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  1. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    No, I think Black will fall in love with Ha Ram. It is happening again, a grim reaper falling in love with a human. My only concern is how Black will end in all this story. If he will have to go to his world and all the memories will be erased, maybe Moo Bang has another chance to live, and he comes back to his body. But I don`t know how the story will progress. I`m still thinking about those three Grim Reapers talking about becoming accomplices to breaking a rule. I can`t wait to find out more about them.
  2. Oh Yeon-seo has confirmed her appearance as a heroine in the drama Hwayugi.
  3. You should not put your hopes for a top that is really biased. Maybe the person who wrote the article did not watch all the dramas. It is just her/ his preference. It was just for fun. Even if you would agree with all the entrees, there will be dozen of people who will want another dramas on the list. It was just one viewer who happends to like Temperature of Love. That`s it.
  4. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    The killer obviously doesn`t know about the Grim reaper. He thought that he killed Moo Bang the second time. He thought he was so lucky that he did not die. But why want to kill Moo bang now? Why now? They thought he is getting close to the truth? So much mystery! The last time I was so engaged in solving the mystery was watching Secrets of Forest/ Stranger.
  5. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    It could be something here. Yes, it could be a young boy that Black had found, he could be Joon. I also had a strange feeling watching the first scene. I kept wondering when this scene took place. It could the actual Black (in Moo Bang`s body) after he will discover the mistery of his murder and return to his place, it is Black before he decides to go to human`s world and discover why he died, it could be Moo Bang himself transformed in a Grim Reaper. But if Joon died young, who is Moo bang? How he grew up in this world? So many questions. But if he was killed by another Grim Reaper it could make sense. The one who pushed him over the edge, had strong powers. My question is... what is happening to a Grim Reaper if he falls in love with a human. What is that terrible thing he could face? Yes, Ha Ram`s father looked like a normal man. And he knew about that man with the tottoo when his daughter told him. But we have to wait to see more about the Grim reapers`s world/ rules.
  6. Temperature of Love Review Episodes 13-16: From Soup to Nuts by CiCi Kdrama on Mon, Oct 16, 2017 From the depths of despair to the giddy heights of love, Hyun Soo is experiencing it all. Join Janet and me, Cici, as we chat about everything from (Good) Soup to nuts in Temperature of Love. Cici: Poor Hyun Soo. It seems like her dreams are crashing all around her. Except, of course, her dreams of being with Jung Seon. I for one am relieved that she has finally realized that being in a loving relationship with someone is just as important to her happiness as being in a successful career, and that Jung Seon was able to give her a second chance. Read more https://www.dramafever.com/news/temperature-of-love-review-episodes-13-16-from-soup-to-nuts/ Dramafever The 9 most romantic TV shows of 2017 by whatadrama on Mon, Oct 16, 2017 2. Temperature of Love When "Jane" and "Good Soup" meet online, they hardly know anything about each other. When they meet offline for the first time, Good Soup falls in love with Jane, who doesn't believe in first love. Will the intuitive French food chef, who runs a restaurant called Good Soup, and the pragmatic screenwriter, Jane, find their ideal temperature of love? https://www.dramafever.com/news/9-best-romantic-tv-shows-of-2017/
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  8. Fashion Seo Hyun Jin wore NOHANT Unisex Cropped Hoodie_Gray Seo Hyun Jin gifted Yang Se-Jong with a pair of DESCENTE Unisex Blaze Tough Wide White
  9. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    Fashion Go Ara wore INDIGO CHILDREN Unisex Oversize Back Zip MTM_Pink Go Ara wore PS.MERCI Beau A1-1 Sunglasses Go Ara wore VANS Old Skool_Black / White
  10. What a dream! Or nightmare? She still has feelings for Gong Ji Won and we know that Ji Won loves her back. Anticipating the fist real kiss.
