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  1. Tagging @CamelKnight and @lavender2love. Both your shout-outs are difficult to ignore. I was at London Heathrow typing this but had to wait till I got home to post for the pics. Sorry to keep you two hanging. It’s the cinematography, not so much the script, which I find appealing in this drama. Aside from showing what the characters SEE around them, the camera also reveals what they FEEL inside. It's a very subjective camera in the sense that it explores the consciousness of the protagonists through its lens. Take for instance, the scene when SaeHee was interviewed by JiHoo’s dad about his job. The close-up of SH’s face amplified his changing facial expressions as his brain processed the cues JH had pre-warned him about her father. His face reminded me of a computer program: there was input of data (JiHoo’s three flags) and output of reaction (his behavior modification). lol. Was this how you proposed to your wife, @CamelKnight? Combine that hilarious scene with his earlier failure to understand JH’s dad’s description of the crab soybean stew as an invitation to eat heartily, and the viewers would GET a real sense of SH’s character that wasn’t written in words. There was a SUBCONTEXT -- at least to me. His actions and reactions are symptomatic of a person with a mild form of autism or a high-functioning autism commonly known as Asperger. But I’m not here as a psychologist…. Typically in dramas, the thoughts and emotions of the characters are revealed through the dialogues and voiceovers. But in BTIMFL, the spoken words, and more importantly UNSPOKEN words between SaeHee and JiHoo, are highlighted by the VISUALS. Little details, e.g., the facial expressions, the landscape, the background, the props, and the lighting, capture the internal tension and the awkwardness of the characters. The visuals are important because when one character is literal-minded, like SH, the pictures/props can convey his intent and meaning in a way that his words can’t. I’ll give you another example: the bus stops. The ad posters in the bus sheds aren’t incidentals; they emphasize something. From Episode 1. SaeHee’s strategic location in front of poster made him look comical, like a reindeer with antlers. His visual would correspond to JiHo’s musing later on. On the bus, she reflected that SH’s nonsense was exactly what she needed after her embarrassing discovery of her one-sided crush. In a way, she regained her sanity with his insane comparison of feline and human neocortexes. On the other hand, when JiHo stood up to take her leave, the poster of an enlarged bracelet with a doggie bone lucky charm became a pet collar around her neck. I believe that her visual here was a foreshadowing of her role in SH’s life. lol. Nooo, she wouldn’t transform into a house pet. But she was a vulnerable creature that SH wouldn’t shelter, protect and care for in his home like his Kitty. BTW, calling his pet cat Kitty was one sign for me that SH was wired differently. He was literal-minded. His pet was a cat so why would he bother call it by any other name? Same with his numeric passcode 0101* -- lol. I take it that this was the same passcode that his drunken roommate had forgotten so I understand now why he didn’t come to open the door for him. How could anybody forget a simple binary passcode? There are only 16 possible combinations. From Episode 2 She left the wedding party partly to escape the mini-reunion of Seoul National University alums and partly to go to her script meeting. Behind her, the bus shed glass was clear except for a ghostly residual of an old poster. Her friend Ho-Rang followed her and gave her a pep talk on writing. To me, the glass wall of the bus shed symbolized her career as a screenwriter. Since graduation, there was nothing TANGIBLE to show for her efforts, except a trace here and there, because she had been a ghostwriter all the time. From Episode 3 She sat under the poster of 10 murderers. People were looking at her as if she was a murderer…or a demented person because she had been walking in her pajamas. The poster of railroad tracks leading to infinity was representative of her feelings. She was tired of endless troubles in the cold city and home sounded good to her at that time. From Episode 4 She was waiting for him at the bus stop. They were going to tell her parents about their marriage plans. The posters were empty. The meaning of the empty posters would come later. She was curious to know how people older than her had coped with life, and he opined that situations are different so there was no point in asking. SH: There should be a new standard for the new generation. For example -- JH: Marriage? Is that what you want to talk about? SH: Yes. The posters were empty because their future married life together would be a reboot. They were starting with a clean slate with no pre-existing paradigms or old models to follow. So there you go, an overview of the visual from the bus stops. lol. In addition to the posters, I think audience should also pay attention to the reflected images or the images seen through the glass. The director seems to use glass and reflection to convey a message about the character. Three notable ones: in Episode 2, after the director attempted to rape JH. She was walking down the street in her pajamas and was about to call SoJi when she saw her disheveled self reflected on a store window. After seeing her image, she opted not to call SJ. In this instance, the glass reminded her of invisible walls that people have to close off their dearest friends