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  1. I love XiaoTao protectiveness towards ML Although she always confused with ML way of thinking, she still faithfully support ML action thru and thru.. I wish to Xiaotao pairing up with Shitou.. LOL.. Who's with me??!! Put's your hands up!!! LOL I can't wait to see how ML & GTY going to destroy MN.. I hope Rong'er hates her mother for being so manipulative n evil.. What kind of mother is that??!! Sheeshhh... I feel like digging a grave a burying MN alive for treating her children like that what a spiteful woman.. I love XiaoTao protectiveness towards ML Although she always confused with ML way of thinking, she still faithfully support ML action thru and thru.. I wish to Xiaotao pairing up with Shitou.. LOL.. Who's with me??!! Put's your hands up!!! LOL I can't wait to see how ML & GTY going to destroy MN.. I hope Rong'er hates her mother for being so manipulative n evil.. What kind of mother is that??!! Sheeshhh... I feel like digging a grave a burying MN alive for treating her children like that what a spiteful woman..
  2. I think If I am born in that time, I'll cross dress as a boy and run away to be a sailor.. Jealous women are truly scary creatures.. I would rather be a nun rather than getting married and join any HAREMS.. Maybe they are not concerned about STD at that time .. Most modern women like us would probably puke our heart out if we are forced to get married.. ROTFLOL IMO, ML has developed trust issue towards MEN as her father (SH) is a failure.. Her heart was broken by her first love (QH) and even Dr He who was matched by her granny is a disappointment... Luckily her prejudices doesn't develop into misandry as she is still willing to marry GTY.. I think it is perfectly normal for her character to be guarded as she do not want to be sad because of men anymore.. Plus, people during that period of time lives in patriarchy system so she tries to be a good wife for GTY although she won't give her heart 100%. Sigh.. I think ML is purely protecting her heart so I don't blame her for not giving all of her heart.. Perhaps, we will see how adversities and challenges will bring ML's heart closer to GTY..
  3. Totally agree with your insights.. ML is considered "modern" in her way of thinking compared to the other women in her time.. Her realistic thinking makes a her a guarded INDIVIDUAL.. I guess many girls in that time prefer to find a husband and rely on their father, husband, wife n etc.. That makes ML characters interesting, and for me she is a strong and can be a true female model in her time.. "MISS INDEPENDENT"
  4. Good comparisons between ML's 3 main suitors.. I think I would like to add on about GTY, he is a true manipulator and schemer not just bcoz of wanting to marry ML. IMHO, GTY are able to be promoted inside the army because of his smartness and calculating mind.. Perhaps, all those years of being unfavored in Gu's family makes him a scheming man.. Well, I don't blame him though. If we put our-self in GTY's shoes, we might schemes our way to SURVIVE with that kind of stepmom and step brothers.. They even dare to use GTY's deceased mother dowry to live a lavish lifestyle.. That kind of people are shameless, and of course we have to be calculative and scheming to get them to return our belonging to us willingly.. Just like ML, she acted like she is a little lamb YET she is actually capable to exact revenge for her mother's untimely death. ML's mind is also calculative and full with scheming ideas but the purpose is MOSTLY for her survival instead of for harming others like the way Concubine Lin n Molan schemes.. Therefore, I think it is okay and in human nature to scheme for SURVIVAL compared to scheming because of our personal GREED. The characters in the drama n novel portrayed the true nature of human after all.. I think this is also part of GTY schemes, to ensure that ML got under Da Niang family list then turn from shu into Di daughter. He purposely tricks CB into thinking he want to marry RL as he want to clean ML's reputation as well.. After QH approach and Liang family incidents, the rumors among the nobles mentioned that ML is aiming for higher branches regardless of her birth status. GTY is smart indeed and I personally think GTY and ML suits each other as they are both SMART & SAVVY COUPLE..
