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  1. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    if HA RAM is a grim reaper daughter i don't know if that a happy thing or not !!! i mean being half human and half grim reaper make hope that BLACK loving her not totally out of the rules and the fact that she really have the right to use her ability but in the same time if she really a grim reaper daughter that mean she was born from breakin the rules if they can also go in polt that she wasn't supposed to be born and that she sould die too to make the blance in this world again another thoughs that now that MG soul come back and BLACK tell him that he die but he can't make his soul pass to the other world cause he need to use his body ( that what he three grim reaper were talking about that he breaking he rules to catch what they searching about ) so MG soul has to stay for BLACK to be able to use his body without anyone in heaven notice ( they didn't report his death i think ) and that mean BLACK and MG has to make deal to use the same body since i don't think that MG who has a lot he wan't to find will just accept BLACK order and stay beside till BLACK finish his work and has time to take his soul to the other world, so or they going to use the same body or that BLACK has to help MG find what he want as price of waiting and let him in his body ( or maybe i am wrong and BLACK will just force MG to stay without anything but that not going to be interesting right)
  2. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    can't agree more thanks for gaven the proof and yes i agree HA RAM Father accept her seeing death so easy and even when she tell him about seeing it on him he didn't act as normal human he just ask her how and keep going and he seem trusting her words and didn't take it as a joke OMG that idea the corpse is joon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and that why he was wet in HA RAM dream okay i can go with that after all i start to think mysef that MG isn't the really JOON is he somehe know ???? or did someone make MG live JOON life and force him to act like he was JOON ??? hat interesting after all can explain why everyone around MG seems so strange no matter if they love or hate him so if that true did his mother know ? or is she the one they need to trick for her money or something like that !!! but if that right i think the step father has hand in it i don't like him for now that why being her is the best i can see friends who can observe everything and have wild mind thanks everyone for the great ideas and posts i am having fun being part of it to read and write about all this idea is the best if he was the same father who raise her then as i writed before i have this crazy idea that he still a live and just move to another body after all he can't die just like that easy and as you explain if it was the case then BLACK was going to die after that injection but he didn;t cause living in that body make the body undying i thing , so if he the same then he put a show there that he die and he just move to other person body if that the case then it also mean that her father is a life somewhere and in both case it not a good things for HA RAM cause that mean that her father maybe did things that so crazy to keep being a life and in hidden all this years by the way don't tell me that the story about the grim reaper who fall in love with human women and break the heaven rules was about that grim reaper who we think for now that he HA RAM father what do you thinks about it @bebebisous33, @larus, @nateko, @evie7 and everyone
  3. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    sorry for cutting your post but i like this idea about the fact the the the man and the women was HA RAM father and daugther and that the grim reaper take the father body and HA RAM is a grim reaper daughther that explain a lot or at least that he let the father live when he should die and that mean she a child of death person , anyway it explain why her father accept her seeing death so easy when her mother couldn't , why her mother said it was wrong from the start and her father should die and why HA RAM can see the shadows of death yes that words make your thought fall right , her mother didn't say it without reason she know more then she say about what happen in the past and the reason why HA RAM can see death i am woundering about that too , i thing the story behind why MG didn't remeber HA RAM and what happen to little joon after he leave is the the story which can connect all the characters together answer about the doctor secret , his step father wanted to kill him , why he have to take pills, why his mother so worry about him and what MG really trying to hide and find in the same time i start to even think maybe the flashback tricking us and MG isn't the realy joon and that joon die as a child and somehow MG have connecting with him i think that maybe explain why he didn't know