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  1. If you feel ForeverAlone™, Soompi has a challenge for you! The Valentine's week has already begun and Soompi scattered some hearts on the forums. From February 14th to February 20th, Soompiers will be tasked to find those hearts for us, in order to worship Overlord Cupid. Now, here’s how this event works: For the first time ever, this year's scavenging hunt features a solo-based gameplay! Soompiers will be competing against each other for the whole duration of the event! Without further ado, this is what the hearts looks like: 5 pictures of those hearts are posted in the most active or recent threads/posts on the forums but no clue will be given this time around! Each picture is worth 5,000 reputation points! The first Soompier who manages to find all 5 will earn a total of 50,000 reputation points! This event is open to all Soompiers, but please don’t be a grinch and ruin the fun by soliciting and/or providing the answers. Gentle hints are acceptable, but it’s no fun if the answer gets posted in this public thread! Anyone revealing the answers will be disqualified! The event ends on February 20th - 4:00pm PST! Submit your answers >>> here! <<<
  2. [Season 1] Holiday Present Hunt 2017

    Happy Holidays, Soompiers! PRE-REGISTRATIONS ARE NOW OPEN! The event starts on December 15th 4:00pm PST! December is back and we're all broke purchasing holiday gifts for our family and friends. It's okay, we get the chance of witnessing some beautiful snowfall...until they bury your car, preventing you attending your workplace or school. It's okay, we have the perfect event to unleash your fury in the Soompi's Annual Holiday Hunt Event! Now, here’s how this event works: For the first time ever, this year's holiday hunt features a team-based gameplay! We will have two teams competing against each other for the whole duration of the event. Team Idol members: - All registered members with names starting with: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M (including symbols) Team Sasaeng members: - All registered members with names starting with: N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z (including numbers) Every day at 4:00pm PST from Friday, December 15th through Tuesday, December 26th, a hint will be posted in this forum thread. Using that clue, put on your holiday hunting gear and search for the blue present box that will be hidden anywhere within the Soompi forums. The gift box will be big and noticeable, but… only if you’re in the right place! I repeat, each clue will only be available for ONE day, so save, save, save! (Our recommendation is to write down the thread name and page number of where you saw that sneaky gift box, copy the URL, and/or take a screenshot of the present.) In total, there will be four rounds with each round lasting three days. One round involves a specific theme: Kpop, Kdramas, actors/actresses or shippers paradise. Three clues for each round. In order to make your team win, you need to gather points. The first clue is worth 30 points. The second clue is worth 20 points. The third clue is worth 10 points. The team with the most points will win this year's holiday hunt! The prize is 10,000 reputation points for every member of the winning team! However, there's a catch! At the end of each round, a Polldaddy Form will be posted, also in this forum thread, for you to submit your answers. You will have only one day after each round to submit, then a random person with all the correct answers from any team will be selected, via the draw-a-name-out-of-a-hat method as the winner, which means that, at the end of the Holiday Hunt event, we will have a total of four winners. That's right! Not only you have to worry about the opponents' team, you will be competing against everyone for exclusive prizes from Viki! This is a team-based event which also punishes teamwork! So keep the answers for yourself if you want the big goodies! This year, our prizes are: (1) Soompi x Viki Swag Pack: Tote, large shirt, lanyard, sticker set, pen (1) Mystery Queen Pack: Poster + small tote (1) Legend of the Blue Sea Poster - It's pretty big; will also include a Soompi x Viki Tote (1) Lucky Romance Poster - Will also include a sticker set from the Soompi x Viki Swag pack To make things fair on which winner gets which prize, on Thursday, December 28th, the gamemaster will send to one of the Viki community managers, a PM with a number between 1 and 50. Then, on Friday, December 29th, every eligible winner will send me ONE guess on what that mystery number is. After all guesses have been submitted, the winners will be invited to the PM between me and the Viki Manager to see what that mystery number was. The order of the winners will be ranked by closest to the mystery number without going over and will be matched to the order of the prizes as listed above. Without further ado, this is what the present box looks like: The deadlines of every round are: December 18, 4:00pm PST December 21, 4:00pm PST December 24, 4:00pm PST December 27, 4:00pm PST For more examples or to familiarize yourself with the holiday hunt process, take a look at last year’s thread here. This event is open to all Soompiers, but please don’t be a grinch and ruin the fun by soliciting and/or providing the answers. Gentle hints are acceptable, but it’s no fun if the answer gets posted in the public thread! (If you’re curious about the answers, it will be all be revealed at the end of the event. Just so you know, you are welcome to deceive the opponents' team by any means necessary as long it doesn't include ad hominem attacks and swearing. And now… let the games begin! Ready! Set! HUNT!! SUBMIT YOUR ANSWERS WITH THE FORM ====> Round 4 <==== ROUND 1 Clue #1 Clue #2 Clue #3 ROUND 2 Clue #1 Clue #2 Clue #3 ROUND 3 Clue #1 Clue #2 Clue #3 BONUS ROUND Clue #1 Clue #2 Clue #3 ROUND 4 Clue #1 Clue #2 Clue #3
  3. [Season 1] Soompi's Heart Scavenging Hunt!

