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  1. Lmangla

    Add and Subtract Game

    am so sorry to hear that @LSGLMH_88; was praying for you this morning and was hoping there would be some better news... hang in there. your family needs you. 844
  2. his expressions are so cute and funny. it looks like has a crush on the lady doc as he is always trying to ask her for lunch or movie but she doesn't seem to get his movies and just sees it as friendship. feel like she is going to hurt him inadvertedly or insult him in some way and he is going to distance himself when that happens. and she will finally see that he wasn't just hanging around her for friendship? it would be pretty fun if he offers to be her sperm donor... wonder why sang hyuk's sperm is still in the story....
  3. Lmangla

    [Drama 2018] Come Here and Hug Me 이리와 안아줘

    UPDATED: Poll option 1: happy ending. after all that misery, we need to see OTP happy. if you think option A is possible, which one do you want from supergal99 options? option 2: sad sad sad ending where we will cry buckets of tears and vow never to see another melo on MBC or see the writer's work again. what kind of sad? either one or both die. one of them ends up going mad in assylum. some favourite sad characters get all killed off. both of them have guilt complex and go mad slowly. or the old kdrama favourites, one of them gets some disease.... so many sad options for writer to choose from! option 3: happy goodbye. they will hug and say "bye bye bye". both of them will be free from this miserable tragic past and instead move on with their lives. she will make a movie with a hot fella and fall in love during filming and make their shipping fans super happy. meanwhile, he will go hunt murderers and thieves with judo girl and smile lots. yea, you know which one is my pick right? hahahaha... option 1: happy ending @valentvcd @bebebisous33 @Mik44 @triplem @stargazer187 @supergal99 @lolly84 @USAFarmgirl @turtlegirl option 2: no one yet! option 3: me! lmangla  congrats to all who got their happy ending. ... am alright with losing because my favourite side characters have come out alive! yay!
  4. Lmangla

    How Are You At This Very Moment?

    having a bad headache....
  5. @Ldy Gmerm @rolisrntex ~ besides tony, it looks hubby and kyung shin will have issues in business management because they have extremely different approaches on how to run it. kyung shin is extremely cut throat and does not value any relationships. so she is prepared to let the retail stores fend for themselves and even cause them harm whereas he feels that these are relationships to be valued and they can't let their retail distribution partners suffer. it was interesting when she said that enterprise is all about making money and one can't be idealistic. so she already starts to despite him for what she perceives as 'weakness' and is not able to see his wisdom that one needs to also care for the small relationships as well in order to thrive in business. so we can see that while he is a businessman, he is more honest and people friendly and cares about the bigger picture. he doesn't have a single minded blind approach like kyung shin... so these factors should also come into play in how he treats ji young when he finds out the truth.... it is also interesting that grandpa agrees with kyung shin andso hubby is going to get even more alienated in the business because he has a more humane approach. will hubby eventually get cut out of the business?
  6. @dotonly @celebrianna @evie7 @ajummapunkinssi ~ it would certainly be something different if it was her own greed indeed that got her into trouble. if she is the guardian's informant, then my guess is that it has something to do with the cosmetics industry. perhaps, they are adding some harmful chemicals in the products? it can't be just some regular run-of-the-mill kind of secret no? is it confirmed that the anchor is indeed her husband? -- (ah same question that @bebebisous33 has too! ) maybe like you all said, the marriage isn't real? because it almost seemed like MIL was trying to set him up with that 5th level clingy beautician and even trying to use the assistant as a honey trap. (it was a really weird choice for honey trap because assistant acted like a robot. hahahha...).. and if the assistant is looking for a bracelet, perhaps, it contains some sort of pen drive with information? or a camera? .. so many Qs - should be fun as it unravels. hope they keep the light mystery tone and not let it get too dark. not in the mood for super heavy drama. sometimes makjang madness is fun! hahahaha...
  7. Lmangla

    [Drama 2018] Come Here and Hug Me 이리와 안아줘

    am still hoping for option 3 for the OTP - saying bye bye bye but happy!.. hahahha... but more than the OTP, am wanting a happy ending for all the side characters, hope no one else gets killed! hope they get to have smiles and we see it too. so shrimp bro, headphones, so jin, stepmom, judo girl, friend of uniform -- no one get killed please!!! psycho appa and his minions can all get swallowed by the sea or somewhere dark... and if you are looking for another drama to fill up your time -- check out 'let me introduce her' -- got a whole mystery-makjang tone but it is not very melo. got a kind of relaxing vibe (sort of like sitting and watching a detective series half asleep and tired after a long day) and it has good lighting!! oppas are older but these guys know how to act!
  8. Lmangla

    Add and Subtract Game

    768 check out 'let me introduce her' if you are bored -- got a whole mystery-makjang vibe but it is not too melo. got a kind of relaxing vibe (sort of like sitting and watching a detective series where you don't think so much) and it has good lighting!!
  9. Lmangla


    LOL... oops, sorry @supergal99
  10. @celebrianna ~ yea, I also think that the assistant might have a bit of romantic interest in the anchor and am also wondering if it is mutual. he seemed brusque with her but it was almost like he was also used to her presence... so maybe they had a thing in the past? plus, out of so many others, MIL uses the assistant as a honey trap except she wasn't exactly seductive when she straightened his tie in the studio. more routine like a wife or assistant. so rather odd choice for a honey trap. the MIL also said if the assistant gets him to back out, then she can leave and return to the company. so perhaps, she was being punished for something? kekeke... found that scene funny too. so the MIL has acted as other type of characters. keep seeing her in the same type of role though. hahahahha... on another note, am really enjoying that for a sort of melo, the drama is oddly kind of cheerful no? kind of nice mix of makjang and mystery relaxing vibe. hhahaha... plus, it is brightly lit! yay! just out of curiousity, does anyone know if there's anything related to the cosmetic industry the drama is referring to? like an actual scandal or anything?
  11. I was cracking up while he was reciting with so much wonder as if hydrogen is the most amazing thing out there. hahahaha... and then he wonders why his date hasn't called back. LOL. but what is he a doctor of? is he into research or does he actually practice something?
  12. Lmangla


    kekeke... this is a good one -- it is like a scene with multi-features! hahahahah... haven't seen this drama though.... but what I didn't like was the black jacket hoodie. think am watching too many dark melos where bad evil murderers are wearing black jacket hoodie. so "remove the hoodie please! so we know you are a good guy!!!"