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  1. SEP 19 2017 Three main posters for tvN drama series “Because This Is My First Life” Here’s 3 main posters for upcoming tvN drama series “Because This Is My First Life” starring Lee Min-Ki and Jung So-Min. Two of the posers features Lee Min-Ki and Jung So-Min, while a third poster shows 3 couples from the drama series. The three couples are (top) Jung So-Min and Lee Min-Ki, (middle) Esom and Park Byung-Eun and (bottom) Kim Ga-Eun and Kim Min-Suk. In the drama series, Yoon Ji-Ho (Jung So-Min) begins to live at Nam Se-Hee’s (Lee Min-Ki) apartment. Their relationship develops romantically. Ma Sang-Goo (Park Byung-Eun) and Woo Soo-Ji (Esom) are a couple with totally opposite views on love. Sim Won-Seok (Kim Min-Suk) and Yang Ho-Rang (Kim Ga-Eun) have dated for the past 7 years. They love each other, but they have difficulties when they talk about marriage. “Because This Is My First Life” first airs October 9, 2017 in South Korea. http://blog.asianwiki.com/korean-dramas/three-main-posters-for-tvn-drama-series-because-this-is-my-first-life
  2. SEP 19 2017 SBS decides to pass on drama series “Four Men” and director Oh Jin-Seok drops out Broadcast network SBS has decided to not air or produce upcoming drama series “Four Men” due to scheduling problems. Because of this, Oh Jin-Seok has dropped out of the drama series as its director. The drama series stars Park Hae-Jin and Nana (‘After School’). Whether another network will pick up the drama series is in question. http://blog.asianwiki.com/korean-dramas/sbs-decides-to-pass-on-drama-series-four-men-and-director-oh-jin-seok-drops-out
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    SEP 19 2017 First script reading for KBS2 drama series “Witch’s Court” First script reading for KBS2 drama series “Witch’s Court” took place September 5, 2017 at KBS Building in Yeuido, Seoul. Main cast members including Jung Ryeo-Won, Yoon Hyun-Min, Jeon Kwang-Leol, Kim Min-Seo, Kim Yeo-Jin and Kim Jae-Hwa all attended. Director Kim Young-Kyoon spoke prior to the beginning of the script reading and said “The drama ‘Witch’s Court’ deals with sexual crimes against women and children, so it is a sensitive subject. We will try to make the drama delicately and we will also try infuse some lighter moments.” “Witch’s Court” first airs October 9, 2017 in South Korea. http://blog.asianwiki.com/korean-dramas/first-script-reading-for-kbs2-drama-series-witchs-court