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  1. Forest of Secrets: Episode 5 by SailorJumun The good news: Our hero is still one of the smartest, if not the smartest cookie in the prosecution pantry. The bad news: There’s only so much he can do with those smarts when he’s being backed into a corner. Shi-mok keeps circling around his theories, always thinking he’s this close to falling in step with the culprit, only to realize he’s been deliberately kept one step behind the entire time by a thread of corruption that runs deeper than even he can comprehend. And there’s only more danger waiting to catch up with him. more
  2. yeah... I already suspected that Soo yeon`s abduction is related to the illness of someone rich and powerful. Now we have the confirmation. I will be happy if Soo yeon`s treatment worked. In the end Deuk Chun will get the punishment for what he has done but at least his daugher will be safe. When he will be out of prison, father and daughter will have a better life. I think that Sung Hoon will helped Soo yeon in the end. He showed tiny traces of humanity around her. He might resent Sung joon but he did not kill him either. Now it will be interesting to see Sung Hoon`s action as he did not have the upper hand. I loved Jang Deuk-Cheon` s move. He did not become a murderer and he used his cool head.
  3. Damn Lee Hyun-Seok, Park Dong-Gun, Detective Choi and who were responsable for Woo jin`s accident. I had a strong feeling that Woo jin might be dead in 2037 because I could not find a good candidate for him in the future but I still had hope until the last minute. It is a sci fi after all so I am satisfied with their explanation. Without their previous theory about recollecting and storing memories I would not buy the clone being Woo Jin. It was interesting the dilemma. Is this clone Woo jin? Jung-Yeon and even Dong-Soo were ready to embrace him as Woo jin because "He is Woo jin because he has Woo Jin`s memories"/ "He is Woo jin because he remembers me.". It was hard for Beom-Gyoon to accept the reality that his brother is dead but in the same time this young man who looks exactly like his brother 20 years ago is the new Woo jin. "Woo Jin is dead because those hands aren`t the hands I held. And that body isn`t Woo jin`s body that I hugged. He is just a substitute in Woo Jin`s place. If he is Woo jin, then who was my brother who died?" It is not an easy situation. Both sides are right. This is heartbreaking for Beom Gyoon but for the clone Woo Jin too. This reminds me of an episode of Star Trek NG, when Riker comes up with an exact duplicate of himself, created by a teleportation accident/ phenomenon. He lived several years alone in that base and after he was rescued, he eventually took the middle name and lived as another person (like a twin). This is another story but what I had in mind is the title of that episode. Second Chances. This is exactly what I think we have here and that`s why the reunion between Beom Gyoon and Woo jin was so moving. I wanted that for the brothers. It is not the ideal situation but this is (the second best thing) an oportunity for them to meet and embrace after so many things happend for them. If the clone Woo Jin would not had the original Woo jin`s memory, the reunion would not have been the same. Beom Gyoon had the oportunity to remember their last moment together, he was able to express his regret that his brother went alone through such a hard time to save him ( that he eventually died to save him), he was able to hugg him and showed the love to him. Woo Jin could see that his brother is alright, to feel the comfort in his brother`s arms (even if he is not the original brother). His emotions/ memories are true. He feels and thinks as Woo jin. The emotional connection was there and that`s what is important. Beom Gyoon will have a little brother from now on. Let see how things will end.
  4. I can`t get enough of this drama. I love everything about it. I will put the writer, Lee Soo-Youn, on list of favorites. I will look forward to watch more of her dramas. Like everybody else, I loved when Shi Mok cracked a smile. Yeo-Jin is a warm person but she is a good cop too. They are a great team. I love it when Shi Mok was calling Seo Dong-Jae and Yeo Jin just gave him the excuse in front of him. She is very astute. I love it how she was observing the new suspect Moo-Sung's son. I also love how she is observing Shi Mok and trying to understand him. He is strange but she is still think that there must be emotions somewhere even if he is not showing them yet. I loved the scene when she was drawing the brain of Shi Mok.. I am curious what she will say when she will find out about his medical condition. I also like how Shi Mok and Eun soo worked together. About our baddies... I almost feel sorry for Lee Chang-Joon to have such father in law but he enter this game of power so.... I think Seo Dong-Jae will get down first but he is cunning like an old fox. Hope our team will bring down all the baddies, headed by the Minister of Justice.Next episodes, please!
