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  1. My suspicions on In Woo still owing money is stronger as I now think he works in the airport just to pay back whatever he owes, which would explain why he's so adamant on trying to garner as much profit as possible even if it means neglecting his employees. His decisions sometimes don't make any sense to anyone but himself & he's too busy trying to expose Soo Yeon to think clearly. The latest episodes did make me think he's perhaps protecting him, but actions speak louder than words & In Woo has been nothing but a pain. If he was serious about keeping him out of danger, I feel like he wouldn't have attempted to make it harder on him. I'm excited for Soo Yeon to tell Yeo Reum the full extent of his disability, she knows something is off and I love how she's just showing support without pushing him to say something. She's the real deal & I'm glad she confessed to him because it made him even more confident to tell her. Eun Seob, I like him, but then I don't like how he threatened Soo Yeon like that. Yes she deserves to know, but he had no right to do what he did. Team Leader Yang is also a real one, she's always looking out for her staff & I love how she helped boost Yeo Reum's confidence a bit so she can stand up to her bully. It's an unfortunate thing she was bullied & it does explain her past behavior and why she reacts in certain ways. This episode also basically told us that she's adopted which is likely why those girls bullied her when they were in school.
  2. I forgot about this drama until like the other day, but glad I caught it in its premiere week. I love love love contract relationship dramas so this one was right up my ally, I don't even care about the plot being "like the 90s" it's a common trope that can be an excellent story if done right. The first episode was a little underwhelming, but the second one was so much better & did a better job at storytelling. I do love how these two seem to get along from the beginning despite the misunderstandings, it's a slight yet nice touch since many of these have the leads hating one another. I also like how the eventual contract will be beneficial to them both, but not from the obvious standpoint. She doesn't care about recovering an image, her ex pushed her to do this since he lacks any type of real emotion towards what he did. He humiliated her so I can see why she changed her mind. Woo Hyeon's reason for doing this shows a much larger picture for him since he's dealing with a lot more than what meets the eye. I'm excited to see where this goes, the second leads especially the woman who wants Woo Hyeon definitely won't be an easy fix.
  3. I can see your point as well. She may not even be aware of how why she's feeling this way, but it makes her uneasy so her solution is to switch teams. Honestly it may be a bit of both her realizing there's something deeper & knowing she was wrong in how she came at Dae Gi after she was hurt. Now that we look at it, Yeong Joo & Yeo Reum are pretty similar in this aspect (not wanting people to look down on them due to them being women & put up walls). It's interesting to watch because they're polar opposites in nearly everything else yet they share this similar trait even if they don't go about their issues the same. Yeo Reum wants to stand out in order to be acknowledged while Yeong Joo opts to do her job without bringing much attention to herself.
  4. Agreed. I think she's been aware of her feelings (somewhat) kinda like Yeo Reum when she tried to draw that clear line when Soo Yeon first confessed, but slightly different since Yeong Joo became aware of her feelings first. Dae Gi obviously likes her, but she's under the impression he just sees her as a colleague when in fact he doesn't. I also agree that she's trying to prevent herself from being hurt, but this is where Yeo Reum comes in because she knows how Dae Gi feels (without asking him, she saw it in his eyes) so she'll be that push these two need. I have noticed both couples switched it up or so it seems they did, but in reality our Security Couple has always been more dysfunctional & our OTP have always been the most honest pair. Dae Gi & Yeong Joo spent a lot of time avoiding their feelings so when he tells her he doesn't worry about her just because she's a woman (we think he's being completely honest, but he's not...partially anyways) she hears it as he doesn't see her as a woman. She's constantly put up walls so he doesn't know how to get to her while she remains oblivious about his true intentions.
  5. Seo In Woo gets on my last nerve, I want to give him the benefit of the doubt sooo bad, but I'm not seeing any reason to right now. He's being too malicious & he's literally getting everyone involved in plot to destroy Soo Yeon (who's already 'destroyed' so to speak). (I link my tweets because I tend to talk a lot there lol) As for Eun Sub, you snooze you lose. He took his sweet time & didn't try to rush until he saw someone else who moved faster, he should have said something to Yeo Reum sooner. He knew he liked her yet didn't feel the need to tell her until he realized someone else liked her as well and moved faster. Too bad though, he seems sweet. Women can't feel vibes from someone too casual about their feelings. I actually really loved that scene too, it showed how comfortable she was around him that she'd focus only on what she was saying instead of her surroundings allowing him to guide her. Yeo Reum's always liked him, but she didn't want to cause trouble for them at work & wanted to avoid office gossip. She wanted to be known for her hard work rather than being someone's girlfriend. I honestly think Na Yeong Joo likes Oh Dae Gi unless she knows that he has feelings for her before he's admitted them to himself. I admire her for being so strong, but I can see where she needs to grow & living with Yeo Reum will give her that empathy she lacks when dealing with people. I do like how we have a lot of realistic characters here, we can pretty much understand nearly everyone's reactions & behavior while acknowledging where they need to find growth.
  6. So we diiiiidd get a kiiissssssss omgggg this drama moves fast. But omg I can't deal with him getting hurt
  7. The confession may have come early but the kiss scene won't....sadly lol It'll either be interrupted by a phone or person or they back away. Because Eun Sub knows Soo Yeon likes Yeo Reum, he's gonna be that annoying friend who makes himself available to be around her at all times.
  8. I watched the episodes yesterday and it makes me even sadder that we didn't get 15+16 so now the cliffhangers will be out of whack. I read Dramabeans' recap and Lollypip's thoughts reflected mine so much. Continued thoughts:
  9. LavelyShai

    Official Solo Artists Directory

    Yes it does
  10. I really hope we get back to back episodes tonight because it would throw off the whole story line (for viewers) if we get only one. Lmao this is very true although they still do air sports on local channels & things have been cancelled/delayed.
  11. My main thing is why does In Woo seem to dislike Soo Yeon that much?? It's one thing to not want to be a brother figure, but to completely abandon him knowing he nearly died is another. Even now, why does he care so much about why Soo Yeon now walks & uses a device to help his arm? I feel like it's a mixture of guilt and secrecy, he might be afraid Soo Yeon is going to talk about their family life & how he avoided him all the time. He seems to live a life of paranoia judging by how he questioned Team Leader Yang about why she brought over Soo Yeon to T2. What has he done to where he continues to live in such fear? I didn't expect a confession so early on in the story, but it makes sense & will push the story further instead of waiting 3-4 more episodes for one. I do believe Yeo Reum likes Soo Yeon already, she never actually denied anything instead she gave more excuses i.e. she doesn't have the time to date & kept asking why her, nowhere did she say she doesn't feel the same. Even though it's only for one night, having her stay with him will surely make her think about how she feels & come to terms with it. He's not pushing himself on her (which thank God) but let her know he fell for her & it's basically up to her to push this where she wants to go.
  12. Based on what I've read, his agency has taken action against those who posted the pictures. But about that blog, of course they'd take it down if the comments didn't get the reaction she intended lol I am not watching Mr Sunshine, I meant to start, but just didn't lol Is it any good?
  13. LavelyShai

    [Drama 2018] Devilish Joy, 마성의 기쁨

    The aunt knows that when Ma Sung becomes chairman (as he's the heir) then her position will lower & she won't have complete control however with her own son in the position, she can do as she pleases. Everyone knows Ki Joon doesn't want part of the company as he's trying to live his own life, but his mother wants more & more control. I think with Ma Sung becoming unpredictable as of late, they need to get rid of him sooner rather than later.
  14. Uh-oh Apparently that picture of Joon Hoo was illegally taken