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  1. @angelangie ~ guess it is difficult for me to guess how it is different as I can't see it unless I join the club. no lurkers allowed? 884
  2. 886 - LOL on your club theme... but how is club different from threads?
  3. the new mood button? maybe still in testing phase. updated my mood but not sure where to see it.... 888
  4. LOL.... @Sejabin ~ definitely reads like a good drama. I would watch! 828
  5. 828 @Lawyerh ~ yea some cases are so bizarre that they read like a drama and you don't understand the why.... the 2-3 days it was news, everyone's heads were spinning. initially famous celebs and high society were like "no, these folks are nice, we party with them, we know them...." and then as more and more stuff came out, they were also like "HUH??????"
  6. @Lawyerh ~ it is one of those weird cases where motive is confusing but basically a combination of fauxcest, scandal and money... sister's legal guardians were always her parents. so legally, there was nothing on paper to show that sister and lady were related and were mother and daughter. so any money transaction would have been hard to trace back to sister. also since they hardly met, sister was a great invisible proxy. however, if she married C, then she legally becomes part of the family. so her names ties back into the family and any investigation or large money movement, authorities would start with tracing all relatives accounts as that is one of the typical ways of money laundering... hope that makes more sense? 828
  7. 828 weirdly enough @Lawyerh; authorities think it was more about the money. obviously lady and husband will be embarrassed if fauxcest will come to light but authorities think that high society is used to complicated lives and would not have cared much. since neither C or sister were legally related and did not grow up with other and met as adults, high society would have just enjoyed gossiping and looked away. authorities think the couple were more worried about the money potentially disappearing or problems with retrieving the money if sister married C. perhaps sister might have tried to threaten to expose accounts if she isn't allowed to marry C but is not very clear. sister actually was only signatory on paper and had no idea how much money was being moved. the assumption is that these trading company was used as kind of money laundering type place for some influential people but these two stole from those very investors! but because it was all shady dealings anyway, these investors could not file complaint with police in the beginning....
  8. @cenching ~ one of the news anchor said, even a drama writer would never think of making up a story like this! 828
  9. @Lawyerh ~ the news spilled over 2-3 days and even news anchors had a tough time keeping a neutral expression. basically even they were like "what the?????" final part this is basically what authorities think happened: despite parents disapproval, sister moves to city hoping to meet lady and build relationship. however, they end up having a conflicted secret relationship and sister is forced to identify herself as sister and not daughter. lady is meanwhile channeling funds out of trading company where husband is silent partner. so they decide to use sister as proxy and set up accounts under her name. sister hoping to build a relationship agrees and signs stuff. so money is moved. now sister meets C and they both fall in love. there is plans to marry. C's mother and grandparents are not bothered by fauxcest as they hate the husband and lady and couldn't care. plus both C and sister had planned to move quietly to mountain hometown and so didn't think society would care or follow.. lady asks to meet sister and the idea is to resolve the mess of this love story. worried that those bank accounts under sister's name would become a problem if she marries C, lady and husband cook up murder plot. they also rope in second husband for a piece of the pie. sister is murdered and buried in forest. lady sends emails and messages to office, friends and relatives that she is moving away due to personal reasons. initially C does not buy the story but then becomes heartbroken thinking he was actually dumped because of fauxcest. meanwhile, brother found it all fishy as he felt it wasn't her voice. he comes to city where lady tries to spike his drink with poison. she then threatens that unless he stops asking questions, something bad would happen. he is then given money and packed off back to town. so 2 years pass and news comes to light after investors tip off police about shady dealings in this company and alleging money has disappeared. all accused in jail and case is in court. husband still says that he didn't know anything and it was all done by lady. no longer national news and so not sure what is going on with case. 828
  10. part 10 meanwhile police were confused about what is this deal about the second husband and why he should care if C and sister were dating. what does he have to gain? so was he bribed by lady? and what was this story of her spiking drink of brother with poison? and in the middle of this, investors were saying "it is all about the money!" and started saying the disappeared money had been stashed in accounts unders sister's name.... 828
  11. 828 part 9 so lady did not keep in touch with kids or her parents for years. the sister meets her as an adult after she moves to this city for college! and at that point, lady reluctantly said I will give you money for education if you keep your mouth shut and tell everyone you are my younger sister. sister meets C at a party. he started to flirt with her and get cozy. she was afraid of fauxcest but he was like I don't care about dad or my stepmom and she wasn't his actual aunt. so she tells him that actually, am daughter and so we would be stepbrother and stepsister. he tells her that he doesn't care as he hardly sees his dad even though they live in same city and his dad hasn't cared about him in years. basically they deserve their own happiness and should not care about parents who are such idiots. now C said that both lady and husband tried to get these two to break up but husband said he never even knew that sister was actually daughter as he never asked her about her past life!!!!!!
  12. part 8 at this point, even news people are confused. so they said "flash news: lady is actually mother! and not sister!" then lady throws a weird one saying that she is both mother and sister as she was abused by her father and her mother did nothing. so she had these kids at 16/17? or even younger? and then left these two in her parents care as she wanted a new life for herself. her parents are furious and say absurd! she was a wild child who partied and became mistress of some business man while in school and had 2 kids with him. however, he was not interested in marrying her and so dumped her after getting bored. since she wasn't willing to look after these kids and planning to dump in orphanage, they stepped in. father was like "I can take DNA test to prove her claim is nonsense" and basically she was a nightmare child for them. she moved to new city and after a few years, married this second husband who was also a businessman, had kid with him. then divorced him. moved to another city again and met current husband and married him and had super glamorous life... 828
  13. part 7 ex-husband who lives in another city said he was in town for business and came to visit his daughter. so he was just being wrongfully accused. police does DNA test and they find body is related to lady. at this point, brother throws bombshell that yes, lady is actually his mother (not sibling) and this is her 3rd marriage, not 2nd as she had being saying... and that he had lied because she also tried to kill him with some spiked drink!!!!!!! lady then says brother is useless drug addict....
  14. part 6 lady is unable to give proof of life or exact details on location of sister.. C tells police that he suspected that both his father and stepmother had something to do with her disappearance as she was supposed to meet lady for lunch on the last day he saw her. driver then alleges that basically he had nothing to do with murder but was only transport but besides lady, there was also her ex-husband in car. and he and ex-husband buried this body in mountains!!! 828
  15. @Lawyerh ~ kekeke.... enough for 100 episodes! part 5 meanwhile sister had a brother who lived with old parents in another mountain town (hmm, all living in mountains! something in the air?)... anyway, he said lady was his aunt and C was just being silly... C meanwhile kept saying this was a romeo juliet story.. the police go around investigating and find the whole thing weird and ask for proof of life. if she doesn't want to come back, then they can ask authorities in US there to verify her whereabouts. 828
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