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  1. Poster for Hongseok's upcoming webdrama "On The Campus" WooseokxKuanlin 9801 album snippet
  2. I've mostly been a silent lurker in this thread, just coming around to see some spoilers from each episode, but am finally posting lol After watching episode 8, I have to say I love how up front Yoon Seo is & how she doesn't let things linger and cause misunderstandings, she just asked Jung Rok about his past with Yeo Reum. She let's her feelings known & doesn't have time for mess. While Jung Rok doesn't have the most experience with relationship, I appreciate how he does his own research to find out about Yoon Seo & even asks Se Won for his help. Speaking of Se Won, I also appreciated that scene when he basically exposed Jung Rok lol For someone who is bad at expressing himself, it's good he has a friend who can help push him. It reassured Yoon Seo that she is indeed the only person who truly enter his heart, he only had a crush on Yeo Reum and wasn't anything serious.
  3. WOOSEOK has been announced to be part of CUBE's new unit with Lai Kuanlin. Debut is said to be within March.
  4. Please place this in the Crush thread
  5. It may not be in the directory or has a broken link. Here it is
  6. Even with Teacher Park gone, Se Ho will continuously spiral down a path of madness because that's not who he wants out, but everyone keeps defending & protecting Bok Su which he can't seem to understand why.
  7. The thing is, this isn't new for him since he played victim 9 years prior. He continues to see himself as the one who's done wrong because he's been rejected or feels jealous.
  8. So teacher Park was fired? Figures, Se Ho would want to get rid of anyone with any type of "resistance" to his ridiculous decisions.
  9. CUBE has confirmed CLC is making their comeback late January. Though they have posted about a comeback showcase on the 25th, they have yet to confirm the date. Translation for the Premiere Showcase post credits to yooniqda (CLC International)
  10. Sorn has launched her own YouTube channel, Produsorn https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOzB7NB3Tr98XVwC8bLm5oA
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