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  1. Demo_02 track list Title track from Hui & Flow Blow MOLA's Nathan helped with Violet (with Kino)
  2. Official color announcement: UNINAVY - UNI (U&I) meaning PENTAGON & UNIVERSE are one Official Lightstick and slogan towel ver2 will be available online 11.24 Official Tentastic Goods List - UniBong, slogan ver2, & Demo_02 will all be for sale at venue 11.23
  3. A reminder to all shippers: Please do not bring in other platform's issues onto Soompi. We cannot regulate what happens there and it can potentially make things worse.
  4. Comeback schedule TENTASTIC VOL.4 ~ DREAM November 23 at Blue Square Eye Market Hall Time: 7:30PM Will be broadcasted on V LIVE
  5. Sometime today, something went wrong with their Instagram account (guessing after they deleted all their posts) so they had to create a new one under the same name. This is their only official account here
  6. The boys are back from Japan now & sporting new hair colors. Hui is red, Yan An is blonde, Jinho & Shinwon went darker, Hongseok is blue. Last month's Magazine Ho with Kino
  7. EveryDay6 November song - All Alone A Jae in the Life of Day - QnA with 2PM's Nickhun
  8. @rembrandtz_5e20 I love your observation. I think one of the main things i loved about Bok Nam's introduction is that Ji Ho made it very clear from the beginning that she was not interested in him whereas we don't typically get things cleared up so quickly. She wasn't truly swayed by him & at least tried to keep him in his place while still maintaining that openness in their budding friendship (or whatever). No matter what she felt about Se Hee, she never allowed him to talk bad in front of her. The last scene showed her stance & where she stood with him, she made it very clear her heart is with Nam Se Hee.
  9. I don't think Bok Nam is the stalker, but it's pretty evident he's been following them around for some time now. There's no way he would have gotten that much information from just sitting on the same bus as them, but he may be targeting Se Hee instead. This all seems like it's for revenge. I hope it's cleared up in the next episode, I really don't want to drag out the whole "Bok Nam may be kidnapper" arc. However, one thing this did show us is that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. Bok Nam is what Ji Ho would have hoped she had i.e. someone saying the right words, open affection, banking on just love to get through things & she'll see just how good she has it with Se Hee. He's not perfect, but he won't lie to her or tell her things just to satisfy, these are things Bok Nam has done to keep her on his side. I think it was an interesting thing to have Ji Ho hear about Se Hee's lesser known side from the people you least expect - Kitty's vet. We still didn't see him get mad enough, but him breaking the bike mirror shows he puts her on the same level as Kitty. He's willing to break some of his patterns for her, now it's time for him to really show it. Shouldn't be hard, he's a man of action. I think I'm just done with Ho Rang, I get she wants to get married & obviously you'd want to marry the man you've been dating for 7 years, but she's really all about herself. She really would have been better off trying to understand Won Seok & his reasons for hesitating about marriage instead of resorting to manipulative tactics just to get him propose. It's petty & childish, he's a puppet to her so I hope when he does propose next week that she gets a huge reality check. Marriage isn't easy at all & I feel like she's only thinking about her own needs & not his. Idk what to say about Soo Ji, I really do feel for her especially since office gossip is always harder on women & she's worked way too hard to be the subject of talks behind her back. However, I do feel bad for Sang Goo because poor guy does really like her so I hope something positive can happen for them. She deserves way more than what she's getting.
  10. [Current Taiwanese Drama 2017] Attention,Love! 稍息立正我愛你

    Are you saying she's ugly? Is snakey snakey not cute? lol
  11. [Current Taiwanese Drama 2017] Attention,Love! 稍息立正我愛你

    I've been calling her snake snake, but maybe devil incarnate is a better one?