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  1. Yes, I'm abstaining from meat on Fridays, And I've giving up on (hahaha) wine for Lent (seriously). But I still use cooking wine because some food would taste odd without white white, red white, sherry, port... Like what is "coq au vin" without wine?
  2. @wenchanteur You (and "Memories of the Alhambra") convinced me to start all over again and watch this series. I believed I dropped this show sometime after the elevator scene, when he winked at her. When I came back from my long trip, I already lost all interest in the show. Here's my "First Impressions" post: http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/03/11/w-two-worlds-episode-1-first-impressions/ Somehow, it's fitting that I pick this up when I'm away on a trip again. It's okay if you tell me spoilers. I'll continue with Ep 2 when I get home.
  3. Wait. I'm confused. Do you have a child stashed somewhere? +2 688
  4. Starting Wednesday, I'm giving up beef, pork, poultry, and anything kind of meat from animals that walk on four feet, just on Fridays, for 6 weeks. I'm sticking to seafood. Raisins? Raisins sprinkled in cottage cheese is my go-to snack food. But I can't stand raisins in ice cream.
  5. GRRRrrrr. Is it that creepo bodyguard of Minister Min? I have to look at the bright side. This will definitely drive Prince Yeoning/Lee Geum insane with fury and revenge. It's just what he needs to turn the screws on the Minister Min. The plot, so far, is straight-forward and logical. Nothing as crazy as THAT other sageuk that's showing at the same time. It's on SBS; I doubt the producers are going to show anything subversive, seditious or ground-breaking. Jung Il Woo looks elegant in hanbok. He has a distinct advantage considering his mother is in textile. He's "classy" actor. https://www.soompi.com/article/364209wpp/49-days-jung-il-woo-is-from-an-elite-family But the scenes are shot in low-light so like @staygold, I feel like I'm spelunking. Hello??? I can't see anything, director. I had to brighten my screen 100% just to see the faces.
  6. Same here. I like what DM brings to the table: the ambiguity: will he or won't he? I recognized belatedly that the actor who plays DM also played a bad character in the last kdrama I was watching, Memories of the Alhambra. It was a non-speaking role so I'm glad he has lines now. As for MoonSoo, I think the actor playing him is killing it. I only saw him in Let's Fight Ghost where he played a creepy killer. I didn't know that he had it in him to play a light-hearted role. MoonSoo is too earnest though. I hope he doesn't lose that optimistic zeal as he deals with politics. My new post for Episodes 7 and 8 is here. I'm still behind four episodes but I should catch up this weekend. http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/03/01/haechi-episodes-7-and-8/
  7. Same thing here, @lightbringer06. I'm enjoying this drama. Will have to continue watching this and blog some more. I've been a bit distracted with another drama. I'm liking Go Ara's character here. Hallellujah! We've a strong,THINKING female in a kdrama once again. I don't mind if she doesn't end up as a romantic interest of the Prince, MoonSoo or Dalmoon (lol). It would be nice if she did, but she's her own woman. As for the bodyguard of the Minister, yes, I wonder what his backstory is. He was there in the beginning when the Minister was discussing the Haechi symbolism with the Bad Investigator (at 3:04). I think Dalmoon will eventually side with Prince Yeoning. I often give myself the creeps when I make predictions on my "First Impressions" post, but I think we'll end up with the four main people on the "Avenger's Team" that is The Prince, Moonsoo, YeoJi and Dalmoon. If you noticed I didn't include the Good Investigator on the list because I knew he was going to die soon in the script. (His name wasn't on the top billing. lol.) Okay, I'm off to review the next episodes....
