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  1. I couldn’t agree more . He repeated it countless times exactly and I hope he will made it with his one and only Raona even if how hard it is same as Lee Yeong Bogummy Never give up I support you always . BoYoo keep fighting
  2. Oh !!! Coincidental or Fate. I don't know at the same time or not that BG FMinSG and YJ CTV interview on air . It was revealed on the same day,right ?
  3. Oh really The lyrics is so in love and this song is not new ( release in 2014).Why he fav this song now ?
  4. @Rizki Ariani Thank you for your update . His smile is priceless ,really full of raon . and I'm also full of raon now 'cause YJ pic post at the same time @boyoo88 I thought so that BG sang this time with more emotional . I love it a lot .
  5. @akikisetsu He teased BG after Song-Song get Asia couple award. (part 1 00:46 ) I like he teased BG disappointed ? and BG answer a little bit that he didn't get Asia couple award with YJ so cute
  6. Another ship also go too Thank god YJ won't be there
  7. The song that Bogummy tweet is so romantic Oh ! First snow always mean something
  8. Absolutely agree with you
  9. Thanks Sheila Marie Green for 150 days of Traveling in the moonlight clip You guys must watch it . Bogummy and Yoojungie so cute They laugh together all the way and have some scenes that never seen before. They cried together at the last day of filming. It touched my heart a lot . Oh Sweetness overload