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  1. I'm "borrowing" this for my blog, @lonetwilight to continue with our interesting conversation on missing body "accessories". Please thank HallyuYoonEunHye for me on twitter. Or if she's hanging around here: Thanks, honey-bunny! And here's my new post as an exchange gift. http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2018/12/07/fluttering-alert-conversing-with-yjs-dad-ep-11 See you later!
  2. hahaha. Hot?? I thought there was a funny scene in Episode 11 when Wannabe Wife was trying on her wedding gown and she asked the seamstress to fix the backside. She said, "Please emphasize my back line a little more. Seamstress replied, "Okay. We’ll have to tailor it again, then." (The implication here is that they'd ALREADY fixed it but it still wasn't enough because she was flat as pancake back there.) She glared and ordered, "Do it again.” My instant thought was: Yes, please make her backside plumper. I don’t want to cut my foot on her bony bum when I kick it.
  3. And hope for WooHyun's paternal stepbrother. Didn't you see him cross paths with that Wannabe Wife? That's the second time this week. In yesterday's episode, he was on board the same Korean Air flight as that obnoxious girl. And we know that he thought she was shameless and brazen. We know more about the fire now. Although he was rescued by WooHyun from the fire, WooHyun was left to roast by his Mommy Dearest. So there's hope that maybe his guilt and/or gratitude will compel him to help WooHyun in the future... A good deed goes unpunished lol unrewarded. Ha! You JINXED the show with your absence, @angelangie! Maybe if you show up next week the recapping, we'll have good times again on the show. You better get paid for your translation work, okay? The holidays are coming and people are always more generous with money this time of the year.
  4. I'm going to blog about this. I'll only post an excerpt here so I don't waste people's time. I'm known to write detailed and boring posts. http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2018/12/06/memories-of-the-alhambra-first-impressions/ To be honest, I was drawn to the story because of the stairs. To me, the spiral staircase is a brilliant symbol of the kind of adventure JinWoo is embarking on. gif: kdrama-incarnate’s tumblr First, he needs to be determined to mount the stairs. It isn’t to be undertaken lightly. Second, without an elevator (or special powers), the six flights of steps are his personal hell. Third, his life is going to “spiral” out of his control. Fourth, he needs to exert himself physically to get from one level to another. Fifth, the ambitious climb would have been easier without his baggage, real and emotional ones. Sixth, on the other hand, he must make sure he has all that he needs before the climb because it’s a hassle to go back down again. Lastly, after all the labor, the promised room at the top of the stairs might not even be worth it. See that? Very clever, eh? The stairs aren’t there just for laughs or a conversation starter. It’s the metaphor for his future exploits. Another reason I liked the kdrama was because the ending of Episode 2 paralleled the beginning of Episode 1. Whenever this happens in kdrama, it tells me that the writer and director are meticulous in developing their narrative and controlling the story. The first episode starts with the Dongsaeng fleeing on a train to the safety of Granada. As the train approaches the Granada station, he hears the crack of thunder and notices the skies darken. Unarmed, he opens the door and he gets shot. The second episode ends with JinWoo riding on a train. Granada is announced as the next station. As he limps to the exit, he too hears the ominous sound of thunder. Outside, dark clouds race to reach the train. He loads his guns and opens the car door and starts shooting. The comparison doesn’t end here. They both wear laced-up sneakers but JinWoo’s however are a bit dirtier (bloodied?). Once on game mode, JinWoo loses his limp and steps over a fallen body easily. Judging from the difference in their reactions, this game experience is probably Dongsaeng’s first encounter with the gunman. He’s sweating, he curls up in a fetal position while sleeping, and he’s terrified when the dark clouds rolled in. He’s about to escape his train cabin when he’s shot. In contrast, JinWoo is chill. He has scratches on his knuckles and he limps. He isn’t shocked, hesitant, or nervous to face the gunmen. He doesn’t run away even when the bullets are flying from both sides. He must have done this level before. One small thing I’ve to note here. A year ago, on his first visit to Hotel Bonita, he teased HeeJoo that his luggage was heavy because he had guns in them. Of course, there wasn’t any. Now, he travels light, but he does carry guns. 3. The memories of Granada, or to more concise, HISTORY of Granada is right in front of our eyes. .... http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2018/12/06/memories-of-the-alhambra-first-impressions/
  5. hahaha. You're faster than I'll ever be, @angelangie. Here's my Episode 9 spoilers. http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2018/11/28/fluttering-alert-spoilers-ep-9 See you later, alligator! About to eat dimsum!!!! Yumyum! Looking forward to everything but the chicken feet.
