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  1. nona88

    [Drama 2018] Voice 2, 보이스2

    Hi everyone Still no news at all ?? Isn't that so much for the end of years shooting schedule??? I think end of years shooting is not for sure too right now ?? My mind and logic say " you know that this no good give up they just buying time " but my heart and soft love for voice say " it okay to keep hoping till there new news, having faith is good too !! Dear ocn, dear voice producing team why making fans suffer like this!! That not healthy things to keep loyalty fans I am happy to see here people having faith it still going to be okay, and the delay is not bad thing, I hope your thought become true my friends I hate to say really goodbye to this drama and sure hate to have regret watching season 2 so I still want them to make season 3 a good story keeper making the wonderful golden times shinning works with victims back, and give a good fall story to kw and hate crime that close all the holes from season 2 just gave me back the really kj and golden time and it okay to keep kW shine too.
  2. The silent mode speaking more then words and open romance here you can just fall for the look in their eyes, their faces while looking at each other in care , worryou, sad and longing mode, don't even talk about the music they use for their scenes and the songs I am shipping too , it a while since I was so much into shipping otp I was like liking them , enjoy and it okay but her I am back to shipping Okay dreaming about kisses I am still not there , no so much hope for the sake of my poor heart but if I get a proper hug next 3 ep's it would be a miracle too ( please drama land make me wrong and give us more, I don't mind being so wrong in that matter) I wish he is too , but the fact that the lady in red need to go back to her body but da-ll don't make us worry that he really death. But I can give another a logic reason for that, da-il is a new fetch so he still can move around without his body , maybe the rules say that after a while being a fetch the body need the soul to come back to it so he can continue to live , the women in red was on coma for 24 years so that maybe the reason she need to come back to her body every day as the keeptaker said her body will not accept her anymore since she was a fetch for many years.( there also a stages of coma he maybe still in early stage not completely in coma and unconnected to his body to need to go back) Or another reason for da-ill being in coma but don't need to back to his body that he still a normal ghost , if he turn evil the body will start to refuse him and he will need to keep connect to his body like the women in red So I think there still hope he in coma and not death, hope that will kill me in the end if he is really death. Yeh I think something want wrong or it simply that da-il did the same mistake the doctor mother did before and if he let yw kill her she will be death for sure, or it was a trick from the start from the lady in red or the man in tunnel I guess I will wait to see what they will give next week It maybe love or something also that have connect with the reason why yw can see an touch da-il but no matter what is you right dear, they focused more then once on how da-il get better when yw beside him ; a one touch from her make his body start your heal after being touched by that women Even before da-il start falling for her, yw was a special case to him , why she can see him? Touch him? Why she can hear the voices? How can she heal him??? And so many things, yw has something special, a secret that she don't know about it herself, but one things for sure she the other one who really can win over that women evillenss and can keep da-il safe from evil too. But let my romance side say that it okay if the secret was the power of love oh a ghost loved by human can be a deathly weapon Yeh why not her love for him or at least her care saved him from the start , give him power to keep going , heal his old wound, and give him hope and reason to fight. Yw has become da-ill central now not just cause she the only one who can see, talk , touch him in the same time but cause he fall for her kindness, caring, loving, strong and weak sides, I remember the look in his eyes in front of her house after they said the true to the chief when she wasn't worry about a evil women trying to hunt her or scaried from everything happing to her but she was worry about da-il if he will be okay alone in this few hours of rest his look was so soft and I just finished written about da-il feeling above but they really keep the hints and little things to make us fall on the love line Hey dear ghost detective team it so much hints and touching feeling every ep's so don't even dear to say there no romance line , just hearing the full of love ost's is a crime so we need a mercy too. About da-il have power too Yeh we all wished to see him beat that women and that man and have more power to make action in human world , sadly I think it comes with the worst price.
  3. I hope not but it has price da-Il can't break the human world rules and not pay the price , I hope it don't end badly we losing hope he a life and now this something also Is making me worry and that yw I hope all the weak body, nose bleeding, headache and other things are just temporary cause she cross the line between the ghost and human but that also worry me it has a price too, I hope she will not suffer from something danger after all the fact that she the only one who can see and being touch be da-il from the start still the biggest question here Da-il know the reason behind the hyung guilty feeling , he said that to yw in Ep 5 that if the women in red trying to make the chief kill himself by using guilty a hospital would be the right place to do that. And he said to yw it a long story he will tell her later. So da-Il know what the story behind the chief guilty feeling he just didn't know that he still suffering from it so much to the point he can't sleep without drinking ( he act so nice and being okay all the times) I want to know what his story too , I still thinks that there a reason why the Women in red killed all this people there some connect between da-il and his mother, the hyung, yw and her family ( not just her sister I guess her parents death wasn't accident too) , yw sister boyfriend, the doctor , police officer and that women It just like for some reason they all have to meet and cross fate, why from the start yw can see da-il ??? she can see the women in red but can't touch her, but she can see da-il and touch him and she can't see others ghosts even it just da-il so the mystery is connect to why she can do that , maybe all their connecting will be the reason for that .