    nope. That would be too easy.
  4. [Season 1] Soompi's Heart Scavenging Hunt!

    @Mio- You can submit several times if needed. Either way works.
  5. [Season 1] Holiday Present Hunt 2017

    RESULTS ROUND 3 26 total participants 11 idols vs 15 sasaengs aya94ib 30 stargazer187 30 Mio- 30 phikyl 30 angelangie 30 Sejabini 30 cecentre 30 RPM 30 anniekissbel 30 Stroppyse 30 lyrayoo 30 Staygold 30 Berou 30 Nynda 30 jeijei 30 USAFarmgirl 30 icyphoenix 10 Yongzura 30 Adriana902 10 Triplem 30 evie 7 10 TRaNz 30 Unnisarah 10 Onlysb 20 queenbroke 20 2handsintertwined 10 TOTAL POINTS 270 TOTAL POINTS 390 RESULTS ROUND 4 24 total participants 12 idols vs 12 sasaengs lyrayoo 20 Sejabini 30 evie7 20 queenbrooke 30 Berou 30 stroppyse 30 aya94ib 30 RPM 30 jeijei 20 USAFarmgirl 30 Adriana902 20 phikyl 30 anniekissbel 20 stargazer187 30 cecentre 30 staygold 30 Mio- 30 Nynda 30 Ais1ing 30 triplem 30 angelangie 30 yongzura 30 icyphoenix 30 TraNz 30 TOTAL POINTS 310 TOTAL POINTS 360 FINAL RESULTS idols vs sasaengs ROUND 1 390 ROUND 1 370 ROUND 2 130 ROUND 2 80 ROUND 3 270 ROUND 3 390 ROUND 4 310 ROUND 4 360 BONUS 660 BONUS 780 TOTAL POINTS 1760 TOTAL POINTS 1980 TEAM SASAENG WINS! 10000 RP PRIZES Nynda Sejabini triplem queenbrooke yongzura stroppyse TraNz RPM Onlysb USAFarmgirl UnniSarah phikyl themoonofseoul stargazer187 2handsintertwined staygold ELIGIBLE FOR VIKI PRIZES cecentre staygold Mio- RPM anniekissbel Sejabini aya94ib yongzura USAFarmgirl stargazer187 Nynda A following message will be sent to the eligible participants for Viki prizes shortly. Thank you for your patience!
  6. [Season 1] Holiday Present Hunt 2017

