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  1. Lmangla

    Add and Subtract Game

    @mouse007 ~ are you a fan of james bond, agent 007? 758
  2. day 4 of picture card - do you know this leading lady?

  3. Lmangla

    Picture cards

    wasn't sure if people would figure out day 3 ajusshi but people did. yay! @fans123 ~ love his deep bass voice! @kokodus @Cecentre ~ additional clues: lady mostly does family dramas these days and lady's hubby was part of a well loved variety show for a while... kekeke.... @staygold ~ one of my favs as well; her plus is that she knows how to make her characters not annoy you! hahahhaha...
  4. Lmangla

    Picture cards

    welcome to day 4 picture cards. did you figure out day 3 ajusshi? day 4 theme: Leading Lady verbal clue: Debuted as an idol, before we were even called idols. But more people may know me now as a lead actress. Playing the plucky heroine in numerous dramas and a few films, Ranging from common lass to a princess. But my favorite role may be, where my fate to play a role Led to meeting my fate, the true love of my life. We’re still happily married with beautiful children. I love being an actress, a mother, and wife.
  5. Lmangla

    Add and Subtract Game

    if you like fluffy fun dramas, then would totally recommend sood sanae ha @mouse007; showed it to my aunt and she laughed so much. was so sad when it got over. hahahahah... and the characters are really unique and in a class by themselves. and if you don't mind longer family dramas, five children is a great choice. plus it is like buy 1 get 1 free. in this case, there are 4 romances for 1 drama. 740
  6. Lmangla

    Picture cards

    hahahah... go back to bed @USAFarmgirl! day 3 is grandpa ajusshi!!!
  7. Lmangla

    Picture cards

    hahaha.... the next 2 days are leading lady and villainess. no namja!
  8. Lmangla

    Add and Subtract Game

    * no numbers consequetive post... @USAFarmgirl ~ this looks like a nice, fun fluffy lakorn... have you seen this trailer? any idea if it will be subbed?
  9. Lmangla

    Add and Subtract Game

    @staygold ~ two hours? waaaaah..... if only I had the time... but this ep 12 sneak peek was even more hilarious and you could feel the chemistry. had to laugh when she said she would gather all her questions and come back and ask. so what's the story? they kissed but she had no idea who he was? 724
  10. Lmangla

    Picture cards

    oops! felt so bad for him as people were showing such bad pics of ajusshi.
  11. Lmangla

    Picture cards

    hahaahh... leopard print and bad hair. day 2 ajusshi can be quite charismatic. kekekek... so here's some better proof! he's some brand ambassador for some shoes...
  12. Lmangla

    Add and Subtract Game

    @mouse007 ~ what kind of drama themes do you like? are you like @kokodus mostly? 702
  13. day 3 of picture card -- do you this know ajusshi?

  14. Lmangla

    Picture cards

    welcome to day 3 of picture cards. post your day 2 choices in spoilers. looks like most had figured out the villain ajusshi is..... day 3 theme: side character. verbal clue: I’m your friendly neighborhood ajusshi, Except when I’m the nasty or cranky one, Four decades of theater, film, and tv, It’s easier to ask which tv project haven’t I done. Unforgettable for my voice, like a Korean James Earl Jones, Once you hear it, you won’t forget it, Regardless of which characters voices those tones. And now, you can enjoy my talents twice A slice of life romantic comedy about cleaning up some lives, And, a melodrama about a woman fighting fate though she’s nice.
  15. he was hilarious as all the reasons were all about him and how it will affect him. it wasn't even possible to feel sorry for soo ah at that point... it was hard to feel pity for her.... actually from what she witnessed, it was very clear that it was eun hyuk running behind that mystery woman and he exhibited more passion and energy in that few seconds than he had ever expressed with her. she was always aware that he never made any moves but she convinced herself that she can do the loving for both of them. why? her insecurity, fear and anger really stems from the fact that he never loved her as a woman. and now, she is spitting mad and wants revenge that she is willing to take advantage of a mentally ill woman. yup, definitely her grandmother's granddaughter. but how long will she pull such antics for a woman she has no affection for? she is mistakenly assuming that eun hyuk likes chae rin because she is rich but what she doesn't know is that his attraction and wanting to protect has absolutely nothing to do with her status but her as a person.. thats really going to shake things down.... it is definitely such a huge contrast that it makes me wonder why he felt compelled to stay with soo ah at all. it is very clear that he sees parallel lines with him and chae rin. just as chae rin was forced to get married to bozo for the sake of the company, he was also forced to marry? why does he feel like that? how did he end up in this house and why does he see his relationship with soo ah as obligation and responsibility rather than love? why does he seem to feel a kind of suffocation and almost mental shutdown when he is with her? he is a real mystery! soo ah and him do have a fun chemistry. can't see him falling for chae rin though -- he can't seem to stand anyone smarter than him... but I wonder what happened to his ex-wives. it is so weird to see him and chairman constantly plotting. did they do something to prompt them to suicide? and he is genuinely sorry about what happened or faking it? .....