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  1. @saranghyekyo. I was also thinking about that and also after the wedding, your priority changes, it is your husband and your home although, friends would always be friends no matter how long you don't see each other.
  2. Is he using a blanket with a letter H or a bathrobe with a letter H? It seemed like he was on a sofa bed. What do you think? I think it is a black pillow on top of the white pillow making it look like woman's hair. The hand also does not look like a woman's hand, I don't know he..he.. or it might also be Kyo using a fist bump to say goodnight to her dongsang.
  3. @leba. What do you mean by IWC? I'm sorry but I cannot understand what you mean.
  4. They all looked young. Kim Hee Sun and Song Yoon-ah are already married. Talking about married life or getting some hints about getting married?
  5. @kyonim. Thanks for all the translations and hard work. It really made our day.
  6. @Karina Wong Kar Sinn. So you mean to say that there were no pictures from that party after the PD Award?
  7. @kyonim/ I am looking at their pictures in the commentary and I am really amazed how they really looked alike. From the looks and outfits and actions. In our country, the elder people always say that husband and wife seem to look alike as time goes by. They are still not married by that look, but wait till they are.
  8. @awoi. I also think so. Let us focus on the positive side. Many already heard of his speech and nothing can change that. SJK had shown his appreciation many many times to his beloved and cherished one and SHK knows that.
  9. Where do you think was Hye Kyo in the new IG post?
  10. @utkim. Well, what more can I say, he can forget everything but not his most cherished friend and love SHK-ssi. "It's so hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember".
  11. @bambina. Love, love your awesome piece.
  12. @helloace85. You really said it well. Maybe being the most senior here in this ship, I believe these 2 are in a relationship. Just by merely looking at them you can see the difference between what @snoopy18 was saying about SJK public appearances/interaction. Just look at the way he looked at SHK and interacted with her, there was really something different. I don't know how to explain it, but since I experienced love that is why I can sensed it.
  13. @gigivillaceran. If YAI is a brother to her, as YAI considers her a noona, then what is SJK to her even as a co-actor their actions were really not for a brother and a older sister relationships. That was why in the interview, there was a question she made at the end ""don't you think so" or something like that.. During the Presidential Award that they attended, it seemed that they were in a lovers quarrel but that scenes they made really emanates love between the two of them. You can really feel and sense that there is something between the two of them. You can see how important SHK to him even when when he looked at her. Even at the Chundu Fan meeting, you could see how tense and nervous SJK in front of SHK. Even when they were in the airports going to another place, they tried to distance themselves from each other if many fans were looking but when there were no fans anymore SJK would reach for SHK and put his hand on her shoulder or at her back. I don't know, but I have 7 brothers and nobody did that to me as their noona.
  14. @samita2014. What do you think about the IG picture of the SongSong couple bowing sent by their friend hairstylist?
  15. @annabai5. SJK revealed in one of his interviews that he prefers woman with long hair. @hclem7. Just wondering if SJK was holding something in his left hand because wouldn't it be easier for him to hold SHK hand with his left hand and no one will notice it?