  4. hard to not like him, even when you already fall for YW and DA-II it hard to not like that man and not shipping him with YW, all the care, trying hard to understand her, helping, not asking for so much , just want to be close to her and protect her even without understand what going on making it hard to not like him and in ep 5 the talk in front of the car was and i was like watching it with and hearing the back music and how he looking at her and she keeps looking at Da-il WAS HEARTBREAKING i was like saying " stop it don't talk like that don't put that music don't give the same vibe from YW and DA-il don't make it hard to ignore your feeling for YW too " but he did, so yes he hard to not like or to find a reason to not care for his feeling, this drama making it hard in romance part and we have YW here have all these good men fall hard for her and she only drawn in her sadness of losing her sister ( i guess it was always like this her sister first, i don't think YW had a chance before being in love and notice how she attractive to men since all that she did most of her life was to take care of her sister 0
  5. They for sure having feeling in da-il side more then yw, yw care so much for da-ill she the one who start to connect with him in feeling level and he becomes someone important to her like a real human family member she in her way to become in love with him but I guess she does not realize that yet, her emotional stage is mess now it just one month since her sister death; seeing the women in red, meeting da-il than losing him to death, start dealing with ghosts and her feelings for da-ill.... ( that the meaning of no breath at all ).No matter how she strong she shows that so much for her emotional and mind to accept without effect, she so close to her limit and episode 6 show that so she having so much emotional dilemma to realize that she falls in love even when she already on the way. Da-il is different he was acting unemotional first around her , but he so emotional now about anything about her, the fact that he start to fall for her and realize that from the scene when they were in his mother house, from that moment his glance change, at first he was caring for her cause that what da-il is he care about even stranger who about people around him , at first she was the only one can help , see and hear him to get the women who killed him and his mother but now she the only thing that matter her safety comes first . Da-il in pain cause he realized his feeling for yw. the way he keeps glance at her like she is the door to heaven, the way he was looking at her when they were taking in Ep 6 about what to do when they find the women was a glance full of love and longing from a man to women. They now going to face so many things, but after what da-il did to protect her and stop her from killing with her hands more direct facing will happen between them and I guess some feeling from da-il will go out too. I am worried about da-il that man in tunnel wasn't liking da-il to give him a deal so did da-il steal it by doing a more worse things or did he offer his body to that evil shaman in place his damaged Body that will be scary that evil soul that take over that shaman more strong and crazy then the women in red Edit: I know Da-Il is a ghost so he has no body what I meant his soul body, the mother of the doctor tell him that he can eat you a life ( even when he a soul) I guess Da-Il the same mistake the doctor mother did the past, the doctor was the one that should kill the shaman buy she was young 15 years old only, the mother spirit tried to do that in her place that when everything goes wrong cause she, not the one that should do that
  6. I guess he really have a connection to them , he knows more about hearing things and the mystery of him being shown up is saying something, let me add more theories about him: 1. He was born the same day too that yw was born on and the girl jump from the roof and become a living ghost , so he has the ability to see her too like yw and to kill her 2. how he feels guilty about something, maybe something happen fews years ago when he despaire, maybe he too lose someone to lady in red and start seeing and hearing things and or he was running away from it or that he was searching for her all the time. 3.You remember how they focus in the scene when he keep touching his bracelet that can be normal one( like a couple bracelet that he was sharing with yw sister) or a one to protect him from ghost like a shaman object, maybe he get his call when he go away few years ago Finally if we go to the sibling theory that mean yw was adopted in her sister family , I don't thinks he will be a brother for the the sister two , sbiling can explain why they both may have ability to deal with death, beside may explain why there some mystery about his actions from the past till now. but no matter what he is in the end he has some secrets and things he hide, and for sure feeling guilty about something, and I should say the way he look at yw that not a brother look at his sister, so maybe the story start when he falls In love with YW and YW sister fall in love with him , with yw protecting personality she would not see any feeling beside her sister feeling , that maybe was one of the things that made yw sister on stress to hide from her sister what happening in work and how she meet again with that guy , cause she know that he love yw.
  7. Then is he visible others as well...?? Please... Please... Please...tell me!! I want to know.... I need the sub or maybe to wait for next week to know what the deal da-il made there a price to have that power it always come from evil source He still can't be seeing by other beside yw but he can now touch things, open door and even touch , hit and kill human being by using his own hands From the preview the body of the women on red was not found and there a hints she come back I don't know if it as full human with or without power or as full more crazy powerful ghost, anyway I think the man in tunnel trick them when he said they will kill her maybe he want to send her free and need da-Il to do that P.s. I wasn't even thinking that they will find her so soon and the game will start after she out of her coma !!! I though they will find her in last two weeks but what a nice game they did her , now it a new level I guess with da-il and that women new power change
