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  1. The plot is awfully somewhat similar to 10mopb... anyone have same thoughts? She jumps into the the river of forgetfulness...and the love starts over again. sad ending but I know it is justified. It is what it is!
  2. I am still having Well Intended Love withdrawals.
  3. I will still give it a try once a few more eps are out. Couldn't get into the first episode but I need to give 4 episodes a try before I judge it.
  4. Slightly.. though I don't have an idea of any of the actors/actresses at all .must be new.
  5. I finished episode one.. I can't get into it. the whole time traveling into another dimension is quite absurd.
  6. You may get bored after ep 12 or so... I'm still picking it back up again.
  7. Can you link to me? @angelangie, I am half way done with this drama.. it's a bit dull for me and the female lead is too stiff.
  8. I can't get over Well Intended Love as well. rewatching the drama.
  9. I am waiting for more episodes as well before I marathon
  10. As for the villain.. I think they wasted the plot with his poor vengeful "scheme." The added scenes of his mom coming back also was a blob. I also agree, the last episode was cringe-worthy.
  11. Eehh I was close.
  12. a LITTLE rushed but nonetheless HEA.
  13. @angelangie Chen Chen couple are in this! ;o