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  1. You’re right, he should not have done that. I think that’s him playing the political game rather clumsily. I like that he wants to take on KCE but he can’t do it on his own. I don’t find KCE particularly intelligent/impressive as a character but in the world of 100 Days My Prince he’s the most powerful character.
  2. @gutibear, at least you have us online with you to talk crime stories. That makes sense since the show’s name is Nemesis. It’s so weird though that the husband would go that far to have his daughter with him. It’s also weird to my CSI mind that they would not do a thorough check of the body to identify the dead child. I can’t understand crime shows that does this in today’s world. Even if there is a suspect and a believed method of death, the US crime shows I watch always make a point of confirming the details and identity.
  3. @gutibear, one of my coworkers is a huge crime addict like I am so we always talk about crime shows. I admit she mostly watch shows instead of reading books but it’s so hilarious how we employ the things we learn in crime shows in our lives. During winter because the days are shorter and darker we’re always talking about how to be aware of our surroundings and what we can use as weapons to defend ourselves. For instance, she never parks on the upper levels of her daily parking lot. When I walk on dark streets alone I cross the street when I see a stranger on the same side as me. I mean, we’re very sensitive about these sorts of things. Criminal Minds put a lot of ideas in our heads. It occurred to me that the grave way Poirot and Miss Marple look at muderers is so befitting. Take Ms. Park’s husband. How can he kill her so coldbloodedly? How many years were they married? It also must have been a very painful death for her. How could he do such a thing? Why do you guys think Ms. Ma’s daughter isn’t dead?
  4. @bebebisous33, I’m hoping to start this when I get home tonight and try to get caught up with you guys. It sounds very interesting and (shallow comment incoming) I love to watch SSH’s face.
  5. The faux niece said she’s 28 years old when she flirted with the young police officer so she’s too old to be her daughter indeed. Ms. Ma was in prison for 9 years. Her daughter would have to had been at least 18 years old when she died to fit faux niece’s age. I assume a year in between for her trial and verdict. About prosecutors directing police, I remember another Korean crime show I watched addressed this issue. In that show the police was trying to get support for a law they wanted pass to make the police independent from prosecutors. Most of their crime shows that I watched show prosecutors have the power over police which I find very weird. However, I suppose every country have their own way of doing things.
  6. @gutibear, oh yes I remember the Caribbean mystery with Mr. Rafael and the masseur. I think they were instrumental in the end in helping Miss Marple trap the criminal. I remember her cottage was also close to theirs. So the rich romantic retired gangster is supposed to be Mr. Rafael? I think the original made his money in investments or speculation. I see the similarities though. Amusingly, somehow the anonymous letters reminded me of a plot in Midsomer Murders when a mother and son were blackmailing many people in the village because they had a telescope in their attic so they saw a lot of secret things that occurred in the village and they used the various pieces of information to blackmail people and get rich. Of course they ended up seeing a murder and foolishly and greedily blackmailed the murderer and therefore ended up dead near the end of the episode. I like that Ms Ma will have a different case each weekend. I almost thought the criminal would get away with the crime this weekend but thankfully it didn’t happen. Regarding that prosecutor that helped to put Ms. Ma in prison, I wonder if there’s more to her resistance to the truth other than the repercussions of putting an innocent woman behind bars. I still find it weird that policemen aren’t allowed to do their job freely but take orders from prosecutors. Very weird.
  7. I enjoy the village scenes too. This show also reminds me of the British crime show Midsomer Murders where the murders occur in small villages. I’m finally finished watching this weekend’s episodes and I must say Ms. Ma being on the outs with the police presents a hindrance to solving the crimes. Miss Marple at least always had a chance to interact with the police when the time was right because she had one or two individuals on the police force that respected her ability to solve crimes in her own unique way and they would pull strings to get reluctant police inspectors to take her seriously. Anyway, from the preview it almost looks like they will have a murder at a party and everyone present will be a suspect? I’m not entirely sure since previews happen so quickly but that type of case should be interesting.
  8. I had a feeling it was that neighbor whom I thought would be a good friend to Ms. Ma. I’m sorry she died. I liked her especially because she normally told Ms. Ma what she thought to her face. I remember the story this is based on because of the grown daughter who was neglected but she later got married to the character whose point of view the story was told from. Heh. I remember Miss Marple teased him a little about his crush on the daughter who used to always come to the place where his sister and him were staying until he recuperated from his injury. Anyway, at least Ms. Ma has an assistant in the younger woman because at least they can bounce ideas off each other. @tulip06, no it’s really not her niece but she’s now somewhat reluctantly assisting Ms. Ma with solving the neighborhood murders.
  9. Did she see Dae Ryook? No matter. Do Ran will probably move out soon so it’s fine and Dae Ryook is not a puppet so it doesn’t matter how that nasty lady plots and schemes.
