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  1. i don't think he going to ask for divorced as i said before i think he want to keep her even if she didn't love him , that all what he care about his own feeling that why he not facing her with his though he afraid it be true and she want to leave that why he will take care of the case of WS and JJD in way to make it without YSO know
  2. Wow it was a really interesting week and I see that we all have so many thought About YSO husband I think he really love his wife , but as we all agree his behavior is still mystery to us and don't show that .as we saw from the past scenes ,YSO friends talking and even from sister in law first love story that YSO was a pretty and popular girl. but she didn't get to date other guys or even do that right with her husband So we can say that her husband fall for her and she just marry him cause she need family and in the same time she don't believe in love as she said herself in ep 8I agree that there maybe be another reason why he married her and why he hidden her from his work and social life, but I know that he loved her at least at one point , I think the husband has also a low self trust since he know that YSO is more smart and pretty and she didn't really loved him so he trying to keep her low cause he afraid that if she go out in the world more she may leave him someday . it like cutting her wings so she can't fly away from his cage , and that was the reason that they married in young age without dating since the husband want to make her his fast before she had chance to choice other , and his strange acting when he don't ask her directory about what happen with her and why she lies to him make me think more that it his complex and feeling that she was always going to leave him someday and sure we see more fake smile and acting as everything is normal and that make us think that he hidden more since normal husband will not act like this but i think we will have to wait more before know if your thinking my friends can be true . I still think that family hidden something from YSO specially about the really reason why they take her on in the first place The husband know that YSO is smart and not like the mother who didn't get how YSO can help in paper but the mother don't know anything about her own daughter too About YSO:The whole ep 6 show how YSO didn't have normal romance or thinking all this year's she still living in her pain from losing her family and she only trying to make for that with her new family She sure don't love her husband as man but as family and big brother and it was okay for her to marry him since he a nice man and she want to be part of that family The funniest things that she living all the normal couple dating life with WS without realising while solving crime (funny but sad ) YSO is so smart and logic person i think she has a high IQ too , that why she see and notice things other can't , so as her friend she was never interesting in man but was in crime and i think even before her parent death she was a very smart child that didn't care about normal thing like romance . WS FIRST LOVE : okay they keep playing with us to be between thinking i maybe she a life no she death , they doing that so we can't be sure about YSO and WS really romance future since we hinted with the first love memory or coming back as everyone i think she death , even with changing name and hidden with WS connection on the police he could find her by now , i cant imaging that they going to bring her to life if she not going to be already had family and moved on from the past , but that not what they may do since they show us how much WS loved her till now and she not just pain or feeling guilty so we also have to wait but i think she death since i don't hope she made deal with his father to leave him and she was payed for that and that the reason she never come back even when WS leave that family and living his own life next ep: it going to be interesting YSO going to help WS as she promised , and that evil girl going to use photo of WS and YSO to make them stop (or maybe something also but i had feeling they going to use that ) WS going to be in full war army ready to protect YSO and YSO husband e don't get his really side when that going to happen we thinking the same dear
  3. thanks for expelling that so he really bad guy so do WS will make her gave testimony before she reach her husband and know that he on that case i like that even if it mean to trick YSO since her husband reaction will be worse if she already gave one and he can't make use clam reason to stop her and he will ask her to change or back from what she said and that a big NO to YSO even worse then asking her to not go in the first place. since it not just cause she wanted to keep promise to WS . but cause she know that JDJ is a bad guy and no one can make her change the true so he can walk away and hurt other's ( she feeling guilty form anything ) so i don't like WS trick her but i think it needed for her to see her husband really face and how his carer is more important from her life since he want to make someone who even tried to kill her walk out free but even if WS didn't trick her she good about keeping her promise and she has high sense of justice and guilty from any affect of her doing
  4. Oh yeah! We gonna get the official K drama hero saves heroine and their relationship evolves. But Knowing SO is going to see him in a much better light not because of saving her but for assisting her with saving the SIL. yes you was right good eyes and thinking as always my dear @bebebisous33 @RobinM yeh it about trusting each other and known the other will be there for you if he save her life she will make sure keeping her promise so we going to see more about her husband i need the sub to understand if the husband is bad or no i didn't understand his scene with the other man
