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  1. Love this so much. The married couple is the foundation of the family. They are the ones to produce kids and have the responsibility to keep their marriage healthy in order to nurture and protect those kids. I can never understand the idea of the married couple being subordinate to the in-laws and under their power. It’s a completely foolish practice in my opinion and leads to instability in the marriage which is already threatened by other influences without the officious interference of in-laws.
  2. I share the opinion of those who posted previously that I really don’t see the “superior” performance of the actor Zhu Yilong according to some comments on here. I never found myself saying “wow, this person can act” when I watched his scenes or even notice anything great about his performance. It’s not until I started to read this forum I saw comments about his performance that has me scratching my head. Then again, it’s not too often that I’m impressed with an actor. When I think of performances that impressed me in a Chinese drama I immediately think of Nirvana in Fire where even the side characters like the Emperor (I find him fascinating) and the two major villains kept impressing me with their acting. Or even Mark Chao’s acting with his eyes and mannerisms throughout Ten Miles Peach Blossoms whether as Yehua or Moyuan made me take notice. This, of course, is my opinion. I always enjoy ZLY’s acting though in everything I have watched her in.
  3. One thing I like about GTY is that he doesn’t pretend to be anything other than himself. I wasn’t pleased with the way he lived his life previously but he is trying to live a “better” life. He knows his faults and admit to them. QH, however, comes off as pious to me yet how could he not see nor understand how his actions publicly hurt ML? Furthermore, ML is now a married woman. If he’s so pious and righteous, why not pay attention to his home and do his duty to his wife and stop pining after someone else’s wife? He can carry a torch all he wants for ML but isn’t it dishonorable to make it obvious and public for others to bandy about as gossip? A more honorable man would see the folly of his careless actions.
  4. So much this. Well said. I couldn’t believe when this guy actually brought up NM’s accusations against GTY in the court without knowing anything. It came across as self serving and presumptuous to me that I just had to laugh. Fortunately because of everything GTY has been through whether through true or false accusations, he has thick skin. He knows how to weather the storm. However, him going to that guy’s manor to offer him the olive branch that was firmly repudiated clearly showed me just how petty that QH’s actions were. He needs to grow up and move on and should start by taking responsibility for his actions. How dare he entertain marriage prospects with ML anyway after unintendedly sullying her reputation and exposing her and her family to public derision.
  5. My view is different. I come from a huge family because my grandparents had 13 kids and of course those kids had kids which I am one of them. As important as our family is, my grandparents always respected the spouses of their children even if the spouse wasn’t someone they were thrilled about. Respecting the married couple is extremely important in our family. I don’t like one of my uncle’s wife that much but I don’t disrespect and I’m polite to her. I get along with her because she’s his wife and we’re family. Nobody in my family interfere with the marriages of our family members to the point where they become a source of the problem for the couple. That’s because we understand that married couple and their children is the foundation of society. All of the married couples in my family live in their own homes which I think is the best thing they could do to prevent other family members from interfering in their marriage if they were ever inclined to do so. Yet, my family is a close family even with everybody living in their own homes and in USA and Canada. I admit that one of the things I never understood about these family drama is why are the married couples living with their parents? Also, the overbearing mother-in-laws make me wonder why people ever get married in that society. I honestly cannot understand why in this day and age grown adults like WDR and KDR chose to live with his parents. Living in your own home doesn’t mean you still can’t visit your parents or be close with them. I really don’t get it at all.
  6. @icyphoenix, that is why I find it the strangest thing for a husband to allow his wife to be mistreated by his family and vice versa. My society’s value is different to this and while marriages are indeed increasingly broken nowadays, it is really through the fault of the couple and probably through their lack of faithfulness and communication but hardly ever because of their parents. Nevertheless, in drama shows like this, when I see how lightly they take marriage to genuflect to their parents, I can no longer take the couple’s marriage or commitment to it seriously. This is why if WDR and KDR does in fact get divorce I really don’t care if they get back together. They would have already failed at the marriage so why try again? It’s not like his family and her family won’t still be the same. @Ayame, it seems like the writer will be repeating what you told us twice before that she did to the couple in her drama Blow Breeze. Never watched it but I remember you said it a few months ago.
  7. My problem with quite a few of these drama when it comes to marriage is the way their society treat marriage in the sense that the spouses’ families take priority over the married couple. Where I live the married couple becomes a family and the man becomes the head of the family and his family with his spouse and children takes priority. However, I acknowledge that different societies have different values so I have pretty much accepted this “different” way of thinking where the married family is inferior to the spouses families. I think this way shows the reason why I personally think “the man shall leave his parents and become one with his wife” is the better way for a married couple. I can’t expect WDR or KDR to think this way though because they live by their society’s norms.
  8. WDR was always the one fighting for their relationship so if they divorce now, I don’t see why he should still continue chasing her. If she doesn’t think he’s worth the trouble, that her circumstances are greater than their marriage, that it would be easier to live her life without his family baggage, then he should really not pursue her anymore even after divorce and even after he finds out the real reason of their divorce.
  9. This drama is so good. In any crime story what engages me the most is not so much who did it but the way the story unfolds to reveal the answers to the mysteries of who did it. This show has done an amazing job on that front while still delivering an emotionally engaging story of child abuse and domestic abuse in the home. The latter two crimes always enrages me so it’s kind of conflicting to watch this show because the abusers do make me experience irrational feelings of “they deserve to die” but ultimately I still cannot support the intentional murder of a human being for any reason. I also really enjoyed the way WK’s past and SW’s past were revealed in this week’s episodes. They are indeed sort of similar. Seeing SW confess that he began to doubt the truth of how his sister truly died was so heart wrenching. He’s just a little boy. The kids in this show has been through too much already.
  10. This show is now on Viki for those who do not subscribe to Kocowa.
  11. celebrianna

