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  1. More pictures of the actor Kris Sun who's portraying the Imperial Prince. Since there have been complaints about his royal garbs, I guess we'll just have to strip off his offending clothes. More pictures can be found at dramafever:
  2. Unloved and rejected daughter? Good! She's in the same boat as her suitor Changhui. What goes around, comes around. Remember that scene on Lantern Day when they met at the bridge and Changhui offered her a bouquet of flowers and a love letter? She corrected his letter with a red brush (trivia: in English, when editors proofread, they would use blue pencil so to blue-pencil something means to revise a work.) This scene is an homage to Mischievous Kiss/Playful Kiss/It Started with a Kiss where the stupid girl handed her genius crush a letter which he would reject. In the Korean version, the letter ended up like this: credit: My crazy li'l corner As I'd written, at least, GW was only cold to her. He didn't insult her intelligence or her stuck-up ways. GW, in Korea slang (another nod to modern society) is an umchinah. I’m not Korean but from what I gathered from other people, umchinah comes from the first syllables of three words: umma + chingu + ahdeul. Put together, it meant son of your mother’s friend,who’s considered to be an ideal and perfect son, a paragon. A normal son would avoid comparison to an umchina because it'd be futile and he’d only suffer an inferiority complex. The mom of GW had bragging rights because GW is an all-around good son and a National Treasure to boot.
  3. Phew! I’m glad the tree was real. Unlike this Batman’s shark. Let me segue then to another thing considered "fake" in this romcom. The costumes of the Chinese delegation.. I know that some people were upset with the costumes because they didn’t match the period. I get that. I have die-hard Austenite friends who considered the movie Pride and Prejudice (with Keira Knightley) blasphemous because the girls wore dresses with spaghetti straps and had their hair down in public. (Shudders!) However, according to the directors, they weren’t trying to depict a perfect Regency era like the BBC version of P&P, so they should be allowed some artistic license. And I agree with them. I think this is true for this romcom. It’s very clear from the start that the directorial crew wasn’t striving for historical accuracy here in this story. I’ve already given plenty of examples of anachronism in the story embedded as modern sensibilities or meta-jokes. I can cite a few more: The bags. The moms were comparing their designer bags at the teashop, and GW’s mom said that hers was all the vogue because it was recycled. The beauty parlor scene. DY and her coterie were all out having their manicures done while gossiping. It’s like what women do nowadays when they get their hair done in beauty salons or go to spas. The grapevine isn’t only found in vineyards…. The sogaeting or blind date meetings in a public place. GW was meeting various women in a sageuk version of a Starbucks. This was obviously scandalous in the Joseon period. In the same manner, I don't think this romcom intended to design and conform historically accurate costumes. Rather, the costumes merely intended to provide a quick information or personality traits of the characters. Like the Chinese Prince was in regal garments, while GW was dressed in subdued and drab, blend-in-with-the-background purple. Thus, for me, it’s critical to remember what the aim of this romcom is. In my opinion, this romcom is trying to capture the zeitgeist of our time and transport some of the contemporary elements back into the Joseon period as a tongue-in-cheek social commentary. That's why this is a fusion. Oops. gotta run again.
  4. 716 I know! One of these days, I'm going to sit down with her and interview her ala Barbara Walters. She was born here, grew up here and married a Caucasian. I don't think her parents themselves are particularly attached to the old world -- or at least they've never discussed their native countries with me. Hey, you're back @USAFarmgirl.
  5. Unrequited love? Probably. I do like this scene very much. It must have been a comforting and consoling sight for the two to behold. But every time I come to a beautiful sunrise or sunset, I think "God's in his heaven, all's rights in his world." Many of my favorite kdramas involve a sunrise/sunset scene that sometimes I wonder if the writer or director has a checklist when she created the drama. "Sunset scene? Yup! Check!" Now I wonder where this tree is located. It would really suck if this whole scene was all just computer generated image. I would have severe "trust issues," if this happened to be fake and produced in a back lot.
