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  1. sorry for cutting your post but I agree with both of you @cleoLsg & @briseis SOG has suffer for 1000 years from a human betray we don't know the full story or if he was In love before or not but we know that : 1) no matter how evil SOG act sound in the end we now saw how nice and low EQ he can be, the fact of what happen after the kiss was a really prove how much the powerful and great saga is in the really just a simple, fool and has pure heart when it come to feeling , so I can imaging how much it was in the past where he was trusting human as MW said and how much he suffered 2) 1000 years alone as punishment is so much as SM said and morever he was a victim to human betray that should made him really have fear to even be close to human , his pure heart is broken, his pride was destroyed and his power didn't help him to save his soul from lonely and pain , so we can understand how he was in the start a little evil , liar and crazy but in the same how he still show interest in SM as little kid and a growing women even before know she SJ after all he was interset in her but fear to fall in human hands again , he wasn't evil but he was in fear and trying to protect himself from his weak heart that keep want to know human 3) when he started to love her before or after he was forced to it( it doesn't matter) it was the same fight with himself, he know more then what we saw till now what he will do for human when he trust and love them , so he tried to stop and save himself from her, he trying to not be again a fool that human use and throw away but he couldn't do that, he ready now to be used cause he had no other choice he love her and cant lose her but now he fight another fight , a fight of losing her what if she left me for another man? what if she stop want to be with me after all that end?( the same fear that SM have , he also having it and he fear it more then her since human feeling change), what If she die before me???? the great saga living in fear and pain more then SM, he longing and fearing her love more then she do to his love . you right human feeling change but for him it for life he just simply in love and can't see complicated feeling, human die but he will live forever with that feeling human can betray even the people they love to save themselves but he can never do something like this SM don't understand that her fight with her feeling is not even close to the fight that SOG having with his feeling, all what SOG want this little promises and feeling only just promise me you want betray me , promise me you will not lover another man, promise me that you will not leave me and I promise you I will not alow you to die before me he know that all that is nothing , he not sure it will last forever he had his fear but he just want to hear it and believe it , he know she will die someday when he can't die but he mean it when say he can't allow that, that words was something that he mean it and will come back in the future to us , what he can do to stop the fact that she can die and he will be left behind !!!!
  2. okay i love this drama so much but i don't like that they don't gave us the time or a good story to feel the other people or the evil soul and their story's and that sad cause we can feel it more and feel the meaning of SJ and SOG important task by feeling the pain of that so that made me sad every ep's is long enough to gave us that space to feel the story's but i don't feel it since they don't us time, feeling, backstory that make us feel them (in the past loved the ghost story in MASTER SUN at least i was feeling their pain and their need for help BUT here they just coming and going and don;t left me with any feeling or important why they even show up ) about SJ and SOG love : i agree that he start having feeling for her from the start , we could see that she touch his heart and feeling even in the start where he was acting in front of her as monster who only want to eat her but he ending caring for every words she say when she not there , if heaven or whatever who is behind all that really made SOG wear it so he and SJ never know their true feeling since they know that they have feeling for each other and know that they need one of them to kill the other !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if that true then it crazy and not far , they know from the start it not that it happen after that when they didn't think about it i think next ep will show at least for SOG himself that his feeling is real since he will have to choice who the one who will be his heart master , i think SOG power is more then what anything can stop or control him , and when he really want to run from anything he can handle any pain and be free , the only reason he didn't do that with SJ cause he really didn't want to eat her and harm her from the start and what happen just gave him a logic reason to gave up on eating her , but when her life in danger and in the same time his heart in other one control he will show how powerful , smart, crazy and lairs and can be free from that fake love MW and SOG wow this two , i really want to know what happen to MW wife and what happen in the past between MW and SOG , SOG show last week that he was angry from MW to the point if it wasn't him he would fight him to death , but he didn't since it MW and that fight mean that SOG going to kill him they for sure care for each other so much , like a really friends no matter how they show how much they hate each other but i keep feeling that there more , there something also that connect this two , a reason that SOG still don't want to harm MW or leave him alone , it like he feel bad for him about something or feel that he did something wrong to him in the past