    RESULTS ROUND 2 20 total participants 8 idols vs 12 sasaengs aya94ib 10 phikyl 10 Mio- 10 RPM 10 cecentre 10 sejabini 10 angelangie 20 yongzura 10 anniekissbel 20 staygold 10 Lyrayoo 20 queenbrooke 10 Berou 20 triplem 10 Ais1ing 20 stargazer187 10 Nynda 10 stroppyse 10 TRaNz 10 USAFarmgirl 10 TOTAL POINTS 130 TOTAL POINTS 120 RESULTS BONUS ROUND 25 total participants 11 idols vs 14 sasaengs Adriana902 60 queenbrooke 40 aya94ib 60 UnniSarah 20 anniekissbel 60 yongzura 60 Berou 60 Sejabini 60 Mio- 60 Onlysb 60 dramu51ch0c10ve 60 RPM 60 angelangie 60 TRaNz 60 lyrayoo 60 staygold 60 jeijei 60 phikyl 60 cecentre 60 USAFarmgirl 60 Ais1ing 60 stroppyse 60 stargazer187 60 triplem 60 Nynda 60 TOTAL POINTS 660 TOTAL POINTS 780
  7. [Season 1] Holiday Present Hunt 2017

    RESULTS ROUND 1 26 total participants 13 idols vs 13 sasaengs Ais1ing 30 Onlysb 30 cecentre 30 Staygold 30 Kim choon-hee 30 RPM 30 dramu51ch0c10ve 30 UnniSarah 10 Mio- 30 sejabini 30 anniekissbel 30 stroppyse 30 luce88yong 30 Yongzura 30 Berou 30 triplem 30 angelangie 30 USAFarmgirl 30 Lexicon 30 Stargazer187 30 aya94ib 30 Nynda 30 jeijei 30 TRaNz 30 LyraYoo 30 themoonofseoul 30 TOTAL POINTS 390 TOTAL POINTS 370
  8. [Season 1] Holiday Present Hunt 2017

    The results are being counted. The process might be delayed for a few days. Thank you for your patience!
  9. [Season 1] Holiday Present Hunt 2017

    Good luck for the third round!
  10. [Season 1] Holiday Present Hunt 2017

    I thought this was easier than the first round.
  11. [Season 1] Holiday Present Hunt 2017

    The second round has begun! The bonus round will be rescheduled for tomorrow 4:00pm PST due to technical difficulties.
  12. Event ideas discussion

    Basically the mafia game and the village of Salem. It was very successful on our chat platform. For the forums, it will be very difficult based on the game design.
  13. [Season 1] Holiday Present Hunt 2017

    Considering the answer has been spoiled in the event thread by someone, around 58 additional submissions have been registered within the time frame (8 minutes) when the spoiler post was not hidden on time. From these 58 submissions, we cannot identify which ones should be disqualified. I deem it unfair to penalize the entire event for this one single mistake. Please refrain from posting any answers on this thread to make it fair for everyone. Thank you. I'll be adding a bonus round starting December 18, 4:00pm PST with double the points and twice the difficulty!! Its first clue will be worth 60 points, second clue - 30 points, third clue - 20 points!
  14. [Season 1] Holiday Present Hunt 2017

    Just so you know, the form has been updated to include Soompi usernames. If you didn't, your answer will remain void. Please resubmit if that's the case. Remember, the more people know, the less chances you get to win Viki prizes.
  15. [Season 1] Holiday Present Hunt 2017

    With an early start, I officially launch the Holiday Hunt 2017! Backstab your friends & thrash the opponent's team! Find the boxes, gain glory and climb the leaderboards! Happy Hunting!
  16. [Season 1] Holiday Present Hunt 2017

    The google form's purpose is to let people submit their answer. The clues will be posted on the first post of this thread.
  17. [Season 1] Holiday Present Hunt 2017

    You answer the questions as an individual, in order to be eligible for Viki prizes. If you manage to guess the answer by yourself, it awards points towards your team. The more people know, the more points your team will earn but will limit severely your chances to win Viki prizes. It is a mechanic that encourages teamwork for reputation points but also punishes it if you want to earn stuff from our staff hahaha. All the clues are related to one question: so if you answer right the first time by submitting your answer before the arrival of the second clue, it is worth 30 points. If not 20 points. All the answers will be uploaded after the deadlines to prove if you got it right or not. @aya94ib You are in team Idol.
  18. Event Forum Rules