  11. Cha Seung-won becomes the charismatic Bull Demon King for Hwayugi by tineybeanie Will there be a You’re All Surrounded reunion soon? It’s been confirmed that Cha Seung-won (Hwajeong) will be starring in the next Hong sisters drama Hwayugi, which is currently courting Lee Seung-gi (Love Forecast) to be its other main lead. Their chemistry as rookie and veteran cop was the highlight of You’re All Surrounded, so if this matchup happens, I’d be ecstatic. Hwayugi is a modern retelling of the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West, which is about a Buddhist monk who is tasked by the gods with retrieving sacred texts from India. The gods give the monk four protector-companions, the main one being Sun Wukong (character offered to Lee Seung-gi), the mischievous Monkey King. Along their way, they encounter various obstacles that are overcome through their combined cunning, strength, and faith. In the drama, the monk will be a female heroine who searches for the purest light in the midst of the dark world full of evil spirits. Cha Seung-won’s character is modeled after the Bull Demon King, who initially presents an obstacle for the travelers, but becomes a sworn brother to Sun Wukong. In Hwayugi which is set in the present day, Cha Seung-won will play a gentle and charismatic businessman. He’s content with his luxurious life, being the object of everyone’s envy. Even though he’s the CEO of an entertainment company, he’s more popular than even some of his own celebrities. However, he has a bad history with Lee Seung-gi’s character in the past. So I’m looking forward to the potential bickering bromance between the two, especially if they engage in a love triangle with the monk. http://www.dramabeans.com/2017/10/cha-seung-won-becomes-the-charismatic-bull-demon-king-for-hwayugi/
  12. Actor Kang Sung-pil will return to the small screen in drama Hwayugi. It's been three years since OCN's 'Quiz Season 4' in 2014. According to the official of the broadcasting company on the 16th, Kang Sung-pil joins the cable channel tvN New Saturday Miniseries "Hwayugi" . http://www.edaily.co.kr/news/news_detail.asp?newsId=01390726616093576&mediaCodeNo=258
  13. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    I justy finished episode 2. It is a little blurry my mind at this point. So many thoughts and assumptions. We get all these pieces of the puzzle and we don`t know how to arrange them. I thought that Grim Reaper was Ha Ram`s father too. I even thought (I don`t know why...) that the woman in the car accident was Ha Ram`s mother. What happened when a Gream Reaper is making eye contact with a woman in love? That Gream Reaper was looking deep in the eyes of the woman who was definetly in love with her newlywed husband. Why we did not see the face of that man? What tragedy will happen? I got a feeling that woman was Ha Ram`s mother and Ha Ram, was the daughter of that Grim Reaper. Maybe that`s why she can see the shadows of death. But who killed Ha Ram`s father then? Another Grim Reaper? When Ha Ra saw the man who killed her father we saw that he had a scar on his face and a spider tatoo on his hand. Now we find out that the mental patient who killed the nurse had a hood -shaped scar on his face. Something like that? And he had a burn scar on his hand. And we found out that he had this picture. That`s definetly young Joon/ Moo Bang. If he had a burn on his hand maybe he is involved in Moojin fire accident. Maybe Black is looking for the same man. Let`s come back a little at Ha Ram`s father. Maybe it is a crazy thought. But I have questions and I know I could be totally wrong because I am still in the dark. What if he took the body of that man in the car accident? I want to explain her mother`s ambivalence. We know that she kept her husband`s things and sometimes cries remembering him. When Ha Ram confronted her mother with that letter announcing that her father was killed, she knew more than she told Ha Ram. Their conversation: Ha Ram: He was your husband. Why did he do so wrong? What did we do so wrong to you? Ha Ram`s mother: What was wrong? Everything was wrong form the get-go. Every single thing was wrong. That day at that place. Kang Soo hyuk had to die. Ha Ram: What? Her mother: That`s right. Everyhting was wrong. Every single thing that happened, including falling in love with him and giving birth to you. Ha Ram was shocked but I can explain her mother`s reaction if she knew that she felt in love with the Grim Reaper or that her husband was not the same man she knew. Maybe she knew why her husband had to die that night, maybe he was punished for breaking the rules and it was useless to investigate any further with the police. It is just an assumption, nothing more. Now. Another questions. What happened with the young Joon, why Moo Bang did not remember Ha Ram? Her mother said that something about what she did to keep him alive. And we saw that he had to take pills. Why they want him dead? The lunetist had instruction to shoot from someone else. The man who was with Moo Bang`s mother is the number one suspect. So, Kim Tae Joon plays the Grim Reaper who enters Moo Bang`s body? I think I like the idea. Now we know that he did not had the same face as Moo Bang. I want to discover the whole picture. Hope all our questions will receive answers.