  3. hi I am missed so much fun be away but what to do work is work something catch my eyes, SONG OH say all the time that when JS die it over he doesn't need to feel pain and he will free but he doesn't even realize that he already prove that it will never happen when JS was shot in the film she died there but SONG OH couldn't leave here he even burned all that world to bring her back MW know that he said it himself " that the world she was shot and died on, he burned it so that why he could get her out safe " but is the great saga even know that ?? that she was dead, already dead and that he still couldn't stop loving and caring for her ??? I think he still doesn't understand the meaning of what he did there the second fact that some of my of you had already talked about and ut the fact that he really ready to burn world for her add to that it does not just cause he has to or forced to do by fake love but cause that his true heart, his true heart that can never let her die or leave him I think MW is the only one now who really know what the meaning of that event, he may joke around about it but he the most aware of SONG OH feeling and what he could do - and after all we know how much power and easy angry he can be . but looking at it know MW also care so much for SONG Oh maybe her really send the little JS to save him back then , i love this two MW and SONG OH know each other so well , they care for each other so much , even when they hide it like to kids act as they hate eacth other , but in the end the reason why SONG OH keep staying with MW even when he can get any house or anything also from his little brother is cause he care for MW and WORRY about him, something wrong happen in the past between MW and SONG OH and it will be related to MW wife and SONG OH feel bad for it , that the only reason he doesn't burn MW alife after all what he did when he can be crazy angry and he more powerful from him what going to happen now we don't know , but the monkey has to face the fact that he in love with her for real and his love has so much danger on it , the world ending that JS has to stop from coming I am wondering now if it all will happen cause that love, a love that doesn't care how much, or which world will be destroyed as much he keep her safe it scary that SONG OH keep saying it himself in normal words that he doesn't care if this world ending or what happens to all the people as long as his love say that he has to save her , he saying that thinking that it causes the fake love but what danger can come from it after we saw when he really burn a whole world for her , that not easy and normal act even for the crazy MONKEY
  4. HI everyone after watching wp 1-2 with sub i am totally loving this drama i am sad to hear about all that news and hard time they face now but i am just hoping they keeping up the good drama and level till the end and i wouldn't mind one ep in the week that will be long and perfect then two short one that don't gave the story and the acting be interesting or two long ep's that will hurt the people who work on the drama it interesting drama for so many level just look at the writers and all the big name actors on it and the story itself and the the filming style it had so many things to be a big hit and more it has every reason to make people so interesting in it and it will be a good story and place for many Rumors so i just feel bad for the people who working hard to give us this amazing drama and they have to face from the start a very hard working , accidents , rumors and a lot of pressure I HOPE they can make it with all this crazy things they facing about the drama now
  5. hi everyone i think i am going to join this drama this far i watched ep 1 and i am waiting to see ep 2 after seeing some of the videos from it i like the drama so far and i liked the story and everyone so i hope it going to keep this mood till the end i will write more after watching the full ep 2 with sub to find the miss part after what happen in sunday
  6. [Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    welcome to drama that make you go crazy all the way and even after it ended we crazy trying to understand what happen okay i will try to be logic and answer my own points that i didn't understand before the time restart before JOON was born that mean before HR parent car accident, human don't remember but grim reaper remember what happen , so whe the time restart 007's as BLACK ASKED FROM him use that time to stop HR grim reaper father from taken the man body or even take his soul ( they break the law when everyone was busy with all the world restart , so her human father still a live and she was born ( she will have the same face for sure after it human DNA not grim reaper it just the grim reaper can gave her soul the abilty and it was in the eyes , that how her life changed by BLACK choice okay i can accept the fact as some of you said here that cause the person who get erased was 444's and JOON but their someone also and it called BLACK he has his own feeling and thought and doing and that not just JOOn or the grim reaper 444's , they somehow again cheat the rules and keep him there as grim reaper , maybe 007'S help him . and the add reason that HR feeling when she remember him that was strong from the rules has bring him back to her , the power of love that remember someone strong from the power of the whole world restart can break the rules and bring him back , and maybe he was understood from the upper world for his love and all the good things he did for other as JOON or as BLACK and in the end they bring him back to be with his love in the end after he accept his fate and only care for his love one and never thought of himself that was a greater then any human or grim reaper feeling or rules so we can accept that ( but why leaving us guessing like that why not even one scene to understand what happen that was in opening ending in tricking way mr writer , do you trick the normal people it was a happy ending while you keep you style of opening ending again ) okay so i choice that her love or he get forgiveness from upper world since that mean they will be togther in the end in heaven i don't want to think of him keep being grim reaper again while she move on that the answer i trying to gave myself for now , at least that make me more at peace about other things i will try hard , really hard to stop myself from thinking of it in logic way ( that hard i am a logic person why mr writer doing that me???? )
