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  1. I love this drama. I can`t wait to watch the next episodes. Not only the OTP but the side characters are interesting. The three women were drinking at Ko Yoo-Sun`s home and the guys were with Bong Ji-Hong. I support all the couples: Dan-Yi and Eun Ho, I hope Bong Ji-Hong will reunite with Young-A, and Kim Jae-Min will find a new love with Ko Yoo-Sun. I even support Song Hae-Rin and Ji Seo-Joon, not to mention Park Hoon and Ji-Yool . Love is everywhere. *****
  2. So, it was not a mistake but it was intentional?! About the ep 3 &4. OMG, what they did to Shi-Woo was atrocious. I don`t have words to express the disgust I have for those people. Monsters. They got thrill when they hunt people? Phychopath Hong Won-Tae was crawling in front of "Young Master", another monster. I was perplexing. Is that man the one who killed Ko Dong-Kook without showing any remorce years ago? I think he is. And seeing that old man as a higher up in the police office almost made me puke (even knowing already that he has connections when he said that he will resolve their problem). I am intrigued by Kang Woo-Hyun. Like Ko Dong-Kook, I wonder what he is not telling? What he knows about Hong and why that man wanted him dead along with his family? Why did they choose him? Woo Hyun and his secretary know something that we don`t know yet.
  3. Yes, it is about pikachu. Somebody at OCN messed up the sound. The video was dramatic with people dying, bleeding and suffering and the music was happy and funny. I had a good laugh. I am about to watch the third episode.
  4. Casting news Oh Kwang-rok confirmed his appearance on the SBS new drama Big Issue. He plays the role of Doctor Go, a homeless person who, maybe, was a doctor but he doesn`t know anything about his past. http://www.mydaily.co.kr/new_yk/html/read.php?newsid=201902141646665373&ext=na ***** A.C.E (Ace) Leader, SBS 'Big Issue' Cameo TO BE AN ACE Leader of the rapidly rising world idol group A.C.E (Ace) through world tour will appear in cameo on SBS new big drama 'Big issue' Ace Jun is going to be a gambling idol in the play to reveal her presence. Jun acted as a guitarist in the past Seo Taiji musical 'Fest' and later acted in dramas such as 'I need romance' https://www.tvreport.co.kr/?c=news&m=newsview&idx=1109045
  5. [Orion's Daily Ramblings] Jung Kyung-ho, Park Sung-woong, Lee Seol and Lee El Confirmed for "When the Devil Calls Your Name" By Vasia Orion on 2019/02/14 at 16:46 PST t is a good day in Dramaland when such news pops up, and my excitement for "When the Devil Calls Your Name" is now getting more solid footing with these casting confirmations. The upcoming fantasy human melodrama is about a star composer whose soul contract with the Devil is about to expire. The story follows the protagonist, Ha Rip (Jung Kyung-ho), after he finds out that all of the success he has enjoyed has robbed a young woman of her talent and life. It is about the restoration of their lives, and the lives of those around them, and about discovering the essence of life in the process. Character information remains largely unchanged for these roles, with Ha Rip being the man who is in a battle against time for his very soul in a story following the motif of Goethe's Faust. Park Sung-woong plays Mo Tae-kang, a top actor famous for his "devilish method acting". They're not being subtle with the twist here, as Tae-kang enjoys this fame from obscurity due to being a body possessed by the Devil, the owner of Ha Rip's contract. more https://www.hancinema.net/orion-s-daily-ramblings-jung-kyung-ho-park-sung-woong-lee-seol-and-lee-el-confirmed-for-when-the-devil-calls-your-name-126608.html
  6. Things Begin To Change Between Lee Na Young And Lee Jong Suk In “Romance Is A Bonus Book” by J. Lim Small changes are started to blossom between Lee Na Young and Lee Jong Suk in tvN’s “Romance is a Bonus Book.” “Romance is a Bonus Book” is tvN’s weekend drama that tells the story of Kang Dan Yi (Lee Na Young), an unemployed woman who finds work as a temporary employee at a publishing company, and Cha Eun Ho (Lee Jong Suk), the publishing company’s editor-in-chief. Spoilers Things are starting to change as Ji Seo Joon (Wi Ha Joon) is being more forward with his feelings for Kang Dan Yi. Seeing Kang Dan Yi happily agree to go on a date with Ji Seo Joon sparks jealousy in Cha Eun Ho. Though he doesn’t like the fact that the two are getting closer, his heart weakens at the sight of Kang Dan Yi looking excited to start dating again after a long break. more https://www.soompi.com/article/1304405wpp/things-begin-to-change-between-lee-na-young-and-lee-jong-suk-in-romance-is-a-bonus-book