HA RAM even after known that she can see death more then just that he forget about her cause something big happen i can't wait to know more but no matter if her the really joon or not i like both the young joon and MG they were both so nice and have something that make you love them and it the fact that they see accept people as they are and never judge them but HA RAM was right " there no way he couldn't know her after he coudn't have meet so many people like her " and i don't like the memory loss plot finally it not crazy at all , dear we all in the dark and for now your idea make sense more then what we saw so far from this drama i like this idea maybe i will be just right and let me add more carzy things if the grim reaper who we saw in the start of ep 2 is really HA RAM father and he the same that black search for him , so maybe he not death maybe he just move to another body and was hidden and in run from the other grim repaer who want to catch him
  4. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    @larus What I'm really curious about, and you listed one of them, is: - Which man is Ha Ram really going to be in love with, the reaper who is possessing MG's body or MG himself? The synopsis said the the grim reaper/Black entered a human's body and fell in love with Ha Ram. Or will MG's body be returned to him? - What's up with MG and why was someone trying to kill him? I always thought his weak stomach was an act he put on to fool the detectives. That was confirmed when he went home and was able to eat with no problem for Dr wife/girlfriend/??. Is he pay--his hidden room is very high-tech. - Also, what's up with the doctor? I think she has some other secrets going on too. I'm sure more questions will arise as this drama continues i thoughs ep 2 will make me understand a little about the grim reaper , MG , doctor or the connected between all of them , sure i want to know about Oh Man-Soo but to be honest not so much now thinking about him with all this mystery in the other charecters but what i get nothing i still don't know so much no even more i am more in the dark now :
  5. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    @Lady_Fay welcome here and join the fun , and yeh everyone seem connected to what happen 20 years ago we going to see that in the future and find out what the secret that everyone try to hide or find and who is the really bad and good in this drama . i like go ara characters too , she not weak but either she lonely, sad and had a lot of pain in her life but she still trying to live and go through all that after her father die and we saw what kind of family she has to live with and what kind of life she has to face but she still trying to keep living and i think her OPPA was the reason she was still trying after all she had hope as long as she know that there someone out there who love and accept her as she is even f he was away from her, we saw how much she had courage after stranger man tell her to have faith in her ability and offer to help her and how she was happy known latter that he the same OPPA she miss so much so i kind feel bad for her now she has to face the fact that he death and the grim reaper living in his body and can't wait to see more from her character that was funny for sure but who can blame them he has history of destroying death body about that scene they was shock he was eating infront of death body let leave out the fact that the man that wasn't able to eat the all the day after seeing death body now eating in front of it , but the fact that even normal and strong detective find it difficult to eat in front of body and not any body it was body that was cut bady he touch body part with his bare hand and after he drop food on the blood of the victim and he just pick it up and eat it with blood that was normal if the were acting like this seeing him
  6. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    omg so they don't have ]the same face they killing me the scene where they make Kim Tae-woo appear was
  7. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    ep 2 clips ep 3 preview
  8. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    nice thooughs yes i didn't want to talk about the scene yet after all starting a drama with that scene where the grim reaper find his old body in sea like that was shoking , so yeh maybe he wanted to find who he was ? and how he die ? that why he take the detective body but to know if he was still has a humanity in him i am going to wait to see more about him today after seeing more about him will tell us what kind of person oh sorry what kind of grim reaper he is if he in that place for so long maybe really it was murder but everyone in this drama seemed to me is connected to the fire that happen 20 years ago in some way so maybe he also part of that !!! i am also think that the time capsule that HR and the detective bury has something important inside that connect everyone what you think about it ?
