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  1. [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Here to Heart 温暖的弦

    I’m glad you enjoyed it. I really enjoyed it too. I just love their romance and I also really liked the business aspect of it as well. I watch a lot of drama but I usually don’t rewatch them. The couple here just really attracts and attaches me.
  2. [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Here to Heart 温暖的弦

    @themarchioness, there are certainly quite a few rooftops in the drama. I especially like the place where GT told XD about modeling his robot girlfriend off of her. I wasn’t sure if it’s a rooftop but I love the setting.
  3. [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Here to Heart 温暖的弦

    @themarchioness, I noticed the HR director and DXT also used the 66th Floor pantry but I didn’t notice the similarity between the place WR invites NX to and the place where NX and WN were talking about her thanking him in sincerity. I only noticed that the one where WN and NX were seemed bigger. I often thought NX and ZLL met at the same place (when they high fived) WR invites him to in the two mornings scenes. Oh, that’s really cool. I often think it would be nice to see some of those places so it’s really fun to hear about someone you know actually seeing that place. I confess that I often think more of visiting places in South Korea though because their nightlife seem so very vibrant especially those street restaurants where they sell tteokbokki, chicken feet, etc. I don’t remember seeing those pictures with NX crying but I remember the conversation about it. If it’s only about NX crying I don’t think it was necessary to include it. @enigmatic_zephy, this drama is about the love between Nan Xian and Wen Nuan who broke up seven years ago and lived in two separate countries during those years. After seven years Wen Nuan decides to return to China from England in an effort to find her true self and also to return to Nan Xian whom she broke up with seven years before. The two still love each other but they don’t know their love is mutual. Wen Nuan becomes the executive assistant to Nan Xian and from there as the story progresses we find out about their past, their breakup and a few secrets from the past. I guess the point of the story is whether their love can overcome the past and they could move on to a better future. Over the seven years they also had someone who loved them by their side so there are two love triangles involved. Oh, and it’s romance from beginning to the end because it’s about the love between WN and NX. Even when they’re apart they love each other. It’s also a melodrama so there’s a lot of sadness experienced by the OTP. I particularly enjoyed it because of their love for each other.
  4. [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Here to Heart 温暖的弦

    I’m always so happy to hear when others enjoy this show. I bet you had a great time watching with your friend and you guys made good progress. I’m so jealous. No matter how much I try to encourage my friends to watch these shows, they just aren’t interested. The funny thing is even my Asian friends aren’t interested. I just don’t get it. Granted they have other activities to engage in. Oh the subs get me at times especially the grammar or when they kind of don’t make sense but somebody said that they’ll correct them while translating for other languages before they lock the episodes down. I hope this is true. I know. They suffered when they really didn’t need to. Still, strangely, I think this can really happen. In real life a breakup like that would have grudges and many different emotions. The problem from NX’s perspective, besides the misunderstandings, is that she always abandoned him, never believed in his words and/or chose someone else over him. The problem from WN’s side is that he no longer loved her and had moved on with someone else. And since neither of them wants to say, “I’m still in love with you”, the misunderstandings multiply. I’m glad that they were able to eventually come to an understanding of their feelings to the point where NX later tells WN that before she breaks up with him, please remember how hard it was for the two of them over the 7 years. It means they now know for sure they will love only each other. And when WN says near the end of the final episode that though they were in different countries and though they met other people they only loved each other...I just fell more in love with this couple. I’m a sucker for this kind of love story because I admire constancy in love because it’s a mark of heartfelt sincerity. Bachelor party? What happens in that scene?
  5. [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Here to Heart 温暖的弦

    I think it very unlikely that they would be the OTP in another drama as I tend to think that most actors want to try working with other actors. That’s why I content myself with the two drama shows they did together and I know that ZH was not originally supposed to be the male lead in this. We just got lucky I think. I just hope the license for both shows they did together last several more years on Viki because I already gave up on purchasing DVDs because the translation is usually terrible.
  6. [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Here to Heart 温暖的弦