  7. Lee Na Young And Lee Jong Suk Headed For Turning Point In Relationship In “Romance Is A Bonus Book” by J. Lim tvN’s weekend drama “Romance is a Bonus Book” is hinting at big things to come for Kang Dan Yi (Lee Na Young) and Cha Eun Ho (Lee Jong Suk)! “Romance is a Bonus Book” is a romantic comedy that tells the story of an unemployed woman who finds work as a temporary employee at a publishing company, and Cha Eun Ho, the publishing company’s editor-in-chief. The two have been hesitant to even tell their co-workers that they’ve known each other for a long time. But Cha Eun Ho realizes that what he’s feeling is love for Kang Dan Yi, and though he wants to be with her, he’s more cautious than ever because her friendship means so much to him. And with Ji Seo Joon (Wi Ha Joon) saying there’s something growing between himself and Kang Dan Yi, and Song Hae Rin (Jung Yoo Jin) starting to show an interest in Cha Eun Ho, things are about to get a little complicated. Despite the many things unfolding around them, the new stills show Kang Dan Yi and Cha Eun Ho sharing a sweet moment together. He carefully wraps a scarf around her neck and as she doesn’t know how Cha Eun Ho feels, Kang Dan Yi smiles brightly at him like she always does. They’re in the same space but on different planes, and it will be interesting to see if Kang Dan Yi catches on about Cha Eun Ho’s feelings for her. more https://www.soompi.com/article/1304248wpp/lee-na-young-and-lee-jong-suk-headed-for-turning-point-in-relationship-in-romance-is-a-bonus-book
  8. Preview ep 15-16 **** After watching the scene, Lee Bom`s husband deserves those two slaps. I enjoy to see Park Yoon-Cheol`s torment. Choi Byung-Mo does a very good job portraying his character. The two ladies are great too.
  9. Cofee truck for The Banker **** Kim Tae Woo will play a well dressed weasel in this drama?
  10. Kim Nam Gil poster photoshoot more https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?memberNo=28655711&volumeNo=17873120
  11. Kim Nam Gil poster photoshoot more pictures https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?memberNo=28655711&volumeNo=17873120
  12. I am glad that you pointed this. It is not only the case with this show, almost every drama has the scene where the characters drink so much until get wasted, that they forgot what they did. I wanted to comment about this issue. I try ignore the reality when I am watching those scenes but It is not funny in real life. People drink way too much in those dramas. I can take a one time alcohol intoxication event as the drama plot/ cliche but I wish to see dramas taking serious this problem. Alcohol could cause an addiction. I like when Jae-In and Ki-Seok were meeting and she starts using their first name. I also like that Ki Seok said to her that she should see beyond the surface with Ko Tae-Rim. I am very curious why Ki Seok left him. I also like the scene where Jae In and Tae rim were bickering like siblings and stop when Koo Se-Joong was present (he is a father figure). I believed that Yoon Sang-Koo was not behind the attack. Someone want to frame him? Min Joo-Kyung is an interesting character. She cares about Tae Rim but she works with the competition. Was she involved in Bang Dae-Han`s "dirty business" or she was caught in the middle? Stills for episode 4
  13. I expected to have few scenes since he is not the first lead in this romcom. He is doing a good job and the character suits him very well. I think his story arc will be nice and even without so much screen time I am glad that he accepted this role. It was his luck. I wish he will receive more offers to do the weekday dramas.
  14. Character chart translated to English I laughed when I saw the love line in this drama. Lee Kang Chi loves Gong Hwa Sook, who loves Gi Tae Woong, he loves Go Hae Ri, who loves our hero, Cha Dal Gun. Fortunately, he stops there. He reciprocates the feeling for the heroine.