  5. The true example of best friend, CB & GTY have the best bromance in this drama and the way GTY trick CB is soo funny... GTY & CB expressions in this drama is always priceless.. I think GTY feels insecure as he feels that he "loves" ML more and he invested all his mind and energy to make ML his wife.. Perhaps in his mind IF he was a bit late in sending marriage proposal, ML might agree marrying QH although QH broke his promise to ML before.. From the preview, I think it's quite obvious that GTY had fallen deeper in love with ML.. Well, I hope that fight will make GTY & ML closer.. hihihi This is definitely one of my favorite scenes in this drama.. AHAHAHAHA.. SH & Big Madam reaction are sooo comical that I keep repeating the scenes for several times when I watched that ep.. HAHAHAHAH... I'm glad the drama version has much more comical sides compared to Novel..
  6. LOL... I laugh when I read this part in novel.. GTY corrected ML to call him as "Husband" or else she got punishment.. When ML call him husband, she end up EATEN by GTY.. Muahahahaha.. Im sure the eat up the wifey part will be milder in drama.. But we can hope to see some kisses scenes right.. HAHAHAHAH (pervert mode on) Let us throw confetti around, use party hats and burn some fireworks to celebrate Molan, Mdm Liang n Mdm Gu jealous expression... Hahahahaha Our dearest little lamb Minglan is the "HOT STUFF" of Sheng family.. hahahah...
  7. I love ML's Grandma!! The best character both in novel and drama Hmmm... Would the drama version QH turn evil after GTY got his dream girl?? His reaction in drama is bigger compared to in novel.. QH in novel seems to resigned with his fate not getting ML by getting drunk most of the time.. Woohooo!!! Fight all the way! The "Best Man Wins" LOL I love the preview LOL... The way ML get angry with GTY is sooo cute!! hahahaha... More interaction like this please drama lord *praying* LOL Hahahahaha... Yaa, I remember the scenes where QH prayed for ML to get good husband His prayer comes true but he throws tantrum when GTY cut his line.. The heaven thinks GTY is better than QH then.. Pity QH.. On another note, this thread is moving so fast! hihihi.. I love all the comments and opinions shared in here.. Group hug everyone!!! XOXOXO
  8. I have a feeling that MRF is "gender bender" role.. hihihi.. She is actually a girl but she is raised like a boy to manage Mo's family businesses.. When the scenes about giving clothings and cosmetics to HBQ, MRF even can identify the colors and smells of the rouge.. LOL.. Definitely Gender Bender.. LOL Luckily Kdrama is still lenient about time travelling.. Maybe the government do not want anyone to twist the historical facts by having time travelling characters.. CGov seems okay with transmigration and parallel universe themes though.. I guess it depends on the writers and producers creativity on how they would like to produce dramas..
  9. LOL... I think thats the reason he will bring CB to the temple to caught RL red handed and swap his marriage to ML.. In GTY mind, perhaps he think CB is a blockhead.. LOL LOL.. His reaction catching Molan is epic.. hahahha.. Finally the evil concubine Lin died.. I hope SH get smarter.. I wish to see more Hualan screen time.. I truly pity her in the book and Hualan truly adored ML.. I know some of you dislike Rulan character, but I really like her interaction with ML on ep 37.. When ML caught her meeting up with the scholar at night, they end up having pillow talk n sharing secrets just like sisters.. Yaa, Rulan is the "bossy" sister hahaha just like my big sis.. When you have sisters in your siblings, Rulan characters is considered as "normal".. LOL.. She may always said that ML is illegitimate bcoz she was taught by her mom that her status as di daughter is better than shu daughter.. Being a silly and straightforward person, that's why she always mentioned ML as shu daughter.. Im glad, the Rulan in the drama is much more lovable that Novel Rulan.. hahaha.. Rulan in the novel just like the bullying type of big sis.. In Ep 37, I can also see that ML is sincerely worried about Rulan when she found out that Rulan like the scholar.. Obviously, this scene proof that ML cares and have sisterly feelings towards Rulan.. In the novel, ML have much more interaction with Hualan compared to Rulan and ML feels closer to Hualan. It seems like the drama have a little changes here and there but I'm loving it so far..