    Heh. All I care about is onscreen. I don’t really like to delve in the off screen lives of actors. It’s enough for me that they portray their characters well and these two interact quite naturally to me ever since I saw them in The Four. I absolutely love them in this too because every act they do together whether harmonious or antagonist, they meshed well. And it’s a bonus to me that WN and NX looks really good together aesthetically.
  7. Li Mo is a brave person. When nine tail was choking her and threatening Coldblood with Li Mo’s life, Li Mo was still encouraging Coldblood to disregard her life and not give in the Nine tail. This is the first instance but if memory serves me well she does this three more times. Twice for Coldblood and once for Yao Hua and once for Heartless. Eh, I couldn’t agree with Coldblood for scolding Li Mo for doing her job as an overseer on the exam. She wasn’t wrong to stop the girl’s cheating. So unreasonable of him. I kind of believe he published her with the chores because of the exam incident. So bias. But wait, did Li Mo dip her face in his cooking water? LOL I have to believe that Li Mo would not have agreed to be a live target for the Princess without the two female deputies persuading her it was an order that couldn’t be disobeyed because of the princess’ status.
  8. [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Here to Heart 温暖的弦

    But since this thread is about H2H, I will say I can’t believe I haven’t watched an episode since three or four days ago.
  9. @themarchioness, it is. What’s the direct link so I can add to my YouTube favorites? Edit, oh I found out how to find it from the video above.
  10. @themarchioness, I kind of think Li Mo and Heartless don’t really suit each other. I feel like in front of Heartless she would try to act differently but when she’s with Coldblood she can act like herself. I guess it’s because I see Heartless more like a prince and more difficult to please from a romantic point of view. Even the way his place is setup seem kind of intimidating to me. Looking at Ru Yan, I think both her and Heartless was more suited and they had more common interests (art, poetry, etc) and other such likes. I tend to think that the reason Li Mo is developing an affection for him is pretty much the same for why he was developing a crush on her later. In both times, it was because of the other’s kindness. Looking at her story with her cousin too, she told him that she always kept the kindness he’s shown her in her heart and that’s probably why she thought she was in love with him. But back to Heartless, I kind of can’t see them together because she’s so boisterous and unlike Ru Yan. The princess he meets later though reminded me more of his taste but of course this guy doesn’t have any fortune in romance.
  11. Episodes 8 and 9 It’s nice that Li Mo tries to help the Nine Tail Fox but she does it almost clumsily. Thankfully the Nine Tail Fox isn’t rash even if she starts suspecting that Li Mo knows more than she lets on. Of course such an incident cannot occur without hilarity once Li Mo is involved because I almost died laughing when the physician diagnosed her with an infection of evil aura in her foot. ROFLMAO. Heartless, as always, is a true concerned friend to Li Mo. He believes her lie and accompanies her to the doctor and later goes to Coldblood to talk to him about Li Mo. What I never understood is why Heartless had to go tell Coldblood that Li Mo is still upset with him for calling her out on scamming Heartless by pretending to be injured. Still, we’re getting to the starting point of something here when Heartless tells Coldblood that he seems to take a peculiar interest in Li Mo unlike he’s ever done towards any of the maids. Coldblood defends himself by replying that he doesn’t take a particular interest in her…it’s just that she’s full of schemes and I guess it’s good to be aware of a schemer. LOL I don’t think Heartless is entirely wrong on this because as I see it, Coldblood really didn’t have to go over to Li Mo and Heartless while they were some distance away talking about her injured foot. The fact that he went over there shows that he has some level of interest in her and what was happening. I assume Coldblood’s wolf poison is something he got from living with the wolves for so many years and it gets aggravated/augmented by the hatred he has in his heart towards those who slaughtered his clan. I admit I was kind of disappointed that he sort of believed An Shi Geng’s words about his adopted father. I know he’s seeking the truth and will go where ever it leads, but the way he spoke with his adopted father and shifu kind of made me feel that he was a bit inclined to believe An Shi Geng. It’s really something that Coldblood is still having nightmares after so many years of witnessing the murder of his clan. I can see it’s really a heavy burden for him as it really manifests when he’s sleeping and unguarded. Due to his outbreak, we’re getting more information on his relationship with Ji Yao Hua who makes her feelings for him quite clear. I can’t agree with her pushiness when it came to asking him to tell her about the incident with his clan. She does this after telling him that he’s selfish and he has never considered her one of his people because he told Heartless but not her. Eh. I don’t see the problem here. Heartless and him are obviously brothers. Oh well, he does tell her and then promptly rejects her by telling her that she has her own life and he has his own fate. Can he be any clearer? She already overheard him telling Coldblood that he doesn’t want to get her involved and if I was her I would think that he really means it. Anyway, we also find out that the remedy to his wolf poison could be the art of mind reading which Li Mo possesses but nobody knew about until later when Shifu discovers Li Mo’s ability. We learn that her mom used to be a famous female deputy and lived right there at the bureau. Nice. So Li Mo officially starts to be trained in mind reading and Shifu later declares that she will become Coldblood’s official maid very much against Coldblood’s and Li Mo’s will. LOL Little tidbits: I laughed so much when Li Mo burned down the kitchen. She’s really making a name for herself in that bureau. Also, it looks like Li Mo is definitely developing a little crush on Heartless.
  12. [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Here to Heart 温暖的弦