  5. Cast Of tvN’s “Circle” Share Their Thoughts About The Finale Of The Drama With Only Two Episodes Left C. Oh June 26, 2017 With only two episodes left of tvN’s sci-fi drama “Circle,” the actors from the drama share their thoughts about the drama as it comes to an end. Actor Yeo Jin Goo, who played the role of Kim Woo Jin in the 2017 storyline, said, “It was an honor to be a part of a refreshingly unique drama like ‘Circle,’ with it’s smooth storyline, unique genre of sci-fi mystery, and double track narrative. I would like to thank all the viewers who continued to send us love and support throughout the drama’s run. I was happy and proud to be able to show a different side of me to viewers through the role of Kim Woo Jin.” Actor Kim Kang Woo, who played the main character in the 2037 storyline, said, “I’m very happy and pleased to have been able to be a part of a drama as novel as ‘Circle’ is. I looked forward to every new script that came out for the drama each week, just as viewers looked forward to each new episode. It was very enjoyable to become immersed in ‘Circle’ and solve the mystery of the drama alongside viewers.” Actress Gong Seung Yeon stated, “I can’t believe it’s already almost over. We wrapped filming but it still doesn’t feel real to me. I was very happy with filming for the past three months and, because I had such a good time, I feel like I am going to suffer from ‘Circle’ withdrawal for a while.” more
  6. Celebrity Couples People Want To See On 2nd Season Of “Newlywed Diary” C. Hong June 25, 2017 Kim So Yeon and Lee Sang Woo These two actors tied the knot less than a month ago, making them true newlyweds. In a world where large age differences between couples have become increasingly common, Kim So Yeon and Lee Sang Woo set themselves apart by being a same-aged couple. The two of them also met on the set of the drama “Happy Home.” Since both actors rarely make an appearance on variety shows, it might be interesting to see them together on “Newlywed Diary.” ************** I think that from all the couple mentioned in the article, Soyeon and Sang Woo are the last to agree to do a vatiety show. They are both shy and private people and as mentioned above both rarely make a variety show for that reason. Soyeon decided to go outside her comfort zone a couple of times but this kind of show is much more personal, and involves more exposure. I am sure the fans will want to see more of them but I personally don`t want to know that they stress over this kind of appearence. Hope to see them back to work soon in a new drama or movie.
  7. No, we don`t have any news about the other female characters. My major interest in this drama is that is about friendship between women. Everywhere in dramaland we see bromance and it is nice that they remember from time to time that women do have friends.