  8. Yes. I love pizza with ham and pineapple. We call it "hawaiian pizza" here but I don't know how other parts of the world call this ham and pineapple combo. But I love pizza with a lot of things: anchovies, shrimp (as in shrimp scampi), pepperoni, sausage, bacon, ham, prosciutto, barbecue chicken (but not chicken feet, haha), mushrooms, black olives, artichokes, spinach, arugula, green peppers, fresh basil. The other fruit-meat pizza combo I eat is steak (thinly sliced NY steak) and pear. Add green veggies like arugula and you have all the 5 food groups there. Yummmy. cre
  9. Exactly. KSH can play more roles because her voice isn't limited to that babyish voice. To me, that breathy airy voice is fine if she's a pre-teen but she's a grown woman. 35 years old. Is there an age limit of aegyo? lol. Can a 30 year old woman girl do aegyo? How about a 40 yo one? 50? Or my age? Actors should start branching out and go beyond the aegyo roles; they have a shelf life and an expiration date. I know Hyeri gets flak for her acting but at least she knows she can't be doing this forever. This article in netizenbuzz stuck in my head. I'll highlight what I found funny. http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2017/05/yoo-in-na-and-iu-reveal-they-were.html Article: Yoo In Na, "Went on vacation to America with IU, everyone thought we were elementary/junior high school kids" Source: Mydaily via Daum 1. [+1,288, -178] Probably because their heights and bodies look like chodings 2. [+1,134, -30] My unni lives in New York and she's over 40 years old but people think she's in her twenties. Just like how we're bad at guessing westerner ages, westerners aren't really good at guessing Asian ages either. But then again, Asians are pretty youthful looking in general. 3. [+714, -47] You look younger the less defined your features are ㅋㅋ westerners have more dimensional faces so Asians by comparison look younger. 4. [+370, -3] White people are pretty bad at guessing Asian ages 5. [+367, -24] IU has a choding body even by Korean standards tsk tsk tsk 6. [+301, -4] I remember an American singer had a concert in Korea and they said in an interview that they have a ton of junior/high school fans in Korea ㅋㅋㅋ but when I saw the concert footage, everyone was actually in their twenties ㅋㅋ 7. [+250, -15] IU's considered a choding by Korean standards too 8. [+257, -65] I understand mistaking IU as a choding but I feel like you couldn't make that mistake with Yoo In Na's body... 9. [+86, -5] They're right... I remember being hit on by white kids who were 10 years younger than me. And black people don't age either. Their skin looks the same in their teens or their fifties. 10. [+55, -5] Basically a roundabout way for foreigns to say they feel no sexual attraction +2 500
  10. + 2 I think she's stuck in these roles because of her choding body and choding voice. What a nightmare! She's a 36 year old actress still playing this kind of female Peter Pan in her roles. Soon, Kim SoHyun, who's 19 years old, will overtake her and play the mature woman to her school girl. Hmmm...maybe it's a good idea for her to play an auntie role to KSH just to wake writers up and stop infantilizing her. 498
  11. Thanks @gerrytan8063 Here's my take on the game and what it means to this episode. I'll only post an excerpt so I won't bore people with my long observation. source: http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/02/25/haechi-eps-5-and-6-the-game-of-chance But apart from my difficulties distinguishing the characters apart, this episode posed no surprises. The titles of each episode were self-explanatory and hinted at the direction of the plot. So far, we had: Episodes 1 & 2: The Lowly Prince Episodes 3 & 4: Your Name is… Episodes 5 & 6: The Misfortunes of the Virtue For these Episodes 5 and 6, the game of chance “Seung Geyong Do” provided the key to interpreting the events. To me, it was the metaphor for the episode. The Good Investigator Han and his team were playing a more complicated version of the Monopoly boardgame. Instead of competing for prime real estate in Atlantic City, NJ, the players won coveted "positions" in the Joseon government depending on where their game tokens landed. Ahbong (or the small, squat inspector) won a position and bragged that one of his privileges was dismissing high-ranking officers. His job description led the other players to worry about their own positions and to jockey to keep their spots on the boardgame. Aiming for his sympathy, his friend said, “AhBong, I’ve regarded you as my own son.” His superior, the Good Investigator Han warned him, “I’m your boss.” And with a baleful glare, YeoJi dared him to take her piece off the board with “Do you want to die?” Only the innocent MoonSoo had no power over him. “Not me! You know how I finally made a secret royal inspector after much toil. I’m Lord Moon Soo.” So Ahbong chose MoonSoo's piece to be demoted from the game. MoonSoo complained, “You bastard! I held a secret royal inspector position only in a board game. Must you wreck that, too?” But AhBong reasoned out that MoonSoo was the weakest piece among then, and an even bigger pushover than he was, so what could he do but target him. To placate Moonsoo, YeoJi offered to give him his coveted Saheonbu inspector position if she won the next round, which she did. See that? To me, the point of the boardgame was to demonstrate that even among the virtuous people, a power play was unavoidable. Despite MoonSoo's appeal to the better nature and to the goodwill of AhBong, he