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  1. Jin Goo And Park Ji Hwan Belt Their Hearts Out In Making Video For “Untouchable” K. Lew December 13, 2017 On December 12, JTBC drama “Untouchable” released a behind-the-scenes making video showing the friendly atmosphere on set, as well as the chemistry between Jin Goo and Park Ji Hwan. The video begins with Jin Goo and Park Ji Hwan drinking coffee together on set, waiting on standby. When the staff members announces that they are moving to film, the two hurriedly set their cups and head over. Next, the staff members and a few actors are waiting around a car to be used in the next scene. Park Ji Hwan teases a staff member who leans against the car, saying, “Look there’s a dent [because of you].” They then film the next scene, which involves Jin Goo in a skirmish with Cho Jae Ryong and Lee Jae Won, with Park Ji Hwan swooping in with a car to drive Jin Goo away. read more https://www.soompi.com/2017/12/13/jin-goo-park-ji-hwan-belt-hearts-making-video-untouchable/
  2. Fantastic Drama Posters and New Previews Ups the Excitement for Hwayugi http://koalasplayground.com/2017/12/13/fantastic-drama-posters-new-previews-ups-excitement-hwayugi/ ************ Cutting through clouds and hands of fire in Hwayugi by tineybeanie Let the bromance begin! I didn’t realize how much I needed a Lee Seung-gi (You’re All Surrounded) and Cha Seung-won (Hwajeong) reunion until now. Described as an “absolute exorcist romance” in the group poster below, Hwayugi is going strong in its promo game, just having released its official posters and more teasers. This upcoming Hong sisters drama features Lee Seung-gi, Oh Yeon-seo (My Sassy Girl), and Cha Seung-won as our main trio battling the forces of evil in a modernized Korean drama adaptation that draws its source material from the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West. Oh Yeon-seo plays your not-so-average real estate businesswoman who can see spirits (analogous to monk Xuanzang in Journey to the West). Lee Seung-gi plays the trickster monkey king Sun Wukong, who loves to antagonize Cha Seung-won’s character, the Bull Demon King who has been trying to patiently serve on earth to gain godhood and entry into heaven. To humans, he’s known as the charismatic gentle CEO of the best entertainment company in Korea. The two other characters in the group poster include Lee Hong-ki (Modern Farmer), who plays a top idol celeb that embodies the pig character, and Jang Gwang (Thief-nom, Thief-nim) who plays a real estate chaebol who embodies Friar Sand. read more http://www.dramabeans.com/2017/12/cutting-through-clouds-and-hands-of-fire-in-hwayugi/
  3. Kim So Yeon 김소연

    I read that her appearance will be aired on Dec. 23rd. I can`t wait.
  4. [Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    Writer Of “Black” Shares Her Thoughts On Drama’s Depiction Of Her Scripts S. Park December 13, 2017 Choi Ran, the writer of OCN’s drama “Black,” recently posted a blog entry about the drama. Titled “Saying Farewell to Black,” Choi Ran revealed her affection for the drama as well as her complicated feelings about how her script was portrayed on air. She wrote, “‘Black’ is a project like my own child that I had in the works for a while. I felt sad and had mixed emotions as I watched the drama on-air. I was very upset the story I wished to tell was portrayed differently on air against my will. I worked hard, but think there was a lack of communication.” She also addressed some rumors she had heard and said, “My feelings were more hurt when I heard rumors that I [or the writing team] uploaded the script for the final episode and purchased it from the writer,” and denied any truth to these accusations. “Black” is a mystery romance drama that told the story of a grim reaper that possessed a human’s body (Song Seung Heon) and a woman who could see the shadows of death (Go Ara). After premiering on October 14 with an anticipated storyline and star leads, the drama came to an end on December 10 with mixed reviews and criticisms of its production, storytelling, and ending. Source (1) https://www.soompi.com/2017/12/13/writer-black-shares-thoughts-dramas-depiction-scripts/
  5. Kim So Yeon 김소연

    An article transalted by KSY FB Fanpage Exclusive] Kim So Yeon appears in SBS show "Mom's Diary - My Ugly Duckling"...big release about newlywed life with Lee Sang Woo On the 13th, OSEN learned that Kim So Yeon is participating as a special MC in the recording of SBS show "Mom's Diary - My Ugly Duckling". Kim So Yeon recently appeared as a cameo in the MBC drama '20th Century Boys and Girls' to support Lee Sang Woo. Lee Sang Woo also had a conversation with Kim So-yeon at the time of appearing in the MBC show "It's Dangerous Outside the Blankets". So, Kim So Yeon's newly married life with Lee Sang Woo that is told in "Mom's Diary - My Ugly Duckling" will be great interested. On the other hand, "Mom's Diary - My Ugly Duckling" is an endlessly popular hit with an average rating of 20.7% and a maximum of 23.9%. It has gained remarkable popularity by keeping the 1st place of the same time, 1st place of Sunday entertainment, 1st place of weekly entertainment, and it's the 'Triple Crown ratings'. Source: http://osen.mt.co.kr/article/G1110795020 Trans: Sso Fanpage
  6. Watch: Lee Seung Gi Gets On Cha Seung Won’s Nerves In New Character Teasers For “Hwayugi” D. Kim December 12, 2017 tvN has released some more character teasers for their upcoming fantasy drama “Hwayugi”! The first clip shows Woo Ma Wang (played by Cha Seung Won) bickering with Son Oh Gong (played by Lee Seung Gi), who starts fooling around, getting on his nerves. The second teaser shows Son Oh Gong and Sam Jang (played by Oh Yeon Seo) facing a mob of demons until he gets a bit flirty with her. Check out the teasers below! Cha Seung Won as Woo Ma Wang: more https://www.soompi.com/2017/12/12/watch-lee-seung-gi-gets-cha-seung-wons-nerves-new-character-teasers-hwayugi/
  7. December 13 2017 First script reading for tvN drama series “Cross” First script reading for tvN drama series “Cross” took place late November, 2017 at Studio Dragon in Sangam, South Korea. Attending the first script reading were main cast members Ko Gyung-Pyo, Jeon So-Min, Cho Jae-Hyun, Kim Ji-Han and Yang Jin-Sung. The first script reading took about 3 hours to complete. “Cross” first airs January, 2018 in South Korea. http://blog.asianwiki.com/korean-dramas/first-script-reading-for-tvn-drama-series-cross
  8. Kim So Yeon 김소연

