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  1. twtwb

    Song Hye Kyo 송혜교

    @dukesa1122 and @wbishkjkbg This is the second time that I have seen Song Hye Kyo in person (I attended her 20th Anniversary Fanmeeting in November 2016 in Seoul). She looked very beautiful, radiant, and graceful (not a surprise). You might have heard people saying that she looks more youthful and beautiful in person, and I can definitely confirm that. As a matter of fact, I couldn't keep my eyes off her (not a surprise either). As a result, the photo I posted above is the only one that I took. I have no regret though, as I thought the official photos would do her more justice and I should respect her work. Song Hye Kyo was happy and relaxed, with a smile always on her face. She was professional but friendly. She greeted all Sulwhasoo staff who were there. She spent most of her time with the photographer (and she did a great job, as shown in the released photos). She then took extra photos with the staff and talked to them briefly before leaving. I think the staff all appreciated her presence. And so did I.
  2. twtwb

    Song Hye Kyo 송혜교

    Thanks everyone for the updates and translations. Below is a photo that I took today.
  3. This is the most beautiful I'll upgrade these rings once every year for you. Why? Because they're not at the same level with your other jewelry. That's true. This one is the most beautiful. My heart is full of you. Unlike the friends you used to like, I can't go away or disappear. All I think about is you. Until the day you take your last breath, I'll be by your side
  4. I'm scared that this is all a dream Jin Huyk. Do you know that I'm so happy these days? I'm so, so, so happier than you. I am very happy. I am so happy that you are by my side. But it worries me that this might be all a dream. When I open my eyes in the morning, I wonder if you’re still here today. I wonder if I have just got up from my dream from last night. I keep checking and feel relieved. But it also scares me, in case you disappear, in case you’re taken away. Like those people who used to be my friends, I’m afraid you might disappear too. By the way, I am the cute type. To tell you the truth, I am a very cute type of person, but people don’t know it.
  5. Where Love Begins I was reminded of this playground when I was looking at the garden in Cuba. As the playground is so meaningful to you, I kept wondering how you would feel if it was gone. Would you be sad? Would you be disappointed? The garden owner in Cuba told me that he started his love with his wife in that garden and they completed their love there. This playground is also the place that has allowed me to start my love. That's why While it is disappointing that the playground will be gone, I can let go of it happily. The playground might be gone, but love remains.
  6. It’s really magical Soo Huyn. Soo Huyn. Are you calling me by my name now? I love you.
  7. I wanted to ask you this if we met again “Do you have a boyfriend?”
  8. So this is one of the joys of a long-distance relationship You look so handsome. My gosh, I better write in my diary tonight. It’s the first time you said I’m handsome. Really? But that’s what I have always been thinking in my head. You shouldn’t just think inside. I say you’re cute and pretty and express my feelings all the time. You’re handsome. Seriously-so-handsome. You’re the most handsome guy on earth. Jin Huyk is so handsome that I can’t breathe. Jin Huyk is the most handsome man in this world. It is so nice to hear, especially when you call me by my name. Are you usually this type of guy? I’m so flustered, and I have goosebumps all over my arm. What type are you talking about? The lovely obsessive type? You’ve become so sly.
  9. "If the sea's job is to make waves" "Then mine is to think of you"
  10. It was the most exciting beginning of a new year You are glad that I came here, aren't you? Why do you ask when you already know the answer? Because I want to hear you say it. It was the most exciting beginning of a new year ever.
  11. Wishing you all a new year full of love and happiness @bebebisous33 I wish that I could use all (positive) emoticons for your posts. I really appreciate your analyses which really help me to appreciate "Encounter" even more. Thank you again.
  12. Love has no limit My greed has no limit. I want to have tea with you. But once I do, I want to enjoy a meal with you. I want to tell you my stories. I want to tell you how I feel. I want to hold your delicate hands. I want to hold you in my arms. ... @dukesa1122: thank you for your kind words. This post is for you :). @bebebisous33: I'd just like to join other members of the thread in thanking you for your excellent analyses ("Cha Soo Huyn's eyes" is my favourite so far).
  13. Your secret is so wonderful “I have a secret. I only learned what love is through books. It’s thanks to you that I now really know what love is. Love is so clear to me now. Thanks to you”. “Your secret is so wonderful”.
  14. Memories that make me smile I have had many good memories recently. You know, the kind of memories you think about and smile when you’re in the middle of work, or while you’re asleep, or when you’re brushing your teeth. I have recently often found myself smiling alone thinking of those memories. The memories that I have had after meeting you in Cuba. (Cha Soo Huyn) ... If you smile when you are alone, then you really mean it. (Andy Rooney) ... In looking forward to reading @bebebisous33's next analysis on Cha Soo Huyn's eyes.
  15. Let’s just say you seem like a boyfriend Today is my first day. I’m no longer the Cha Soo Huyn that got sold off to Taegyeong. I’m no longer the Cha Soo Huyn that was crazy about the hotel. And I’m no longer the Cha Soo Huyn that lets the person she likes gets criticized for no reason. For the first time in my life, I feel so unburdened. It’s lightening. It feels like I threw a punch.