from knowing dirty or humiliating secrets. in Episode 3, when SoJi was trying to contact JH all day. She was smoking outdoors and she crushed her cigarette but.t on the glass wall when she heard her colleagues come out for a smoke. To me, the glass wall there was symbolic of the “glass ceiling” women encounter when in a male-dominated field. If you notice, all of her colleagues were male. She appeared to be the only female at the management level. She was set apart from them. in Episode 4, when JH and SH were on the train ride back to the townhouse. They were both looking at each other’s reflection on the glass. To me, the use of glass here to observe the other person, instead of looking at each other eye-to-eye, suggested that a barrier existed between them. They were more comfortable studying their reflected image. Although they had agreed to marry, they realized that they were out of their depth. They were stuck together in the train but had nothing to talk about… like polite strangers. The oddness of their situation became painfully obvious when a couple beside them were cooing at each other. Aside from cinematography, another aspect I like about the show is the various references to the film The Graduate (1967). lol. You weren’t born yet when this show became the zeitgeist of the late 1960s so let me tell you what I remember. First, the poster. Frankly, I am annoyed with Viki for blurring the poster of The Graduate. Darnit! That poster is significant. We first saw the poster in Episode 1 when JH arrived at her home. Her brother had a Star Wars poster on his door while she had The Graduate on her door. In Episode 4, we found out that the poster had been in fact hanging on her wall when she was still in high school applying for college. I thought it was ironic that what inspired her in high school to study Korean Literature and to become a writer in college was actually an award-winning American film based on a novel written by a college grad. The same poster must truly have been her source of motivation because it was her only personal decor in her rented room with SaeHee. Not only that, when she left behind her first completed script in her bedroom, she also left behind the poster. Now, I didn't know that there was a Korean version of the poster because here in the US, the poster prominently displayed a woman's leg with a stocking half-off/half-off while Benjamin (the male lead) stood by the bedroom door. In the kdrama poster, we are shown instead the final bus scene after Benjamin ran off Elaine. Background info on the movie for reference: Do you see why it looks familiar? In the upcoming episode, JiHo and SaeHee is also pictured running to get on a bus. They too will sit at the back of the bus, and they too will quietly stare ahead. lol. Although this kdrama will replicate the final scene of The Graduate, I think however the REALITY of their impulsive action (JH’s friends would think it was her normal CRAZY self) had long set in. Unlike Benjamin and Elaine, SH and JH were entering the new relationship with open eyes. Which is kinda funny...because on the train ride coming from the bus depot, they stood silently side by side on the train and couldn't meet each other's eyes. @lavender2love, that's why you love those couch scenes. They're essentially dealing with a "therapy couch" or a psychiatrist couch where each person would lay bear his/her feelings to be analyzed and sorted out. When SH and JH arrived home in Episode 4 to discuss the new conditions of their marriage, SH realized that he was marrying an unusual woman. In his words, “I decided to marry my tenant today. I know. It’s not a choice an ordinary person would make… I found a very unusual woman as my wife.” They both understood the seriousness of their relationship but instead of scaring them like normal people, they welcomed the change. They found a new sense on peace and contentment from their quirky arrangement which was based on a monetary value: “a $50 dollar discounted” relationship. The second reference to the movie is the tagline, “This is Benjamin. He’s a little worried about his future.” However, while in the movie, Benjamin was worried about the FUTURE ambiguity of his life after graduation and how he would make a difference in the world, JiHo and her friends were anxious about the CONTINUED lack of fulfillment in their lives nearly a decade after their college graduation. They had originally aspired to follow their dreams and to be different. But almost a decade later, JiHo realized the uncertainty of their chosen paths: whether she and her friends were getting closer to the dream or in fact going farther away from it. For instance, since she was 17, Ho-Rang always wanted to be a wife and a mother but her boyfriend of seven years hadn’t proposed and didn’t seem to have marriage in his mind. Since high school, Soo-Ji always wanted to be the boss, but until now, she was an employee serving at the beck-and-call of the boss. Then there was JiHo herself. Since she made a birthday wish when she was 20, she always dreamt of becoming a writer. But so far, she had been relegated to writing scenes for product placement for daytime dramas. Instead of writing an inspiring masterpiece, her work was tied to the mundane purposes of raising monetary funds through sponsored ads (horrors!) so the drama could continue its production. She’d been an unknown freelancer all this time. The sad fact was, after graduation, JH and her friends had compromised their dreams to keep on living. There were other references to the movie aside from the poster and the bus