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  1. amazing hunt

    Haha I wouldn't miss it if I can help it. It's my first hunt and it's fun Tbh I spent quite some time to figure out the moderator clue. I was going in another direction actually and couldn't find the first hint. But the visual clue by @Lmangla did help although I took it too figuratively at first haha. @aisling I see you figured it out as well *high five* Luckily it all worked out in the end. I've enjoyed this leg. Looking forward to the next one hehe. Till then *wink wink*
  2. amazing hunt

    Haha I'm late to the party it seems. It had just been a crazy day. So I have just seen the moderator clue. Oh well, time to go hunt then
  3. amazing hunt

    Are you maybe looking at a different song with a different singer? Good to know you found the page pattern, that would definitely quicken up the search. Good luck! Ps: Dear mods, sorry for the double post. I'm on my phone so can't delete the post and merge it with my previous post.
  4. amazing hunt

    Ahh I see. Sorry, you did say answer, I'm the one who mistook that to mean Clue 2 and 3 haha. I'm not sure about an obvious link, but both has the same number of members. And I took the second half of Clue 1 as the difference between their group and the group indicated by Clue 2
  5. I missed them too. But at least they are not completely out of the public's eyes. We can still see LSG regularly on MITH and starting 15/6 on P48. OYS is a bit tricky though but maybe she's considering her next project. Her fans have been seeing her at her agency so maybe there is some weight to that speculation. All in all, I hope we can see her in a new drama by the end of this year And hopefully she'll update her IG soon. Btw, I love this song. And I am not trying to link anything here as the song was released in 2015 and LSG did say that this song was dedicated to his fans. In the lyrics, there is this : Where you are in the world I can find you So don’t worry Just for a moment, goodbye goodbye I find it very appropriate for SOG and JSM. I do hope someone will do a FMV using this song. Ps: I can't remember now who exactly made it, but if you guys remember the 50 shades video before? That vid was awesome haha.
  6. amazing hunt

    Yep Clue 2 and 3 are very much connected. They are not in the same section though. Which stage are you at now? @kokodus exactly! All the clues connects to each other seamlessly. Really can't wait for the next leg
  7. amazing hunt

    @stargazer187 @Yongzura don't give up, you're almost there. The first line of Clue 3 is a big hint. When I did it, I remember thinking there's only two possible answers so I checked all threads related to the drama/singer/actor. That's where the second line of the clue will help you narrow it down. Good luck @kokodus congratulations
  8. amazing hunt

    Haha and don't know if I should say this, but there's a pattern there as well The pages I mean.. Anyways good luck! You're almost there
  9. Haha let's hope for that, my friend. In the mean time, fun things are afoot as @huhuhahahihi shared above lol. I guess it's good enough to have a haetnim dalnim brooch close to his heart as he can't pin the actual Haetnim to his suit lol @iffahmm @muishami he is the VVVVIP of the club lol
  10. amazing hunt

    Hi @kokodus. If I may add, the clues are not too deep into the threads. At first I was so sure that I understood the clue correctly so I went through tens and almost all the pages. But after piecing together all the clues, I realised I was going in the wrong direction. After that, my motto was going to page 10 at maximum, if it's not there then I moved on because it's not the correct thread. Hope this helps
  11. amazing hunt

    Woahhhh thank you so much @Lmangla @stroppyse! A very productive morning for me I have to say. The hint(s) really managed to point me in the right direction. I was stuck at first, but I think I've got the hang of this now haha. Can't wait for the next leg
  12. amazing hunt

    OK just another question @stroppyse if you don't mind. I may be a bit stuck haha. Is the placement of the box and clue at the top of the page in the specific thread, or is it also randomly placed?
  13. amazing hunt

    Ooh I am so tempted to ask, but I will try first. Like @kokodus I have a strong feeling that I know which moderator it is. Hope I'm right
  14. Omg @digi223 this is brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing this Fate indeed. It's so funny that the connection between these two is so effortlessly done. It goes way beyond forced links and dubious connections that I've seen 'some people' do (if you know what I mean haha) Haha yes yes finally it's my turn as a page turner. It's been ages, I know. Did you miss me? *wink wink* But all joking aside, this thread have always held a special place in my heart. All the people I've met here, and the discussions, I miss it. Circumstances may have forced our hands, but I see light at the end of the tunnel So looking forward to a time when we can all be here again Until then, hwaiting everyone! Next goal is 350 pages xoxo
  15. Exactly! He's saying all that in all seriousness, and then exploded with embarrassment. It's really endearing to watch You said it all so beautifully. I think most of his fans would notice the general trend of his questions. He definitely has marriage in mind, and all that entails with it; proposals, honeymoons, kids and parenting.