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  1. 1990er Choi Sooyoung Ep.1 is Soo's new reality show that will show her everyday life with her family, friends, boyfriend, etc
  2. Tae Hwan Instgram Update. 5urprise were torchbearers for PyeongChang Olympics
  3. Ladies' Code (레이디스 코드)

    Han Hee Jun feat. SOJUNG - Deep Inside
  4. Magazine HO #12 Michael Jackson - You Are Not Alone Wooseok had a surprise (well to us) stage with Insooni at SBS Drama Awards
  5. I'm so proud of my boys. A new fanmeeting has been schedules for February. Are You Human Too? Teaser with Kang Joon
  6. I agree with this point. While it can get old watching her impersonate people, everything she's done so far has backfired on her so at least we know she's not truly getting away with anything. I also agree with you about Hae Ra. I know she has some issues, but I hope she stops being dismissive & just be more open about her feelings for Soo Ho because we know she loves him too, I just want her to really show him.
  7. No preview?? Really??? At least give me something to hold onto for a week. Sharon is beyond redeemable to me, I love watching her onscreen, but this has gotten ridiculous & I hope this is the last time she impersonates someone. First Hae Ra and now Soo Ho, she's holding onto someone who isn't actually hers. Baek Hee was right when she said Sharon is too obsessed & sees him as a possession, it's not love at all, but we did see a glimpse into her thought process. She says that's exactly what love is, but she's mistaking seeing the other person as a piece of property & actually saying "they're mine" in reference to a relationship. I get she's lived this long, but she has to see that he's not the same person she married 250+ years ago, Lee Myung So died in a fire with his beloved and she's attaching herself to Moon Soo Ho, his reincarnation who has no knowledge of his past self. She's continued to have this victim complex as if they both betrayed her (especially Boon Yi) yet she still wants the husband back who loved another woman. With the tattoos appearing, she's now on this "if I die I'm dragging everyone else down with me" mindset which is the most dangerous because she doesn't care who she steps on & what the consequences are. Baek Hee may need to take a step back or try to expose her, I don't see any other way unless she's able to obtain the ring & Jeom Bok's documents. I feel like at least if both Soo Ho & Hae Ra are aware of what's going on, they can protect themselves better (although idk how you tell anyone that a 250+ year old wandering ghost is out to kill their relationship and take back the man who never loved her). I really really hope the aunt doesn't sign those papers, I know she's not the brightest crayon in the box, but there has to be some common sense there to at least get Hae Ra's thoughts on it. It involves her. Chul Min is really becoming a major player in this drama especially since he's interacted with both Sharon & Baek Hee and now we see he has tons of historical items/documents. He may be a piece in helping to lift the curse.
  8. You're right. Becky is responsible for part of what happened, her actions were the starting domino in this entire saga. While I do feel for her, she couldn't have any kids which got her kicked out & she became jealous, I can't excuse her actions because she allowed jealousy & bitterness to consume her. So I also think that maybe she feels that she needs to be there to guide Sharon, but she needs to realize sometimes you need to let go in order for people to find their own way.
  9. I think you're right. Becky has been covering & coddling Sharon for far too long so she's still receiving the punishments even though she's not the one doing anything. I do think Becky may have to expose Sharon or completely remove herself from the equation (i.e. Sharon's life) in order to not receive the consequences on behalf of her.
  10. (미쓰에이) Miss A! #THANKYOUmissA

    miss A Officially Disbands After 7 Years On December 27, the agency released a statement confirming the disbandment of the group after seven years together. Member Fei renewed her contract with JYP in May 2016, while Suzy renewed her contract in August of this year. Jia and Min both left the company after the expiration of their contracts, in May 2016 and April 2017 respectively. miss A debuted in 2010 with the massive hit “Bad Girl Good Girl,” with which the group achieved the remarkable feat of simultaneously winning the Song of the Year “daesang” (grand prize) and the Best New Female Artist award in the same year at the Mnet Asian Music Awards. soompi
  11. I thought there was a thread for Lunafly? Can you provide the link to the Elris thread?
  12. Even accordance with the times, Sharon committed a pretty big crime when she sent her servant in her place (lied about not being Myung Soo's wife) & then killed her in a fire. Even if she hasn't done anything major since she got cursed, she still hasn't changed at all & continues to think she's the sole victim & thinks Boon Yi "stole" her man when in fact, she willingly gave him up the second she chose to save herself and allow an innocent woman to die in her place. Going based on what we've been shown in the episodes, Sharon deserves her full punishment. Boon Yi's ONLY "crime" was trying on the coat she made for Seo Rin, however that didn't warrant her burning her face with an iron (that was still pretty harsh even for those standards). Though what did Boon Yi do to deserve to be whipped & sent to death in the place of her lady then to be burned in a fire? These were all Seo Rin's misdeeds that contributed to her being cursed, she treated Boon Yi horrible even for a servant. Considering we're watching a fantasy drama, we need to look at her punishment as according to the gods and they've seen nothing has changed in her heart. For the curse to be lifted she needs to make 1,000 garments for Hae Ra, actually recognize her faults & why she's in this situation, & most importantly to not interfere with Soo Ho & Hae Ra's life (she's broken this already and is intervening in what should have happened 250+ years ago) I'd also like to add that Seo Rin wasn't too unlucky considering she's originally born to a poor woman & Boon Yi was born to the family of the house (as told by Baek Hee as she switched them to get back at the family for throwing her out). Her decisions contributed to how others see her & her curse. Sharon is an extremely interesting character & we'll see what changes and how when she starts to really go against the gods & fate. Though I know she'll be in denial even after this, I love watching her on screen. Seo Ji Hye is amazing in this role. I think deep down, she knows nothing good can ever come out of this & she'll never be Hae Ra, but logic escapes when you have tunnel vision & have a one track mind lol @USAFarmgirl You may be onto something there, I do wonder why Seo Rin hated Boon Yi so much? Sharon didn't seem fazed when Baek Hee told her about the switch, did she know? I don't think anyone aside from Baek Hee knew about it? Her jealousy was pretty intense.