    News about our girl. Kim So yeon will appear in SBS My Little Old Boy (a.k.a. Mom's Diary: My Ugly Duckling;, a Korean variety show who focuses on the mothers of South Korean celebrities. She will be a special host/ MC so it will be for a few episodes, I guess. From what I see other special hosts appeared in 2 episodes. It is not a acting project but I am looking forward to see her. Let see other news, probably translated news to know better. ******* http://osen.mt.co.kr/article/G1110795020
  9. First script reading https://twitter.com/kdrama_news/status/940721968076091392?s=1 Jun So Min, Go Kyung Pyo, And More Attend First Script Reading For New tvN Drama “Cross” K. Lew December 12, 2017 On December 13, tvN’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama “Cross” revealed some stills of their first script reading. The drama is about Kang In Kyu (played by Go Kyung Pyo), who becomes a doctor in order to get revenge but instead ends up saving the life of his enemy. Go Jung Hoon (played by Jo Jae Hyun) is an optimistic doctor who embraces everything, including Kang In Kyu’s rage. Jun So Min will be playing the quirky, unpredictable, and refreshingly charming hospital intern Go Ji In, who is also the only daughter of Go Jung Hoon. “Cross” is directed by director Shin Yong Hwi, who also produced hit OCN drama “Tunnel,” and is written by Choi Min Suk, the screenwriter behind award-winning film “Blind.” The first script reading was attended by Go Kyung Pyo, Jo Jae Hyun, Jun So Min, Kim Ji Han, Yang Jin Sung, Jang Gwang, Kim Jong Gu, Heo Sung Tae, Yoo Seung Mok, and child actor Uhm Ji Sung. The script reading began with director Shin Yong Hwi making a brief greeting and introducing all the actors, everyone from the main leads to the extras. He then stated, “I think this will be a very exciting and interesting drama. I will work hard to make sure that each and everyone’s work, from the actors to the staff, will create a good drama.” read more https://www.soompi.com/2017/12/12/upcoming-tvn-drama-cross-holds-first-script-reading/
  10. About Jung Sang Hoon, the actor who will play in this drama. Reading the filmography, I realized that I did not watch any of his dramas, yet, I found the actor very familiar. Then I realize that I saw him in SNL Korea. This year I saw him playing opposite my girl in SNL Korea and he was hilarious. I like him.
  11. I think I will have to watch again because I don`t remember the scene where we found out that Jung Mal Ran was pregnant and that`s why she married Jang Soo Man. I remember when they said that Boo Cheon is walking in the footsteps of his father and I remember when it was said that Jang family don`t treat the family outside marriage very well. It is possible that she kept the secret about a boyfriend and she married Jang Soo Man because her family wanted and that`s way she resolved the problem with the pregnancy but somehow I doubt it was this way. But I want to know what really happened with Soo Man. He was really sick or he was made this way? I can see Mal Ran capable of murder if her position would be jeopardized. Boo Cheon`s paternity is her major weakness. I also don`t think they are sleeping together but their relationship is not platonic either. They both transmited signal that there is an interest, a conection. Jang Pil Joo became their necessity. They depend on him. At this point, for Mal Ran, Jang Pil Joo`s "betrayal" will be hurtful. It will be interesting to see what she will do. She is craving for attention and comfort and that`s what Pil joo is doing in a way but she is very calculated and cold hearted too. Let see how badly she will react when Pil Joo will reveal his true identity. She doesn`t know that Pil Joo`s support was an act but when she will realize what is going on it won`t be easy. Pil Joo`s revenge was calculated very well but I fear about her response. She won`t fall down alone or "in silence".
  12. I am getting a Voice vibe too. There was a superpower ability in hearing voices in that OCN drama. There has to be a genius or someone with a strong ability.
  13. I am excited to see another OCN drama and I like both leading actors. I am curious about the Kim Ok Bin`s role. After seeing her as the badass woman in the movie Villainess, I want more female protagonist like that.
  14. I don`t know if they will accept but I want to see both on the small screen. And I like that It is a week-end drama with 24 episodes and not 50. If the drama will be broadcast in February, we`ll hear more casting news soon. It will be interesting to see Kim Kang Woo as a "house- husband".
  15. @0ly40 dear, there is a thread for this drama. We have to announce a moderator to merge the two threads. I don`t care who will have the first page. I think It is better to look if there is another thread. I personally checked if there is a new thread in the Official drama directory and searched a few pages back to see if someone has started it already. This way, I won`t creat double pages. I saw that there is a double thread for My Husband Oh Jak Doo as well.