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  1. Ashley will be releasing her solo song "Here We Are" on the 18th!
  3. Gentle reminder that illegal download/watch links aren't allowed to be posted within the threads and do not quote images/videos please.
  4. Looks like you guys officially made it to 2000 pages!! Congrats!!! Time to decide who creates a new thread and be sure to inform us when it's created
  5. Yes. Since Mom didn't explicitly say 'Young Joon', Mi So didn't catch on & then Seung Yeon walked into the room which threw much of their conversation off. I'm glad Mom told the story the way she did because it got Mi So doubting Seung Yeon's words & rethinking his intentions. She may not know for sure, but now has enough to try & connect the dots.
  6. I think Mom did correct Mi So, but she didn't catch it. Both parents are aware of who was really kidnapped, there's no way they don't since Seung Yeon was found first & Mom stated Young Joon was gone 4 days. Though I don't believe they think Young Joon actually has amnesia, but yeah they just go along with it because how do you tell him he does remember? Do you force it? So essentially they just let it go however, I think Mom is getting disturbed by how distorted Seung Yeon's memories are by now. "As to is SY pretending on purpose, he isnt. SY has always been mentally weak and as such, when YJ got kidnapped. SY was overcome with such guilt that somehow he made a switch (in his mind) that it was him that got kidnapped and YJ did not help or prevent it from happening." I agree. He's not really doing it on purpose to harm his brother per se, but he's had this weak/victim's mentality basically his whole life so he has this habit of making things about him. He bullied Young Joon as a kid? He switches it and says he was the one who was bullied because he felt lesser. In his mind, he's the real victim which is why he kept mentioning about Young Joon apologizing because that's how he's coping with the guilt combined with his mental state.
  7. I don't think Mom went along with it intentionally or maybe was even aware of the story Seung Yeon was spinning because she looked a little shocked when he said there was someone else with him & then corrected him. It seems as if the parents really knew the extent of his mindset when it came to the incident. But that's exactly what he did. Young Joon was a bright child & if a kid at his age happens to overhear something or makes themselves think if they pretend as if nothing happened then things will go back to normal. Young Joon pretended to have amnesia & his family believed it because what do you tell a 10 year old who just went through a traumatic experience like that who faints and says they suddenly don't remember? They let it go because there was nothing they could get out of him and it seemingly helped restore some peace to their household. One thing I've realized is to never underestimate a child due to their ages, they will surprise you. It's obvious at this point that Young Joon does in fact remember everything & has pretended to not remember in order to keep a sense of normalcy in his life. However, that made him have to suffer alone while his brother acted as if he had the worst of it. As for Seung Yeon, he's truly a unique person & I doubt that he intentionally plotted to ruin his brother, but he was quite the bully because he felt inferior. That feeling still exists to this day & he's using every chance he gets to one up his smart younger brother to feed off of that attention he thinks he deserves.
  8. I am so glad this episode cleared up a lot & really started to put that doubt in Mi So's mind about who is her real oppa, I think she knows, but she needs concrete proof of it being Young Joon (I'm guessing she's going to find the cardigan, that was a major clue). I see people wonder why he never told her, but I can see why he wouldn't. Would she actually believe him if he said it now? Not really since he's denied it already & he wants her to like him for who is now and not the past, Mi So needed to find out on her own & present the facts so that he can no longer deny it. I think once she really finds that proof she needs, her memories will come back. As far as the parents, I can't really blame them for anything. What can you say when your child passes out & then says they don't remember? Do you force him to memorize the details and continue to see them in pain or do you breathe a sigh of relief that they no longer have memories of that painful incident? The parents genuinely believe Young Joon doesn't remember which is why mom called Mi So without Young Joon's knowledge, they don't want to trigger anything & make him remember the kidnapping. They did what they thought was best for them at the time given the circumstances and I completely understand. Aside from the main plot, I am enjoying the side stories especially Secretary Yang & Bong Se Ra. It's obvious he likes her, he just needs to tell her & LOL her plans to get him to notice her but if she only knew hahaha Go Gwi Nam is getting on my nerves a bit because he's basically threatening Ji Ah over nothing, we can see who the true narcissist is lol I just want her to completely out him & get it over with. He's a cheapskate who should honestly buy another suit Can't believe he suggested she give him half of her takeout food.
  9. Tiffany Young new single "Over My Skin" 6/28 PST
  10. OST Part 4 by PENTAGON's Jinho x Rothy will be released June 27 (today) at 6pm KST Song is called "A Bit More" Honestly finally, I've been waiting days for this. Did we ever see his dream though? I don't actually remember seeing it, just we know he has nightmares. His own dreams may be out of guilt.
  11. It's his height that's the main issue, he's spoken up about always playing older characters & he wants to portray someone younger if given the chance. I think he'd do well, but he needs to be seen as someone younger & casting departments need to get past the fact that he's very tall and they think he's just serious when he's an actual baby. I have these same issues when a minor actress is portraying someone much older, it's not always believable. To be more on topic, I'm kinda scared that they changed writers like this so I'm hoping the novel author is still somewhere involved & making sure the story stays consistent.
  12. While I do agree that Tae Hwan is obviously much younger than both PSJ & PMY, it's honestly not his fault he continues to be typecast as someone older. He's just tall (188cm to be exact) and as such people keep casting him in 30yr+ roles. I do think he's doing a great job, I've always felt he had potential to be big, but I wish they would get past his height & see him as the 23 yr old that he is. He has a baby face to me, but I'm a fan so that's all I see tbh lol I have seen no bad acting thus far, everyone seems to be portraying their characters well & I am thankful for that as a viewer.