  8. They explain it, the doctor women explain that if she a woundering ghost (a ghost that go out of living person body who is in coma) then she can't stay away from her body all the day or she will die so maybe her limit is 1 am. Edit : some new fact after watching episode 5 : 1. The women in red dress controlling the man who taking care of her body, I don't know what he did in the past but for sure she taken revenge on him by making him living as her slave he help her and can't even do one move without her order, he in fear from her but I think he was the one who help her kill da-il and throw his body 2.so I guess I was right the reason for da-ill to not be able to go through closed windows , doors and well cause he not allowed to mess with human world without them allowing him, so he living by human rules if it open then you can go on but if that close you can't ( I watched too many ghost series to be able to guess their so many different versions of rules) 3.the doctor said that for having the power to break the rules that mean the ghost did something really bad and get stronger or that he learned that skill for a price but even in the second choice whatever the ghost use the skill more and pay the price he will trun evill in the end and that not something he can choice to not do , so in the two way he has to be evil spirit to have power I guess the women in red was the second choice she killing people before their time by making them kill themselves ( that the worst sins ) as price of her keeping her power or even keep being a wounder ghost and not die , she maybe give other Souls as price for letting her soul keep staying 4. With yw sister boyfriend werid behaviour I guess there connected between people the women in red killing , it not just random people, everybody seem to know something about her or have connecting to the case or the power till now, the man who helping the women in red seem he was keeping eyes on yw and her sister and da-il and everyone he know yw sister boyfriend and he say that to her that the two kids meet and the women didnt like that, so I guess they all connected 5.da-il seem that he worry so much about Yw the more she caring for him the more she in danger and start to show how much he worry about that. 6.for romance I don't know for superpower drama they giving so much choice they making YW has so much crismiza with da-il, the cop and now even the new guy who was her sister boyfriend; they making every side of the fans happy no one ship here not even just two ( I am afraid in end she will just be alone making her old dream of travelling come true and send all the ships drawing in the occean) 7.I don't know why da-il get so much pain touching the women on red even she don't know why and she said it her first time she can give pain by touching
  9. I notice that, that was a cut mistake not part of the drama I guess; that yw was supposed to said something before hyung notice ( yes a big mistake like editing mistake when they were in da-il house and things start to move there was the scene when yw put her hand to protect her head that was twice the first one was editing mistake) I think I see it different; da-il didn't ask about the small cut in her hands and ask about her cause she was having a bigger cut in her soul. He ask if she was okay after facing the women in red, facing her sister or the dark version of her sister and hearing out all her own fear that she was the cause of her sister from her , that not easy she didn't believe her but she was affected it was horrible Da-il saw yw early shacking in fear and horror from the idea that she the reason behind her sister death, he know she was weak mentally in that point , so he was worry about her, she always say it nothing but he know how hard and suffering she hide in her soul so that why he said " I am asking about you " that was more understanding and worring then her hand cut. About the police officer I don't mind him in romance too he good and nice person , but for now yw eyes only in da-il and her sister case. I think it more about believing in Korea that ghost can't connect or force himself in human world, door or Windows isnt about moving or not moving objects but about the simple the allowing and not allowing to come on , ghost not supposed to be allowed , they use human things without changing it in real life but cant eat food not offered to them cause eating them take their taste away and can't open or get on without permission on places and maybe it has to do with the fact that da-Il isn't full death yet About the women in red she evil spirit now , evil spirit can break the rules it had power to do that. They different but we still don't know if women in red really can't move things in her own, she can even go on an out place the things da-Il still can't do , so she maybe can but she enjoying controlong minds more, Da-il getting angry and in hate can make him move and destroy things that what angry soul can do but it also not a good sign since it also connect to be turn to evil soul with hate.
  10. I happy they back , never late to enjoy hnj and kkh again wow they made the sad parting in season 4 and was no news on another season but I was okay with that, this team made my time worth every season and make me enjoy every character so much that I had faith in their choice and I was okay even with ended it like that with season 4 and never have another season , I just know HNJ he will find way to back and I have faith in kkh and sure no worry about this two no matter what crazy things happening to them The team is so trustful too with every season ending even if there no promises to come back, it was okay they so good with each other , like to work together and we was sure always that if there a chance they will come back to this drama and their wonderful character s I hope after this long time they had time to back with a another great season I will be here when the drama start till then fighting gods quiz team Talking about missing this wonderful team here the video from the scrip reading There reason to love them through the years
  11. nona88