  6. Of course I noticed that, @angelangie. I commented on that in my blog. Said he looked like Jabba the Hutt. A less wrinkly Jabba the Hutt. source: http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2018/11/13/fluttering-alert-exorcising-the-ghouls/ As for the legal son, I don't think he's entirely useless. He can be used as a BAD EXAMPLE. But to be serious here for a moment here... I did like what WH said about his brother in Episode 1. He got upset with his father for abandoning his stepbrother because he did bad things. I thought WH was on point there.
  7. There, @bebebisous33 If your post were the Declaration of Independence, I’d sign on. I'm going to break down your post so I can respond properly. Your original comment will be blue; my response is in black. ***************************** @thistle Actually, I am not bothered by KHJ's behaviour and actions. The description of her childhood and the scenes with her father underline perfectly why she is so determined to get married to CWH. She doesn't realize how wrong her actions are because of her selfishness and past trauma. Since she was never acknowledged and was always treated like nothing by her own family (her father's), she had to become "selfish" in order to "survive". If she hadn't been like that, she would have kind of disappeared. Her existence would have been denied. So the circumstances of her life turned her into a selfish person. Her strength became her flaw in the long run as she stopped looking at others. >>I disagree with her decisions and course of action although I understand her motivations. She’s not a madwoman, let’s put it that way. The writer didn’t write her as a sociopath or a psychopath. Two things I do like about her -- if I may say so without getting killed here, lol -- are her honesty and good taste. I didn't notice these qualities until later on. On one occasion, in Episode 2, WH went to his father's office and accused him of taking away his medical privileges. He said, "You stripped my medical gown from me, blocked me from treating my patients. That's an act more cruel than snatching Choego Group from you." His father was confused. Shortly after WH left, the Wannabe Wife came to visit him too. And he asked her, point-blank, if she did that to WH's hospital? She didn't even hesitate. She answered, "Yes. WH said if he comes to want something, there's a possibility to negotiate for our marriage." Very very warped of her but the father laughed. I'd rather that she was totally honest about her misdeeds than blame somebody else. Then on another occasion, she openly admitted to him, "Honestly, at first, I wanted to be the wife of Choego Group. Instead of becoming of CWH's wife, I thought I had to become your daughter-in-law. (meaning, Choego Group >>> CHW) But the more I see him, my heart keeps going to WH. Even if WH doesn't want to come to work at Choego Group, I don't want to lose him." The father again commended her honesty. Me? I commend her good taste. lol. Of course, WooHyun was a better proposition than Choego Group! Even an impoverished WooHyun is better than a world-famous Choego Group. To me then there's still hope for her if she can recognize the value of a good person above all. Then like packmule3 illustrated it, she feels herself like she has no roots. In her eyes, she can only exist when she gets married. Only with her marriage, her father will recognize her and treat her better, besides she will have her own family. Sure, she is also projecting her own mentality into CWH. Since he had a similar past, she also believes that CWH has the same wish and desire. She is not entirely wrong: CWH has been longing for a family and father too which is the reason why he sees YJ's father as his own father and why he put two bowls on the table, when he used to eat alone. >>Yes, she thought that she and CWH were hewn from the same cloth. They’re both illegitimate children, the outcasts in very elitist families. Top five family, right? To the outside world, they project the image of success, competence, self-reliance, and self-assurance. She’s the managing director of the flagship (I’m assuming) Kanghan Hotel while he’s an award-winning, internationally-trained doctor. However, they’re both loners. She’s mostly seen with her aide while he admits to