    1. All general forum rules apply. - Please read the rules carefully. You will be warned if you are found in violation of any of these rules. 2. Do not bypass the swear filter. - Using *, ! or other symbols in place of a letter is unacceptable. There are social rules to be respected in all human interactions and self-control is one of the best qualities that make living together possible. 3. Do not quote pictures and long posts. - No one likes seeing repetitive content and go through an encyclopedia. 4. Do not engage in non-related conversations and share non-related content. - If you are not going to engage in a discussion with any event related topics, use the PM system or other means of communication 5. Do not upload or link more than 50 pictures in one post. - Please put your pictures in spoiler tags if you have more than 5. 6. Read the first post of each thread. - Most of your questions can usually be answered by simply reading the first post of an event.
  19. Hello Soompiers! As we're approaching Soompi's 20th birthday, our staff is looking for active candidates willing to join our team with one of the biggest forum communities dedicated to Korean Entertainment. Eligibility restrictions Anyone who has an account in good standing with a tenure of one year is encouraged to apply! We're looking for people who are passionate about this community, willing to work under conditions which often require a lot of teamwork and communication on a regular basis. Available Positions - Moderators Moderators are the backbone force of the Soompi forum staff. They are members who have proven signs of leadership and can also exercise fair decision-making in various parts of our community. Enforcing the rules of the Soompi forums Moderating specific forum sections Helping the community and assisting members Issuing warnings and answering reports/member requests Investigating cases - Event Organizers (New!) Event Organizers are members willing to create and host community events with Administrators and Viki Community Staff. Unlike moderators, this position doesn't have any moderating abilities. Hosting community games Creating giveaways and events Promoting forum events Procedures Selected candidates will go through a probation period of approximately 3 months. The service will last one year! (Renewal will be optional!) Please take note this is not a paid position. It is all voluntary work! How to enter The deadline is November 20, 2017 00:00 PST - Midnight (Pacific Standard Time). APPLY HERE!
  20. Add and Subtract Game

    I handpicked @CamelKnight because he had a questionable Internet browsing history. jk
  21. Add and Subtract Game

    636 "Friend of Soompi" used to be an exclusive rank for donators before Soompi became a registered company. Now, it is given to users who had contributed as a staff member.
  22. WHAT IS “RISING LEGENDS”? Rising Legends is a worldwide audition event for international K-pop star hopefuls, presented by Soompi and our partners and friends over at JYP Entertainment, home to TWICE, GOT7, 2PM, and more! HOW DO I ENTER?* Record yourself singing, dancing, or rapping any song (cover or originals are both accepted) under 2 minutes, upload it to YouTube with the title + “JYP x Soompi Rising Legends Audition,” and complete our submission form below! EX: “BTS – Dope Cover – JYP x Soompi Rising Legends Audition” *Personal information will not be revealed to the public. We will only provide information to JYP Entertainment if they’re interested in an interview with said contestant. If you are under the age of 18, make sure you have your parents’ permission before submitting. WHAT HAPPENS AFTER I SUBMIT? Our staff will review your application and you could be included in the Rising Legends first round voting that is open to all Soompi users. If you pass the first round, we will be contacting you about submitting a new video for the second and upcoming rounds. WHY SHOULD I PARTICIPATE? Finalists will be receiving an interview with a JYP Entertainment talent scout directly. (And we may also throw in some other perks.) WHAT IS THE DEADLINE? Submissions end on August 28th, 2016 at 11:59 AM KST / 7:59 PM PDT. Read the complete announcement here for more info!
  23. [Drama 2017] The King Loves 왕은 사랑한다

    ADMIN NOTE: After inspecting the "The King Loves" thread, the Soompi admins have therefore chosen this time and place to address a problematic situation in which a shipping war spreads fear and dominance. We spotted a lot of heated arguments that ultimately led to ad hominem attacks against other users. Our moderators have been overwhelmed by reports every day since this show has started airing. Numerous reminders posted by our staff went on deaf ears. From now on, anyone who violates our Terms of Service & forum rules on this thread will face a suspension or a ban. Let's restart discussions with a clean slate and dare to agree with the opposite side if you share the same point of view or in defeat. This is the final warning.