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  1. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    hi everyone I have to catch up episode 13-14 and catch everyone posts since I was away for week but I saw some video and I think I just don't know what going to happen next is this two episodes give hope for ji and dh together or it close any hope left, I guess I need to watch the two episodes with sub to get idea but it the last week and the spoiler picture give so many possible ending so I don't know for now I like at least how dh react to ji spying on him at least he didn't see it like nothing and nor make a big drama from it, it was perfect for Dhabi character to take it slowly and trying to get the find the big picture and the writer made him find in the way step by step how this little, poor and pitiful girl was helping and protecting him all the time
  2. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    wow I feel the same I did watch all the episodes for the first time last week and I finished them all in one week together.and sorry about that, I didn't weet 6 weeks and every week like everyone (it's must was very hard for the changing of feeling even if it the amazing part here ) but I get the same many thoughts after ep 6, 8, 10, 12 to be honest I feel the writer aware of that. it like he did want us to have a different thought and feeling for the storyline every 2 Ep's but right now I think after ep 12 and ep 13-14 preview that the thought that they should end together and that there hope is just right and yes they did make us wavering from the thought that it not even possible or suitable as a couple to the thought that the fact they together are just right and what we want and hope for good written, acting and directions my mister team about the ending I think that DH will leave the company if he has to keep playing the dirty play of politic or maybe he will stay and change that place but he will lose JI for a while since even if he wants to protect her she will not allow him to lose what he get finally cause of her I think she needs to go away from his eyes and life even IF IT JUST for few days or maybe more then year for him to decide that it time to make a choice and stop living like what others want him to live, for him to really decide what his feeling for his wife, family and how much the love and caring should have limit and he should have his own life and happiness the most valuable things Ji teach and give to DH was courage and not giving up your life no matter what your situation is right now he saw how she go for her feeling and he saw how she still stand and fight back all this year's in hell and he means it that she really courage since she has nothing and has so many to lose but she still makes the choice to keep living and not giving her life away so it DH choice and fight it time for him to do that alone on his own choice no matter if he will choose his wife or Ji or something also, he needs to fight for his own happiness me will like to have this two togther for one strong reason that no one has the right to say it okay or not when it comes to people need and love each other, since what maybe be not be okay in general situation maybe be perfect for one special situation and what may be okay perfect for others and everyone, maybe it will be the hell and so wrong for some so saying they can't be with each other cause age and other things from the start is wrong no matter if it looks weird or okay, old woman and young man or old man or young women it not important I respect anyone who watch this drama but didn't feel it right for them to be together and anyone who see they perfect together since as I said it different from one to other but I don't agree for the saying that it should never happen or not okay for others to think like that that why I will like to seem together in the end ( and sure cause I also see them so good together after ep 9- 12 but that the second reason)
  3. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    hi everyone sorry i am so late to join the fun but i start watching it last week and i was forced to leave everything and keep watching it till i get to ep 12 i have to be shame of myself for not wanted to watch this drama when it start since i was so busy and have so much many hard feeling from so many dramas , so i decide to watch live only a few drama since i can't handle more wasting my time and my feeling in live and get heart broken how it turn bad after 6-7 ep's like most of drama sadly so when i decide what i wanted to watch live this two months i decide to drop "my mister" after all the bad news and changing and i thought it will be so sad, the plot will be affected badly from all the Korean talk about disagree on it and i thought it not the kind of sadness i want to watch now ( i thought it will be over melodrama ) but i was wrong , i enjoy the dramas i choice before they were great but i regret not taken this drama and drop it before it start , i come here read many thought but i don't think i have the right to choice side ( late 6 weeks for the interesting and different thoughts / talk ) but let me say this i don't think that me at least can decide if DH wife can be forgiving for what she did or not and in the same time to choice if JI can have it or not ? they two different story and pain DH wife was with him for years and choice to betray him and even join hand to get him out of the work he spend all his life trying to keep it, she has also lived years and from her side of the story she was sad and lonely so she have her point but in the end choice the most wrong way and hurt DH badly (they have years with each other that may be the reason why he can forgive her or may the reason why what she did can't be forgiven) JI know dh for only 3 months, she did help, protect him, love and understand him she did many things for him and most of it he still don't know , but she start it wrong , she use him and the other man and was ready to destroy him to save herself and her grandmother she was in hard time where her grandmother back to live with her and she fear what happen in the past happen again that someone keep beating her grandmother till or she killed or JI kill him that way the girl who promise her grandmother to not do bad things and spend years working hard decide to take DH money first and join hand with his enemy as last hope to free herself and her grandmother but she did wrong she also hurt DH of what she did but she was only stranger who in pathetic life trying to get out but she did come to his life and privacy so much but it the same they did had only 3 months together that the reason why he can understand why she did that at start and keep doing it or maybe the reason he can't forgive her as we say it affect DH in two way what the the stranger and the person he know for 20 years did so it his choice to see the story from two sides that why people here even me can see that the side we seeing is more right since the writer did the two side so really to each group myself i think DH wife lose her chance not cause what all she did but cause she didn't stop tell JI come and prove to her what bad choice she choice and worse then that she wanted him to be fired after that too since it will be more comfortable to her after what happen till JI come again and till her to wake up DH know every things so stop trying to hide and make the man lose his job and stand beside him and stop that man from hurting him and taking everything from him i want DH to know what JI did wrong but i wanted in the same time to know how she used that to save him countless time and how she was the one that stop his wife from keep loving that man and help him to destroy DH it fair if he know everything to know the good things with the bad things then only then it his choice to make
  4. OMG I need a recap at least but I liked the ending they even gave a close up to the romance I know it not the perfect but I don't think they let anything out I think it was one year later and they for sure did enough to everyone i like it but I want to see it with a sub after getting a recap I want to watch this show from the start to the end with a perfect sub for this great drama
  5. I hope she fine but I will wait to watch what happen I find it strange from the preview that the pastor need to go himself there to kill this people. after all we see that he stopped to dirty his hand directly from long time since he have many crazy followers. but he have to let himself catch by going their himself !! I know it the end they have to catch them but I need them to gave another reason for that after all they catch his crimes many times but he was never catch cause he always never there himself and his people never bring his name . so why he have to go there himself when they now know and afraid of kd ability and when they know that Ji and the police after them ? they need to kill this people even when it risky now so why taken more risk and go himself there??.
