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Status Updates posted by Lmangla

  1. Loved secretary kim? Vote in the tollgate polls

  2. One more hour before OTP bingo. come join! still time!

  3. Put in your nominations for the best and worst dramas! the Tollgate!

  4. Round 2 of OTP at 11 PM KST. wanna join?

  5. The winners of tollgate polls -- villains! side characters!

  6. Time for round 1 OTP bingo! :)

  7. Time for round 2 of OTP Bingo!!

  8. Time for round 3 of OTP bingo

  9. Time for round 4 of OTP bingo

  10. Tollgate polls close on Aug 22 -- vote for villains and side characters!

  11. Try your hand at a kdrama -- smashup writers carnival.

  12. villain you want to slap - tollgate polls!

  13. Vote for favourite villains, OTP, side characters in tollgate polls in events section.

  14. we will be playing OTP bingo tomorrow. you? come join us!

  15. Wishing those celebrating birthdays in August - check out events

  16. Wondering how to write a kdrama scene? check out tips on smashup writer's carnival

  17. Write a kdrama scene! smashup writer's carnival

  18. OTP Bingo! Come play!

  19. Smashup writer's carnival!!! Join us for the new event.

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