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  1. i don't understand the end okay YJ get a gifts from JB - he wasn't creppy in the end ? and she liked the gifts???????????????????what the meaning of that she going to see SM and they talked so sweet but not anything for sure ???????????? she said to him to come to her house when he come to visit and he said yes !!!!!!!!!!!! he was away for 10 months and then they called him back and wanted him back for a big case he will make another speacila team is YJ will be part of it ???????????? he looked at the team picture and then looked at YJ drawing and smile ? really what have to understand from all this they still friends , is she dating that JB or what !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what ending this i need someone to translate the scene to me and not talking about the language i want answer from the writer what happening here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 so in the end YJ was without any backstory and it was written like this from the start ( really goodbye our so long days and hours thinking of every move she do that mean something from her past i like the ending i liked it was better then sad ending but really i am not happy they left us like this no answer nothing for sure about the charaters really ???????/
  2. i just got here and i will wait for the end sub and try reading everyone post while waiting i hope i hear happy news but let me read and watch it first
  3. i love your story but sadly it cant be YJ worked for two years in traffic division in the police before being crime detective and she needed 3- 4 years to finsh police acadmy so she can't be in that accident as a worker or maybe she can she was working on the traffic division in the time of the bus case that make us wonder about if she really was there okay i am out for work sadly will not be here fo live recap again have fun my friends and let hope for the best i will be here late in night
  4. that what i am talking about so many hints for her but no past nice post my friends you have to write more but i know what the meaning of having to work and be less here talking about drama so have power in your work and life you right i am fearing that YJ also lose a child in that bus accident maybe her child maybe a child who close to her but she sure has something with all this story i am sure she innocent too , and sure she not part of the crimes but there a reason why every one acting weird so nice around her and then we know that he part of the story maybe if it not the bus it was something also but for sure she was a victim or family victim as some point that why she want to work in crime and not any things also in the police work that why she understand victim feeling so well , i am will be so unhappy if after all this hints and her strange point they didn't show any answer or any of her past , but i think they will , if YOON going to talk there will be just one way to make someone who understand his feeling talk to him , maybe it YJ and then when we will hear her story ( i am praying they saved that for this reason ) p.s. about JB maybe he the killer who work for LCJ father in law when he killed his secretary he asked him for someone who can do clean work not ask him to do something himself maybe JB is the killer he so creepy he make me remeber the US CRIME movies where the killer living like a nice and social worker people - I KNOW I AM hating the man so much but i can't find him normal they made him so strange
  5. yes i think he wanted to talk to her and use the school girl as a open and reason to call her he really needed YJ to meet that girl again since he want more answers to be able to prove that YOON lies and has someone behind all that but YOON answer perfecty to everything - that something they didn't ask in the start what the girl was wearing and other things since they only were asking about the man who gave her the money but he could just tell her that later or just ask her that and close the phone after that but he asked her where she is ( in this late of hour where she can be!!!) he asked her as he was going to enter the place where he drink so he was going to ask her to come maybe using YOON as reason for them to meet and talk but he didn't after hearing her out and know that she down and he let it go and tell her about YOON not killing ES in the end to make her feel better he really searching for reason to ask he out or to talk to her more , poor guy he not Familiar of how to ask girl company in normal way , he was touched of what she said so he should learn how to show his interest more in her since he can't find another one who can be like YJ all in his life i am smiling everytime i remembering how he talked about that girl and suddenly ask if she in her house he need steps to ask her where she is ? if she good? or if she want to come and talk to him ? we need to see more today about YOON and LCJ plan to answer that but i think the plan not to kill PMS random and ended it there but to kill him and use his death to get all the bad or tops guys paying the price too , as we saw YOON just wanted to kill him at first but what happen was they use his death to make all this mess and bring down so many people and now LCJ has to do his part of the plan and finsh the rest , we will see what LCJ was planing today but we already know how much he has being doing things to get the justice he wanted even making SM the man who leader of that team was part of his plan since he know what kind of person is SM and that he will go as much as he can to know the true, sadly he choice this way , sadly that YOON has to suffer from losing his son , family and everything in one day suddnly , sad that life isn't fear at all but what we choice next is what show who we are really in the inside
  6. Don't thank me thank the person who posted it i, am sorry I forget who did that but if you going to read the posts you will find him ( I am thankful to him too , sorry for forgetting)