    [Drama 2018] Voice 2, 보이스2

    Till there will be a new news I think I am going to be busy with other dramas I decide to watch now, but I will keep the hope in my heart for my beloved voice drama to be saved and the hope is cause the important fact I have one Drama on Ocn that I was never regret watching muilty seasons of it And it That why I think I keep giving back faith to ocn to do muilty season drama and be good even after my traumas from it , but I think it has to do with the proudection teams which decide who much balance is needed in everything's So bye for now my friend I hope I come back with good news, or to hear it from you See you latter on other fourms
  12. I think so too it was the meaning of ghost detective can be explain in many meaning as you said , that why no one think before that da-ll will be a ghost they played with the name at the start and can do that till the end I don't know if he will be death or in coma in the end but sure they keep the body not showing teasing the watchers between the fact he death and he the body we say in Ep2 and between the hope he a life so we can dream of romance and have hope I wish he would be a life in the end, not just cause the romance cause from what I saw just in 4 ep's that man was so good all his life, he face only harsh life and injustice and suffer so much,but he still choice to be a good person helping weak and not avoiding danger result, i want him at least when he find some peace and happiness in the end to have that while he a live not just before he have to leave.
  13. nona88

    [Drama 2018] Voice 2, 보이스2

    Wow the hope that don't end I will like that something like this the reason By the way I like "Not a cliffhanger but it's a mountainhanger" someone need to send this words to voice team they still trying to understand why the fans so angry Thanks for giving a nice and hopefull explanation so many broken hearts now praying that this will be the case , it have been a really though week for ended. I come to my sense now and more clam but I still hope that this mess will stop and they make season 3 that I would even have the courage to watch but for now I am letting go my sad feeling from what happened. Ghost !! That just changing the drama to be go on ghost story why bothering write another drama I don't think lhn will come for a ghost or hallucination character in this drama after what her rule was, she maybe come for a one or two scenes as guest if that needed but not for all the season. People around the social network fans from Korean and international fans from all the world are in fire suffering without any official and direct post from voice team, that not something hopeful the fact they didn't even deny the rumers that lhn not join season 3 tell that they in big problem as I write before or they waiting for us to calm down, or they just start to talk it over with lhn and need time for agreement, I hope it the second cause lhn posts was all saying goodbye and I am fearing they moving with filming but in quiet since the fans still not accepting KJ going out of the drama . Anyway I have hope as I am hopeful person but not so much since the signs not so good, but I want to have hope in the writer that made the wonderful characters that she will stand for that as she should not given just to the proudaction teams and pd , she has to make so much change in the last two months and now with KJ out
  14. nona88

