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  1. Official Solo Artists Directory

    She does not have one at the moment, but one can always be made for her.
  2. [Current Taiwanese Drama 2017] Attention,Love! 稍息立正我愛你

    I just finished episode 7 and I am so excited to see what happens with our main OTP. As adorable & cute as Jin Li is, I think he's better off as a friend to Shao Xi. Tbh I don't think he actually likes her like he think he does, she's just the first girl who told him the truth about how he's acting. I also think him and Xiao Qiao are perfect for one another, she already likes him and I think their personalities match more. Li Zheng may be slower at actually confessing to Shao Xi, but his actions have shown how he feels so I hope she really sees how he feels. He's a man of few words, but his actions have spoken louder than anything he can say.
  3. Pentagon's new logo to reflect how Pentagon+Universe will always be together
  4. The girls of Black Pink are very very nice and beautiful! I love them.
    Today I want to share a fancam video about Black Pink. Let's see Black Pink practices in studio and shows the " Playing with fire " in an university.

  5. It's happening!!! 1st teaser up is Yoona (who was also the first member revealed 10 years ago) Holiday Night - Yoona Images [TRANS cr. SonexStella]
  6. Official Solo Artists Directory

    It's very easy to make a nice page for him, I have zero skills whatsoever and I kinda manage lol If you need help, you can always message me.
  7. Official Solo Artists Directory

    A thread for Samuel doesn't exist, you're more than welcome to make one. Once you're done, link it here so it can be added to the directory.
  8. First teaser image for 6th mini album FREE'SM
  9. CUBE confirms CLC's July comeback! CLC will be making a surprise comeback! Sources from the music industry reported on July 11 that CLC will release a mini album in late July and is currently finishing up preparations. The group’s agency Cube Entertainment commented, “CLC is confirmed to make a comeback at the end of July. The track will have a different vibe than what they have done previously.” They made a dramatic transformation from cute to girl crush for previous track “Hobgoblin” in January, and now the group will take on a completely new image once again for their upcoming comeback. soompi
  10. Hi! That's perfectly fine to create a WANNA ONE thread even though they're a temporary group.
  11. I'm only looking forward to Mr. Sunshine for Byung Hun, Kim Eun Sook is a lackluster writer & all of her dramas are hard carried by the actors so I expect the same for this. Seeing the family in pics like that makes me happy, hope they have fun.
  12. [OFFICIAL] The Leeteuk / Park Jungsu (박정수) Thread

    Update on Leeteuk's situation in Switzerland