  7. [Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    okay i watched with sub but i still don't understand this points if black get that punishment how he was there in the end , so he can choice to stay there but his existing will be erased from the world is that the rules to suffer being there and never being in the same time ??????? black being erased from the world will really rewrite the whole HR story of everythings that has link to BLACK but why his disappear from the world has anything to do with stopping HER parents car accident ?? that not connected it happen even before JOON was born and the accident has nothing to do with JOON so even if everythings about HR will be rewrite again why her parent accident and her grim reaper dad taking that body also change with black choice and punishment - that not even connected , the man who her father take his body was fated to die that day it was never part of any evil plan and has anything to do with JOON or grim reaper her father only take his body , it will be logic that it change if her father did that choice not BLACK ????????????? if the loser was still in LEO body how he remember back in black never existing that mean he never was loser partner and never have that promise with him don't tell me cause he a grim reaper so he can remember so what about the the past event that happen if black never was there then MG didn't had his heart never was a life and if he never was a life or even if he was a life he also never have reason to let leo die that day OMG that so not logic here ???????????????????????? i would say that the fate change and that the really leo but it not that he just know the story he also has that gift so he is the loser , he told her the story and gave her that the night before she die he know she was going to die cause he saw her grim reapers so he know it time to tell her the story and she didn't marry his she said a friend is better then my late husband he was her friend all this years and take carre of her as he promise and she married another man , but we don't know who that man was , and the kid isn't her kids it the kids of LEO his grandchildern since he was coming to visit her i need to sleep so i will be here tomorrow maybe everyone here will help me understand what happen after everyone watch it with sub
  8. [Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    okay i watched ep 17 with sub and i watch ep 18 raw again so something missing when we understand we understand the ending the 100 years old lady grim reaper told BLACK in ep 17 that he wrong about the mix punishment when they kill human it not what they were telling him about all this long there other one and other choices for the grim reapers who kill human so in ep 18 black use that to save HR , it like he choice to gave HR a new life without her ability or him in her memory but black IS THE same like HR dad If it solved by his choice why HR dad didn't do that too , why when he die he wasn't erased from HR , HR mother life ????? did he has two choices and choice something also or the fact that he didn't know that he have another choice and pay the normal price i need the sub to understand what the other choice was but i hope the writer make it logic to understand why it didn't happen the same way when HR father die too edit : i am waiting for sub like a good child i don't have any other choice right ?
  9. [Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    maybe that the reason he killed himself for so he will be forgten from HR meomery and she can be a free again but that mean he will forget himself but what they show by the end that he didn't forget anything he still remember her yeh it confussing i think i will need to watch it with sub and after that come here and write and read everyone thought so i get what really happen in the end
  10. [Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    okay i am getting use to the ending now at lest they togther by the end wait she marry leo i didn't understand the ending without sub and was focusing on the HR and black in the ending but just wait i need sub but leo didn't die ?? didn't that loser take his body cause he die i still didn't understand when he show up by the end - i think i missed some scene since i didn't watch it full raw after the live streaming but she marry LEO , it not just that he from the family that kill her family it also he wasn't a nice guy before loser take his body either okay i need someone to explain to me or i have to wait for the sub i was ready that she marry OMS they were cute or marry someone also but not leo are we sure she marry him ???? yeh we need to hear what he said to them he use something aginst them that why he wasn't punished , the older grim reapers the evil lady and 007'S till him something he use i am happy she get happy life and die as old lady that was her dream , she had kids but not for sure they get her ability too maybe the human half win this time , but for sure she make for herslelf a life and have work, family and keep on that was happy by itself but i still missing if she know the fact about JOON and black and her father by the end or not ?? wait what do you mean the reall leo i need sub now , there no way she can't be with BLACK on MG body and can be with another grim reaper on leo body ??? if that is allowed then why not black i am lost here my friends
  11. [Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    that ending i still not ready for it i will write about it after watching both ep 17 and 18 with eng sub but black asking her : did you live well ? were you happy ? and she answer: i lived well, i was so much happy and she asking him if he going to take her now and he say let go that was so i don't understand everything black kill people before he go but he use the old women ( grim reaper ) and 007's words to talk to the death team i guess he was off the danger and get himself out what i can't get is it was their decide for him to stay a grim reaper for more years or it he was out without any order but he deicde to stay a grim reaper and not cross to other side and wait for HR like 416's did before , so that black can watch her while she a life and be the one who take her soul and move with her to the heaven ??
  12. [Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    ep 18 videos last part
  13. [Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    ep 18 videos part 5
  14. [Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    ep 18 videos part 4 i can't say what i feel about it
  15. [Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    ep 18 videos part 3