growing up by himself and to doing solitary activities. On paper, the two of them would appear identical in personality and taste. Nonetheless unlike KHJ, CWH is smart enough to realize that belonging to a powerful family will never give him that feeling of family and love. KHJ is in that matter too naive. >>Yes. I guess that fire can be seen as beneficial in the sense that it was an eye-opener for him. It allowed him a complete break from his toxic family so he was able to forge his own identity and his own destiny away from them. First, CWH witnessed the fight between his father and his step-mother, he also noticed that his step-brother was unhappy himself. Another explanation why KHJ and CWH think totally differently is that his own mother had a different approach how to resolve the problem with the lack of roots and connections: she did not run away (moving abroad) in order to hide like KHJ's mother who tried to commit suicide, his mother chose to find another man in her life. Yes, she failed... as she got divorced so often, however due to her marriages, CWH found a hyung. He was able to connect to others, while KHJ has been focusing on herself all this time. >>Exactly! No matter how disenchanted he was with his mother’s flightiness and multiple divorces, he was still better off in that family situation than he would ever have been in the Cha household. Money and power weren’t the end-all and be-all of his existence. The choice of his career is another explanation: CWH wanted to ensure that nothing connects him to his biological father, KHJ did the exact opposite. She decided to work for her father (his company) thinking that this might create a bound between her and her father but she failed. >> Yes. Because he didn’t grow under his father’s shadow, he didn’t have to live by father’s rules. I wish she had the same option. She's forced to play her father’s games OR forfeit his approval and her position in his family. Terrible choice to make, right? Finally, we shouldn't forget that CWH almost died in the fire which created a huge riff between him and his biological father. So far, KHJ has not been hurt physically by her own father. >>Yes, that fire was devastating. IF that was indeed the same fire where YJ's mother died, then it had far-reaching consequences. However, for WH, the fire was also his catalyst. His character is the way it is today because of that incident. He’s stronger, independent, resilient, and thank goodness! divorced from that family. The Wannabe Wife’s whole argument was about “having roots.” But as seen in hers and WH’s examples, if the roots were planted in bad soil, then the seedling wouldn’t have grown beautifully anyway. It’s better to just uproot the plant and relocate it where it can thrive. @angelangie Far^away In my opinion, KHJ's background should be revealed as well so that her father's reputation is tarnished. KHJ became like that because of him... the two fathers should experience the disgrace she and CWH have been facing but the best punishment would be that they are abandoned by their own family. Both fathers are terrible, they only care for their own interest: their company. >>Yes. They’re all disgraceful although, as I said in my blog, I still haven’t figured out WH’s father’s motivations. I’ve been ignoring all of the subplots and letting them all come to a head. He IS getting mixed readings on my radar so I’m holding off on any judgment on him for now. In sum, many villains in contemporary stories are not the same villains of yesteryears. Whereas before the villains would be written as completely monstrous and sadistic, there’s a current trend among more mature and experienced writers to HUMANIZE the enemy. Savvy writers have learned to deconstruct evil and to assign mitigating factors like extreme hardship, childhood abuse, systemic corruption, unspeakable mistreatment, etc. More likely than not, the villains are compelled to do a “necessary” evil and that’s why they’re tragic figures. If we were to carefully assess their flaws, we'd see that they were, in some way or another, victims, too. And I see that the writer of this kdrama taking this route because this is a romcom anyway, not a melodrama. It’s rare nowadays to see black-and-white characters. They’re usually 50 shades of Grey…errr… gray.
