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  1. Sorry to cut your post, but these parts really stood out to me. Yoo Na does seem like the type to not want Han Gyeol, but then gets upset when she sees he's moved on. This is just the begging of her jealousy, we see she looked really confused when So Rim answered his phone & then she saw how he rushed off when he saw her. She's going to wonder why he's suddenly treating this new girl better than her. While I do admit Han Gyeol can be just clueless at times, he didn't necessarily treat Yoo Na bad, he just put his work above a lot. I think their biggest issue was that they just simply didn't understand one another as well as they thought they did which led to a lot of misunderstandings. It's not a bad thing, sometimes we don't realize how little we know about one another until something major happens. Yoo Na didn't have much interest in Han Gyeol's life as a musician it seems otherwise she would have picked up on what he's been doing this entire time. Whereas with So Rim, she has the same love for music as he does & she's taken a special interest in his life. This is how she knows his music says how he feels (even if she heard that one song) and how she just knows what he's feeling. I also think that Chan Young may have had an interest in someone Han Gyeol dated, I mean what else could he have been referring to when talking about that? He just wants everything Han Gyeol has even if he doesn't truly want it, he's jealous & feels secondary. It may have been Yoo Na.
  2. My thoughts on Chan Young (especially after episode 4) - He's a snake who suffers from an inferiority complex that makes him dangerous & manipulative. While it is very understandable how he'd feel weird about replacing Han Gyeol as bass in Crude Play, he purposely made himself the outsider & black sheep. No one treats him any different (it's just they've known one another longer) and his skills have been acknowledged by Han Gyeol himself numerous times, he always says Chan Young is much better than him. Chan Young's main issue is that he's impulsive and seems to be a vindictive person, there's little to no sincerity anywhere in him. Everything he does has a hidden agenda & it feels like his main goal in life is to beat Han Gyeol in a game only he's playing. I don't think he actually has romantic feelings for So Rim (love for her voice, yes), he became more assertive once he confirmed she liked Han Gyeol & Manager Choi didn't choose his song for the list of possible tracks for the rookies. He has an obsession with trying to be successful, but he's doing it by being underhanded. He's only out for himself, what he can get or take away from Han Gyeol. He's going to start poisoning So Rim's mind with bad things about Han Gyeol, but he will be sorely mistaken when he finds out that won't make her like him more than just as someone from her favorite band. Though I feel like his plan to separate Han Gyeol & So Rim will be countered by Crude Play, most importantly Si Hyun who will be able to speak up on all the good things about his childhood friend. Speaking of Han Gyeol, now that I think about it, he's way too nice (even by his standards). He may be distant, alone, & blunt, but he's not really a mean person. I personally don't think he's dumb for rejecting the offer from Manager Choi, he's had experiences with being manipulated & used by the company so he just didn't want any part in it to save himself. It backfired on him since he wasn't aware it's So Rim and her friends, but I can totally understand why he declined especially after it being compared to Crude Play. He's had this ting of guilt for being harsh with the band & Chan Young forever feeling like his replacement. He's pretty obvious with his feelings, but most people around him are only standing there with their hands out saying "what are you going to give me?".There's really no one saying "Hmm maybe we shouldn't put so much pressure on him". Manager Choi may have been somewhat sincere with him wanting Han Gyeol to produce for the new band, but his history shows otherwise & he should honestly acknowledge this. I won't speak on Yoo Na because she's sitting here playing victim & justifying her actions as if what Han Gyeol did & what she's done are the same thing. I felt bad for her up until she cheated & the proceeded to make him feel guilty for that, but funny how she's just seeing how manipulative her beau is. Though I think her main goal was to make Han Gyeol jealous (hence her accusing him of not trying to get her back), but she was taken aback when he did none of that. Yes he was jealous, but once she stepped out that was it to him & he's been used by most people around him, something in which she basically did. Now she's going to be the one who's jealous & it's going to eat her alive, I can see her trying to bully So Rim because she's now going to be the one who gets his affection. (I just realized I spoke too much about her lol)
  3. @hibiscus23 Haha the guy in my avatar just debuted as a singer last October. I've seen W, that's a good drama. Just pay attention to everything that's happening so you're not lost lol I'm excited to see Tae Hwan gain more attention, I know he's always wanted to show people 5urprise is full of talented guys.
  4. Actually my avatar isn't of Tae Hwan lol It used to be this one for the longest time This is the full pic, it's of PENTAGON's Yan An
  5. I'm so glad you're watching!!!! I agree with everything you said especially when it comes to everyone using Han Gyul. Yes, he's a little rude, but looking at his surroundings he needs to be tough & I can see why he's like this. He's trying so hard not to become his father & have his music taken away from him, he doesn't want to see someone else take the credit for something he's worked so hard to do. He was forever scarred by that, but I can see he doesn't blame his dad...he blames the music execs who took advantage of the situation. Han Gyul's life is music, he hears it everywhere he goes & his friends/colleagues know this so they're all using him to some degree. Manager Choi to make more money, Crude Play to get good songs, even Yoo Na to an extent yet no one ever really tried to understand his way of thinking. I'm not saying Han Gyul is innocent, but if 3/4 members are childhood friends & his "girlfriend" actually cared, they'd see just how much he does care and the pressure he's under. If Crude Play fails then he fails. So Rim is really the only person who gets what he's trying to say in his music, I guess this is why she doesn't mind his lies and how he is: She totally gets him & knows he reveals his heart through his music.
