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  1. Add and Subtract Game

    ooh looks interesting! https://www.soompi.com/2018/05/22/nam-sang-mi-jo-hyun-jae-join-kim-jae-won-leads-new-sbs-mystery-drama/ 850
  2. Add and Subtract Game

  3. kpop fair fest

    @Dhakra ~ is there an MV for this handkerchief and stick dance?
  4. kpop fair fest

    kekeke... what is the name of the group @Sejabini, ? @Dhakra~ ooh you make dreamcatcher sound interesting. are they a new group? not well-known?
  5. LOL... well he gives me the creeps too but was trying to figure out why stepmom ended up falling for his lies and you mentioned his charm... so there you go, manly perfume ad lurking behind denim shirts! @triplem
  6. he is scary... but when you just see his face without the character, his features are actually quite interesting...and he makes denim shirts look good! hahahah.. makes me think he would make a good face for some rugged trekking kind of backdrop perfume ad -- you know those manly perfumes ad? hahahah.
  7. [OFFICIAL] The JYJ Thread

    spread the love!
  8. kpop fair fest

    ooooh, what interesting descriptions. now I am curious. so is seventeen boy group? girl group? mixed group? and is it because there are 17 of them in the group dancing? were they 17 when they signed? or does the name have to do with that old sound of music song "I am 16 going on 17" and so 17 is fun flirty number?
  9. kpop fair fest

    Chingus, welcome to the kpop fair fest! yay! so you have your favourite groups but there are lots of chingus here who may not be aware of them or know of their music -- here's your chance to have a booth here in this thread and welcome other chingus to check out favourite group/singer's music. spread the love! In food fest, there's always sample bites outside the booth. similarly, give a sample bite of what makes your favourite group so amazing by answering these questions: remember that it is all about sharing your love for your kpop group and having fun in the process. so these aren't serious questions. you are not conquering the world. hahahah.... just laugh and have fun as you figure out what you want to share. don't write essays but short fun answers that is sweet like dessert and will stir someone's curiousity to check out your booth further. Q: What mood is a good time to check out this group's music? Q: If you could describe the music as a season, food or vacation type (beach/mountain/adventure/sleeping!), how would you describe them? Q: If you had to name three songs to lure people into your fandom, what songs would you say would best describe the specific talents your idol group has and why? Q: What would be the main reason for someone on a deserted island to have only your group's songs with her/him? Q: When you're being hunted down by the police, cops hot on your tail and you're running for your life with an enormous amount of stolen cash on you, what song from your group would you recommend the driver of your Uber would play for you? You can write a max of 5 sentences about the group and why it's the best (no bashing or trolling of other groups!) This is a group entry and so you have time to collect your thoughts together and answer these questions and post here on May 31st. You can also think of someting creative to draw others in like create a cool collage, post a (dance-)cover MV, etc. to get more recognition for the group. If chingus are piqued, they can enter your booth (so give link to your thread in the sample bite) -- you can answer these questions individually in your fandom threads to give them more info. Q. okay, you know the song is not that good and the MV makes no sense, but you can't help but liking that song. which one is that? Q. so what is the name of the fan group and why is it called that? *also, give fun made up reasons to add to the real one and maybe we can guess which one is real? Q. so favourite costume? Q. the visual factor that drew you in -- hot abs? dance moves? cheeky smile? Q. the dance move you tried to replicate on the dance floor! In the fandom thread, you can also explain the reasons about the name of the fandom, group dynamics, whatever else you can think of and would be worthwhile to share. Fandom thread should be dressed up as their favorite MV (change your DP to reflect your favourite MV or anything else you can think of), questions should be answered from that point of view too. Event date: May 31st. there are no prizes to be won but you do get the chance to win more chingus over to your threads and kpop group. so shake a leg! if you have any questions, post them here, tag me and @CamelKnight