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  1. Official Solo Artists Directory

    Lee Jun Ki is an actor so his thread would not be here
  2. Friendly reminder to not mention any other ship in this thread & do not go into another thread to see what they are saying as this can/will cause problems between ships. If you do happen to see something questionable, report it. - Shippers' Paradise Mods ( @angelangie @youngatheart @stroppyse @LavelyShai)
  3. Friendly reminder to not mention any other ship in this thread & do not go into another thread to see what they are saying as this can/will cause problems between ships. If you do happen to see something questionable, report it. - Shippers' Paradise Mods ( @angelangie @youngatheart @stroppyse @LavelyShai)
  4. Shine MV MCountdown Comeback stage OFF-ROAD Music Bank https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SttC4oYXqCA Shine Music Bank https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RdA7x6ukHQ Music Core
  5. I started watching yesterday and caught myself up before tonight's episodes. I only started for Elkie (Mongmong), but I am enjoying the show so much. I know it's going to get much more dramatic later on, but I like the pace & plot right now. I know Young Ha never stopped loving Gwang Jae no matter how much she may say it, her eyes say otherwise & she never would have broken up with him if her cafe hadn't failed. He's very immature, but poor guy really must have been upset over the breakup & I can't wait to see his growth.
  6. We have receive several reports/messages for posts from this thread so the following will be a WARNING - Do NOT discuss/mention another party particularly that of another ship Do NOT go into another thread & do NOT discuss your findings if you do happen to go there (Just don't) If we get any more reports from this thread & see there have been those who do choose to go into other threads/mention others/discuss their findings there will be more consequences and there won't be any more warnings/reminders. - Shippers' Paradise mods ( @LavelyShai @youngatheart @stroppyse @angelangie)
  7. Nothing has been explained about Si Hyun's mom's death nor Se Joo's mom being in a coma. We know Si Hyun's mother died & he wasn't allowed at the funeral and now we find out she may not have died in a car accident as he believed. I feel like finding out how his mom died will give some type of closure to Si Hyun and Tae Hee will be there for him (in a positive way). With Se Joo, I hope we'll get some new insight on his life and why his mother is in the hospital.
  8. I decided to watch mainly because of Joy & Moon Ga Young, but also because I watched Cruel Intentions so I fully understand where this story is going (if they're basing it more so on that movie rather than the book both are based on). I'm trying not to get fully attached, but it's hard. Soo Ji is the scorned ringleader who wants those around her to feel the same way she does. Right now, it's misery & she wants to ruin the little bit of happiness people have formed without her. While I do feel sorry for her, her home life is pretty messed up & her mother basically raised a monster, she's an adult & is an emotional manipulator especially to those closest to her i.e. Se Joo & Si Hyun. She throws fits when she doesn't get her way & instead of letting her calm down, both give in to her which fuels her toxic behavior. She's like dark matter/energy & destroys everything in her path & won't stop until she's devoured everything. I completely understand why she's hurt & mad at Ki Young, he did wrong & needs to answer for what he did however, going after Tae Hee (a completely innocent party & someone from his past) is wrong, she knows this, but doesn't care. As someone else stated, Si Hyun is the male version of her which makes him just as dangerous however, he seems to have a conscious and allows himself to feel (if only for a little bit). His mother's death seems to have stunted his mental growth (if that makes sense) and made him numb hence why he tends to not truly care about how he uses people. He saw how his father (is that even his dad? Did Kwon Seok Woo fake the DNA results?) treated him and his mom, though I have sooo many questions about how they got together if she was already pregnant or something. I don't think what Si Hyun feels for Soo Ji is real love, it's what he thinks is love & the only real affection he's known after his mom died. Since they're basically the same person, he's confusing manipulation & control for love...which is essentially what she's doing but he can't bring himself to admit to it. He will once he starts truly falling for Tae Hee. Se Joo I feel is the most pitiful out of the 3. His mom is in a coma & he's physically abused at home by his grandfather. He compensates for the lack of love by constantly going out with women. He's not like Soo Ji & Si Hyun, but they're his friends and all he knows, this doesn't mean they don't care for him because they'd fight to the death for him, but he's not part of their inner world that's just them two. He's fully aware of this, but tries not to show it in front of them & attempts to be the caring friend they need. I really want his mother to wake up & for him to allow himself to become that child who we saw by her bedside. I quite like the story, it can be confusing, but I love how things are playing out for now.
  9. CUBE (finally) posted a comeback teaser TENTASTIC vol.5 ~ Miracle will be the final mini concert in the Tentastic series
  10. If you see a possible troll, do not respond - only report. Thank you.
  11. Tiffany has opened new social media accounts! Twitter - tiffanyyoung801 YouTube - Tiffany Young Official Facebook - Tiffany Young Official Weibo - TiffanyYoungOfficial Here's her cover of "Remember Me" from Disney/Pixar's CoCo
  12. REMINDER - Do NOT mention other ships within this thread, stick to your discussions about Lee Seung Gi AND Oh Yeon Seo. Do NOT go into other threads just to come back here to discuss them, this can & will cause fanwars. If you think someone is trolling here, do NOT respond and only report. If you have any questions, you can ask any of the Shippers' Paradise mods ( @LavelyShai, @angelangie, @stroppyse, @youngatheart)
  13. Ladies' Code (레이디스 코드)

    Sojung will release her solo mini album 'Stay Here' March 5 with the title track "Crystal Clear"