  6. Glad to know that. Anyway, you mentioned earlier something about the mother and sister of GW. And I dismissed them as whiny and needy women. However, now, the more I watch them in action, the more I believe they’re actually useful in preparing GW for the princess. Think about this. In Episode 15, when GW’s mom was upset with him, she stayed in bed in protest and pretended to be sick. For me, that was the function of the white band on her forehead: to guilt-trip him. But as always, our "model son" GW remained patient with his mom, and he tolerated her fussiness. Then, with his sister, no matter how much trouble she caused him with her interference, impulsiveness or immaturity, (and no, she definitely isn't stupid which makes her actions worse, in my books), he never once lost his temper with her. Any other brother would have boxed her or called her out for 1) playing matchmaker and setting him up with DY, 2) puffing up her importance in her clique by giving the jade ring to DY without his permission, 3) uncovering HM’s hiding place in his bed when she could already sense that something was off (where was her discretion?), 4) tattling on him to their mother, and 5) being rude to him when he was a much older brother. And I'm just naming a few of her infractions here. I have brothers and to this day, I get teased mercilessly when I cross the line with them. GW was gentle with his mother and patient with his sister. He accommodated their whims -- to a reasonable extent. And he wasn’t browbeaten nor terrorized by them. He indulged them but he also held his ground when he needed to. And this would make him a better partner for our sassy HM. He’s had practice with demanding women, because HM was an exact replica of his mom and sister. That was the reason those two couldn't stand the princess. They were alike. Look, HM also went on a hunger strike when she didn't like her punishment. She and the sister both became petulant or weaseled out when they didn't get their way. All of them were obstinate and acted impulsively. Lol. Those three women combined into one household would definitely drive a man insane. But given GW’s stolid nature, we're assured he could deal with all of them in due time.
  7. 716 Interesting. What regional stereotypes? I'm interested to know stereotypes so I'll know whether I AM guilty of stereotyping somebody or not. A friend of mine is half-Indian and half-Pakistani and she's got a fiery temper. She jokingly blames it on her mixed parentage. lol
  8. 714 Japanese drama? That makes sense. The girl appears buffoonish, in the beginning. A caricature of a slob, and not a real person. Hmmm, like she stepped out of a manga. Thanks! Will try it for two episodes and see how it registers on my interest-o-meter
  9. Back to 712. watching Tomorrow's Cantabile. Is this any good?
  10. 718 reset 716 past lunchtime but I'm lounging in bed Don't make me laugh now. I'm trying on this new face mask. @kokodus was 710, not 712.
  11. 714 ed 712 Repelling the sneaky attack of the team subtract.
  12. Brrrr! I thought that his rejection was icy cold. Glacial. If I were DY, I would have frozen up, and been speechless and mortified. The easiest way for nice girls to reject nice boys is with a "compliment sandwich." You say something nice first and last, like the bread slices of a sandwich, and you break his heart in between, like you would place the meat and fillings between the bread. Lol. Something like this: you're a fun guy to hang out with, Mike. (Good) But I don't see you as a boyfriend/I like you as a friend. (Bad) You'll make some lucky girl happy one day. (Good). The golden rule works here. Do unto others what you want others to do unto you. But one could argue that DY had it coming. She was waaaay meaner and demeaning than GW was, when she rejected her suitor.
  13. Guffaw. That was reaction, too, @lynne22 when I read @staygold's answer. That is such a classic, quintessential staygold answer. Like @Lmangla, I didn't know what the heck she was talking about. Hahaha. Thanks for the laughters, ladies. 720
  14. I've been meaning to comment separately about this. In the movie version, the tree was where they buried their time capsule with messages meant to be read together two years later. In that interval, the guy honed his skills in the activities they did together and he failed miserably at, like kendo and squash. However, the sassy girl failed to show up. The guy regularly visited the site on the off chance that she would return. She did after a year (the separation was three years total) and she didn't realize until later that "their" tree had died, struck by lightning and split into two. GW however had replaced the dead tree with one that resembled it because he didn't want her to feel sad and depressed with the death of the original tree. I think I read a comment here that the original tree was puny in comparison to HM's tree. LUCKILY, for the movie-version of GW. There was no way he would have replaced a majestic looking tree like the one in our kdrama. Regardless its size, the tree meant something big: it was a promise to wait. Again, I don't know what this tree will symbolize for our couple so I'll wait and see. Here, in the US, that tree would have been vandalized already with a carving of a huge heart with an arrow and the initials of GW and HM. But I'm quite content for now to imagine that nursery song come true, "Hyemyeong and GunWyeon sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" lol.
  15. I agree. I'm guessing too that the Qing Prince will assist our OTP. I don't think Korean entertainment companies can't really provoke or antagonize the Chinese government and their Chinese audience by portraying a Chinese prince as a villain. SBS has to sell this film to mainland China, right? And there's this whole THAAD politics ripple effect on the kpop kentertainment industry. Consider this: there was an uproar in the Chinese community when Park Bo Gum was shown in a K-Swiss commercial beating a Chinese player in a baduk/go game. And that's Park Bo Gum!! One of the most likeable actors in the Korean industry right now. So, I agree with you. The Qing Prince will most likely turn out to be a Cupid in disguise or something good. It would be daring and ballsy of the scriptwriter and director if they were to create QP as an evil interloper. As for the sister of GW, Lieut Kang is a good match. But since I'm a *itchy viewer, I want her to end up with that vain guy, what's his name? who's courting DaHae. GW's sister will get her comeuppance. She'll need to be the mature one in that coupling. That pairing will be like Lydia Bennett and Mr Wickham in Pride and Prejudice: disastrous.