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  1. Suggestion: go to http://www.kissasian.com and type Because of You on search. You will watch them.
  2. @rhymesachs Hello newbie! Welcome to our thread.
  3. Here I am still on the RM ship. Continue to steer it!
  4. Ha Ha Ha! Can't get over his mustache and growing beard? Don't worry about them. He will shave them eventually. I am glad that you took a time to think about your feelings toward RM shipping. Like I said before, "Faith Manages".
  5. Oh BFF, it seems no one posts on Official Baron Chen/River Chen thread since August 4. You forgot?
  6. No, it isn't the end of our RM shippers. I didn't expect much from both about their relationship because I didn't want them have extra pressures or intervention from the outside of their relationship. So I simply watch and let their relationship flourishing naturally. I look forward to see more about RM regardless. As for @MyeahAnn @Brutaliskhero29OreHcziLztruV I can see you are so devastating about their current situation. But don't resign quickly. Let us enjoy the progress of their relationship over time. By the way, don't take it seriously, okay?
  7. See "Edit" next to "Quote" at the bottom of your post.
  8. Exactly! Don't think too much! Give your mind a time to clear up before see what is really going on with the new reality show.
  9. BFF, remember Megan said don't make a trouble to River so she fiercely protects him. We need to sit back and watch where it will be going. I am really curious to see how it will go in October.
  10. I was mentioning last month, "Faith manages". So let us be patient and wait to see what happens in next.
  11. You explained beautifully! It is crystal clear now.
  12. I love and support them as actors but from my observation, they have the blind spot where they are concerned to each others. Clearly, they don't know that they are compatible because their personalities complicate together and share the trust. If they chose to ignore what it is in the front of them, it is okay because they are adults and control their lives. My instincts tell me that they are right for each others, unfortunately. Let wait and see what happens in time.