    [Drama 2018] Voice 2, 보이스2

    Okay I will stop waiting for any news it will take a while to give answer that maybe make me happy, so I will take break from waiting, being not happy and worry, A really good news that maybe make me have faith again will be kj coming back , the old pd is coming back ( he busy filming another ocn drama now but hope still hope) and the best gift jh coming back for season 3 ( dreams are free products ) I will be out of the disappoint mood , it drama after all no matter how good or bad it one story , I can always have the good side of it and keep dreaming on more plots of that, I can easy have my own season 3 and stop looking in angry eyes for the teams I loved so much in season 1 , so stop waiting till there or not a new news I am fine I can take it , I am just one of the watcher they can do whatever they want and I can decide if I want to watch it again or not. Less hope is less disappointed the things now are like the romantic teasing it not here but keep enjoy the hints I don't like being tested outside the plot of the drama too.
  15. nona88

    [Drama 2018] Voice 2, 보이스2

    7 Are they playing with us , they said before that the teams and actors agree to shooting season 3 directly after season 2, after that change to the end of the year, after that no official agreement to wait for confirming!!! If I didn't watch enough I may would believe In them but now I know what happened something change half way in the drama from the production side or actors side , that disagree on something and that change the plan that they may stay together in season 3 My hanch say that LHN wasn't happy about changing that happening in the drama while shooting, or the offer to her change from what they promised( even the actors were shocked from the written ending that mean changing was happening) Right now they have problem they thought they maybe can change the story and keep season 3 without her but the fans so angry so or that they really trying to fix it and bring her back ( all her nice comments is like silent massage that their problem and she not in season 3) or the other choice they let the fans clam down for some times and like always making fun of us telling that she not going to happen cause lhn good reason and that they agree on that from the start and made us accept it.( no so much actors go and say we have problem with the shooting that affect their future connecting with channels and production teams, Korea show businesses is scary when it comes to image and going against the production) @ellelyana88 thanks for your wonderful post the writer did really did great work making a great balance between the characters and making female lead so special in season 1, we all fall in love with voice 1 cause it was different, she made her dream come true there , but what happened in season 2 was totally destroying to kj and other characters signfgent rules even the victims. I wrote all the way that I don't know if that was the writer fault or the pd fault, I was shocking that Someone who give so much respect to every character in season 1 will make season 2 all around kW but after reading your post I am sure now it the pd fault, it known in show business in all around the world that no matter what the written focusing on It the direction way of shooting, focusing and cutting may change the whole meaning of idea, and what in paper maybe have another story in the screen So i guess that the reason that from everyone had planing to shoot season 2 after season 3 to the talk that there no agreement and changing, half away the drama the actors and maybe even the writer saw that what going on the screen and on shooting isn't what they agree on with the written paper I hope oCn and the proudaction team get that it mistake to keep going on like this, the rating of season 2 was hight but they did destroy the mean idea, they have to choice between the high rating for now or keeping a great drama going on , in Korea hight rating is the most important things but I am counting in two things, first, they know that the hight rating was not cause kW alone it was most about fans like kW and kj together, about their hope someone romantic or some great fighting between them like on episode 1 will happen, kj is the soul here .second , I count on ocn as channel who really like rating but also like keeping making original Dramas that have the mystery, dark and that kind of style that maybe isn't the most popular in Korean but they did create Korean fans that love their Dramas over the years, and so much bigger international fans. I said it before they maybe make season 3 without kj and it will so different and great and maybe have hight rating and loved by fans, but for me I can't forgive them for destroying the drama and the special characters we had loved to create that new Drama, they just should made another new drama with kw from the start if that was their plan , I hope things don't go wrong more , I had a two past traumas from ocn and muilty seasons drama another one and may never watch another second season in any drama they give ( by the way my two traumas happening from the same reason, in second season they change the pd and everything change that why I know how much Pd can change the original writing)