  7. I think he loved her once he lose his justice feeling and betray his teacher and the person he was like a father to him to protect her since he know she didn't do anything wrong and was a nice person who love and respect justice like him but she was used from her father since she was child to hide his money and grow up and keep helping him doing that since he her father after all , but it hurt him bad ; very bad he regret doing it for her and his family and he felt guilty that why after what happens to his teacher I think he start his revenge plan to take the things to the right place That what he meant he sorry to his wife , that what he means they shouldn't meet, that what he means she shouldn't love him first being honest and refusing her father offer to save her brother and that what he means that he should accept her father back then since she wouldn't loved and married him and he wouldn't end anyway solding his Soul latter anyway for her and for his family ( he meant if he was going to do that anyway he should did that in the start , he was feeling bad for what he did for her and now feeling bad for what he going to do to her to make things right ) I hope soo after all I don' the want him to be doing all that for money or power not for that even If no matter for what he did that don't justice his action but at least to not make him someone who us Yoon pain just for power and money P.s. their daughter is old enough to not being their little girl anymore so for sure she older then 12 years old ( anyone know how old she is ?) I don't think he was playing with his wife family for all this year's so slowly and suddenly he got with that plan and all that killing but it more logic if it all started 3 years ago when his teacher was destroyed
  8. In the preview LCJ talking with SM while wearing black cloth did she come back after LCJ ???? And did she blame SM for destroying her family , her dad and her husband?? Is she notold going to know till the end that it was her husband who was behind all that ? Or she will not believe that and only hate SM? Is that what LCJ wanted in the end as the last request to not let his family know that he was the one behind it all!!! Even I'd they destroy LCJ and his father in law and LCJ hadoadequate sureally to take his wife money she still can be powerfully since her brother who in jail still has money and gave her power to come back and I know they can prove that it it dirty money and take it but hey isn't it to perfect ( I keep worry why they keep saying that it will not be normal ending they scary me and I keep thinking something going to happen in the end ) the character goodbye was with everyone last scene like ES with her boold So last scene with YJ in her police cloth , SM without tie again in place with flower and it look the same place that we saw YJ in her police Cloth on in last week photo stills and I seeing some happy ending her or I am hopping that
  9. yeh i agree it was okay in the start but now we know everyone past even YOON so why not YJ it feel empty i thought too that maybe be cut it since the writer did write every character in deep way so no way he didn't do that to YJ but if that happen since the PD didn't see that important he wrong i want to know anything even if that normal or bornig since something feel missing i hope they really not doning that for really thanks @UnniSarah AND @yonaomi123 i feelt bad and wrong for keeping seeing him creppy till now but i guess i am not the only i am worry that his story is will be not told like YJ past that wrong they make him creppy and hidden so much everytime like the time he talk nice infront of YJ about his long known to SM while hevremembering in his mind how SM hurt his hand .Really !!!!!!!!!!!! that not nothing if they want him to be normal why that scene was for !!!!! and was there more we all saw that Ddid they did that just to make our list of suspects long ?so at least they should explain to us why he out of the list not cause someone also did that this mean the other creepy things become normal now dear i still have hope for that scene never want them to crash me with it --- not that scene please that will be weird i love this drama so much but Don't it look like there still so many unsolved things and so many secrets here to solve it in one EP ??? i hope not this drama so good to leave so many unsolved things like this as it was nothing - i really hope so
  10. are you talking about link to eng sub yeh it was posted by someone before here the links
  11. about SM i don't think he going to be evil or kill KCJ in the end i think that KCJ will jump on his own- the preivew is really misleading we know that from TVN dramas so far they like doing it on us , this scene was the shocking SM standing looking down from the first teaser he didn't look like a killer but look sad and shocked from what happen ,i still don't believe they really show a scene from the last ep's in the teaser for the teacher had a really scene ever since usually it not it the same with the lipstik scene the answer was infront of us You know I kind of see where you're going with this. From that conversation, I rather thought she was saying "going with the flow is dangerous, don't do it." As if she was trying to warn Jang Gun that his mindset is problematic. But I can see what you mean about YeoJin becoming exhausted of being (seemingly) the only one unwilling to compromise her ethics. If it were the case, that her team leader's words about not getting too close to people are prophetic and YeoJin's desire for closeness to ShiMok takes her to place she doesn't recognize, and where she has to choose between her loyalty to him and between her own ethics, I like to think that she'd be strong enough to arrest and have ShiMok pay for his crimes. Then again, I have to weigh what has been her strength of will against what she said in Episode 6 about being willing to save ShiMok if he gets in too deep... about YJ her saying in ep 15 don't mean she lost her faith but mean she just saying her feeling out - she from the start wasn't someone who see people only in white or black or think they just good or bad she was from the start the only one who see people have so many sides they maybe be bad but has feeling and they maybe be good and victim but hide dark scerects , she a nice person who see and understand other feeling even if they stranger or evil but she was never stupid enough to trust them and not have her eyes on their action . that why she accept SM easy she not someone who think that people should be point as evil or good since human being is so much deep then this , why she say that out- she feeling down after all in the past two months she had to face so many people she love or respect shown dark faces or evil action so no matter how strong she is she had to fell down and sad and her saying don't mean she gave up to be the only one who fight but it mean she admit that even after everythings there people who don't admit their fauly till the end and try to blame other like captain she feeling down that this people around her can still act like this and act as they didn't do anything wrong themself but she just will keep being what she is and even if SM did something wrong she will stop him that how she love and care for other she