  8. hi there, @thistle, I wrote my reply to you in my blog. I'll just put an excerpt here to avoid making this post long. I don’t think it was explicitly said that Wannabe Wife was going to be disowned by the family if she didn’t get WH to marry her. However, she did receive a phone call, in Episode 3, while she was exercising on the treadmill where she was told she would have to "give up everything she was aiming for." Her goal could be interpreted as being the Madam of Choego group and/or being a cherished daughter of her father's family. According to the subs, she said “Chairman” when she answered her phone. That's why I originally thought she was speaking to WH’s dad, Chairman Cha. Here's their conversation: Chairman: You still haven’t confirmed the marriage details with Cha Woo Hyeon? Wannabe Wife: We’re just getting to know each other better so please give me more time. Chairman: You said if I created the context you could make Cha Woo Hyeon ours and be seated atop Choego Group. I trusted you to come this far because you were so confident. Wannabe Wife: Yes, I know that well. Chairman: If you can’t keep your promise to me, and miss that chance to align closely with Choego Group, you’re going to have to give up everything you’re aiming for now. Wannabe Wife: Yes, Chairman. Flashback to when she first met WooHyun. She was saying on the phone, “In order to cover the issue of my birth, we need to marry a son of a top five family. A talent that can be seated as the leader of the group.” When she spotted WH walking by (yeah, right! What a coincidence, eh?) she decided, “I found my match.” After that flashback, she vowed to herself, “I will definitely not miss it, Father.” That's when I realized that the "Chairman" she was addressing to earlier was her own father. This odd father-daughter phone conversation substantiated what she told WH in Episode 2. She said her family’s lack of interest in her until she received a marriage proposal. Her words: I’m also a child of wedlock. When I was seven, I moved into my father’s house. But I have no memory of ever being treated like family or as a person. I was only ignored and was an outcast. But because of the marriage proposal with you, for the first time I became someone important in my family. Also, in Episode 3, shortly before Chairman Cha was going to announce WH's transition as the company’s leader, she met her father in the company of Chairman Cha. Kangan: I heard my HJ has been racking up a lot of favors recently. (Meaning, she’s been asking for favors, NOT granting favors.) Cha: What favors? She’s so smart that I’m the one taking the help for granted. Kangan: I’m so grateful to hear that. Anyway, with our new structure, I hope that our Cheogo group and Kangan group will become an organization that will lead South Korea into the future. Cha: (laughing) Very well said. Your participation would be essential. Kangan: Are we some strangers when we’re going to become family? To me, Chairman Kang came off as fulsome or flattering in his appreciation of their partnership. When he told Cha that his daughter had been asking for favors, he was expecting to be denied graciously by Cha. He was "humble-bragging” about HJ in order to praise their great new partnership of the Cheogo and Kangan groups. By the way, SaHyeon, the Other Son, was among the entourage, walking beside his mother. Then Wannabe Wife arrived. WH’s father smiled at her but her own father pounced on her. Kang/her father: When’s WooHyun coming? Wannabe Wife: (looking at Chairman Cha who smiles back and nods at her): Any minute now, Father. Her father frowned at her, side-eyed Chairman Cha, then gave her a displeased look. http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2018/11/27/fluttering-alert-on-fathers-and-daughters Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! @angelangie is on a warpath now. I agree. The way she spoke to WH’s mom is vastly different from the way YooJung spoke to his mom. Although the mom minced no words in telling YJ that she disapproved of her, YJ was deferential, understanding and appeasing. She even tried aegyo on her -- which worked! (But if she were my in-law, I’d limit my meetings with her to family gatherings like Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, and Mother’s Day where there would be tons of witnesses to deter me from committing homicide. hahaha.) This Wannabe Wife however spoke with zero aegyo. She spoke in a matter-of-fact style. She forgot that she was in a tearoom (not a boardroom) with a potential mother-in-law and that she needed to be more deferential in tone. WW: Mother, I received a part of the business from my father in order to support WH. Mom: Is that so? (coldly) WW: It’s a medical and biological engineering business. It’s the business that Chairman Cha wanted the most of those in Kanghan Group. Mom: Well, if it has to do with anything medical, then my WH would do wel; WW: Yes, it’s a business that my father put a lot of effort into. He says that he’ll give it to WH if he marries me. Mom: Really? (coldly again) WW: WH needs this kind of weapon in order to be able to fight against Chairman Cha’s brothers, and CEO Cha SeHyun as well as Chief Director Go Kyeong Won. (up to here, Wannabe Wife was nice to her) Mom: But what should I do? My WH dislikes both Choego Group and you. WW: You have to change WH’s mind. Mom: It wouldn’t matter. My WH is the type who won’t do something until he dies if he doesn’t want to do it. WW: Do you wish him to live as a person with no father, siblings, background, or roots because of you, Mother? Mom: What do you mean, no roots? How could you talk like that? The mother objected to WW saying that she wasn’t a “root” for WH. Here, I understood roots to signify family bonds, connections, heritage, and values. If WH didn’t agree to this marriage/merger/whatever, then he would lose whatever connections he had with the Cha family. (Which was non-existent anyway…lol.) On one hand, mentioning “roots” is a definite slur to her being an unwed mother. The Wannabe Wife had no business pointing this out to her. But on the other hand, because WooHyun is illegitimate and he did have to suffer society’s stigma and ostracism. Bloodlines matter, in a Confucian culture, not to mention a hierarchical and PATRIARCHAL society. So the Wannabe Wife is only stating the obvious. But for us viewers, there’s an added layer to this interpretation. We know that WH’s mother had been a … hmm… what’s the nice word for this?… a CASUAL parent. She wasn’t there for him when he needed her. So yes, I agree the mom had the right to be offended here. She could be offended either because WW was rude to her or because her conscience pricked her. To continue… WW: I heard this countless of times as I was growing up. The mother who gave birth to me tried to commit suicide and even decided to emigrate so that I wouldn’t hear things like that (meaning that she had no father, siblings, background, or roots). So they sent me to Father’s house. Here I think it dawned on the mother that this crazy, hateful, determined, greedy girl was also a deeply-troubled one. She suffered, too, as an illegitimate child. So yes, I think WW’s approach was wrong. She could have been subtler when she shared her sad childhood story. Remember, YooJung also shared her sad story about her estrangement with her father. But she did it with a lot more finesse and tact. source: http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2018/11/27/fluttering-alert-on-mothers-and-daughters @Jemrie dear! I'm stealing your gifs, okay? Don't arrest me! lol.
