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  1. wishing all september babies -- happy birthday!



  2. missing those reaction buttons!! wish we could "hear" others laugh, "nod" and say awesome, think and click "insightful"... 9cool_too_sad.gif

  3. 2 hours till OTP bingo. You can still join!

  4. A new event - picture cards! check it out. Sept 17 - 21

  5. August birthdays and ajumma perm -- check events!

  6. Closing the Tollgate on Aug 5 - have you put in your nominations yet?

  7. Day 1 - guess the abs

  8. day 1 of picture card - do you know who this oppa is?

  9. day 2 of picture card - do you know this villain?

  10. day 3 of picture card -- do you this know ajusshi?

  11. day 4 of picture card - do you know this leading lady?

  12. day 5 of picture card - guess this lady villain!

  13. Don't worry, the clues will be easy and fun! :) come play OTP bingo. 4 hours to go!!!

  14. emoji review challenge

  15. extending smash up till this weekend. try you hand at writing a kdrama story chingus! and check out the entries from 2handsintertwined and supergal99. don't forget to hit the button and encourage them. :)

  16. Final round of OTP bingo tonight

  17. Follow the train! check out events section

  18. guess the kiss! november's event

  19. have you voted for your favourite CEO? check out the poll in events

  20. Have you voted? Check out the tollgate polls in events

  21. January babies -- happy birthday!

  22. Last day to join OTP Bingo before we begin the game tonight at 11PM KST...

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