    The other night I was watching the last episodes and I didn’t realize that GT threw shade on WN when he told her that anything is possible when an impossible thing like NX waiting 7 years for her and ending up with nothing was possible.
  13. @themarchioness, Li Mo is sentimental. I couldn’t forgive Nine Fox killing so many people for her husband but I guess because Li Mo got to know her she felt compassion for her. When she made that speech about the Nine Tail and Coldblood was listening, I wondered what he was thinking because I know he said as much to the Nine Tail in an earlier scene that she had so much blood on her hands. The princess bugged me too. I guess for Chaser he knew her personality since young so he’s accustomed to it. I just can’t imagine why this girl would think Coldblood would like her when she has that kind of personality. LOL Yes, Coldblood does indeed say that Li Mo is his person and then proceeds to threaten her about her carelessness in leaving the bureau. Heh. Meanwhile, I think Li Mo is slightly developing a crush on Heartless when she apologizes for almost getting caught and compares him to Coldblood who she finds matches his name perfectly. Heh I kind of think Coldblood might have figured out that Li Mo was implying that Chun Ping told her to steal the handkerchief later when she moves into his room. I hope he got it then. I love Mickey He song a lot indeed but I like Zhang Han’s song about the deputies. I usually prefer ballads but I think I fell for his song when Butterfly Dance was dancing to it. LOL I think what made the bullying bearable for me is that Li Mo stood up for herself. She didn’t just take the bullying. That’s my girl. Agreed about the cousin. I also just remembered he treated Li Mo well according to her account of him especially when she was sick. Also, his circumstances were indeed very poor. I just didn’t agree with what he did to Li Mo.
  14. Finally episode 7 which is one of my favorite episodes. We get more interactions between Li Mo and Heartless and Coldblood. After Li Mo is accused of seducing Coldblood and the rumor circulated the bureau, the female deputies and the maids begin a campaign of bullying her. I think this is where the friendship between Li Mo and Heartless begins in earnest as he concerns himself in the matter of the others bullying her by putting a stop to it when he sees it. He even goes to Coldblood to ask him to be the gentleman that he is and step in to clear up the rumor. It’s amusing that Coldblood adamantly refuses to get involved in her issues and two scenes later he’s in the right place at the right time to interfere in her issues. LOL We see Li Mo jumping the bureau’s wall after she concluded that it was better to leave the bureau because of the excessive bullying which also eliminated her meals. This character truly is a spitfire. She adapts to changing circumstances well. After Coldblood tries to stop her, with good reason, she launches into her scheme to lose him by publicly announcing that he was a pervert who was harassing her. LOL This girl. Unfortunately it doesn’t work because the public knows Coldblood as one of the famous deputies and according to them he wouldn’t harass her. I am thoroughly entertained by all these happenings and the deal is sealed when Coldblood puts his hand on Li Mo’s shoulder and asks her if she’s that eager for him to harass her. LOL These two...I can’t. Li Mo following the nine tailed fox is nuts. She certainly is fearless considering she must have witnessed how both Coldblood and Heartless had their hands full with the nine tailed fox. Also, it was nice to learn a little more about Li Mo and her cousin/first crush. I don’t think he loved Li Mo. He asked her father for permission to marry her but when she went to him and basically offered him marriage, he thought it troublesome. I’m thinking he probably wanted any financial advantage he could gain if her father had accepted him.
