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  1. just finish watching PA and now I need therapy cos god this otp is just toooo much! can someone tell me the link for the vid thanks
  2. me after that end scene in ep 2 after watching so many crappy dramas.. finally!
  3. unlike other guys in front ljh took a glance at sma first before standing up. if you think that that whole "i only have sma on my mind" was for promo then this vid proves it is not ... his eyes were already saying it long before that interview. cr to vid owner
  4. i admit when i saw that pic i almost oh well as long as theres no ring on her finger shes fair game ,if they did feel attraction for eachother it still wont look good if sma breaks up with her bf right after drama, takes time and space to sort out feelings right? I'm happy bc my other otp, weightlifting fairy pair, Nam Joo hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung confirmed that they are dating.im sorry if this is bit OT but i find similarities between them and our couple, great chemistry, bts interactions ,ad-lib kissing and after drama Nam Joo Hyuk's interview -- He was asked about who he wants to work with in the future, although he mentioned several actors, including Jo Jung Suk and Jo Jin Woong. When he was asked about actresses, he answered, 'If the opportunity arises, I would like to act with Lee Sung Kyung again --- now i never would have guessed that at the time of this interview theyve already been secretly dating but i was sure base on his answer that he had fallen for her.. just as im sure ljh had fallen for sma when --- When asked if he would like to work with any particular actress in the future, he shook his head and answered sweetly, “I don’t have someone in mind. Right now, I only have Shin Min Ah in my mind.” ps at least nam joo hyuk mentioned actors while ljh hm anyway who knows maybe like us ljh's waiting too. i do hope sma wakes up from this kwb-induced coma but for now i will
  5. mina did iv to promote TWY 's airing in Japan seems quite big ~ they must like her alot ^^
  6. canon released sweet otp pics and motherent post mina doing hmmm waaaa clean your mind reiko too much delulu!!!
  7. this must be what @szne09 meant by overlapping ljh's face here
  8. im curious about the MING. Can someone explain to me? Is Mina Ming? who calls her Ming? since when has she been Ming? Ming means bright, ming night? bright night? a bright...night?? im curious about the MING thats in ALL CAPS my superior sleuthing skills paid off the one who was with sma and gave her this flower is
  9. thank u chinggus! Yes ppl were saying there was adlib in that scene kkk Mina attended an event today no idea what i hope theres canon event for 'em cr dc
  10. help! ^ is from which ep? @szne09 wow thanks for that i hope they do date. no dinosaur looking babies mina,chaebal! hair sniff and armpit touching is def ljh kkk