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  1. If the original author is not active (and has not been for months) then yes
  2. Ilhoon wrote, composed, & arranged this song for Pentagon
  3. Tae Hwan had a meal with Lee Guk Joo, Kang Joon, & Tae Oh He also hung out with friends and went to the trick of the eye museum (idk what it's exactly called)
  4. CUBE announced TENTASTIC vol. 2 from June 10-12 They also confirmed the comeback for June, no date as of yet. PENTAGON will be going to KCON Japan on May 21, but will have fansign promos May 19-20. For this only 6 members will be able to attend as Hui, Hyojong, Hongseok all have schedules and Yan An will be recovering from surgery on his finger. Hongseok was cast in a movie "내게 남은 사랑을" which will begin filming soon. Talks concluded on the 10th.
  5. 170502 All 5 made an appearance at the VIP Premiere for Sheriff In Town Still Cuts for Gong Myoung in Individualist Ms Ji Young
  6. I am so glad they've decided to be more public. People will always talk, you can't stop that, but what matters is how secure their relationship is and they seem to be very happy. Omg this is such a cute picture!
  7. TRIPLE H - 365 FRESH OFFICIAL MV Magazine HO (April) with Hongseok - Sam Smith's Lay Me Down