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  1. celebrianna

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Legend of Fuyao 扶摇

    In my rewatch of this show I now realize how long Wuji’s emperor father was plotting to have Wuji kill Prince De. The first mention of it is was when Wuji supposedly died in the Geya desert. When his eunuch asked him if he wanted Prince Yi to fight Prince De over the throne and basically have Prince De killed, the emperor father responded that the only person he desired to kill Prince De is Wuji. The second time was when Prince De wanted to rescue the empress after he learned “emperor wicked” was slowly poisoning her for years. After Prince De escaped the guards in the palace, emperor wicked appeared to inform the impress that the stage was set now for a good show. He obviously was setting everything up for Prince De to rebel and if Wuji was still alive, to have him kill Prince De. I’m surely not seeing his supposed love for Wuji this second time viewing the show. I’m starting the Tiansha arc and I try to motivate myself by thinking of it as payback to Zhan Nan Cheng for colluding with Prince Ding a Ling to have Fu Yao killed and for colluding with Qi Zhen to invade Taiyun. That way I feel more motivated even though I like ZBY well enough. By the way, I seem to vaguely remember that there was some discussion on Fu Yao not have enough time in this story to shine but I have to heartily disagree. This story shows Fu Yao as an amazing character despite her stubbornness at times. She have a lot of powerful moments and she truly shines even when she’s at her worst. Still, an epic story cannot be told with only a single character. For me Wuji’s character does not take away from Fu Yao’s heroism in any way. The two of them together work really well and now that I understand more of the story I really appreciate these two and even the supporting characters. Even Yao Bao? is such a lovable little character.
  2. @stuartjmz, I don’t see her character as a villain at all. It’s understandable that she has that kind of reaction to SR because of the way her mother seemed to make SR into her rival when they were younger by demanding that she do better than SR but in a negative way that seemed to place a lot of pressure on TR. To me the way the successful TR is acting now just highlights how much that pressure from her mom affected her confidence and how that pressure became connected to SR. These two characters remind me of the main female acting rivals in Japanese manga Glass Mask. I don’t see TR as a villain and I’m hoping that the script writers do not go there.
  3. Omo...omo. You just made my weekend. I was going to post earlier how much I’m missing the episodes this weekend but I didn’t want to double post. Thank you so much because I also went on the website you mentioned and they did have the Asian games opening in the place of this weekend’s episodes.
  4. I see snide comments about PSH in other drama threads that have nothing to do with him. I heard about the scandal back in the day but one thing that I’ve always heard about those kinds of allegations is that it’s hard to prove who’s telling the truth. Even so, just like I don’t care to know the private lives of actors in the US where I live, I doubly don’t care about the private lives of actors across the world. I’m just here to watch drama after a tiring day. I also feel that I don’t have the right to judge him and I really don’t know the truth about what actually happened. Well, I haven’t started this drama yet but I’m glad to hear the ratings have been good because it really does sound like an interesting combo of love and horror. The last time I watched a Song Ji Hyo drama was Emergency Couple. Looking forward to seeing her again.
  5. Excellent post. I very much agree with all that you said. I get really complicated feelings while watching this show. It’s not about he was wrong or she was wrong for me but about where their relationship went wrong and clearly it was not that simple. When I watch how angry WJ got with him instead of telling him outright how she feels, I get frustrated. At the same time, when I watch how insensitive JH was in that scene where he apologized nonchalantly for missing her dad’s memorial anniversary without realizing she was hurting, I get frustrated. When I see how well they got along before marriage, I really wonder where it all went wrong. I just don’t know yet and from what I’ve seen, they were both at fault. I personally find the glimpses in the past of WJ cold, angry and unresponsive while JH was self-absorbed, insentive and immature. However, that’s okay because I like the realistic vibes I get from them. They feel like “real” people to me, warts and all.
  6. The guy she flips has a beard. That’s my girl. No use going back to that house to resume the role of a victim. Time to take charge of her life. She needs to flip the tables on these unhinged people who want to turn her world upside down by making her into a depressed, defenseless, docile housewife. I kind of want her to erase that haughty look off of Madam Min’s face too who likes to lash out at her, treat her like a doormat and coerce her with fear. As to Madam Jung, I hope she deals with her smartly and appropriately.
  7. celebrianna

