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  1. @Cherrine Kim @mimosaa @szne09 pretty sure pd nim has bunch of otp selcas saved on his phone! that greedy bastarrr.! afterall he keep saying to ljh & sma "you really look good together" i mean like wth? thats what i'd say to my SINGLE friends when i play matchmaker
  2. i need otp pics from last night or did they get shy around eachother I'M BACK ! @supergal99 been sma fan for long time i never cry at her crying scenes only today with this scene! @szne09 dun think he will be doing another romcom anytime soon ^^
  3. "your sperms cant be in their right minds" how dare you look down on his sperms like that?!
  4. thank you all chingus saranghe, thank you mina,thank you writer-nim thank you pd nim and most of all thank you lee jehoon for that backhug after the kiss, it made things bearable for me thinking that that skinship was again off the script.
  5. how to move on? ps they were filming and mina ad-libbed or said something funny?