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  1. Thank u so so so much....
  2. I think best actress award and popularity award are different category in baeksang. Best actress award will be decided by judges meanwhile popularity is based on voting.. like @anggun11 said be4..and it looks like popularity award has subcategory too?
  3. Ahhaay... i like this idea... it's better if she shows us who he is... #justkidding
  4. So..let's just trust judges choice ..hope they'll make the right choice.. for us at least..kkk.. Btw, where is this unnie again???
  5. Baeksang is based on judges choice right?? I don't really trust voting system tbh..
  6. Ommo.... he remember the date..haha.. really a fanboy... and he said that in front of the public..kkkk..
  7. Thank u so much...
  8. I see a lot of hyun jin's articles today...what is it about??
  9. Haha... so this is what they said.. another fanboy? Thank u for the translation @Pointree
  10. Thank u @Pointree .... Yes unnie...please comeback soon.. whatever the long as i can see u..
  11. what is our hyun jin next event/project/work?? I want to see her again...
  12. Considering her next work? Quick..quick...unnie..i miss u already.. She looks sooooo beautiful and bright today... seo hyun jin unnie jjang....
  13. What is this? Seo hyun jin and hye bin went to watch a play together yesterday?
  14. It makes me sad.. Beside star magazine cover, does she have another project? Anyone knows? I still want to see her more... today fansign is not enough.. #greedyfan #sorry ...
  15. so sweet and meaningful... Wherever she is, there is love... Let's spread the love...