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  1. today's episode showed how much kyung shin has changed in many ways. when hyun joon called her, she was ready for the confrontation. instead of blaming jenny, she instead just took responsibility instead and said sorry. there was no mockery, no shifting of blame, no trying to manipulate with emotions. hyun joon was judging her based on the past and his accusations are perfectly in line with her previous actions. what was interesting was that he hoped that she had changed and repented in the 3 years. hmmm.....
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    @dotonly ~ yea melo music is fine if it is warm or calming. 330 ummm.... what is MOO? am reading it as the sound cows make but thats probably not it right? @angelangie @USAFarmgirl
  3. chingus, just a little OT: need suggestions for november birthday post. any drama (completed) or kpop suggestions with the following qualities -- calming/soothing, warmth and fortune.
  4. Lmangla

    Add and Subtract Game

    chingus, need your help for suggestions for november birthday post. any drama or kpop suggestions with the following qualities -- calming/soothing, warmth and fortune. 378
  5. Lmangla

    Add and Subtract Game

  6. LOL... ugly fruit? well, no perfect looking fruits or vegetables in my grocery store. kekeke... and we get individually wrapped apples if they are removed just out of the box and the store hasn't had time to unwrap them. I was surprised that you could buy one. we buy in weight and so technically, we can pick as little or as much as we want but it just seemed absurd to gift one apple..... like @angelangie said, I got that red crab emoticon from that site... am wondering what happened to the doctor hyung in the other hospital. he is actually well-known actor -- seen him in plenty of dramas. was it a cameo? seemed weird that he just disappeared...
  7. random detail that I was struck by while I was watching this drama -- the beach scenes! am so used to seeing a beach scene with a couple but in this drama, twice, we have it parent and child. we had a scene with hyun joon and tae woong just walking about after the divorce and kyung shin in jail, just having their own father-son bonding and healing time.. then we also had kyung shin and jenny meeting by the beach and having a chat.
  8. kekeke.. waving hello at @packmule3 ; yup, this is the first drama we are watching. we have different tastes. not keen on dramas where I have no clue who the OTP are. hahahaha... it is funny -- I did see the apple but didn't connect it to sagwa. instead, I was wondering why she only sent one and whether there was some more underneath in that box. how does one buy just one apple? granted, there are times, when I just buy 150 gms of some vegetable and a single apple can weight that much... yes, random details... but all we need to know is sagwa also means sorry. righto!
  9. even though it is fake, they both are treating each other with kindness and respect. he was so protective of her on the phone when he told the ex off. in usual contract relationships in other dramas, both feel rather burdened by each other and so take out their frustrations on each other. here, they are on the same page in that it is mutually beneficial for both and so there's a kind of team work approach to this relationship. it makes them more protective of each other and also aware of each other's needs as they are learning about each other. when her manager ruffled his feathers, she wanted the manager to apologize. but rather than hold on to her pride, she makes the move and apologizes. he values sincerity so much that he really appreciated her cards and flowers. it wasn't some grand gift like a car or watch but it meant more to him. and for her to see that, it definitely warmed her heart especially when her ex thought of her as a cheapo instead. it is rather sweet that her cards not only makes him smile but he keeps them as a remembrance.
  10. @Ldy Gmerm ~ in a way, I don't mind this weird re-boot because kyung shin's story is actually interesting. how does one come back after making a mess of your life and harming others? how do you move on? and adding to the mix is how does one become a parent again when you are an ex-convict? so these questions actually make her journey interesting. am not sure if hyun joon will move on with this college junior permanently. from what is shown, it is clear that hyun joon loved kyung shin actually deeply and is not a type of person to fall in love easily. he is not easily drawn to anyone or willing to just open his heart. even though he is amenable to meeting women for his parents sake, none of them even capture his interest. in a way, it is not surprising. he insisted on marrying kyung shin and even through the struggle with infertility, he wouldn't divorce her for many years. how tae woong never heard any gossip is indeed surprising but someone should tell the poor kid what is going on. at this stage, even kyung shin seems to see herself as a liability and so is keen to avoid his company. so it will be interesting to see what gets her out of her hole. more than ji young, can see jenny play a bigger role because she has the perspective of being a child who years for a parent. so she can really empathize with tae woong's feelings. in a way, it is probably why this kid told her all his frustrations because he feels close to her as she gets how he feels.
  11. Lmangla

    Add and Subtract Game

    246 @Dhakra ~ am not a tech person and I only switch phones when it is broken. so I end up using a phone over a few years. here, when battery is dead, you can't replace battery as they no longer sell them. so you have to buy new phone when that happens.
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    272 can actually see why @kokodus and @USAFarmgirl would think @Dhakra is sentimental but I can also see why @triplem and dhakra would disagree. as for reasons, I got nada! hahahahha... just a feel. will think more on why I am in the middle and get back... EDIT: figured it out! hahaha..... so I agree with triplem that dhakra isn't typically sentimental but I also agree with kokodus and usafarmgirl's impressions that he is. why? so I can understand why kokodus would assume that dhakra's choice to keep a phone for 6 years sounds rather sentimental when it was probably a simple practical/pragmatic choice -- it isn't broke, why fix it? kind of scene. kekekek... but that said, there have been moments when dhakra has displayed that he can be quite sentimental about certain things. remember a post that he shared -- was it fairy? -- where he talked about what the drama meant to him. so not typically sentimental does not mean one cannot be sentimental or feel deeply about certain things. sometimes those of us who are nonchalant tend to feel a bit too much about certain things and that can really surprise people. at least that's how I am and I think many personalities that start with I (introverted) in the MBTI scale are like that?
  13. yea she doesn't have much to do has she? kekeke.... it really is kyung shin's story and so that makes her the anti-hero as well as villain. it is kind of weird to see so much story at the end of the drama when it usually winds down and is kind of boring. however, it actually works and there is kind of good melo vibe which makes it interesting. the self-awareness and the peace that kyung shin has arrived at now makes her journey actually interesting to watch. her behaviour now makes a lot more sense where you get how she was shaped so much by her childhood. she was abandoned and seen as less worthy for not being a son. she had a love-hate relationship with her own mom and wished to be with her dad. so she seems to have loved hyun joon but would not allow herself to completely love him. she lived in this constant state of worry that she would be abandoned and mixed with a good dose of bitterness and anger over anyone who put her down. she blamed hyun joon for not being able to spend time with her mom when really it was herself that made her choice. now, when she has nowhere to go, she comes back to the sea. and because she seemed to have this love-hate relationship with her mom, she also had very conflicting feelings about being a mother and parent. her seeing tae woong as a weapon or something to use and abandon makes sense because thats how she felt her father did with them. the whole prison stint has given her clarity about what she values and who she loves. and the answer is tae woong and hyun joon. the offer from her cell mates was interesting and perhaps, we will see her create a successful factory for other ex-convicts. still, am not sure how I feel about kyung shin getting back together with hyun joon or becoming tae woong's mom. like you said, there were too many lines she crossed that it feels like inviting a domesticated crocodile to live with you. a crocodile is not going to turn into a cat! ..