  9. My recap/unrecap is here. It's full of screenshots so it might take a slow while to upload. http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2018/11/21/fluttering-alert-episode-7-spoilers/ I agree she is the bridge for him so CH will return the "favor."
  10. Thanks, @AlexandraReid for posting the knetz' comments. I'll have to add 1 to this comment. 2. [+211,-29] Let's take it that the webtoon fans are the ones complaining that Yoon Hyun Min's acting is bad and he's out of character as Professor Jung Yi Hyun. But Yoon Hyun Min's acting after reinterpreting the character isn't really impressive too? I'm blogging about this kdrama because it has potential and I want to see where the screenwriter will go with this. I'll put an excerpt here because I don't want to bore the good readers here with my "wall of text." link: http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2018/11/16/mama-fairy-and-the-woodcutter-episodes-3-and-4 *********** I’d been scratching my head over tvN’s rationale for another husband-hunting kdrama. Did the producers just want to start another tiresome Fan Armageddon ala Reply series which will then raise viewership?! But now after watching four episodes, I think I got the whole point of the show. The show is rehashing the same old argument between life partners vs soulmates. Remember "You're Beautiful" with that whole love triangle involving the tomboyish girl, the mean guy and the caring guy? lol. This "Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter" is the fairy tale version. To me, this whole kdrama makes sense – and becomes more palatable to viewers averse to fanwars – if we view the Fairy’s conflict as her attempts to determine whether it’s better to be with her life partner (literally, a HUMAN life partner) or her soul mate (an eternal soul like her). As I'd written in another post, from the onset, the kdrama writer pushed hard to establish the Professor as the reincarnated husband. I cited a few reasons like his sleeplessness due to nightmares, his urination, his knowledge of the cat’s name, and the vision he had of the Old Woman as a real Fairy. And now, to add to this list, we have seen more evidences from Episodes 3 and 4 that he’s the reincarnation of the human husband. 1. He recognizes the tiger as his daughter. This convinces me that he is the father. Unlike Geum who relates to the cat because he’s naturally empathetic, YH relates to the tiger through his PERSONAL memories of her. He remembers its name, JeomSoon, because as the father, he would have named his own child. He scolds it for drinking his coffee because as the father, he probably disciplined his own child in the previous life. Now, he apologizes to it for not being there when it grew up because he disappeared and died early in his previous lifetime leaving his child an orphan. This kind of sadness and regret CANNOT be duplicated by Geum, even if he’s an empath, because he isn’t the father. All Geum can offer is kindness but he doesn’t have the memories. … So, there you go. I think this is the twist that the kdrama has put into the original source material. It adds depth to the comic strip and it gives the kdrama writer artistic license to recreate the story as she/he deems appropriate. On one hand, there’s the Assistant Geum who acts like the Fairy’s soulmate. They complement each other like peanut butter and jelly, knives and forks, and hugs and kisses. But on the other hand, there’s the Professor who’s very much human (like the woodcutter) in his interaction with the Fairy. More importantly, despite his denials, he’s the one, not Geum, who retains the memories of the dead husband. To me then, the deciding factor for the Happily Ever After ending is the Fairy's happiness. With whom will she be happy? Right now, the identity of the husband she’ll choose to live with for the rest of her existence here on earth (or in the afterworld) is still up in the air. source: http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2018/11/16/mama-fairy-and-the-woodcutter-episodes-3-and-4/
  11. Wellll... I am a self-admitted dunce when it comes to Korean. And it would be insulting to REAL recappers to call what I just wrote "recapping" so... I might as well have fun writing the piece. Or else what was the point, right? Me too. I love their together-ness. I consider all the other things that are thrown into the plot as commercials.