  15. Episodes 4 - 6 As weird and comical that I find An Shi Geng, I must say that his past love story with Butterfly Dance is sentimental to me. I feel for them. I find it interesting that she was the aggressive one in their relationship. He, on the other hand, seemed shy and demure. I kind of like her spirit and the way it seemed to influence him. They really seemed good together. He probably would’ve been content just to live his life quietly with her by his side. To me he should’ve made haste and marry her but I suppose emperors have been known to take other people’s wives as well. I thought it fitting and true to her spirit that rather than be forced to become the emperor’s consort she committed suicide instead. Quite a tragic love story for An Shi Geng. I think he went nuts the day he found out what befell her and is indeed trapped by the past. Poor Ru Yan. Again this really highlights how women at that time were not in control of their own fate. Ru Yan being forced to marry An Shi Geng to become Butterfly Dance just because they look alike is terrible. I see no difference between her situation and what might of befell Li Mo had she entered the palace. The irony is that An Shi Geng is doing the same thing to her that the emperor did to Butterfly Dance. We also get to see that Ru Yan is in fact Heartless’ beloved whom he can’t seem to get over. We’re introduced to Chaser’s crush. I understand why viewers wonder why he likes her but I also understand that he grew up with her and there must be something that he finds loveable about her although I don’t see it myself. She completely ignores him but it’s obvious from the start that they’re quite old friends and he knows how to tolerate her tantrums and capricious ways. Li Mo’s little outing with Ye Er started out funny enough. Their little girl talk in the lingerie shop always makes me chuckle as Ye Er teases her that if she wore the soft red undergarment that she was admiring, her future husband won’t be able to hold himself back. LOL Anyway, enter creepy imposter and I get a little nervous for Li Mo and the captured Ye Er. Back at the Divine Bureau we get our first encounter with Li Mo and Coldblood since she’s actually become a maid. Unfortunately for her, he appears at the right time when she’s causing trouble. LOL It’s so funny how she tries to hide behind her hand when the deputies guarding the doors informs him that someone is impersonating a deputy and he turns to look at her. I like that even if they argue it’s over a valid point. The fact is, by saving her they really did put the DDB at risk as well as their leader. I’m glad that Coldblood acknowledges to Heartless later on that he’s not trying to make trouble for her but is instead concerned about it being discovered that she’s actually the escaped lady in waiting. More hijinks ensues as Chun Ping catches Li Mo searching through her stuff and demands that if Li Mo wants to stay in the bureau she has to sneak into the lion’s den aka Coldblood’s room and get a personal bodily item of his. LOL And the hilarity ensues the moment she enters his room uninvited. It’s funny how when I see her massaging him I remember Wen Nuan massaging Nan Xian’s shoulders in H2H. Anyway, the comical faces Li Mo makes as she exhaust her efforts massaging him according as he instructs her to massage him more aggressively has my side in stitches. The inner monologue is equally amusing. I still find it so entertaining how he takes his sword and adeptly strips her outer garments until the handkerchief falls. ROFL. The whole thing is just so funny. It’s no less funny that when Li Mo exits the room she’s loudly accused of seducing Coldblood while he cannot but help hearing the news too that he was supposedly seduced. LOL What a strange fate they have especially since they’re clearly antagonistic towards each other at this point.