  10. Hello everyone.. It's my first post here!!! Just started watching HBQ yesterday.. I heard this drama is also based on novel.. Can anyone share the link to the novel to me? I am also attracted with MRF looks.. Hahahah.. Im quite shocked to find out that the character is actually played by an actress.. I fall in love with her looks seriously.. hihihii.. Love MRF and HBQ chemistry.
  11. Yaaa... I dont understand why the producer and director are so stingy to show us the lovey dovey scenes.. Hahahahaha... It's 34 eps already and I hope we dont have to wait until ep 50 just to see more love between the lead.. They have lack of scripts together. So many side characters unnecessary scenes like Sheng Hong and Linniang lovey dovey scenes.. Makes me wanna puke.. Yaa.. That stupid father.. He don't even get angry sincerely when he saw ML's injured face.. During the hitting scenes in front ancestors tablet, I feel like snatching the rod and continue hitting him instead.. LOL.. Sorry I sound crazy, but ML's father really pissed me off.. ROTFLOL... This comment really made my day.. Maybe we should use one like that to cure our headache watching dramas.. LOL Good, Im so glad ML refuse Molan.. Let her deal with her own karma.. Why bother helping someone sooo greedy like her.. That's why I dont want to compare the novel and drama... Let us see how the drama creates ML character.. So far, I like both variation.. It's just when they are too many canon fodder scripts and scenes, the drama felt a bit dragging..
  12. I think GTY is jealous too.. From the earlier eps, its kinda obvious that he loves to tease ML about marriage.. Honestly, in the drama, GTY might have some attraction towards ML but he do not noticed it yet.. That's y he offered to help QH to kidnap the princess before ML & QH break up. Me too.. I think i really like Rulan character as well.. If I live in that era, I would make Rulan as one of my bestie.. She is so transparent and straight forward.. I prefer to have that kind of girlfriend compared to the Lotus type like Molan.. Rather than mature, I think Rulan is much more honest compared to other character in this novel n drama.. Maybe because she was pampered since she was young and have less hardship than ML... If only the producer is kinder to Rulan in the drama by giving her handsome and good looking scholar just like in the novel.. LOL.. Her future beau that appears look kinda old in the drama.. LOL.. Anyway, Rulan is my fav gfriend if I live in that novel.. kekekek..
  13. LOL.. Im looking forward for this part in the drama...ML and GTY wedding is my fav part in the novel... kekekek ML jiumu makes me miss my late Granny.. Im glad ML have granny to protect her from useless father and manipulating stepmoms.. sighhh
  14. I hate ML father for this kind of attitude.. I wonder how he will react in this drama later when his fav daughter Molan hurt ML's face. I just hope he will go to ruin bcoz of his fav concubine Lin... sheesshhh.. Thinking bout him always wanna make me smash things.. I know there is so much discussion about GTY & QH in this forum... For me, I love both character anyway LOL.. Since ML already make a clean break with QH by returning the doll, I'm looking forward for the romance part between GTY & ML... hihihii..
  15. Hahahaha.... Me too... I almost mistaken them in few episodes.. LOL My instinct told me that Manniang plan to use her "son" to climb GTY family again in the future.. This drama has more than 70 eps, let us wait how the story unfolds. Done watching ep 25-26 Raw last night.. I find it cute when GTY close his daughter Rong'er mouth when she tries to mention "xiao gugu" = small aunty in front of CB.. hahahaha.. it seems like GTY is trying to hide from CB that he saw ML for few times outside of Bianjing already.. hihihi.. Throughout the thread, I noticed that some hate Manniang, some hate concubine Lin and Molan. For me, the character that I hate the most is ML's father in this drama.. That old man is so bias that I want to get inside the screen and beat him to death. He seems to care less for his other children apart from those he get from evil concubine Lin. At least, in the novel, ML's father adore ML for being such a good child... Sigh.. I stop reading the novel halfway as I expect the story in the drama have some changes in the characters behaviors and events.