stoop the from keeping falling down on dark like she did in PARk son case she said to SM that someone should stoped that for this normal people to know it wrong to do this things that how she loved and cared for her coworker about YJ past i still feel it shame not know anything about her why she want so much to work as crime detective when she had a better future in the police with her education and grade from the police academy and why she live alone and never talk on her family - it will be the biggest hole on the drama if they didn't talk about her a little , she not a simple one and they had show us so many hints that she had un normal past even in the first characters still they write that she someone who saw so many darkness but choose to live different- i think she and us has the right to see this not cause we need a reason to love or understand her more but cause we know that she had more that not somethings to leave it out i love this drama so much but i can't stop thinking it a hole to not gave YJ any space as a full character and not just what we see now about SM friend why i still see him creepy ??? really why ??? i don't like him coming seeing YJ and i keep not liking the look in his eyes he just creepy to me AM i so much wrong or he is really like that ?????????? the lipstik scene really wish they didn't let us wait so long ( really so long ) for that scene from the start if they didn't plan to make it important to us just don't let it be without meaning and sure don't tell me that YJ dating another man after all that and sure not SM friend since i am going to have check my mental health for seeing him creepy all this time and to get help out from this shock
  12. thanks you for the translate really that was amazing scene why i fell in love with YJ again every ep she just so amazing to love her once and think there no more to like her more , that sceneو that words " even if i can't do nothing you should tell me " that few words were what SM wanted all his life , that random care and understanding and not trying to know more or be afraid from him and just care and really want to be there for him when he needed was something that SM thought that will never happen in his life , i am not SM and i am touched if someone tell me that words i will love him so much even when i have so many family and friends in my life thsi few words still so special to hear for anybody so how SM felt hearing it ( i am still with tear how can person live this lonely life all this years and don't lose his mind - poor SM and All respect for his strong will (
  13. the scene between SM and YJ in the phone was amazing SM called her he was going to tell her to come have drink with him , and her the sad voice of YJ SM i drinking SM comfort her and hear the crying and sad YJ he didn't ask her to come and just hear her , while he was drinking and feel down himself that a big jump to him , he puting someone feeling above what he want or think right now YJ asking about his parent and he coudn't answer if they may do the same like YOON for him ( that was sad really sad ) and if it the same with his parent like YOON and his wife , it more sad from when she asked him if can do the same to the women he love back then and he coudn't answer , since it was more pain for him all his life known that his parent don't really love , trust or care for him, his mother loved him but coudn't carry this alone so she was like running from him all this years asking like she care but in the end trying to push him outside her normal life with her husband , SM don't hate her and understand her and he thankfull for her too and care for her but still it painfull since he was smart from the start he know his mother feeling that why after that he was trying to case her less problem and live quietly like she asked YJ asking about his pain , it make me remeber when his mother asked him the same and he answer the same that " it was going " but YJ reaction was different from his mother she said " it's okay but if you in pain again tell me and don't end in the hospital like that " i liked SM face moving and his eyes closing while he hearing YJ saying that he was like hearing music and enjoying it -OMG that man really wish for a little care , for one perosn in this big world who really care about him , he not asking for so much just that little care, talk ,trust and feeling that he not alone , that really sad , it break my heart and my soul to see how much he lonely , sad and like a lost child in his age that why i wanted YJ in his side that the standard human right to have one person at least in your life and to feel minimum feeling like this YJ amazing she care , ffeeling guilty and pain she feel everyone suffering and understand them and when even when she in the worst emotional stage and feeling bad she still find time to worry and care for other, what amazing human being and amazing women ( don't dare to break her image in the end mr writer )
  14. Wow I was away for 2 days and there so many pages to read look my friends here ready or not ready for the end I need to read all this posts I missed but I will do that latter for the next and last 2 episodes I have three wished only 1. Please show us about YJ past, there no way we know everyone past but not her, there no way that she don't have interesting story after all that hints about her personality , drawing, her hidden sad and so many more , she must have a story even if it normal just gave here the right to have what everyone had in this drama, the writer write every characters deep so I don't think he made YJ without any backstory the only fear that it was normal and the PD decide to cut it out ( no way right ? ) 2. JuSt let YJ and SM be safe in the end no hurting , killing or even make them evil 3. Just gave us some romance , I am not asking for cheesy story or love to die story but don't SM need a little happy family in the end , I like everything about him no matter if i agree or not with everything's he do but he a person who fight to be what he now where some other may choice the easy way and become evil but not SM he searching for justice and normal life in his own way. I feel sad remembering how his mother treat him in the past and now, feel bad that everyone said he a monster and really want him to have love and family after all he really not a monster and he really want and wished for warm and love but he just said he can't have it not that he don't want it . i really wish he will have that and I think YJ is someone who better then him and any man but she the one he need the most in his life and she can really gave him everything he he lost the hope to have