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  1. Chicago Typewriter: Episode 8 by gummimochi How can anybody say no to this adorable face? It won’t be easy refusing this lovesick puppy phantom when he knows almost everything about the story that started it all, which means Se-joo must learn how to adjust his daily lifestyle to fulfill the whims and demands of a ghost if he ever wants to find answers to his past life and complete his book. read more
  2. The bodyguard moment was realy funny. I laughed so hard. The ending was daebak. There were some good moments: The dancing in that grey fitting dress and they way she was shifting the glare from an innocent housewife to the killer eyes When the husband expected his wife to show her abilities to save him but she did not do anything. Funny. I am not familiar with the cartoon but it was a cute little moment. She was able to be synchronized with the real characters in that manga. She looked great in her dresses. I am glad she was in this project.
  3. Chicago Typewriter: Episode 7 by gummimochi Absence may make the heart grow fonder for most people, but Se-joo isn’t like most when it comes to much of anything. Everything about his own reality will come into question this hour when the boundaries between the past and present blur, making it that much harder to discern the truth. But there’s so much more to learn about the past than we may have ever thought possible, and that’s a mystery worth unraveling. More ************* Watch: Go Kyung Pyo Gets Adorably Scared Around Guns In “Chicago Typewriter” Behind-The-Scenes Video C. Oh April 29, 2017 In a new behind-the-scenes video from the set of tvN’s “Chicago Typewriter”, viewers will be able to see actor Go Kyung Pyo’s adorable side, as he shies away from the guns they have to use to film a scene. Although his character is the one that teaches Im Soo Jung’s character how to shoot a gun correctly, as soon as the cameras stop rolling, the behind-the-scenes video reveals Go Kyung Pyo covering his ears when he sees a staff member holding up one of the guns to test it. more
  4. Hong Eun Hee was an MC on Ore TV's popular movie guide program, "Movie Star Social Club" . She looked great in the yellow suit.
  5. I agree with your analyse but still not convince me that her action made sense for a "profesional and "sane" person". It is consistent with her past behaviour and I could understand that her past made her the way she is now. I can support her as an unusual criminologist who is close up emotionally but still can do her job. She has studied hard and she is a fine observer and can go to the criminal psyche to understand better their action . That could be used in catching the criminals. But doing what she she did tells me that she is not a good choice to work with the police at all. I know it is a TV show and I saw many protagonists with "suicidal tendencies" who would not have a reason to live but still their action could be less anoying. You said that she wished to make sure she is not seen as responsable for the death of the next victim and she was willing to die. I think she understood totally what Park Kwang Ho said. I can understand that his words probably hurt her inside and she was willing to catch the killer before he will kill again. But how she could do that? Wearing a short skirt and provoking him to come after her without a plan or back up? Yes, probably she thought that nobody is missing her and if was better to be her as a next potential victim and I can be on her side by doing that but again... without a plan? What she expected to do? What was the rational motivation for doing that? To demonstrate that there are two killers? To find new evidence (ADN, or other samples) on herself to indicate the killer? I would have understand if she has announced the police of what she wanted to do but they did not get the message, or that her plan went wrong. I did not see the new episode yet so maybe it wil be explained but right now I can find a good reason for what she did. The plan was to make Jung Ho young to get out of the hiding place and get caught. She wanted to catch him all by herself? I can see the reason on a kamikaze attack even if the attacts were not that succesful, I can see why a hero will sacrifice her/ his life for a greater good, I can empathize with suicidal victims suffer from depression but Jae Yi`s motivation is yet to be discovered in my opinion. Her suicidal tendencie is not enough to understand her action.
  6. “Tunnel” Preview Stills Of VIXX’s N Hint That Mysteries Will Be Unraveled In Upcoming Episodes U. Kim April 29, 2017 VIXX’s N is looking calmer than ever in the newest stills from OCN’s “Tunnel.” N plays the mysterious Park Gwang Ho of the present, who is usually seen in a distressed state while being chased by someone. In contrast with the dark Park Gwang Ho that viewers are used to seeing, these new stills show him peacefully going about his daily life. Spoiler On episode seven, Park Gwang Ho was found dead despite his attempts to run away from the person chasing him. These stills of him before death seem to imply that the secrets behind his death will be revealed soon, and viewers are curious to find out how his death is related to the serial killing case. “Tunnel” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 10 p.m. KST. Can you guess what’s going to happen next?
  7. Jung Kyung Ho Opens Up About His And Sooyoung’s Choice To Publicly Date E. Kang April 29, 2017 In a recent pictorial and interview with magazine Woman Sense, actor Jung Kyung Ho reflected on his identity as an actor, and his long-term relationship with Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung. When analyzing himself, Jung Kyung Ho expressed, “I see myself as a genuine actor who is easy to be around, like a next-door [neighbor]. Of course, I do pay a little more attention to [how I act] when I leave the house. I’m also careful about my actions while drinking. These are things that are given, but otherwise I don’t pay attention to what others might think about me.” Jung Kyung Ho explained that his way of thinking stems from his belief that just because he is a celebrity, doesn’t mean he is overly special. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt particularly uncomfortable as an actor because of others’ interest in or perceptions of me. I have many celebrity friends who have similar tendencies as me,” he continued. read more
  8. So many pictures with our girl. I want to see her on my screen again in another project. One episode is not enough. Reading the script. Her appearence.... Gorgeous and shy.
