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  1. hi i start watching this drama last week an i liked it , i don't if i can be here so much or watching it every week but i had to write how much i like it the first 4 ep's were amazing i like the two leads and how they starting to connect even when they so much different from each other and yes i getting the "beautiful mind " feeling too , i think that the reason i decide to watch it from the start since i was so interesting in the male lead character in "beautiful mind " after all who don't like a story with dark mind fighting to live honest life i think it going to be more interesting since from the preview the more SM spend time with YJ the more he start feeling angry , happy and even smiling the thing he supposed he can't do after the surgery and i ma interesting in YJ story too since it was hinting that she also didn't have the best family or best child life and that the reason i think she understand that SM not scary but lonely and poor guy i think the hint of SM mother also remind me of "beautiful mind "
  2. WHAT a opening end we get here they killing me i need sub to understand everything but the EX GIRLFRIENDS IS a life w? who body they found ?? don't tell me he waited for 14 years for evil girl ??? what happen with YSO and her family ? okay i need sub or is that i wouldn't understand even with sub
  3. i am watching it now , how dear the husband act as he has the right to get angry on WS for what happen to YSO , he was the one who did nothing to help her so she start doing all this danger things to know the true by herself ( i don't want her to stay with the husband in the end )
  4. i think YJ quiet the police to be DJ lawyer first , even if he said he don't want one and will accept his full punishment , still we know our girl she wouldn't him spend 5 years or more in prison without helping if he want or not and yes i don't think she want to keep fighting after all what happen and what she lost in this fight , and she know better that she can't save the world and there will always be evil people and she and DJ need and should have a life too , after all both of them lose and suffer so much and now they almost have nothing beside each other and even their mother's need them since they have nothing beside them too but should i worry from seeing KJI in the preview work out in prison ? it not like he hate DJ and want to harm him there ? and more DJ going to the same place were almost everyone hate , from criminal he send when he was judge to his enemy who he send there will being lawyer !!! i am praying for happy and clean ending , some happy time between OTP and some romance , normal life and away from that crazy world resting on each other
  5. it may be the first time in the history that a police officer go to arrest someone to only get thank you , smiling face , grateful heart ,kiss and hug but i liked it , it was so sad and a so hard on YJ but was a moment of freedom to DJ
  6. I've never seen a drama with such dominating advertisement ex-deal. Felt so relieved that the kiss didn't happen in Subway. Haaay... that the meaning of having friends who make you see the life from the pretty side i was in sadness from last scene , i didn't enjoy the kiss that we waited for so long since the scene was so sad to enjoy that but here you make me see the happy side of that kiss , thank god at least it wasn't in SUBWAY yes for all of us , that was really sad , i am still in my mind since we have fall ep tomorrow and i hope they gave us more happy times and not only in the last few scene i want more happy and romance scene between the OTP we need that , we have the right to get that we are having hard time being in broken heart over and over every week and when we thought that it was the bigger pain the writer show us and say " no i have more " i agree with you , it was sad but i know it needed even DJ needed to be punished somehow to be able to be free from his guilt from the past , after all as you said he made a big grave and no mater how much he helped YJ , he will still feel guilty for being like that in the past from seeing how much damage he caused from one time he thought it okay to close eyes and let go of his justice , it needed but it still so much for us . it okay after all when DJ and YJ have children we know how YJ can talk proudly of their father , being the man who go to that line to make for his mistake and bring justice and that how we solve the first problem that everyone in the forum was talking about " how can they make romance ?, what they going to say to their children in the future ??? i remember how many times i read and write about that in the first half of the drama i still have the same wish " don't kill YJ or DJ in the end and don't gave us a open ended for the romance story " please
  7. that was the saddest kiss what he have to go to prison too , how great man he become from the weak man he was in first to the strong man he can gave everything to get his goal how sad YJ has to arrest him , i hope he don't spend so much in jail they have too much to do together