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  1. Hi .. anyone has the download link in Eng sub already?
  2. @angelangie - I am looking for Dear Inn aka The Inn Dylan Wang version and also Heart Signal Chinese version with Darren and in English subs.  Do you think we have them in the forum or where can I download them?  I try to search but can't find.  I remember in the past we can search per section but it seems the section search is not available now.  I may miss a lot as I am unable to get active lately.  Very sorry for the request.  Thank you.

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    2. angelangie
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      thank you.  very sorry for delayed reply.  I find the eng sub is not fully done.  hopefully there are people out there doing full sub of that.

    4. angelangie
  3. I am up to only ep 7, far behind but funny is, how come all eps I have there have muted the OST and sometimes, even the conversation got muted. Is there any better host that I can download all these eps? Anyone can share pls? Thank you so much.
  4. Nobody starts this Heart Signal 2 thread yet? It is interesting.
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