  9. Other pictures From her double role in 'Dubbing Theater as manga characters. The left side is Kim So-yeon, and the right side is Dae-nam. Photo of 1997 year.
  10. I am happy that she had a great time filming this episode and she received apreciation for her performance. I did not watched yet the full segment but I saw the bodyguard moment and it was hilarious especially when it was stipulated in a contract that she can`t run more than 10 seconds or10 metres. Her real low stamina when she is doing pysical exercises is well known and SNL Korea menaged to make a good sketch. I still expect to see her in an action movie/ drama because she looks great doing action scenes. source
  11. It seams that SNL9' Kim So-yeon recorded the highest audience rating this season. TVN 'SNL Korea 9', which was broadcasted at 10:30 pm on the 29th, recorded average audience ratings of 2.3% and 3.3% on the pay-TV platform with cable, satellite and IPTV, . (Provided by Nielsen Korea / nationwide furniture standard) In the audience rating by age, it was prominent in the 40s audience rating of men and women. In the 40s, the average rate of 2.5% and 4.0% was 40%, which was 2.7% and 3.5% respectively. Kim So Yeon appeared as the main host on the TVN comedy program 'SNL Korea Season 9' which was broadcasted on the 29th night, captivating the viewers with various reverse charms that have not been seen before. Above all, Kim soyeon's passionate and passionate appearance, full of nonsensicalness and honesty, has got a hot response after the broadcast. In particular, SNL Korea Season 9, which appeared with Kim So-yeon, recorded an average 2.3% (Nielsen Korea) and 3.3% of ratings of nationwide households with integrated cable, satellite and IPTV, and the highest audience rating this season is. Kim So-yeon, through her agency, said, "I was glad to be able to participate as a host in a program that I have enjoyed so much, and I felt how great everyone was in making SNL. Thank you again for borrowing this place, it was a special experience and I think it will be an unforgettable memory. " Kim So-yeon, who has been passionate about various corners since the first production meeting, is surprised that many staffs are surprised by steady sincerity and outstanding performance even in the shooting scene. In addition, I did my role in the contest corner such as 'low quality physical body guard', I need romance 3', 'Iris', and also actively participated in 'Dubbing Theater' He has been acclaimed for his ability to recreate herself with a smile on her face. (Google translation) **** Shin Dong-yeop in the ending, while Kim So-yeon appeared as a host on tvN 'SNL Korea 9' broadcast on 29th, he asked, "Do not you get married soon?" Kim said that she will marry Sang Woo Lee on June 9. In this end, Shin Dong-yeop "naturally took the day," he said, nuancing of the '+19 conotation. After a few laughs, they said, "It's because of the weather."
  12. Mystery Queen: Episode 7 by Laica It’s Wan-seung’s turn to follow Seol-ok, who wants nothing more than for him to leave her alone so that she can investigate Ho-soon’s disappearance in peace. But he’s determined to help whether she wants him to or not—and while he tells himself that it’s only because he needs her to do him a favor in return, something tells me he’s having more fun with Seol-ok than he’s had in years. As for me, these two are quickly becoming one of my favorite comedic duos ever. Read more
  13. A video from her visit to SNL Korea team. It seams that she liked the idea they have proposed her. I want subtitles.
  14. Remember when I was talking about "Soyeon Mettel/ Maetel "? Well, this is happening. SNL Korea just transformed Soyeon in manga character. This week # Dubbing Theater # Galaxy Railway 999 # Mettel So Yeon # SNL9 Only this week! TVN live broadcast at 10:30 pm Kim So-yeon uploaded a picture on the Instagram when she went to the Matsumoto Raji Galaxy Railway 999 exhibition at the Hangaram Art Museum early this month. She wore a black coat and is 100% synchronized with the anime girl. I can`t wait to see it now. First a parody from Bodyguard movie drama and now this? It has potential but I will be cautiously optimistic. Too bad I can`t watch live the show. I wish somebody will translate this episode.
  15. Nothing can top Hyun Ki`s tragic destiny. Being raised by a demanding single mother and craving for affection, then finding happiness but losing that again when his child died, his marriage crumbling and then dying from cancer. I read that his character will be a good man and not a corporate director this time in the drama. If his wife will fall in love with somebody-else, I could see some heartache for his character. Maybe he will find love again after that. I love watching him in all kind of roles so I will take everything except for a script who will waste his talent. But I understand perfectly your wish for a happy ending this time. I have a feeling that this drama won`t be tragic, but who knows? I checked the drama again.Yes, it seams that Lee Pil Mo`s character is married with the protagonist and the other actress, Song Seon Mi, plays the wife of the man who will fall in love with Dan Ji. I like both second leads more in this drama. Hope they have scenes together too. Maybe they will end up together and heal their broken hearts.