    [Drama 2018] Devilish Joy, 마성의 기쁨

    Devilish Joy is now on Viki. So far they have eight episodes available.
  12. celebrianna

    [Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

    @bebebisous33, JWS’ second? time sitting in his car outside CSH’s house definitely elevated my perception of him to the creepy level. As a viewer I felt his violation of her privacy more acutely in the episode where JH brought CSH home after she got drunk. Even while he watched JH leave the apartment it made me shudder because of the way it seemed like he was lurking in the dark and JH had absolutely no idea he was being watched from the dark. Downright creepy to me. It does remind me of the image of the wolf prowling around in the dark as shown in the opening.
  13. celebrianna

    [Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

    ITA. However, I don’t sympathize with WS. I know that people live their lives differently across societies and cultures but I can never understand or sympathize with adults who choose to allow their parents or families to control them. It’s just something I do not understand in any shape or form. Often rich families are portrayed as controlling their adult children but I very often wonder why don’t those adult children have the courage to break free, earn their own money and live their own lives. If they choose not to break free then I just assume they don’t want to give up their luxury and family so I tend not to sympathize with them.
  14. celebrianna

    [Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

    @bebebisous33, love all of your posts analyzing JWS and his hidden motives. From the way he operates, he’s a very cowardly man. Like you’ve observed repeatedly, his manner is directly opposite to JH who is upfront and straightforward. For me, JWS sitting hidden outside of CSH’s house a few times now is perfectly indicative of his dishonest relationship with CSH from the beginning up to now. I find everything about him cowardly including dealing with his mother, the hotel director and JH. In particular, the way he relies on his status and wealth to attempt to discourage and denigrate JH tells me more than enough about his true character. The way he used the incident at the Cuba hotel to establish himself at Donghwa hotel, knowing full well the true cause of the issue, further solidifies his hypocrisy for me. His motives show that he’s there to attempt to open the door that CSH has closed because she has refused to let him in and he’s also there undoubtedly to gain leverage over JH and the possibility to intimidate him as he has already done at least twice (in the hallway and in the garage) to JH. However, what I find most disturbing is that all of this he does in secret like a snake. At least his mother is direct with her nastiness which though not palatable, it at least let people know where they stand in her estimation.
  15. Love your post. You made very good points. I know LEH revealing he is Red Cry makes us suspicious because there are still a few episodes to go but I also tend to think that he told the truth. His story reminds me so much of cases I used to see in US series Criminal Minds back when I used to be a huge fan. If he was in fact telling the truth, I can see why he went down that path according to what was revealed about his past and even his current situation where he was still beholden to his abusers. @xxPeepsxx, I always marvel that the USA is pointed out for all kinds of failure in its justice system when if I look around the world in so many countries including Africa there are so many people who don’t even have the rights that many of us have in the USA and I’m not Caucasian. That’s not to say there aren’t injustices in the USA but we’re still not as bad as so many countries out there that people never point out. Also, human government will never be perfect and injustices will always exist because humans will be humans. Injustices existed in the past and will continue to exist in the future.