  9. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    he really have low EQ he need help to understand why this human see him weird without underwear , using women W.C. and sitting like this in front of detective i hope he learn fast how human act he can ask HR maybe she not the best one who has connecting with other human but she has more than him at least
  10. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    @AlexandraReid don't worry about the rating for caple drama starting with 2.1 in first ep is a good start sure we hope it will go up more next ( me i don't care about the rating but sure for the drama team i hope it up )
  11. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    hi everyone i sill waiting for the end sub vut watcing it raw and it was so amazing so he not just a stranger guys to her he was and still the only one beside her father who trust her and till her to not see her ability as a curse so that why she tried to kill herself no wonder if she think her acting cause to kill this important person, and it sad that she had to know who he are in the same day he get shot because he trying to change what she told him is going to happen. i was sad with her in every scene in this ep she has no power to save people and she had all her life to safe the pain from trying to save them and then failed or the pain from known and ignoring them cause she can't do anything i need the sub but if he has that bracelet in his hands till now that mean she was important to him too , and that he remember who she is from the start --- after all how many people you meet in your life who has the same name and the super ability to see the shadow of death in people!!!!! , , but he still has so many secrets i think there a reason he didn't say he the same OPPA from her childhood , the things he searching from the past and the secret about his girlfriend , there still many to know about the nice detective who has so many layers hidden under his silly look but for now we know it not just pure romance between him and the doctors, she loved him but now she will also will has to choice if keeping her secret hidden is more important then her love and if she will like that he will wake as different person who don't remember anything cause that mean her secret is safe and now BLACK show up from now where , so ep 2 will tell is BLACK side from the story and why he come and take the detective body and we all know that the detective really die there before BLACK taken his body but the really quiestions did his soul leaves or still here??? if his soul still here then did he running from death or made a deal with BLACK???? @jongski , @nateko and @larus thanks for the live recap, explains the what happening and sharing the videos happy to see you here too dear can't wait for the fun reading your thoughs about this drama
  12. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    I still didn't watch it is will watch it late bur can'take wait to see this drama
  13. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    Kim Dong Joon is not the detective. He plays a second-generation chaebol named Oh Man Soo. Song Seung Heon plays Black/ Grim Reaper. It seams that the detective has the same face as Grim Reaper "Black". But we have to wait and see how things will unfold. What is the name of the detective? If nobody knows that Grim Reaper is in the detective`s body, it is logical that he will be called by the name of the detective. So, the detective is called Black (something in Korean similar with Black)? I was confused from the beginning about the names. YEH if he take his body they should call him with the detective name and they will do but as much as i readed before cause he will keep wearing black cloth after he take his body and that a big difference from the the old cheerful detective so they going to give him the nickname "BLACK " and start calling him like that . but we will wait to know more about how that will happen about the detective name it will be Han Moo-gang , so yes they have the same face and it the same actor for both charcters before and after the grim reaper take the detective body -Song Seung Heon will play the two charcters - it intersting that funny the grim reaper who can take any look so right why not taken a handsome man face!!!! there sure a reason for that we will see what it will be i was wondering before if the detective really was in coma and then become a grim reaper will he was in coma and after wake up in his body he didn't remember who he was ( i know so crazy after all not anyone become a grim reaper like that) but now i start to think did the grime reaper take the detective body on his own choice or was forced to live in his body ??? and if he really choice that did he force his way? on or did he made a deal with the real detective ??? the scene where the two were talking and the detective is asking " who are you " he was in the same cloth and blood on his head like it was happening right after he was shoot with gun -- so did he make a deal to keep living ??? or something wrong happen when the grim reaper come to take his soul????
  14. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    Hi dear I think the one who tell her it a good things is the detective not the grim reaper since the later will not see it a good things to mess with the heaven rules and save people who should die ( wow I am talking about two different people and I have to keep doing that even when they in the same body ) I think the grim reaper want something also from her something to help him with his work more then helping other But I can wait to know the true that so interesting they had the same face even before he take his body that mean there some secret here By the way for HR the detective was important and someone she trusted and like him that how much she calling him " oppa" I guess we was right he going to be the person who helped her out from her hidden and lonely life so it will be hard on her dealing with the new owner on his body
  15. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    the long preivew finally here wow that powerfull i was waiting for this feeling from this drama i guess i wasn't wrong after all it dark , funny, intersting , nice and so many feeling i was like so into BLACK dark feeling and then get so warm feeling from the detective nice acting and warm heart and after that so in feeling the pain of Kang Ha Ram but i start smile seeing the funny BLACK and HA RAM but in the end i didn't get the important part what BLACK want from her i get that she will agree to save someone but what he want from her !!!! i guess i can wait to know but something bother me IS he was really the doctor lover ?? I THINK there was problem between them before he get shot maybe it has something to do with the secret the doctor has like what was written in her character plot but i will wait to know since i am so into this story now