  6. oh thanks for the spoiler but he look with the same clothes from the preview i will wait to see after all i want him to have a chance too by the way, another new still's is out for JI be ready he looks hot and like a grown man
  7. I like this drama so much but I have problem with season 2 in the past 3 years not every drama could keep the seem level and feeling with more season. sometime it better to end it and keep the rest to our imaging I will take what they gave in the end (just dont killing them please ) it wasn't romantic drama or have that part as obvious thing from the start. but they did make us enjoy the two different detectives love and romance hints, it was a very good work from the actors no double and their crazma was big, but it was also cause the writer give us all the talk and hints about that in the plot (JI was from ep 1 showen that even after what she did with apolo back then and also she but it was more latter for her they just cute and werid couple ) I know it not going to end with love confess or kiss or something like that but I will take what they gave as ending and I still have the crazy thought that JI maybe will be talking and teaching KD about how to raise a childern by the end ( he like to jumping in his thought and getting ready to what next steps forgotten the present step first ) about the ending it make me remember:
  8. yes this kind of drama talk about the unspoken romance more then obvious one we may not have a big romance in the end but I think the writer will gave some progress he did with every ep from JI view and the last two episodes show how KD to had change of heart to him . it unspoken but the writter making it, it will be easy to see that when we all have a properly sub I like their romance in the ep 14 when HM was about to shoot JI , KD run in front of the gun for the second time to save him and after HM down she said "I told you , you cant shoot me " even when she know he was going to shoot JI she was mean that shoot JI it the same as shooting her that why we saw that look on HM and JI faces about HM he was shock cause after watching the preview he know why JI go to prison he know from the video that the island man has the account books thanks for trying to help, trust me I have a my share of understanding Korean but I couldn't get that scene either , yeh I thought before reading recap that she ask him " opaa do you like her" but if that about "kiss" like the recap and the subs say then I have no idea if they were talking about KD or in causal talking if he ever kiss a girl. but as I get JI was so close to his sister he tell her everything's about his life since she was the normal adviser in life matter and she know he have problem with romance since she know his history. so I don't think she needed to wait to be death to ask him if he ever kissed anyone I am sure she tease him about that from age 16 that he have no romance or soical skills and get her answer looking at JI talking personality ( come one we saw it from ep 1 she was acting like his mother in life and soical matter) but how can we be sure if they didn't give us any hints in the last 2 ep's or not find any good sub ( I mean really good one) dear I did the same I turned the sound up and I tried to hear what going on after reading the recap I don't know how they get that part too okay it not like it the most important part of the drama I like their romance without the kiss subject but wow they make some of us busy trying to understand a 10 seconds of the drama I think we just want to know just to know , having no sub at least a good one killing us
  9. spoiler i am going to talk about ep 14 a little of what happens and a lot of my feeling p.s. i a little afraid of the KD noise blood that wasn't random right? her power is getting strong but that not a good things all the time i guess, i hope it was nothing no health danger cause her power
  10. thanks, i missed that part since i still didn't watch most of the eps with sub wow 5 kids beside KD most the other or killed themselves or become killer to survive what kind of crazy things happen to this kids really that three were monsters a real monsters OMG i like KD and JI mixed power and work, i have to say i waited for this so bad, and JI has my respect with all his pride and arrogant he did that act and have to take all that treatment he really amazing that wasn't easy or not painful (especially that he not weak or can't fight back )
  11. i am enjoying watching the videos of ep 14 so they did have a plan here some of the videos ep 15 preview omg it happening who is these people who trying to jump don't tell me they are the rest of the kids from 24 years ago ( no way )it look like KD trying to save HM for the last time she gave him a hand to be saved edit the another videos let me say they look cute and cool i don't know how they like that in the same time
  12. i loved ep 13 too but i hated these people so much after seeing what happened in the past i just want a more good scene for KD and JI fighting them together and winning them i don't like how the things ending right now for HM and sure not for JI and KD, i really wanted some peace for people who suffered all these years even HM i want some peace to him, just like KD father who did many horrible things cause these people play with his mind, i can't say i forgive the father or HM right now but i really wanted them both to have peace ( if accepted the father change after what he did and see him as in good eyes i can accepted HM if he back off now ) after all i watched the three monsters who did all that should be the one who suffering now
  13. new stills don't kill the massanger it not happy news as I see in the still's for Kd or Hm or the whole team