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  1. JE's dad Hwang should also be nitpicked by his naggy mum-in-law for not doing his duty! As a security guard of the building where JG & EA have their shops, how did JE managed to steal those flyers? Hopefully a cctv is able to spot JE. But this conniving witch must have known there isnt one!
  2. Like HG told HN from a quotation, "It ain't over until it is over." I'm expecting more shenigans from the evil mum-daughter duo. Those 2 evil witches will definitely try to either harm YR, HN or EA in their final attempt to escape. But like someone mentioned, I DONT want the writer to use SUICIDE as a threat to escape punishment. In fact I'd be happy if those 2 evil witches quietly jump together into the Hangang, the River of DOOM!
  3. @jayakris When did HN (I think it is JE) ever steal a blue dress from HN? Not only did JE stole the blue blouse she also tried to tear it with much hatred when "eunuch" DG caught her RED HANDED. He is indeed a eunuch as it just showed how JE hated HN. That was 1 of the most telling signs that she's indeed a MONSTER. When watching dailies or weekend dramas, it is strictly advisable NOT to skip scenes as they are usually significant.
  4. I wont be surprised that EA regains her memory instead of HN. Most viewers expect HN to regain consciousness and recover her childhood memory because of the KNOCK she received. Due to the SHOCK of her beloved HN getting injured, EA may recover her memory about how evil witch pushed her. BUT before she could do anything, the evil mum-daughter duo will COOK UP another wicked master scheme (I cant guess as they are too smart for me) to foil EA from revealing HN's true identity! And then there'll another WILD GOOSE'S CHASE until next week before the big reveal!
  5. @selen4ever, yeah! The RING is back? How did it happen? Has HN recovered from the knock? Tomorrow please come faster?
  6. @awsparkle WELL SAID! Which is why DG is called a "eunuch" in one drama site. Had he told HN that JE stole her sample blouse (HN definitely knew JE stole her presentation notes before this) and that JE's mum stole the design, HN would have been more CAREFUL with this evil mum-daughter duo! @jayakris it looks like DG is clueless again. He should have kept quiet about the flyers found in her car & investigate secretly. From the preview it seems he confronted JE instead. Of course this QUEEN OF ALIBIS will cook up something to convince him yet AGAIN!
  7. @browngirl thanks for your info but I'm still not convinced because from another photo it looks like JJH. But DO watch this drama if you really want super cute lovey, dovey scenes of the OTP with plenty of hot kisses! There WILL be a happy ending as it is preproduced. (Only prime time 16 episodes can provide such service.) However as a daily drama, I'm already SATISFIED that HG & HN did have 5 kisses so far! And their lovey dovey scenes are cute and extra ordinary too.
  8. @Ameera Ali welcome to the daily drama watching club! It's indeed addictive but can be frustrating and stressful. But just remember it's ONLY A DRAMA! Some viewers here may feel like pulling their hair off because of the poor love line of HG & HN which I think is common in daily dramas as the writer has to fill up 120 episides with other sub plots. By the way JE & DG are also the other main leads judging from the opening video clips. Luckily I did watch dailies before so my hair is still very much INTACT! NB: This daily drama's popularity must be due to JJH's(HG) popularity as he has more than 100 000 instagram followers. Remarkable for an unknown actor indeed!
  9. @meoooooowwww since you have access to JJH's instagram, could you find out if he cameoed in the drama Devilish Joy? I think the murdered Hallyu star looks like him. It is preproduced and is on air now. I am still NEUTRAL as I dont bash HG or HN as I FULLY UNDERSTAND both of them. As someone who has watched Kdramas for 12 years, I know HN obviously still loves HG and why she acted HER WAY! On the other hand, I also understand why HG acts the way he does. Poor HG must be DEVASTATED to know that his beloved HN is knocked unconscious. Now it'll be his chance to show EA how much he loves HN. Of course he'll be there to take care of EA & SR as well. Anyway, I dont have the time to argue my case! I just want to enjoy the drama till the end as I'm currently hooked on 5 other dramas as well.
  10. In Kdramas, cold hearted guys like HG usually are attracted to naive gals like HN. Those of us who have been watching Kdramas or Taiwanese dramas for decades are so used to such pairings already. In Kdramas especially the chaebols (sons of big companies) usually fall in love with naive girls from poor families. One of the reasons being the girls are usually innocent virgins. For weekend and daily dramas, premarital sex is strictly TABOO! I laughed so HARD when someone mentioned about HN & bed. Heeeee! And there'll be opposition from the snobbish parents or grandparents of course!
  11. SH is now DOOMED! Despite her play acting alibi to explain about meeting the conman she wont get away this time. At 1st JH seemed to believe her but later told her she'll only believe her if she gets to meet him. She really panicked. With his face on that photo, he'll be caught in no time even if he escapes to China through Incheon port. Just look at JH's FACE when hubby JG expressed why anyone wanted to steal the flyers. She's smelling a big rat! JH is SMART afterall by doing her own investigation without informing anyone! That actress acting as SH must be having high blood pressure by now by the way she screams and yells!
  12. @stroppyseI fully agree with you about the over the top acting of the actress acting as SH. She is cringy and sometimes scares the hell out of me! To me she's not even beautiful as someone here thinks she is. This SH role suits her well as she has the natural evil look. Like you, I think the BEST actress here is the one acting as EA who emotes very naturally. And she is naturally beautiful. The actress acting as JH can act well too and she is also beautiful. I can forgive the acting by SIA & JJH as they're ROOKIES and this is their debut drama. Actors and actresses always start their careers in weekend or dailies anyway. Overall I still enjoy the dialogues which are witty by the 3 stooges and sarcastic by the old lady!
  13. What I also like about this drama is the witty dialogues which really balanced out the evil despicable deeds committed by the evil mum-daughter duo. The dialogues amongst the 3 stooges have me in stitches. The grandma whom I hated at the beginning won me over by her constant nickpicking at SH with her sarcastic remarks! I dont expect much lovey dovey scenes from any dailies as I'm used to it. That I can get from Devilish Joy or The 3rd Charm. Which is why MY HAIR is still INTACT while I'm enjoying this drama right till the end!
  14. This is getting INTENSE! I trust useless DG to be more suspicious of his evil wife at last after finding out she stole the flyers about SJ. And this time he is SMART by staying quiet without confronting her. (Oops I'm wrong after I saw the preview. ) I did suspect the evil mum-daughter duo may kidnap YR. However they must be very pleased that HN is knocked unconscious.
  15. So I'm the ONLY ONE here enjoying the TWIST & TURNS of this truly intriguing daily drama which is dorminated by THE BEST EVIL mum-daughter duo of Kdramas. As I'm neutral to HG & HN, I dont bash either of them. I trust the writer regarding their relationship. Kudos to the writer for churning out surprises after surprises at us!