  8. Circle ', the production team selected the best 5 exhilarating scenery that makes the final chapters look exciting. ◆ You can not throw a scene! Every moment is great! Kim Woo-jin (Kim Jung-gu) and Kim Bum-gyun (An Yeon-yeon and Kim Jun-hyuk) were one of the important sentiments linking 'Circle' with 'Part 1: Beta Project' and 'Part 2: Wonderful New World'. All the scenes are so beautiful and so delicate that the scenes are so deep and emotional. In the middle of it, Kim Woo-jin, who missed his brother Kim Bum-gyun and regretted his misery, threw his whole body up to save Kim Bum-gyun, who was trapped in an old house. The lively eyes that were never backed up, but they could not keep their eye open, gave a sense of immersion, and the act of Yeo Jin Goo pouring tears after discovering Kim Bum-gyun was praised. ◆ Double track excitement! Kim Gang-woo "I came to you, Woo Jin" Twenty years and beyond Kim Jun-hyuk's identity was revealed, there was a gap between viewers about whether he was Kim U-Jin or Kim Bum-gyun. I could not be sure of it easily, so I increased my concentration. Kim Jun-hyuk went to the places of memories according to the instructions of Bluebird Jeong Yeon-yeon (Gong Seung Yeon) and saw the welcome of Kim Woo-jin there. Kim Kang-woo's delicate tears have completed his heart-pleasing scenes. ◆ Lee Ho-soo convincingly conveyed 'Memory', a key theme of 'Circle', through the character, and gave a big resonance"Memory is a responsibility". ◆The twist, "Hello. Human B President Park, Dong-Gun " The act of Han Sang-jin, who turned into a mean and cold smile, raised dramatic tension. ◆ "Humanity, the world is going to be a wonderful new world." The heavy topic of 'circle' The 'wonderful New World', which is also the subtitle of 'Part 2', comes from the novel by Huxley. Highly developed science dominates society and borrows a dystopian worldview that is controlled by freedom even though it is not unhappy. Professor Han Yong-woo talks directly. In the end, the Han Yong Woo threatens Kim Woo-jin, who has endured the illegal clinical experiment by sticking to the technique of interpreting the brain and imaging the memory I will become a new world. " It was Han Yong-woo, but it was different from the wicked people who often think. Stronger and more evil than technology was caught and gradually lost himself. The madness that lost control brought fear and inspired compassion. The dream of Han Yong-woo, who is living in a wonderful or new hell, dreaming of a "wonderful new world," was a spectacle that asked the audience a big question by itself. (Google translate)
  9. Duel Episodes 5 & 6: Triple Threat by Kate Weber on Thu, Jun 22, 2017 It seems this week we’ve got less of a duel and more of a… three-el? With law enforcement, the organ dealers, and Bad Clone acting somewhat as a free agent Detective Jung and Good Clone are facing threats on all sides. Good thing they’ve found a new ally in our spunky and smart reporter friend. Will Detective Jang and Good Clone ever find Soo Yeon and the truth about the clones? Join Young Ajummah and me, Kate, as we discuss episodes five and six of Duel.
  10. Circle: Episode 10 by festerfaster I’m always blown away by the pace of this show — there’s barely any lag, and answers come almost as quickly as you can think of the questions. It’s a rare show that both outsmarts its viewers and respects their intelligence. And while we work our brains to keep up with the show, Circle repeatedly brings us back to the heart of its conceit: Who are we without our memories
  11. We have another picture of Soyeon in Bali. She looks lovely and serene.. Love the background too. I am glad she had a great time there with her husband. She left a message for her fans on Fan Café & D.C Inside Gallery. She thanks her fans as they have been sharing many things together, She has finished the trip well and returned. It is another start in her life and they are taking a pair of steps strongly. As her fans have deeply supported her, she feels more responsible . She promised that she will do her best to show them a good appearance and good acting.
  12. Han Hye-jin and Ki Sung-yong "Four years of marriage" Elle Korea photoshoot In the interview that followed, they showed generosity to each other. When asked what they are trying to do with each other because they can not always get together, Han Hye-jin said, "I should not do anything that hurts in words, I always try not to be uncomfortable with each other. "I have the idea that I have to flow smoothly and flexibly at any time of my life, and every hour seems to have its own meaning. I also shared my thoughts on. (Google translate)
  13. I find her the same. She is thin but she looks so happy. I agree that she will look prettier if she will gain a little weight but as long as she is healthy, no problem. I see so many cameo news these days. I think it will be great if Soyeon will appear at least in a special guest role.
  14. Another casting news Actor Ryu Seung-soo was cast in SBS drama "Falsify" and will act as a lawyer, Cho Young-ki of the non-line-up organization that plans and executes illegal corruption forces.(Google translate)
  15. Forest of Secrets: Episode 4 by Laica With each dark secret Shi-mok discovers, the forest around him grows thicker and more dangerous, and the pool of people he can trust becomes smaller. But the upside of having so many villains is that they all have their own agendas, and they’re as wary of each other as they are of Shi-mok. Here’s hoping he can stay ahead of their tricks and use that to his advantage. more