ride. There was the luggage. In the beginning of the movie, The Graduate, Benjamin was in the airport. Everybody was moving around him but he appeared static. His suitcase was alone moving down the baggage conveyer. This scene was taken to be a metaphor of his apathy and immobility. He didn’t know how to go forward in his future life. In contrast, we have JiHoo and her luggage. She was hauling her luggage everywhere with her. At the bus depot in Episode 4, she observed that it had acquired scratches along the numerous trips as she, too, had acquired scars from her personal journey. In some ways, JH seemed to resemble Benjamin because they were both college graduates. But I think the similarities are superficial. For one, there existed a world of difference in how they approached life. Benjamin was jaded and rebelling-for-the-sake-of-rebellion (hahaha. That was the 1960s anyway. We stood for anti-establishment…), while JiHoo was motivated and willing to work with the "patriarchal world" she found herself in. And then there was the music. The Graduate is connected to Simon and Garfunkel’s The Sound of Silence. The song was actually released a few years earlier but it was recycled for the movie. The theme is loneliness and alienation and it fitted well with Benjamin’s coming-of-age angst. IIRC, it was played a few times: in the beginning of the movie when we see Benjamin and his suitcase at the airport, in the middle of the movie when he was having the sexual affair with Elaine’s mother, and at the ending scene when he and Elaine were sitting uncomfortable together in the bus. In BTISMFL however, there’s this same melancholic music played whenever SH and JH were together. I haven’t the time to look for the lyrics but I think the theme of the song is different. Instead of emphasizing the solitude and silence, it sings of companionship. In light of SH’s three contractual stipulations to take care of the house, pet and recyclables, it seems to be a fitting song. When we parse through SH’s demands, we see that basically, he is only asking for a helpmate to help him bear life’s load. With JH’s appearance, however, he’s given something more. Yes, he does find a companion who’s a perfect match for him. But he also finds himself unwittingly changing and going outside of his usual routine and safe space to match SH in turn. He’s becoming a perfect match for HER needs, too. Gotta run fly again. My witch's broomstick is getting a lot o fmileage before Halloween. See you Friday? Tagging only a few @alekaonu @YourHighness . @staygold @nearsea(where are you?) @bebe1989
  2. hahaha. Same here! The main leads aren't appealing to me, too. Especially the guy. He reminds me of a gecko... I thought I'd stay for half an hour but no, I was hooked. There was one line that the girl said in the beginning which reminded me of you and @phikyl actually. I thought to myself hmm... we should discuss this in-depth! The girl in the drama implied that her life was unfair since it was patriarchal. Because of her father, she got kicked out of her home, suffered hardship and so on. Now, the interesting thing here was, (little did she know it) she was also going to reap the benefits of a patriarchal life. Anyway, let's see what happens.
  3. aaaah... So she did knock first. Good! I thought she entered without permission. For me, it's the height of rudeness to enter somebody's space without permission. A major breach of etiquette. I wondered why she did that. Have to leave now. Bye!
  4. Because I noticed that you dropped by and cleaned up a post. Besides, YOU KNOW I couldn't resist tagging you, Señor Camelknight. I was going to watch WYWS but then I noticed the lead character is a prosecutor and the second lead is an defense attorney. lol. I'm allergic to them. Suzy is distractingly pretty, though. You should try "Because It's My First Life." There's something disturbing haunting about the whole thing. And I don't mean Halloween type of haunting. But the ... do you remember the lyrics of Simon and Garfunkel's Sound of Silence? It's like THAT. It speaks of emptiness and alienation, of "people talking without speaking, people hearing without listening." I think it will be good. In case I don't get a chance to say this later on, thanks, too, for all you've done @CamelKnight.
  5. Thanks for the reminder, @angelangie, @akinahana89, @LavelyShai and @CamelKnight. Were people complaining about what we are posting here, too? So when are you going to watch TKIL? Want to join us? We have cookies. I've been meaning to ask one of you but since you're all here, how do you delete a soompi account permanently? And delete all the posts associated with that account? Thanks. @seogwangnim Thanks for the gifs. You must have worked hard on them. These two gifs in particular are interesting. Notice anything? The bodyguards were Won’s closest friends and yet they waited outside his door. They didn’t enter without knocking. San on the other hand assumed that she could enter his room without asking his permission. Sure, she did it hesitantly, but she did enter his personal space without knocking. She assumed that she had the right because she was who she was. San. Interesting, eh? @kittyna Thanks for your invitation to join the Joo Won thread. I had to laugh when you said I had "pep." Exchange that E with a double O, and that's how I feel some days. I'll try to drop by but the days are limited. @angelwingssf Thanks for posting while I was gone. Why do I sense that you're saying goodbye? If you leave, you'll have to take me with you. (lol. We're not in a romantic relationship.)
