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  1. From my perspective, it does seem unfair to vote several times. We let all four participants pass into the next round because each side has abused the poll based on the results, inspection of votes, and comments on the external site/threads. It would take many business weeks to eliminate duplicate voters alone. According to our Soompi forum guidelines and Terms of Use, it would be fair to have only one Soompi account and one unique IP for one vote.
  2. Why am I even tagged though? What's happening?
  3. 698 We need to win this! Team SUBSTRACT has the lead (+1)
  4. 672 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Let's go team add!
  5. CC: @CamelKnight LOL - unfortunately, we can only reveal the HTML fonts from the status updates but not emojis. There are no custom plugins or something official to work on for that too. We'll add these requests but I doubt IPS would be willing to implement them in future updates ASAP. Anyways, it's definitely worth a try!
  6. Sorry for the late response. After researching throughly with our platform provider, they do not have a custom plugin nor have an official one to support this requested feature.
  7. The upcoming event is still under development. We underestimated our launch date which was originally scheduled for end January to early February. Currently, our team doesn't have an ETA so stay tuned for an announcement.
  8. ADMINISTRATIVE UPDATE After investigating the recent flux of reports coming from the Hwarang thread, the Soompi community staff has determined that this thread will be temporarily locked for 72 hours. The thread will be heavily inspected during the downtime. Anyone who breached Soompi's Terms of Service or our community rules will be subject to various consequences. The thread will re-open on February 12, 2017 (Midnight - Eastern Standard Time -05:00 GMT).
  9. It seems the HUD is not working properly. I just sent a memo to support for them to raise a ticket to IPS ASAP. The situation will be rectified in due course.
  10. Our forums just had a maintenance. It will take several business days to restore our data back.
  11. Please enlighten me with your theory. - I'm waiting.
  12. Hello Soompiers! We're back once again searching for active members who would like to give a hand with one of the biggest forums dedicated to Korean entertainment. Eligibility restrictions Anyone who has an account in good standing with a tenure of one year is encouraged to apply! We're looking for people who are passionate about this community, willing to work under conditions which often require a lot of teamwork and communication on a regular basis. How to enter There's an application form available on the table below. The deadline is January 10, 2017 23:45 EST (Eastern Standard Time). Please verify the table regularly for daily updates! Procedures Selected candidates will go through a probation period of approximately 3 months. The service will end on December 31, 2017. (Renewal will be optional!) Please take note this is not a paid position. It is all voluntary work! Sections Status Sections (cont.) Status K-pop school zone Kdramas & Movies Selling and trading k-entertainment general discussion general discussion sitcoms, variety & reality shows food actors & actresses global celebrities Shipper's paradise beauty & fashion global entertainment current events members 411 Love & Relationships fanfix fitness & sports performers arts, crafts, & home the real world (20+ ONLY) To access the application form: Click here!
  13. Fun fact: I was lucky enough to spot Kim Go Eun at the shooting locations in Quebec, Canada - last October. (She was really pretty! ) The filming crew was set near the Chateau Frontenac Hotel and Parc du Bastion-de-la-Reine (A really nice park to admire the castle and its surrounding fort walls with the side river) I wasn't able to see Gong Yoo though. Our local partners in my country actually helped the production of Goblin as well in hopes of promoting their town (Roughly 300,000$ US or 400,000$ CAD)
  14. We expect our community staff to be active on a regular basis meaning everyday if possible. Give me 5% of Rakuten's shares and we might have a deal.
  15. Keeping an eye on the majority of the threads and going through reported content related to your assigned area. Occasional meetings with staff from Soompi or Viki for overall assessment. Organizing events etc. - That's just the tip of the iceberg.
  16. Give me jjajangmyeon and we'll negotiate.
  17. @akinahana89 We do have something planned probably set up for next month, don't we?
  18. @akinahana89 Members are asking for a greater challenge. Make them suffer please!
  19. @abhishikta @CamelKnight So I just tried with several devices, it seems all mobile platforms cannot recognize or reformat content from the links. However, you can copy and paste the picture directly into the comment box and the image should show up.
  20. If you use a mobile phone to post pictures, they should show immediately after pressing enter in the edit box like @CamelKnight mentioned. It could take some time to load pictures as well. Although if that doesn't work, it could be an indicator that your mobile isn't supported by the platform (although I really doubt this would be the case).
  21. Sorry for the late reply! The forums are still being worked on but there is little we can do from our end because the fix mainly comes from our third party forum provider. Our developers are currently investigating reported issues and a support ticket has been sent to IPS so fingers crossed! There is data storage that is not functional and it shall be restored within this week hopefully. This could explain why emoticons are broken. There is no ETA for the time being.
  22. This is a known problem after every update requiring a maintenance. If the history cannot be shown, it means the forums are re-indexing everything and the issue will be resolved after a few days.