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  1. Jung Sang Hoon transformed into a luxury man in my Husband Oh Jak Doo. Stills http://tenasia.hankyung.com/archives/1428743
  2. I have a question. If there is a suspicious death the police has to asked the family to do an autopsy? I just wonder.
  3. I only speculate because I never was in this situation, never dealt with obsessed people. I could be wrong. Maybe Hye Ran never said that she loved her husband to reassure his ego but in the same time she gave him hope. I liked that she was trying to make peace. She remember their good times and has appealed to his emotional side. She made sure he knew that their relationship meant something. Maybe by not revealing her feelings for Tae wook, made Kevin Lee feel better, his ego felt flattered, but I think he needed boundaries. Perhaps that`s how we deal with normal people not obsessed ex lovers. We saw how he wanted to kiss her after Hye Ran`s "confession" and she kissed him back. That`s not the way to finish his obsession. I guess, Hye Ran thought she could slightly defuse the situation (blackmail) and think of another solution later. Kevin Lee was not going to stop his obsession/ cat and mouse game with Hye Ran. And a prove of that was the black box chip from his pocket (if he was indeed the one who took it).
  4. I did not think of that but I am curious of this because there is a posibility that Ma-wang`s child might be alive. I don`t know if they will go there, but I always wonder why Jin Seon-mi had those powers. I hope we`ll see more about Ma Wang and first love `s story. I wish they will be reunited in the end.
  5. Premiere Watch: by girlfriday Children of a Lesser God Time slot: Saturday & Sunday Broadcaster: OCN Genre: Supernatural crime thriller Episode count: 16 Reasons to watch: Spine-tingler alert! Children of a Lesser God is a crime investigation drama with a creepy supernatural twist, about two detectives who partner up to fight a shadowy organization—one detective only relies on cold hard facts, while the other has a paranormal sense that allows her to relive a victim’s gruesome death. This is otherwise known as OCN’s bread-and-butter formula, but it obviously works, and with Kang Ji-hwan and Kim Ok-bin starring as the investigator duo, I’m expecting great antagonistic sparks between them. I’m a big wuss about the gruesome deaths though, so I’ll have to check out the first episode with my eyes covered in case it turns into another Voice, which broke OCN’s ratings records at the time but scared me away. If it’s closer to Vampire Prosecutor’s method of seeing the victim’s final seconds in a stylized vision, I can deal with that. PD Kang Shin-hyo of Heirs and Midas is at the helm, so it’s anybody’s guess what direction the thriller will take. http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/02/premiere-watch-should-we-kiss-first-children-of-a-lesser-god/
  6. [Upcoming Drama 2018] Live 살다

    This drama is not a thriller. The genre I put on the first page was a slice of life drama. The drama follows the police officers as they try to do their jobs. It focus on their everyday life and their growth and not about mystery.
  7. I think that without a doubt, it was Hye Ran who sent Yoon Song Yi to take pictures of Kevin and Ji won kissing in the car. If I remember corectly, it was a scene where Yoon told Hye Ran to owe her one for that favor. Hye Ran set ambitious and unscrupulous Ji Won up with the womanizer Kevin Lee hoping something will happen between them. She needed the pictures to show them to director of the station. She did not want the scandal to extend so she used her friend for this little dirty job. I had Eun Joo high on my suspect list from the beginning but seeing that she found out from the black box chip that Hye Ran lied to her about her husband I thought she is not the one who killed Kevin Lee. I hate when they are trolling us because I am easily fooled. That makes sense. I always doubted that Eun joo was a naive person. But maybe she had too much trust in Hye Ran. She knew that Ji Won was sleeping with her husband but the information about Hye Ran surprised her. I thought that. When she saw the video from Hye Ran`s car, maybe she was devestated because she found out that the woman who dumped her husband in the past was Hye Ran. We`ll see more about what Eun Joo in the upcoming episodes.
  8. Hwayugi: Episode 16 by girlfriday Is it too much to ask for just one hour of romance without any mention of apocalypses, deadly fates, or eternal suffering to ruin the moment? I know the answer to that question, but I feel the need to ask it anyway, the same way that Show feels the need to fill me with dread every time we get too secure in our happiness. C’mon, give a monkey a break, will you? EPISODE 16 RECAP Read more http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/02/hwayugi-episode-16/
  9. Wang Ji Won 왕지원

    It seams that Wang Ji Won will appear in KBS2 talk show Hello Counselor. In the picture with Shin Dong Yup. http://www.kyeonggi.com/?mod=news&act=articleView&idxno=1445358 The episode will be broadcasted at 10:55 pm on the 19th February. http://enter.etoday.co.kr/view/news_view.php?varAtcId=136016
  10. February 19 2018 First still images from MBC drama series “Let’s Hold Hands Tightly And Watch The Sunset” First still images of Han Hye-Jin and Yoon Sang-Hyun in upcoming MBC drama series “Let’s Hold Hands Tightly And Watch The Sunset.” The still images are from the first day of filming which took place recently (mid-February, 2018) in Paju, South Korea. The weather on that day was quite cold with wind chill hitting -20 celsius. The scene has Nam Hyun-Joo (Han Hye-Jin) and Kim Do-Young (Yoon Sang-Hyun ) having a good time on their wedding anniversary day. “Let’s Hold Hands Tightly and Watch The Sunset” first airs March 14, 2018 in South Korea. http://blog.asianwiki.com/korean-dramas/first-still-images-from-mbc-drama-series-lets-hold-hands-tightly-and-watch-the-sunset
  11. All these points make sense. I agree with them but still it is hard for me to imagine Eun Joo planing to kill her husband minutes after their fight. I think she is a driven woman. She pushed her husband to succes and she is not that meek wife she appeared to be in the early episodes. She could be so cold and calculated that minutes after her husband left she decided to follow him? I don`t think Ji Won and Eu Joo are together in this. If Hye Ran lost the brooch when she met Eun Joo, it could be that Ji Won was in vicinity. She could have stayed there to demonstrate Eun Joo that Hye Ran and Kevin lee were indeed an item like she said. But being together to murder Kevin... I don`t think so. I will let things settle a little. The pieces of the puzzle don`t match yet so I will wait for more informations. I have a feeling that Kevin lee met Tae Wook that night. I wonder if he was on the phone or it was Hye Ran again. I am so curious.
  12. I also think it is good for Tae Wook that Eun Joo is trying to get closer to him. Tae Wook will learn that Hye Ran`s has other things in her past he doesn`t know about. He will want to know more. This time he will not burry the head on the sand like he did with Kevin Lee came in his wife`s life. Hye Ran`s secret is about to be discovered with Eun Joo and Ha Myung-Woo getting close to Tae Wook. I want to know what he will do when the secret will be out. Hope he will stay by her side.