) thousands of dollars on makeup and skincare products (including a trip to Korea) and... realized I need to stop. I have stopped purchasing products and I started cleaning out my closet. BOY DO I HAVE TOO MUCH PRODUCTS!!! I need to get rid of most of them since products take a while to use up and I need a fresh start. There is nothing wrong or bad about the products I am selling, just that I am doing a spring clean. Will you help me? Please? PROCESS ① Post on this thread which item(s) you are interested in. ② I'll message you privately to start the ball rolling (ask for address, wondering if you need a tracking number for extra, etc.) ③ I accept the following payment methods: cash (please be careful and conceal properly), Paypal, and meet-up (I live around the Bay Area). ④ I will ship out your items within 3 business days (I'll try ASAP and will notify you). ⑤ I include free samples in all purchases (the more you buy, the more you get)!!!! DISCLAIMER Pictures are taken of the products and I added some images from online to better show the product (as they are unopened). Almost all of the descriptions are also taken from online sources. AGE 20'S Essence Cover Pact 3X SPF 50+ / PA +++ (#21) | $25 shipped Age 20's Essence Cover Pact is a refillable foundation soaking into a cushion. It is the latest craze in Korean cosmetics world. It is effective in creating beautiful pearly bright skin with its full coverage and smoothing effects. Plus, it also gives you whitening effect, anti-wrinkle effect, UV block effect and rich essence(68%)! ETUDE HOUSE MOISTFUL COLLAGEN EMULSION | $12 shipped The small particles of the super collagen water and Baobab water in the Moistfull Collagen Emulsion, endlessly provide moisture and leave your skin feeling bouncy like jelly. Moistfull Collagen Emulsion has a light but firm texture that adheres moisture and nutrients to the skin. LORAC LOVE, LUST & LACE MATTE EYE SHADOW PALETTE | $18 shipped Lorac's limited edition matte eyeshadow basic palette. SU:M37 MIRACLE ROSE CLEANSING STICK | $23 shipped This cleansing stick is a favorite for all the right reasons. The unique solid form in a twist-up tube gives you tons of washes in one stick and makes this the perfect cleanser to travel with or stick in your gym bag. The advanced formula has a delicate lather that will melt away daily impurities naturally. With over 90% natural ingredients, you'll find bits of rose petals in the stick as evidence, plus fermented damask rose extract which has a lovely natural floral scent. This cleanser hydrates without leaving any residue behind with its gentle formula. Free from artificial colors, parabens, and synthetic preservatives, this is recommended for all skin types, even sensitive. GOURMAND EDP FRAGRANCE: THE MATCHA 004 | $20 shipped An Urban Outfitters' exclusive and this perfume contains notes of Green tea, citrus, white flowers. HOLIKA HOLIKA PETIT BOUNCING BB | $7 shipped Its anti-wrinkle and whitening effects helps the skin to be more elastic, and vitalized. Skin elasticity improvements are mainly from Collagen, and Caviar enriched ingredients found in the bb cream. Recommended for those looking to incorporate anti-aging ingredients into their makeup and further keeping their skin resilient to age! A'PIEU NONCO TEA TREE TOK POWDER | $5 shipped Tea tree ingredient powder to sooth sensitive trouble areas. Tea tree leaf oil, madecasoside and centella extract soothing care sensitive areas. Pat pat gently for soft absorption with mild type. SHEET MASKS | $2 each shipped I need to check the names. I will provide more info soon!
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