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  1. Just dropping by to say that my friends and I started watching this show a couple of weeks ago and we're absolutely over the moon with the lead characters. If you want to join us and read our analysis, mostly done by me, feel free to drop by and share your own thoughts. I recently declared Xiao Nai the best boyfriend ever, and we'll be using him as yardstick to measure all the other kdrama, cdrama, jdrama, boyfriends we watch against him. Here's part of our reasons: http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/02/14/best-drama-boyfriend-ever/ Here's my first impression on the show and why we were hooked to complete 30 episodes in 3 days (that's an exaggeration of course, bu you know I mean... http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/02/06/love-o2o-eps-1-to-5-first-impressions Here's an except because I don't want to bog you down. ...for my blog-readers who are avid fans of Pride and Prejudice (paging @agdr03), I’m going to write a more detailed recommendation to encourage y’all to give this romcom a second look. It’s fun to watch when you’re over-worked and stressed-out like me. I’ll give you three big reasons. (Warning: spoilers. But just read the spoilers so you’ll know what to expect.) First, online gaming = ballroom dances As I said in “Memories of the Alhambra,” my gaming experience is limited to a feisty purple dragon named Spyro who hunts for dragon eggs and head-butts nasty orcs. To go from playing Spyro the Dragon to watching lead characters roleplay personas with long hair and flowing robes was a big leap for me. The only way I could sit through numerous fight scenes of Weiwei and Xiao Nai was to view their encounters as ballroom dances. The way I see it, the fictional university in Love O2O is as segregated as the nineteenth century England of Jane Austen. Girls dorm with girls; boys dorm with boys. Unless they’re part of a couple, the students mingled with people of their own gender in and after classes, during lunch and sporting events, on weekends and schooldays. No wonder the online game “A Chinese Ghost Story” was popular among students! It’s the largest venue available to students where they can interact freely with the opposite sex. Gaming doubles as a dating service for the college students. I had to smirk when in Episode 2, the game announced that the lead characters’ marriage was the 158,999th marriage on that server alone. The anonymity of the popular game allows the students to meet others and match up with a partner without the hassles of real-life dating, e.g., vetting the other person, spending money to go on dates, surviving the dreaded introduction to their friends, and escaping a boring date. Logging onto the game was the 21st century version of going to a ballroom dance. For instance, allies in duels are chosen like a dance partner. There are no strings attached and partners can change for the next round. Also, there are rules of interaction in the game, just as there are etiquette guidelines to courtly behavior in a ballroom. How the gamers comport themselves online — not only in battle, but in the chatgroups — reveal much about their personalities. But most importantly, partnering with someone in the game, like choosing a dance partner in a ballroom, allows the couple ample time to converse (or “chat”) and FLIRT with each other. ...... Here's also an analysis on Episode 2 http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/02/15/love-o2o-episode-2-highlights/ On Episode 3 http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/02/15/love-o2o-episode-3-highlights/ and on Episode 4 http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/02/15/love-o2o-episode-4-highlights/ So, there you go. I'm posting the links here because each blog write-up has tons of pictures and it will be a pain to transfer. None of us speak Chinese, so we had to rely on the abysmal subs on Netflix. But for me, this show was a good introduction to Cdramas and a welcome change from the typical kdrama fare. I'm looking forward to more of your recommendations, @angelangie. See you later!
  2. packmule3

    anti love game

    Awww... get well soon, @Sejabin! Hope this gif cheers you up. Here's the design for our Couple T-shirts, @Table122000. I skipped the usual hearts, flowers, and rainbows couple-y shirts. I want a grouchy, don't bug us! design because we're anti-love anyway. And of course the back will have these:
  3. packmule3

    anti love game

    Cinderella was my first answer too but I remembered that dying guy was racing against time, and I knew that actor was somebody's crush. (whistling) But both shows I know with Cinderellas were romantic fare so they had no place in this anti-love contest. Cinderella and the Four Knights and Cinderella's Sister. And Cinderella didn't kill the guys although I wish she did just to subvert the happy ending and create an anti-fairy tale. But good answers! I thought they were funny. It's fun to team up, though. With @Table122000, our team motto is "Two heads are better than one." But ten without wit is as good as none. :D
  4. packmule3