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Legend of Fuyao 扶摇

    By the way, I just realize that there’s a similarity between Fu Yao’s struggle in the end and Frodo’s at the end of Lord of the Rings. Both of them struggled with the enemy within. Fu Yao’s was the seal and Frodo’s was the ring and both of them was corrupted by these things and had to win over these things.
  8. I know Park Yoo Na from the drama The Package and it’s nice to see her again. I like her character. She looks out for Mi Rae in her own way too.
  9. celebrianna

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Legend of Fuyao 扶摇

    In the drama to me it doesn’t show he loses his power. He wanted to give them up but it doesn’t seem like it happened either through his master or through his own efforts. Maybe he would have succeeded if so many people hadn’t shown up and left him to his own devices. He was badly injured, weak and tortured but I don’t think he lost his power.
  10. celebrianna

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Legend of Fuyao 扶摇

    Indeed. The palace was located on the hill and the city was below. When Fu Yao and Seven first came to Tianquan we saw them looking up at the palace on the hill. That’s also when the foundation that upholds the palace was beginning to crack and each kingdom joined their sacred objects together to slow down what was happening. That’s why Wuji thanked fake Folian for bringing her kingdom’s sacred object. Oh and I don’t believe Wuji lost his powers. Someone inquired about that before but it didn’t seem to happen from what I gather from his conversation with Taiyan. He was trying to do it through some technique that alarmed Taiyan but it didn’t seem to happen because of the interference of everybody that showed up. lol
  11. celebrianna

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Legend of Fuyao 扶摇

    They’re both obviously alive. I never saw any view of heaven where black walls surround a city/village. Most representation of Heaven is usually colored in whites or light colors. The last panoramic shot in the show before the credits seem to show Tianquan because I remember it was situated in a hill above the city and clearly where Wuji and Fu Yao were was on an elevated foundation. After their scene on the bridge, the camera pans out and downward showing a city below surrounded by dark walls.
  12. celebrianna

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Legend of Fuyao 扶摇

    I think for my region it’s probably better to stick to DramaFever and Viki. In the past I purchased drama show on dvd and the translation was terrible. I wish that in the future Asian shows would be license for purchase online. I would really like to own this otherwise.
  13. This option is not bad either. Strangely it kind of follows the concept of three lifetimes in Chinese shows. In any case, I assume their children will be the same in any timeline they’re together.
  14. celebrianna

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Legend of Fuyao 扶摇

    @pristineqi, where do you purchase the dvd of LoFY? I guess it depends on your region?
  15. celebrianna

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Legend of Fuyao 扶摇

    Dropping by to say it was fun reading all your posts and hope to see you guys on another legendary drama journey. I just finished watching the last episode of Fu Yao and boy did they suffer. Tears were dripping from my eyes before I even realize it. Nevertheless, I didn’t have a problem about the conclusion. In the scene where they were both lying on the floor injured it was made as plain as ever that they didn’t think they were going to die from their injuries. With them actually crying, laughing and making declarations about how they intended to live in the future, that immediately erased any fear or thought of them dying. Here’s a list of their declarations which shows they had no intention of dying and their vigor surely eliminated that thought from my mind: Fu Yao says to Wuji that she finally did it (defeated the darkness) and Wuji said he thought he was going to lose her. Wuji tells her from now on she’s not to do that (I assume he means risk her life) again. Wuji said from now on the world is rid of the witch. Now there’s only Fu Yao. They both start laughing and crying. Fu Yao says they actually defeated the shackles of destiny. Wuji says he wants her to be the “happy” empress of five kingdoms and Fu Yao agrees by smiling and nodding her head. He wants to take her to various places in the five kingdoms to try food, etc. Wuji promises to spend his life protecting her from harm. She laughs and he further tells her they’ll grow old together. Fu Yao said they’ve already suffered too much hardship and from now on they must bask in delight. Wuji agrees with her. She tells him they must stay together forever. They laugh. They both admit they’re happy to have met each other in this life and they’re all smiles and laughter while holding on to each other’s hands. The conversation to me showed that they would live and they were only waiting for the others to come and help them. Well, it was an eventful journey that I mostly enjoyed. WuFu has won my heart thoroughly and I’m glad to see they were finally at peace to enjoy good days ahead.