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  1. First teaser image for 6th mini album FREE'SM
  2. CUBE confirms CLC's July comeback! CLC will be making a surprise comeback! Sources from the music industry reported on July 11 that CLC will release a mini album in late July and is currently finishing up preparations. The group’s agency Cube Entertainment commented, “CLC is confirmed to make a comeback at the end of July. The track will have a different vibe than what they have done previously.” They made a dramatic transformation from cute to girl crush for previous track “Hobgoblin” in January, and now the group will take on a completely new image once again for their upcoming comeback. soompi
  3. Hi! That's perfectly fine to create a WANNA ONE thread even though they're a temporary group.
  4. I'm only looking forward to Mr. Sunshine for Byung Hun, Kim Eun Sook is a lackluster writer & all of her dramas are hard carried by the actors so I expect the same for this. Seeing the family in pics like that makes me happy, hope they have fun.
  5. Update on Leeteuk's situation in Switzerland
  6. Byung Hun is returning to dramaland!! I'm a little sad since I don't care for the writer, but this is a huge shock.
  7. @hibiscus23 Did Fantagio confirm him? So far everything said he was reviewing it.
  8. Tae Hwan will be on Law of the Jungle He was also seen filming Running Man He was on MBC's Living Together So far, Fantagio has not confirmed whether he will appear in "My Golden Life"
  9. Gong Myoung Namyang milk CF (with Jung Hye Sung) Bride of the Water God will start July 3 on tvN Kang Joon Cast in KBS's "Are You Human Too?" alongside Gong Seung Yeon Tae Hwan Seen filming Running Man He was also announced as part of the latest episodes of Laws of the Jungle
  10. Please stay on topic, this means no discussion of anything outside of this ship especially those who are in no way related to Lee Dong Wook or Lee Da Hae. If you want to have personal conversations, please do in DM or another platform. Also, remember to respect both actors. Thank you.
  11. Critical Beauty MV Teaser 1 Last night was day 1 of Tentastic Vol 2 ~ Trust P Day Yan An was there, didn't perform, but watched. The members kept mentioning him throughout the concert. Yan An's parents, Shinwon's family, & Kino's sister were all spotted.
  12. CEREMONY audio snippet CUBE also opened their official channel
  13. Today 6.04 marks the final day of SISTAR's promotions. Thank you for everything. They've come full circle, 6.04.10 was their first debut stage on Music Bank