  6. Shake It Up is 5urprise's 2nd Japan single from last year They also had a Vlive for the first time as a group last August
  7. Sorry I haven't been around as much, I've been busy with outside projects and super tired from lack of sleep. I'll be more active to support my giant maknae. Oh btw there is also a 5URPRISE thread lol
  8. Thanks for reporting the posts made earlier, but please do NOT reply because that's what they want. We're doing what we can, but as of now all we can do is handle this each time the person pops up again. I'm sorry you have to deal with this, but again DON'T engage in any kind of conversation with them. This person is a known troll & it's much easier to hide/delete comments if they don't make too many posts by the time we deal with it. If you see them (or anyone similar) post here again, report the post right away & continue with your conversations as if they weren't here. - Thank You, Shippers' Mods @angelangie @akinahana89 @LavelyShai
  9. Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon And YoonA Reportedly Preparing To Release Solo Music According to news outlet Sports Donga, Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon and YoonA will be releasing singles in April and May. Their report states that Girls’ Generation has been greeting fans with new music and acting every month. Seohyun, YoonA, and Yuri were active with promotions recently. Following them, Taeyeon released her first solo studio album. The news outlet claims that Hyoyeon and YoonA will be next to reveal new music. Furthermore, Sooyoung will be a MC for a style show on SBS’s Indonesia channel starting April 22. As for May, Seohyun will be acting in MBC’s upcoming weekend drama “Thief, Thief” (working title). Lastly, the report says that Girl’s Generation will drop their 10th anniversary album this summer. Apparently the members are currently working on it and Sunny also recently hinted at a comeback this year in a magazine interview. Are you excited for their upcoming projects? soompi SM is definitely going all out for their 10th anniversary
  10. We have received multiple reports from this thread due to comments regarding Lee Dae Hae. While the forums are open to various opinions, bashing (whether direct or indirect) is against the rules and as such we have concluded the posts in question are violating them. Please be respectful not only have the celebrities, but of other users. Do NOT come into the thread just to troll/disturb the users. This will be the only reminder I give, if we receive any more reports on disturbances, warnings will be issued. - Shippers' Paradise Mods ( @LavelyShai @angelangie @akinahana89)
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  12. I actually 100% blame Bong Soon for the charade she kept up for all these years, she's limited herself in front of him because she wanted to match his ideal type. She needs to know that the person whom you love will not want you to purposely change who you are to be with them. We're seeing those changes in her personality, she's starting to really see her strength as a gift rather than a curse. Yes her height can be deceiving, but my problem with his nagging is that he's never taken what she's said into consideration & overrules her. He's not acting like a friend or even a good detective, he's too controlling & doesn't listen. This is my issue with him, he's not seeing how he's affecting her.
  13. I should also say I loved loved loved the scene in the walnut shop between Min Hyuk & Bong Soon's dad. As a man, he knew right away why Min Hyuk was there and reminded him that Bong Soon is his precious daughter & he wants the best for her. It also showed how much Min Hyuk cares about her when he assured her father that he cherishes her and will take care of her. It's amazing how everyone can pretty much see that Min Hyuk isn't gay & likes Bong Soon except Bong Soon herself lol Though I think she knows at least the first part lol @leekyuphii Lol He just angered me so much, I needed to get my feelings out hahaha I loved what you said about Bong Soon handling Hee Ji with Bong Gi. She really did speak well on the situation without overstepping any bounds, but i mean that was her brother & Guk Doo is her friend. She does (or did) have feelings for Guk Doo, but not once did she cross those lines. I think Bong Gi was going to keep speaking about it until Bong Soon interrupted, the way he started off his words felt like he was about to dismiss Hee Ji, but his sister walked in. Regardless, I'm glad he had no interest in being with her, he respects Guk Doo way too much for that.
  14. Just finished episode 7 and I have so many thoughts, idk where to begin. First let me say how much Guk Doo pissed me off at the end of this episode. Like I get he has feelings for Bong Soon & I've been generally ok with him since he is her friend, but what in god's name gives him the right to just yell at her like that? He doesn't treat her as the adult she is & sees her like some Faberge egg that needs to put up somewhere & can't be touched. I know he wants her to be safe, but when she continues tell him that she's fine & is stronger than he thinks, he needs to let her be. Even if she wasn't physically strong, when someone keeps you at a distance & reassures you that they're an adult then you should treat them as such. He's going to learn the hard way why she's kept up this image of herself for years, I don't think he's going to be able to really grasp the situation. It defies all logic and what he's seen her as for years. The same can be said for Bong Soon as well. The second he continued to yell at her, something in her eyes changed and she no longer saw him as this god-like figure, but as someone who truly doesn't know her. Even before when he'd yell at her, she would still accept rides and smile at him, but she no longer did that. I wasn't sure what it would take for her to stop shooting hearts at him, but oddly enough it's what he usually does to her which means something in her changed prior to this moment (albeit this was worse than his usual attitude). I wanted to cry for her, she finally saw him for who he was & not what she continued to see him as. About Min Hyuk - I knew it was the second brother when he kept saying how that one was the only person he could trust. It only made it obvious since he'd be the one Min Hyuk least suspected. Honestly from this entire event, it's pretty obvious why Dad handed the company over to him, he's the only one who's truly able to stand on his own & has never been shown to be a bully. The fact that second bro went as far as blackmail & childish scare tactics proved he didn't even deserve the job. I read some comments that said this arc didn't end well, but I think it was well written to fit Min Hyuk's character. He loves his family (no matter how dysfunctional) and would never want to see it play out more dramatically, plus this needed to end in order for the story to continue. Now the plot can focus on creepy kidnapper & Bong Soon's character developing.