    anti love game

    I'm posting this now because I'm dead-tired from work and calling it an early night. Still subject to @Table122000's approval, of course. Drama 1 Drama 2 Drama 3 Drama 4 Explanation over here: http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/02/13/bitchtalk-anti-love-contest-day-4 ****** Couple shoes? Do you wear high heels? I'd love to be somewhere I can wear espadrilles right now. Still working on our Couple T-shirts. Unless you wanted Couple Jewelry because it's Valentine's Day? lol.
  5. packmule3

    anti love game

    lol. I remembered what I was going to post. I'll be late for the game tonight but here's the gift for my anti-Valentine's partner, @Table122000, when she arrives later. As promised, our Couple Coffee mugs. I don't draw very well so you'll just have to deal with it, Tab. You get first pick. The mugs mean our partnership is made in the heavens....
  6. packmule3

    anti love game

    yes, thank goodness. You saved me. I was almost dying out there. Must. change. soompi. password. STAT. or. will. die. in. oblivion. But oddly enough, after that horrifyingly close brush with death, I can't for the life of me remember what I was going to post. Will come back later.
  7. packmule3

    anti love game

    But I can't be Tinkerbell following your shadow. I'll check out your recommendation. CATNIP is probably the more appropriate word for your condition. He's your catnip. He's simply irresistible like catnip. The sight of him triggers weird and abnormal reactions from you, like surfing YT. Yummmy, @lynne22! I wouldn't mind a slice of that cake. Thank you. @nrllee
  8. And I liked the way he was concerned about her hair and make-up looking presentable for the taping. Awwww...
  9. packmule3

    anti love game

    I'm feeling a bit queasy after chasing you all over soompi. I posted in our old thread. I'm working on a Couple Slogan, a Couple Coffee Mug, and a Couple T-shirt for us because we're the anti-love couple...or maybe just plain antis. @Lmangla when will this anti-love contest end? On Single Awareness Day? lol.
  10. Valentine's Day is almost here! Happy Valentine's Day to the TaecGui shippers and of course, to Taec and Guigui. Reliving the good old days.... ' I liked his attitude when doing these interviews. He didn't give stooopid and flippant answers. I'm so grateful to @BiruAngel for making gifs of practically the whole show, and to @lmangla for painstakingly transferring them over to Taecgui blog.
  11. packmule3

    anti love game

    OOOOOoooooh. I'm suddenly nostalgic. Let's do a rewatch? For Valentine's Day?? I love how she gave him sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia aka brain freeze. Whut? I must protest. He is not a distraction. He's the ESSENCE of manhood. Our answers: Drama 1 Drama 2 Drama 3 Drama 4 Our decision-making process if you care to know. We didn't consult Asianwiki. http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/02/12/bitchtalk-anti-love-contest And our Couple Logo = @Table122000 and me.
  12. packmule3

    anti love game

    @nrllee, be my anti-valentine? Drama 1 Drama 2 Drama 3 Drama 4
  13. packmule3

    Soompi love feast

    hahaha. At least I leave water in the rice pot before cooking. I know somebody in college who nearly burned down the kitchen in our group house because he didn't add water to the rice. Ugh! It's a good thing we had fire extinguishers.... How would I know? I eat rice about twice? three times a month?? I was schooled by my friends in the TaecGui forum. lol.
  14. packmule3

    anti love game

    No thank you. Not interested in a threesome for obvious sexual connection. But I think there are two answers. If an answer exists, then it’s 42. (source: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, as you said). If an answer does NOT exist, then it’s 404. (source: Hypertext Transfer Protocol. 404 error = not found). is this supposed to be a skull emoji, alien emoji, or a sickly mutilated octopus? It looks cool. @Lmangla, oh I see. Thanks.