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  1. Wishing you an everlasting love and the most happy life together SongSong couple!
  2. @samita2014. Where have you been? I must say you were correct in your visions, they are really going to get married.
  3. @jongkyo1031. Well in the Philippines we do had some public broadcast of some celebrity couples exchanging marriage vows.
  4. Everything about relationship one can learn from the two of you. Your fairy tale romance with a fairy tale ending is truly inspiring. It would be so wonderful if all of us had your good fortune, but in the meantime, thanks for letting us shippers and fans be a part of your love story. May each day be more beautiful than the one before it. May your love for each other grow stronger as you get older. May you find yourselves still holding hands and basking in each other’s love when all that is youthful and impermanent have faded away. Congratulations SongSongCouple on taking this leap of faith. I was literally crying while reading the news. Congratulations to us all shippers, comrades, chingus and fans, we made it! Love you all.
  5. @sug17. Yes he was not wearing his watch for movie reason but look at his attire, he war wearing a sunflower printed polo and pants. Kyois symbol is the sunflower. Remember in BAA, she was wearing a sunflower printed gown. Her former official fans club symbol is sunflower. You can also see sunflower in DOTS decor . I even saw her close friend Jenie posted a sunflower in her IG for Kyo.
  6. "Everything happens for a reason. The daily tragedies and misfortunes are all meaningful events, leading toward an ideal conclusion. With that in mind, there probably isn't really any meaningless misfortune."
  7. @nianderson. Hats off! You nailed it down. Excellent analysis indeed.
  8. Congratulations to all SS shippers, whether old or new. I know you are all delighted and filled with happiness. Special mention to @gigivillaceran who never tires of posting and a very loyal shipper. I can see her everytime I visit soompi. There are a lot more and you are all awesome shippers. Let us continue praying that our wish be granted and also let us continue praying for "Peace on earth and goodwill to men".
  9. @Nini Song. I believe SHK will attend the movie premiere of BI. If she can attend the movie premiere of her friends, why not the movie premiere of her boyfriend and partner. Her all out support is needed by SJK during this time, no matter what.
  10. @saranghyekyo. I was also thinking about that and also after the wedding, your priority changes, it is your husband and your home although, friends would always be friends no matter how long you don't see each other.