  12. I watched it live. (Yeah, yeah. I'm crazy this way.) If you don't mind my lack of recapping skills, you can look at the screenshots that I took. As @angelangie said the plot is pretty much straightforward. Even if your Korean is nonexistent, you can follow the story. http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2018/11/14/fluttering-alert-ep-5-spoilers The highlights for me would be the painting And the jogging. The kiss... not so much. It looked awkward as @Lmangla said. I guess I've to admire his abdominal muscles though.
  13. I made my list, too, girlfriend! It has lots of pictures so I'm not going to double post over here. Tell me if I overlooked anything. http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2018/11/12/fluttering-alert-heart-fluttering-moments-ep-4 But I totally agree: clearing the dishes is 100% a swoon-worthy moment. It's funny that you and @USAFarmgirl mentioned it. @Jemrie, I borrowed a couple of your gifs and pics. Hope you don't mind. Saved me time taking screenshots of them. Heyyyy... where did you get this emoji ? Did @CamelKnight finally get to work our requests of emojis??? What's that dude up to? Anyway... The apple is a trope specific to Kdramas. I thought it was cute that the apple came wrapped up like that. And oh! Here's a little bit of trivia because you and I like this kinda thing. Do you know that stores here mostly sell perfectly-shaped apples, pears, lemons, and other produce? lol. If Korea has this problem with cosmetically enhanced faces, then America has a problem too with ugly fruits. I've always wondered what happened to them. They probably became feeds for animals or something. Well, I discovered that there's start-up company that buys these deformed fruits and sells them. It's an interesting concept. And now when I go to farmer's markets, I pick the imperfect fruits, too. The only time I see fruits here individually wrapped like YJ's is when I go Korean stores. https://www.imperfectproduce.com/about-us @angelangie! My BFF from the dinosaur age? Muwah. I'm glad you're here. Who's WangSo? Is this from that kdrama with IU and the four/five/six princes who loved her? @ktcjdrama, YJ said, " “We found out what kind of clothes suit you the best because we tried on all those clothes. This was a meaningful struggle.” He said, "You said this before. You find out the first outfit you put on is the better one after you put on the next one. It was a meaningful hardship. Now you’ve gained the discernment to see a good guy due to Hwang Jae Min. Think of it as a meaningful bad encounter and shake it off." I agree I liked that part...although it was kinda cheesy. lol. The funny thing this isn't the first time that WH mentioned looking for a "good" guy/girl. He said that before in Episode 1. Hmmm...I'll have to write about this in my blog. As for the clothes, I liked this outfit. It would be a pain to wash and iron though with those plastic-y flowers but it looked cute for spring wear.
  14. hahaha. I call dibs on a kdrama-cave. With a magical walk-in closet (ala Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe) that brings me straight to the site of my current kdrama. What did you think of YEH outfits? I liked that scene when she was picking out clothes for him. When he demurred after a few changes, she didn't force him. She just let him be. I like this about this character. She doesn't nag.