  10. This show is good. I finally watched episode 3 and it finally made sense how CYB was able to pull off his feat of replacing his brother except his father is still an issue in the sense that I cannot understand how he didn’t recognize his eldest son was replaced by another son. Only unless he decided to cover up the scandal of one of his sons killing another. This might make the most sense considering all the individuals involved in the case were hushed up with money and promoted to better careers and financial standing. So then Hwa Sa was sacrificed as the culprit of the case. I guess it makes sense for her to be the one chosen by CYB since she worked in the father’s office and maybe knew where the safe was, the passcode to the safe and maybe was acquainted with the real Gi San who seem to work for the company. I think Yoo Jin cannot be Hwa Sa’s son. If he was the baby born on December 24th at the beginning of episode 2 when the meteor showers fell, then his mother is probably not Hwa Sa. I saw a bit of the beginning of episode 4 and it shows that the death of Gi San took place after 1am on December 25th. What is somewhat puzzling is why if Yoo Jin is Gi San’s son, why wasn’t he around when he was born. He seemed perfectly normal and at ease the night of December 24th. I’d like to know if Hwa Sa was drugged or something. The lawyers for social justice believed she was unconscious for 19 hours. And why did she have that memory of drinking a cup of medicine with a bloody head CYB. Later she realizes that it was actually the real Gi San who was beside her in the car. It’s like her memories are somewhat faulty. As far as the two ladies are concerned, both annoy me at times. Hae Yi is a piece a work for trying to destroy the body she’s in by eating lots of sugar in full knowledge that it’s not good for Hwa Sa’s body. However, I find Hwa Sa equally annoying for going into a court room and actually pretending to be an attorney and later trying to arrange a meeting with Gi San while pretending to be Hae Yi. She’s equally destructive to me. Even if Gi San’s son is guilty, Hwa Sa shouldn’t act like a lawyer when she really isn’t. Now that I see fake Gi San’s son and the way he dotes on him I’m more convinced now that Yoo Jin is not his son.
  11. My problem with Mi Ran is that she’s like an accessory to the crime. She sees what her mother is doing wrong and she never makes a “resolute” stand against it. This is the biggest problem I have with Asian family drama. Family members don’t objectively stand up for wrong or right. She sees how terrible her mom is to Do Ran and rather than telling her mother she’s wrong, she shed a little tears for a bit and then act like everything is okay as she goes along with her mom’s will.
  12. @nohamahamoud2002, the only time I cry or feel sad in this drama is when it relates to Do Ran, her real dad and her foster dad. All that crying DY and her family does leaves me unmoved. I don’t know why they don’t stir my emotions because objectively speaking Da Ya’s mom experienced many sad things. I guess it might be because I can better relate to the sadness of people who try to live their lives diligently like Do Ran, her foster dad and her real dad. Dae Ryook, his dad and grandma are quite likeable for me though and I like Da Ya’s brother. Though I like Mi Ran, I can’t feel sadness for her because she hasn’t even tried to take responsibility for herself. I did feel a little moved by the fleeting decency the step mother showed when the restaurant owner at the sauna pressed some money into her hand and she tried to refuse accepting it because the woman fed them and gave them shelter for a while. That’s about it. I want to see if the writer can make me experience good feelings for the other characters whom I currently feel nothing for except annoyance at times.
  13. I haven’t watched episode 3 yet but it was clear from Hwa Sa’s recognition of CYB who is acting as Gi San/Ki San that he took his brother’s identity. However, what I don’t understand is: How did the father of both sons not recognize CYB is acting as Gi San unless they were estranged for a long time. CYB cannot fool all his acquaintances especially as a wealthy son so then did he get plastic surgery to look like his older brother? The picture of the dead person in the case clearly shows CYB. Were his dental records switched if we assumed he was killed in a way that his identity was unrecognizable? Let’s say the older brother is Yoo Jin’s father since they are played by the same actor, does this mean that the father took baby Yoo Jin in as his son to avoid a scandal? I mean, why does Yoo Jin not know that he’s the son of Gi San even though the Gi San he knows is fake? Why does the fake Gi San dote on Yoo Jin so much? Is it because he feels guilty towards Yoo Jin? Why did fake Gi San use Hwa Sa? Why her in particular to frame? Why does Yoo Jin seem to have a connection to Hwa Sa? Why is he the medium to bring about the transference of souls? We saw he was born the night of the meteor showers and the medical machines were behaving strange. What’s his connection to her?
  14. @hanamee, you’re not alone. I notice that many sympathize with the crown princess and her story. I think I might be the exception because she was okay with having the crown prince assasinated to save herself from the trouble that she brought upon herself. I just can’t garner any sympathy for her. I don’t mind if she’s pardoned in the end as an act of grace by the king or the crown prince but I can’t say her story moves me. I do feel more empathy for MY at times though as a viewer I really can’t reconcile the value of his sister’s life above the lives of all those people he assassinated whether they did bad or good in the eyes of “Executioner and Judge” KCE. Of course his sister is more important to him but what about the families of the people he killed. I do recognize it is the time they lived in where people might as well eat, drink and be merry because tomorrow they just might die but it’s still difficult to dismiss that he has a lot of blood on his hand like KCE has for the slaughter of his family and those of the other families who were killed in the usurpation of the throne. What kind of end should this kind of character have? It could be freedom, atonement, execution. Be glad it’s not a classic sageuk or a Chinese historical drama where tragic endings are common.