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  1. I like Yoo In Na's character here, she is not a pushover like what weve seen in other typical dramas. She knows how to fight back while maintaining that charm ❤️
  2. A very cool and satisfying ending. It is better than what i've expected. I love this drama
  3. If not for Hyun Bin and Shin Hye i would have dropped this drama long time ago. From episode 1 to the last the Game is annoying and not convincing.. and what happen to the mysterious guy that Jin woo used to call and ask info in the earlier episodes? The writer sure just erased him. Again i find W's story more believable than this drama. Zoombies appearing in the game even witbout using the lenses, people hiding inside a game, Heeju running like mad for JW on the train even though they dont know each other well at that time, Marcos bug and that ending. I mean really?
  4. So were nearing the end... And the only thing i didnt like in this drama is the ridiculous Game which sadly is a big part of the story. I can't believe what im saying but i find W's alternate world more believable than how this Game is being presented in the drama.
  5. Just finished watching this drama on a 3days marathon holiday break and all i can say is beautiful .. Just my type of drama. I wonder why i sleep on this during it:s regular run. One of my faves this 2018.
  6. It felt off that Jung Hee is already head over heels with Yoo Jin in just a small amount of time they have been together. Why is she running for him like crazy on that train like they have a storied past or something... i dont know.
  7. Damn it, i tried so hard not to cry in the last 2 episodes. I felt everybodys pain.. Especially. Hina, she's putting a cool face outside but deep down inside she is crying.. I hope nothing bad will happen to her. She deserves a Man that will love her.
  8. 1. I've gotta say that the lady hotel owner has been exceptional on her role. Her looks, her dreamy gaze, her clothes, wow. I just love every scene of hers.. 2. That scene between Eugene and the old man potter in the last episode made me teared up a bit. That acting there was classic Byung Hyun.. superb.
  9. Not gonna happen since this is not the usual teeny drama. Besides it makes no sense for Eugene to get friendly with a man who is trying to kill him and has an obsession with the woman he loves
  10. He wants to know whats Eugenes reaction will be since he is suspecting that there must be something going on between the two.
  11. I also think Dong Mae's character is not complex at all. I've seen those types even today..those who are just angry with the world because of the fate they are dealt with. What intrigues me more is kim hee sung... the soft, with an always smiling face guy.. I think he is very deep and is very capable of anyrhing.. will i hate him soon or just be that friendly guy in room 303?
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