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  1. @Cedric Ong Tae Hwan hasn't been mentioned because I don't think Hye Sung is aware that he's also an idol in a group, that's also why she looked at Tae Oh with a surprised expression. They know one another (likely through mutual friends), but she probably didn't know he's in a group let alone knowing Gong Myoung. Then I don't think Tae Oh felt the need to mention him, unless that was edited out since the boys have habits of bringing each other up on random shows for no reason at all. Yoo Il is sociable, but not as much as his members so you can tell when he's actually awkward. As he said, he's shy around strangers so this was a huge indicator he doesn't know her. He's more of the quiet type, but he's very observant. He's the dad of the group, doesn't always say much, but he's there when he's needed & silently watches his members. tae Oh is more like the mom, when they did live together he did much of the cooking.
  2. Law of the Jungle episode 252 with Tae Oh Eng Sub It's a friend special, but he was paired with 9MUSES's Kyungri
  3. It's been announced Pentagon will release their first Japan mini album March 29th via PentagonUpdate
  4. CUBE ran a poll to determine the fandom name and Universe won. Changgu has already called us this in his post sometime after midnight, but still waiting on CUBE to make the official announcement.
  5. If you can't find a thread, you're more than welcome to make one
  6. Tae Oh & Hye Sung never had a project together, but she was in a drama with maknae Tae Hwan which is Pride and Prejudice. This is likely how he knows her. As a 5urprise fan, I was happy to see this brief moment between the hyung line in the group. I knew Kang Joon would make him jealous, it's in his nature to mess with the members and Myoung knew this lol I hope subs are out soon (if they aren't already out) so I can hurry up and watch. Thank you all for keeping this thread alive
  7. I always like it when all the couples get together especially if a few already know each other. Sleepy & Myoungie knew each other way before Law of the Jungle in which he's also close with Guk Joo. I think it's just fun when they all gather. As for next episode, I am so excited. I honestly hope Tae Oh spills some secrets lol Sorry for not being active, I'm out of town and the internet is much slower than my own at home.
  8. Tae Hwan's Lunar New Year greeting
  9. Happy Lunar New Year from Fantagio!!! Tae Oh had a new year interview with Newsen By LOVEYDOVEY
  10. Happy Lunar New Year from Fantagio!
  11. The format for WGM has been changing in recent years so the proposal is actually ok for these two. I think they're trying to have the weddings earlier so people won't freak out over a couple to potentially leave (back then a wedding=exit). 5urprise Members To Lend Gong Myung A Helping Hand At Proposing On “We Got Married” On January 27, a source from the entertainment industry reported that Seo Kang Joon, Yoo Il, and Kang Tae Oh had recently completed filming for an episode of MBC’s “We Got Married” in Sinchon, Seoul. Reportedly, the 5urprise members made a guest appearance to help out their fellow member, Gong Myung, who currently appears on the show as the virtual husband to actress Jung Hye Sung. Gong Myung, who is planning a romantic proposal for his virtual bride, enlisted his 5urprise members to help. Unfortunately, it appears that Lee Tae Hwan was unable to join the others due to other commitments. Seo Kang Joon, Yoo Il, and Kang Tae Ho have previously appeared on the show in 2014 during Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun‘s virtual marriage. The episode will air sometime next month. soompi I don't think they did otherwise they would have shown it, I think it was done purposely to make us speculate. Clever MBC lol
  12. I'm excited to see his members there, we'll really get to see how he is when he's with them.
  13. Pentagon's episode of Weekly Idol will air next week (finally)