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  1. I thought I noticed that SIG put his leg over JSM's lower body in the last bed scene in ep14 after she had turned her body to face him and at the last VO as the scene shifts away. Did I see correctly? When I saw that(at least I thought I did), I thought 'wow! that was bold! I didn't even see that in 'Healer'. This couple does it right.
  2. table122000: "The article mentions MY’s mother running away with one child and the father finding her with two other people (probably JK’s parents) after 2 years in a house and killing them all so it looks like MY and JK were childhood friends and not siblings.Are we hoping that the sister that the MY's mother took away is Se Ra? OOOHHH
  3. Seran is wrong..MY and she are not alike. MY is, at the end of the day, the little lost boy looking for home and JK felt that in him and become his home. Seran is just hungry for power, she does not value home and rest.
  4. We know some reasonable deductions and some facts: -JG killed MY's and JK's father -MY and JK are almost 100% siblings: the scar that matches (the psychiatrist said that MY threw himself on his sibling when the hot water poured down, so their scar areas actually match too..like one big patch) : MY was the boy KG was looking for, really for no good reason except to atone for his sin, in taking in the orphans -MY and JK are as good as married, slept together, made a home out of his shell of a place In the real world, siblings have gotten married 'accidentally' before. They were separated, met, fell in love and married and even had children before that found out. I think the way out is, if this is not Kdrama land, for the truth to come out, send MY and KJ away to another country to start life anew, marry and not to have children. The last shot with KG crying with his girlfriend by his side and MY and JK off to a brave new world :), and hopefully not even with a glance back at JG.
  5. Can someone please let me know how to delete photos/videos/gifs from my post when I reply/quote to someone, so that my posts won't take up space. Thank you
  6. Its hard to think of it as love when KG just shouts at a 30 year old girl to stop seeing someone. The reasons he gave were beyond a thinking person's ability to accept because for all intents and purpose MY works hard, was hurt by people like her brother ( as she said it). Yes MY messed with JK's best friend and she died but JK does not know the details. JK is a thinking person with a great heart and just being ordered and shouted at would not make her change her mind. If its love, it is better to come clean for her sake. The way JG behaves is unkind and irrational..stabbing someone does not solve the problem (he shows the tendency to be reactive and rash, as he did when he shot MY's father). If MY had died from the stabbing, JK would be left alone with JG in jail and the guilt of it all on her shoulder.
  7. Yes, the comfort level shows...compare their first kiss to the latest one, the natural rubbing of the thumb and fingers on the shoulder, ears or when holding hands. The feeling of being home and relaxed when they are together. Those two are really amazing actors. SIG's micro movements of his facial muscle showing different emotions..he is really one of the best in his age group.
  8. If the psychiatrist's misgiving is correct in that his action had affected Moo Young to lead an uncontrolled life, then those two men, Jin Gook and the psychiatrists, were the adults responsible for shaping young Moo Young into a person who followed the rough justice rule of 'an eye for an eye'. Jin Gook's inability to tell Jin Kang the truth about how his action had shaped her life and that there is her brother that they should be searching for, in spite of him verbalizing his regrets about not being punished for his sin, makes him a chief manipulator in the story too. He comes across as just being obsessive about not loosing Jin Kang's love as his sister. His will to live after his shooting and kill the man hinged on Jin Kang. It is very difficult to feel sympathy for him cause whilst he tore down Moo Young as almost worthless and inhuman, he put away his own falsehood and lies and compulsive behaviour.
  9. Yes, I think it best to ignore opinions that you don't agree with as there is no need to defend shippers or otherwise. Let the thread be like a brain storming session where there is no right and wrong, afterall as all agree, the couple involved are matured people and they decide their own actions and future...every one else is there for fun and our opinions are not 'facts' and don't affect them. There is really no need to be annoyed to get into a series of arguments that take up a couple of pages.
  10. https://www.soompi.com/2018/03/23/lee-seung-gi-talks-viewers-reaction-bedroom-scene-hwayugi/ Oh no..can someone who can access his fan site correct his view on this. We like the 'heat'. ..what can we say. Also, send the link to this thread so that he can add up the total man hours spent on analysing that scene.
  11. Oh dear...with a private PM group, does that mean that you all won’t be posting your comments on this thread anymore?
  12. It is true that the last couple of episodes left a lot of questions unanswered, since the premise was that all the demons were there to help SJ seek light in this dark world, where there would be an epic battle with all the evil gathering at one place to fight against this motley gang. In the end, its really seemed like just a collection of love story with sad endings. However, the point that interest me was Oh Yeon Seo protrayal of Jin Sun Mi, who until the last meeting with SOG, always seemed a little tense and even unsure of herself. The morning after scene where they were wrapped in the sheet was even a little awkward I thought. I am not an actress, but there appeared was none of that normally seen head resting/burying on the neck of SOG next to her. None of that shy smile since it was her first time. None of that meeting of the eyes. Perhaps( this is only to satisfy my own logic), there is always a conflict in her about her love and fear of SOG and the future. She had just thrown her lot in with a demon controlled by a bracelet..so many questions must pass through her mind...so many fears that must be locked up.Maybe OYS protrayal of JSM was really more realistic than so many gave her credit for. In the last scene with SOG, when the bracelet finally came off, I thought when she said that she loved him, there was more 'chemistry'. Poor JSM, so determined to live well inspite of her being rejected and alone, really did have a sad life.
  13. I didn't watch every episode early in the drama because I was not comfortable with so many demons and evil spirits flying around, Yes, I am a scaredy cat. However, after episode18 , I watched some of them and it does seem like an epic love story. The demon who was 'humanised' because of love for this woman and the woman whose heart and mind don't have the same logic. Her mind warns her( even as his friends told her repeatedly) that she should not love a demon but her heart so wants to be loved and cared for. So many women I know, marry men who are 'bad boys' and may not even suit them because 'he loves me'. Given SM childhood of loneliness and rejection from others, to be loved must be so over whelming and given her giving nature, its hard to fight her heart. Oh Yeon Seo acting, attracted a lot of criticism but to me, given the character's assumptions, she seems right in the way she played SJ. Seunggi's character shines brighter because of SJ's seemingly more unexciting personality. The love story developed over so many many episodes and so many events but it would be hard to beleive that she would just jump into bed with a demon when her expereince with them and life had been such bad ones. Even for him, until Epi 18, he was not sure if his love was due to an object or was engraved into his heart since he is a inherently selfish demon afterall.