  6. How should I react to this news, @wildflowers? Pwahahahaha. Calling @YourHighness .'s attention. Uhhhh.... wouldn't mods consider this photobook FICTIONAL too because the ending showed Rin and San walking together? Hmmm... Didn't the MBC producers get the memo that they cannot release this fictional photobook because it's skewing and misinforming the audience that the ending is in fact WonSan? Gasp! Isn't this photobook blasphemous and heretical? Snort. Otoke?! Why no Rin and San photobook? You're so unfaiiiirrrrrr, pd-nim.
  7. The obligatory Siwan post -- just to annoy the lurking haters. (Shoo!) Good morning, ladies in Asia. Today is Tuesday, October 17. credit: owner You know, @ZarraJae, your post got me thinking. Palaces are sure big but for people like Won and his Jobi (aka the fictional San), their real home could have been quite small. Their smallest home is just as tight as a hug. Ahhhh. I see now why San sleeping in Won's bed was considered rather intimate by Dan. For someone who was never ever going to share HIS bed, it would have been offensive for her to know that somebody else had been granted by Won the privilege of sleeping there.
  8. Only one kiss in TKL and it was gross to the max! It's that kind we both detest: an assault kiss. The second lead tried to break the girl's link with Won (the character Siwan was playing) so he kissed her in full view of Won. Ugh. Fortunately, KARMA saw everything and the second lead got karma-ed so badly by losing everything when he had to fake his death and "disappear" from the world. He apologized for his "greed" (a convenient word for "lusting" and "coveting" another man's guy) to the guy Won, his father who warned him about chasing Won's girl, and the girl. Thanks for sharing the goodies with Joo Won and Siwan. Thanks, @flutterby3! At 2:41, when JW started belting out the high notes, I remembered why this guy is on my "To Follow" list. I want to see him singing The Beast's song, "Evermore" from Beauty and the Beast. BTW, the only guy I didn't like in that line-up was the one on the right: he led the other guys in saluting; he was the first one to introduce himself. Lee Jang Woo. I dislike weasels. JW and Siwan, I expect them not to get themselves involved in a compromising situation. But if ever they do get caught in a compromising situation, then I also expect them to man up and take responsibility. Hi there @kittyna. Welcome to the WonSan thread. Feel free to linger around. I personally dislike how we’re often forced to segregate ourselves according to fandom. I think if we’re building a soompi community, we should be more fluid and be able to drop in on each other’s thread and say hi to a longtime friend or to comment “Hey, I really like Actor X/Actress Y. Can you tell me more about him/her in this drama” or to just discuss silliness like me and @lavender2love joking about height differences in lovers. This is my first Siwan drama, just like My Sassy Girl was my first Joo Won romcom. So far, I've been fortunate that both actors were perfect for their characters. I can't imagine another actor playing their roles because they've recreated their characters to be distinctively their own. @leedale9198, tell me what screenshots you want and I'll post them for you.