lost his spot on the boardgame because he was the weakest link. That was just how it is with life. You win some and you lose some. And it’s just too bad, or tough luck! if you lose out. Hopefully, there’ll be friends, like YeoJi, to help you out. And that’s what happened to Lee Geum in real life. He suffered a "misfortune" or a setback in this episode although in the boardgame, he accidentally won and became the King. His newfound friends couldn't believe that he won the game, against all odds. As a reward, he magnanimously appointed them to their “fantasy” or dream roles in his "fantasy" kingdom. To wit, he made AhBong and the other inspector in charge of the Capital Bureau to protect Hanyang because of their loyalty and diligence. The Good Investigator Han was designated the prime minister because of his conviction and fairness. Hmmm... But Lee Geum forgot that to become the highest member of the state council, a prime minister also needed the backing of the strongest faction. As for YeoJi, he said, “You are so meticulous that you’re tiresome, but you know the rules and principles,” so he named her “commissioner of the police bureau.” Last but not the least, he sent MoonSoo over the moon by appointing him Inspector General of the Saheonbu, to enforce the laws of the nation, because he believed in the equality as the true way of the world. lol. Of course, everybody was mightily pleased with their positions because their skills and talents were recognized for the job. And we viewers were also left with a feeling of satisfaction at seeing this unlikely team bonding. There was even this moment when Lee Geum joked about how handsome he was, and YeoJi looked away. lol. That was a signal for us observant viewers to expect a "loveline" between YeoJi and the Prince in the future, of course. However, as I said earlier, the boardgame was a metaphor to life. It's only a simplified version of the real power play in politics and statecraft. Soon enough, Lee Geum would discover that he actually had much in common with MoonSoo in the game. Although he was instrumental in jailing Prince Milpoong, because of his devious tricks and cunning tactic, he wasn't any different from MoonSoo. MoonSoo was demoted by Apbong in the boardgame because he was the weakest link. Likewise, Lee Geum would be "stripped" of both his role in the investigation and his position in the real world to guarantee his younger brother's ascendancy to the throne. He had been the “secret” weapon and the crucial witness, in taking down Prince Milpoong. At the meeting of the Noron council, the Prime Minister described him as the “nail” in the spot where they didn’t expect. The meaning behind the comparison to a nail couldn't be any clearer. The nail, aka Lee Geum, caused them to stumble in their plans unexpectedly, but the nail could be hammered down. The Prime Minister said ominously, “But currents constantly change and we’ve been victors for a long time, and we know how to always win, do we not?” Sure enough, the victory lap of Lee Geum and Team JungSeok was only short-lived. They were playing a game of chance after all. In the next move of the Prime Minister, Lee Geum was compelled to retract his testimony and to frame the Good Investigator Han. Against his will, he was forced to give up his role in the mission in order to ensure his brother's enthronement as king. Lee Geum asked the Prime Minister why he had to go through such lengths to destroy people. “You’re going to abandon Prince Milpoong anyway. So why? For what?” The stark brutal answer was “Because that’s how we win, Prince Yeoning. Shall I tell you how we’ve prevailed so far? We need to plant fear into everyone. To demonstrate what happens when you resist and how it ends. If everyone in the world sees that, then no one will ever dare to come forward easily. That’s always the way to win, Prince Yeoning.” So Lee Geum walked out of that encounter, overpowered and demoralized. The image of him walking alone and meeting YeonJi is a scene we’ve witnessed before. Do you remember where we've seen this before? ... source: http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/02/25/haechi-eps-5-and-6-the-game-of-chance
  12. Ah! Ghost Detective? Then nope. I remember exactly when that series derailed. After Chuseok. The show was fine before the whole nation went on a break for their "Thanksgiving" gathering, but when people returned from the break... It was as if the producer, director and writer had too much rice wine to drink during the holiday. They had a collective mental blackout. Searching for a good drama to watch is really turning out to be like serial dating to me... SPEED serial dating to me. "Thank you, next." +2 772
  13. I even signed up for a weibo account just to see what's going on. lol. I don't know what I was thinking... since I couldn't read a single word of Chinese and had to rely on the translator. lol. Yes. You worked hard on that project (and didn't people use it without giving your team credit?) with @chinlylin, @mikoshine, right? Give yourself a pat on the back!
  14. What do you mean? I have to choose my own ending? Like these books but in drama version?? What fresh misery is this? 762
  15. Oh gosh! So THAT's why he looked familiar! I recognized him but I couldn't place him. You were subbing his show with GG! And our GG was given a hard time by the fangirls of this actor and his then-GF. Ahhhh... I've beginning to remember. Did this Cdrama end happily? Maybe I should watch it now....
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