  5. but he didn't know she will come since she didn't answer her phone and that police officer answer only once and didn't say anything also beside she there he come himself cause he worry she was in problem so to wait without even asking what happening inside it the same as to wait at home when you sure she not in big problem to let her out soon
  6. Think Korea is quite cold so the corpse doesn't decompose so fast dear i stooped asking this question from so long ( bye bye logic ) and in the same time i am busy more with my pain after everything happen to care if the writer should gave us a right reason why the corpse decay or not ( he can just say they put ice or something else there so many way even if it in the car trunk specially for someone like SONG as YJ said he know crime way like her , so don't worry if the writer even worry about gave us a logic reason he will find many - if he worry about that ) yes i agree it was one of the best even when the first place go to crying hug that was so much touching but i enjoyed watching that scene many time when they trying to outsmart each other while asking about personal information or should i say they trying to outsmart their own feeling there it was always more them enjoyable to see this two together and when they acting like kid fighting and talk back to each other is the best sadly we don't see that a lot and i even enjoyed them talk evil to each other in the first ep's so why the writer messing important reason why people still looking forward to this drama sorry i am angry a little from the writer after i waited and gave him a chance but he making me suffer so i will need time to be fair again and i am not bad person so i still have hope he change his mind next ep since he like playing and surprising us yes everyone love their child , everyone love them dearly but everyone has a different way to love or even to show that , in the end someone can hurt people they love even without realizing even YJ father who say to his daughter to not live like him and that he worry about her but in the same time he talk about things that bother and make him feel like loosing all his life in front of her while he know that she love him so much and will act after hearing it , so he he saw that every time he say his words she put herself in more danger even so he keep doing it , don't get me wrong i love her dad and i respect him but as we said not as person but like dad he also love his daughter in his own way and can hurt her too without realizing it the same for KANG and CHOI who loved their children's so much to hurt them while thinking that they doing the best to them and shown them how they should lived in this life but in the end every father's in this drama even DJ father is trying to force his view and dream in life on their children if they realizing that they doing it or not so everyone making mistake with their selfish soul thinking that they doing as best to their children and the result we have four children who suffering and paying for their father's war and fight and not living their own life and fighting their own choice and war
  7. OMG i watched ep 10 with sub this morning since i was so tired to wait last night what they doing ??? really what a mess ???????? how can that be solved with YJ in prison and her father don't even have one month and DJ was out from his father and father in the law and even KJI even if he wanted to help find his father killer will he join a hand with DJ and YJ while he know they will be after him later or are they making deal to let him go but what about the first 8 ep's when they make us have crazy time since they don't just to clear YJ father name but they wanted to find the really killer of his friend what a mess now dear writer are you going to solve that in the last two week only - since ep 11-12 will be busy fighting so i have to make sure i can watched it
  8. i have question do you remember in ep 5 when YSO husband come to police state to search for her there was one scene when he get out of the car and was going to go on to there then they move to the scene where YSO scold the victim brother of how he was also one of the people who killed her since he keep silence of what was happen to her then they back to YSO husband with scene he was going out of the police ????yes he want to smoke but even before wanted to smoke he was in directer of going out not going on so what happen : 1- is that was just a shooting mistake ? 2- did he just decide not to go on cause he hated being with police and hated his wife being there as YSO was saying ( and sure even that has reason )? 3- did it was something we going to see in the future like that he really go on and see and hear YSO talking and doing and he act as he don't know what she was doing there ? i am so excited to see today Ep since it look from the still's that they going to be in difficult case cause the sister in law that can be interesting since YSO will had her trust in her ability back and she will spend more time with WS and they will be more close partner and crime solver ( i want more but let not rush in our thought ) my wish for today that WS know why YSO husband family is so important to her and why she doing anything to them , like known that she lost her family once and she really afraid to lose them again ( i think that YSO problem she feel bad avout losing her family and she couldn't do anything before and after their death's so that why she so crazy and careful when it come to that family , since she trying to not to fell that again of being lonely, hopeless and feel guilty that she could do more ) i think it important so they both start know each other well as it important for YSO to know why WS acting like gangster and doing what he doing