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  1. Happy Birthday, Thank you for being born! (if I may borrow your words) Stay healthy, happy and many more years to come! Didn't have time to make a new video, so here i am recycling one of my old video...hehe @kbleon Chingu, love your new video! Your video skills are so good now!
  2. wonder what brand is this tablet that enable one to crop out a video.
  3. Omo, he licked his lips again after the kiss, 3 times this time!
  4. Seems like JCW's fans sent him a food truck to celebrate his 31st birthday! From google translate July 5th To celebrate your 31st birthday Today, he also commissioned me at the Official Fan Cafe # Day Rock Birthday support is as big as today's scale Delicious buffet and chewing And you've got plenty of rice cake, debt, and so on. Even today, the staffs are very fond of you I'm always thanking DeLak. Ji Chang-wook's birthday support until the end I'll do my best to deliver. Once again thanking everyone. Congratulations on your birthday again
  5. This really is JCW's ost playing at the background....101 reasons why i like you!
  6. Happy 400th page! This pic is cute!
  7. This rabbit doll actually comes in so many different sizes.
  8. I think i have lost count the no. of times JW hug BH.