  9. That was fake outrage. Fans were so eager to paint him black. I said that it was justifiable use of force. It deterred the guards from ever again manhandling one of "Won's people." That mantle of protection didn't only extend for San. It was also for Rin, the guards and the others. In Episode 16, San also used Won's display of force to stop the queen's palace guards from mistreating Jang Ui, the bodyguard when they were captured and brought before Dan. I have to provide the link so people will know what we're talking about. An excerpt: Siwan explains what kept him from dating all these years By Tuesday, April 16, 2013 ZE:A's Siwan unintentionally earned himself the title of being 'forever alone' when he revealed last year that he'd never dated anyone before nor has he had a real kiss yet. After confessing this about himself last year, he later said that admitting this was his biggest mistake in 2012 as everyone asked him if he was still single and looked at him with pity wherever he went. Siwan said, "I said it last year on broadcast, but it became a label. No matter where I go, people ask me if I still haven't been in a relationship." Kim Soo Mi asked, "Are you unwell somewhere?", bringing chuckles, and Siwan answered, "There are people who ask that, too. But I don't think that it was that I couldn't date. I just didn't have the chance, but people seem to think there was a problem and that was why I couldn't." He then revealed why he never really had the chance to get close to girls saying that his parents had forbidden him to date when he was in high school. He commented, "My parents are the type who would always say 'oh you can do whatever you want later in college.'" Siwan also revealed an instance that made him 'rebel' against his mom in a strange way. "It was my parents' anniversary so I decided to go shopping for a present and I happened to be with a friend who was a girl. I didn't think much of it since I wasn't thinking about dating so she went with me when I went to pick out the present. I came home and gave my mom the present and told her how I went shopping with my friend to get the gift. Instead of being pleased with the gift, she just focused on the fact that I went with a girl, and wasn't happy about it." Upset that his mom was more focused on that issue rather than the thought he put into getting her the gift, he thought to himself, "Fine then, I just won't ever date." https://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/04/siwan-explains-what-kept-him-from-dating-all-these-years Yes. I do believe that in kdramas, the writers change the characters' personalities to match the actors. SJN said as much in her interviews. The script was fluid so when she saw an interesting quirk (or heard an interesting observation from Yoona's stylist, lol) she would incorporate it.
  10. Yes. He flustered her here and she couldn't think straight. She was supposed to concentrate on Dol-Bae the salt merchant but she was too slow to recognize the trap being set up. She admitted it later. People are still claiming that San was fickle lol when all along San was constant and it's their understanding that's been flawed. They've been trolled by the director over and over again. Remember this scene? And remember that scene when they were playing in the water? pwahahahaha. Those RinSan scenes in the cave and the lake must be understood in THEIR PROPER context: that San already confessed to him that she loved Won. She had an attachment for Won that she did NOT once feel for Rin. That was why she could gaze at and laugh with Rin that time...because she thought she was already SAFE from his unwanted attention because she had declared herself as being BOUND to Won, aka Won's woman. She thought Rin understood her when she said that "I feel a single thread woven" between Won and herself. To me, San was attracted to Won but she was wary of Rin because she sensed that Rin had developed feelings for her and this would destroy her friendship. The awkwardness she felt around Rin which the fans thought read as "romantic gazes and silences" was NOT because she liked him, but because she hedging him off and trying to keep her distance from Rin because he and Won were best buddies. Take for instance when she tripped on the bridge and he caught her. That was an awkward situation for her. At that time, she already like Won. To me, she was thinking "How awkward!" when she tripped and Rin caught her, because Rin WOULD read too much into it and he WOULD attach special significance to it (like his fans lol) when there was nothing there but an honest-to-goodness accident. Same thing when he offered to clear her wound. She was uncomfortable with Dan setting them up to be alone in the room and she definitely wasn't looking for that skinship with Rin. And I thought it was funny that she kept on talking about Won. On one level, that mean that she was worried about Won. But I also understood what was she trying to do there from another level. You see, if I had an unwanted suitor, I would do exactly what San did here. Talk about their mutual friend. lol. Don't you do that in real life? She didn't want any awkward emotional moments with Rin so Won was her talisman to ward off Rin from confessing to her or revealing his feelings for her.
  11. You have a grown-up son, too? Hahahaha! Same here! And I believe angelwingssfy has one, too. She also has a daughter like zarrajae. We are ahjummas then, hahaha. But we have the younger ones too so we have the younger generation’s perspective, too. Yes, love is letting go but at the same time, love is binding, too. For me, that's one of the important lessons that this kdrama had to impart to viewers. When we talk about letting the falcon go, we also remember that the falcon had been TAMED. It was no longer a wild falcon which would choose to live in the wilds rather than live in the safety of its keeper’s mews. It would fly home. Both Won and San REGARDED their love as BINDING them together. Won’s metaphor for his love for San was the cage. He was going to build a cage for her, a cage so big she wouldn’t know it. But San’s metaphor for her love for Won was the thread. It might just be a single strand of thread, but her connection to him bound her to him and she couldn’t and wouldn’t break it. Despite Rin’s ignominious forced kiss on the bridge, her attachment for Won was indissoluble. Delusional fangirls are ignoring the fact that San knew of Rin’s feelings for her since episode 13 but she had done nothing to suggest that she cared for him more than friends. Even at the cave in Episode 16, she demonstrated with her actions and her words that as far as SHE was concerned Rin was only there at her side as a friend. First, the wine. She joked that the wine was below standards. She didn’t know that she hurt Rin with her words. BTW, look at the way Rin glanced at the bottle. Lol. It was as if he didn’t realize that he made a mistake in his choice of wine. She could laugh at Rin being clueless about wine because the guy she actually liked was Won, the wine connoisseur. Remember what BiYeon said about the man San liked? He shared her taste in wine. More importantly, if she cared for Rin as a lover, then she would NOT have STRESSED OUT in her conversation with her deceased dad that Rin was only going with her as a travel BUDDY. Pwahahahaha. I think that was the ultimate SHUTDOWN and rejection. Even after all the posturing he did as her companion during the funeral, San only considered him as a friend. San's string for Won >>>>>>> San's brick wall for Rin Cackle.
