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  1. @angelangie - I am looking for Dear Inn aka The Inn Dylan Wang version and also Heart Signal Chinese version with Darren and in English subs.  Do you think we have them in the forum or where can I download them?  I try to search but can't find.  I remember in the past we can search per section but it seems the section search is not available now.  I may miss a lot as I am unable to get active lately.  Very sorry for the request.  Thank you.

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    2. a15t3


      Yes, it is Taiwan reality show.  Do we have it here?

    3. angelangie


      I think u can fine some of the clips in YouTube full episodes need to be search and I think I know what variety u are talking about it’s a Chinese one not Taiwan one

    4. angelangie
  2. I am up to only ep 7, far behind but funny is, how come all eps I have there have muted the OST and sometimes, even the conversation got muted. Is there any better host that I can download all these eps? Anyone can share pls? Thank you so much.
  3. Nobody starts this Heart Signal 2 thread yet? It is interesting.
  4. a15t3

    [Drama 2018] Misty 미스티

    I have been expecting this drama but just started to watch over this weekend. I manage to only catch up to ep. 4 and not finished yet. I have never watched Kim Nam Joo's drama yet but I am so love to see Ji Jin Hee. Being my first drama with KNJ, I am so impressed with the character she immersed in. Ji Jin Hee doesn't show any catchy scenes still in ep 2, makes me think well ... the main lead is KNJ? Only after ep 3, his role appears stronger. His type of drama that I expect to watch. Am happy to see its rating goes high, and wish to see it will maintain higher till the end. I haven't got enough time to read more on the discussion, hope to catch up real soon.
  5. thank you for the tag @Lmangla, it is in my list
  6. I find them very cute at the end, eventhough the age gap is huge. But anywhere I can have complete eng sub for this couple?
  7. I find this drama is good enough. This is my first time to watch Zhu Ya Wen and he portrayed the role very well. I am looking for all the OST, at least the song title so I can do a search. Anyone can help, please? Thank you so much.
  8. hahaha be careful, love at first sight is not proven to remain long enough it's is forever and hundreds lol
  9. Hahaha... I was like that when I first watch "Doctors" and still so so till it ends. I only feel your 10 minutes in this recent Black Knight, but your 10 minutes is my errrmmm... 3 minutes? LOL.. Here is another smile I love to see
  10. Thank you for the great welcome yes I am speechless watching his latest ep. How can he become so cute? Guess I have to find this Love Story and Punch too ?
  11. a15t3

    [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    At first, I hesitated to watch because I am not so much of Shin Se Kyung. But I want to see Kim Rae Won again. And apparently I am not disappointed. SSK has improved a lot and she does real good here, also KRW acts out of his ordinary. He looks so much better and cute when he smiles. The director has to make him smiles a lot and lot
  12. Wow... Kim Rae Won really gives his best in Black Knight. Can't comment much now but I am falling ㄱㄱㄱㄱ