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  1. Hobgoblin MV teaser The countdown Vlive is tonight
  2. @Chi Le That's 5urprise's old dorm, but they don't live together anymore. Is there a reason behind this post?
  3. Gong Myoung will be MC for Song Ji Hyo's Beauty View Official Poster Tae Oh was recently on Video Star Kang Joon for TONY MOLY
  4. When you go to make a comment, there should be a button on the right bottom side that says "Insert other media", that's where you can paste the image address and it should work. if not then copy+paste the image directly into the comment.
  5. Concept Photo 2 -Individual teasers Seunghee
  6. CUBE posted the first concept teaser, the text says "Goblin"
  7. can you help me about how to make a status? i don't know where the place to click or anything, thank you

    1. jjoong23


      i'm find it, hehehehe

  8. CUBE released the comeback schedule It's also Eunbin's birthday
  9. If you can't find a link then there's a chance he doesn't have a thread. However, I can't give any info regarding his activity since this isn't a general discussion area
  10. 우주소녀(WJSN) _ 너에게 닿기를(I Wish) MV is out! Starship is always late uploading stuff to YouTube.