  12. Special shout-out to @Kissy13's professor. Join our thread and post your thoughts on WonSan. Do please give@Kissy13 high marks on her tests. I'm sure if she tackles her academic work with as much enthusiasm that she shows here in our thread, then she'll work hard for her grade. @Kissy13, we all know that Rin was controlling, you know. But between the two men’s kind of possessiveness, I could tolerate Won’s act while I found Rin's behavior insufferable. Take for instance that time when San was trying to find out her mother’s murderer. Both Won and Rin tailed San that night. Rin reappeared right beside San, while Won had a bodyguard or two shadowing San the whole time. But Rin was belligerently RESTRICTING her movements. She couldn’t walk alone unescorted and her whereabouts had to pre-approved. Rin didn’t want her going to SongIn’s place. He wanted her to relent to his pressure. She had to give in to him. Rin ordered her, “You can’t.” He wanted her “compliant” and obedient like his younger sister, Dan. Lol. Who was building her a cage then? I pointed this out in the drama thread that Rin spoke with sanctimonious hot air when Won pondered about building a cage for San, when HE HIMSELF was the first one to build that iron cage. Unlike Rin, Won was willing to allow San to go poking around dangerous place without interference. He was satisfied with merely monitoring her movements. He only stepped in when she was about to do something reckless and harmful, like Jeon’s murder. But he wasn’t going to restrict her movement like Rin did. Won had to remind Rin that the lady insisted on going all alone. Won had known of San's movements and he must have worried, too. Most likely, that whole day they were working together, he had been waiting for her to inform him of her nighttime adventure. Given how smart he is, he deduced already what she was up to. (He anticipated she’d head for Jeon’s place, right?) But he tactfully accepted her refusal to talk about her mission and preferred that she opened up to him on her accord. Didn't he behave like this too with Rin? When Rin was out all-night meeting with the rebels? With both Rin and San, he didn’t pressure them to disclose the truth. Although he could anticipate what their intention was, he gave them a chance to reveal their plans to him themselves, instead of confronting them as soon as he discovered their covert activities. Moreover, unlike Rin, Won tried to balance his desire protect San from all harm with her rights to be independent and make decisions for herself. HE was going to protect her but in his OWN WAY so that San would never feel like she was caged bird for a moment. (lol. You know that Rin was already getting "greedy" here of somebody else's woman.) That was why Won walked BESIDE her, rather than behind her. If he actually did end up "caging" her then he too caged himself in with her. Remember the bridge scene from Episode 4. He didn’t tell her to get down because he was scared he would fall. Had it been Rin, he would have DEMANDED her to stop, like she was some kind of Dan to be shrink-wrapped from anything dangerous. Won simply told her “Be careful,” then he stood beside her, ready to catch and steady her should she fall.
  13. Are we doing this now? Compiling things that we're supposed to learn about love from WonSan? Precious (x6) idea!!! 3. "Waiting is a sign of true love and patience. Anyone can say I love you, but not everyone can wait and prove it's true." This plus the scene at the tree when Won didn't wave goodbye. He was going to "separate-but-wait." (sorry, I've a meet-and-greet this morning so can't stay long. Will drop by later.) @deandraluv, @angelwingssf @leedale9198 @mslee and the others, (tag not working now) care to list some of yours?
  14. Hahaha. You know, there's a reason I brought up Top Gun and Tom Cruise. They aren't Out-of-Topic. Tom Cruise is shorter than Siwan. Siwan is 5'9 or 175 cm. Tom Cruise is 5'7 or 170 cm. Big things do come in small packages.
  15. She looks fabulous! credit: smileyanie's twitter Liking her make-up and her new hairstyle. Understated elegance. credit: smileyanie's twitter