  15. My take on Episode 3 is here: http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2018/11/11/fluttering-alert-ep-3-on-asking-for-favors It’s quite long so relax your eyes before reading it. I think when he said that WH didn’t expect any favors from YJ, he wasn’t trying to be dismissive of her generosity. It was more like he’d been used to be self-sufficient that he couldn’t envision asking for favors from her. Also, his complicated relationship with his mother colored the way he viewed his relationship with YJ. It wasn’t by accident that he drew the curtains while YJ cried. And last, YJ’s insistence that she paid him back for his good deeds would thaw his opinion on self-reliance. YJ values reciprocity or rewarding kind actions with like kind actions, and it’s been hard for WH to ignore her offer of assistance. Overall, I thought Episode 3 was successful in giving us an insight into WH’s character. Although it was YJ who driving the plot, WH’s reactions to her were fun to watch. More here: http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2018/11/11/fluttering-alert-ep-3-on-asking-for-favors @unhelpful You raised a good point there. The development of the relationship between YJ and WH is more finessed than that of YJ’s brother and the reporter. Thank goodness because this is supposed to be the actress' comeback drama! To be quite honest, in this MeToo environment, I found some of the brother’s antics quite questionable. Examples: holding her hand when she was simply asking for the walkie-talkie. Or tending to her scrape with more attention than was called for. If the reporter didn’t like him one bit, his actions could be misconstrued as unsolicited and harassing. I wish writers would stop doing this kind of side-show. Why can’t colleagues just be colleagues treating each other professionally instead of viewing each other as the potential main squeeze? But it doesn’t help that the actor playing the brother comes off as fake. I’m sorrynotsorry. Perhaps if he acted more convincingly, then he wouldn’t look like so creepy. @vegaspink Yes, I agree. The money argument was realistic – and funny when I look at it from my perspective. Most young men I know would side with WH and consider it rude if I suddenly offer to pay a large amount of money in exchange for their time spent with me. They'd think, "Whut? Are we gigolos? Is she a sugar-mommy? What's going on here?" So...why would YJ be any different just because she was younger? And yes, the apology scene was well-executed. It was subtle; it was clever and it worked without the bells and whistles of a multimillion dollar project. But I do wonder what happened to the apple.... @USAFarmgirl Are you here, too? That's awesome! I don’t know how long I’ll be here because I’ll be sent to deal with shenanigans down our southern border (sigh). But while I’m here I’ll write more. Yes, I like the fire connection. Knowing how this writer uses tropes, I wouldn’t be surprised if her mother’s brother’s wife’s cousin’s long-lost twin brother was involved in the fire accident and saved WH. And what a weird way to start a fire. That power strip didn’t an internal circuit breaker?? What I do find interesting is that WH keeps on asking her about the fire. I wrote somewhere that while she carried her memento of the fire as a scar on his back, he kept a memento. That necklace that he wears must have been the dog tag of the fire rescuer. If he lived with his dog tag, he should let her live with her scar, too. Re. the fake date. You’re right, he was thinking about her. He cut it short because he realized that she was imagining her old ex-boyfriend there with her on the couch instead of seeing him. I don’t know if you noticed it but she called him by her ex-boyfriend’s name. OUCHHHHH. But instead of correcting her, he just let it pass. That was awkward x 100. Uhhhh... who's JaeMin??!! I found their glamping (GLamorous + cAMPING = glamping) quaintly Korean. They went through all that expense of renting a humongous tent and camping gear and they STILL dined on ramen noodles? hahaha. I was expecting steak kabobs or grilled salmon with lemon, cherry tomato and artichoke on skewers, seafood paella in tinfoil or seafood pasta with creamy white wine in tinfoil, and German Riesling. Then for breakfast, blueberry beer pancakes!!! Gosh, I’m hungry now. Anyway, what I like about that glamping scene is their stroll. I like how YJ clings to his arm like she's some kind of koala hanging on to a tree branch every time they go on walks. He did look awkward with those thumbs in the jean pockets but oh well….he’s still cute as a peanut. @Jemrie Thanks for this gif. When I first watched her do her aerials, I found it distracting that her gluteus maximus were unevenly hanging from hoop. lol. But afterwards I just marveled at her ability to suspend like that. Wow! Some morning I trip over our roving roombas. Did you also notice that she has an built-in climbing wall, too? Neat. She has an exercise room while he has workshop. If they get married, they have their own man-cave/she-cave. But I am aware that there's a stereotype being pushed here. She’s feminine so she does the sensual, graceful aerial hoop as pasttime. Meanwhile, he’s masculine so he works with the power tools. There’s nothing wrong with these gender stereotypes but if I were the director, I would have reversed it just for kicks. She does carpentry and he does the… hmmm… aerial hoops would be a bit too much. He can do flying trapeze instead. @joonminfan Thanks for the preview. So... we're getting our first couple kiss on week 3? I can't complain. Here's hoping that she doesn't pull the curtains on him like he did with her. lol. @tinkerbelle2004 Hi there, tink! Welcome to soompi. Just keep on posting. Everybody has his/her own interpretation so it should be fun to read them. Vive la difference! Have a good week, y'all!