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  1. MJ was at the wedding of JSW on 25 May
  2. [Marriage] Joo Sang-wook, Cha-yeol "Shaking and nervous"cr <goole translate> Actors Ju Suk-wook and Cha Ye-ryun expressed tension and trembling in the face of marriage. Joo Sang-wook Chae Yeol Lee held a press conference at Grand Walkerhill Hotel in Gwangjin-gu, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul at 2 pm on June 25 to clarify the plans for the second generation and the back of the proposal. "I was too nervous and I could not breathe," said Suyeon, and "I was nervous and ate two bottles of shochu and slept." Ju Sang-wook consistently smiled happily and kept the atmosphere of the press conference pleasant. Ju Sang-wook Chae Yeolyun will take a wedding ceremony at 6 pm on the same day. Ju Sang-wook Q: How about your marriage feeling? Zhou: I 'm so nervous. Chae Yeol - Jun: Thank those who blessed the marriage. I am trembling now. Q: It was the solo last night. What did you do. Joo Sangwook: I drank 2 bottles of shochu alone. I'm nervous and trembling. I decided to do something specific about what to do next night. Cha-lyun: It seems to feel the first feeling of being born. I did not have any last night. Q: When do you decide when to marry? Joo Sang-wook: I saw the back of the dish, I ate it cleanly and cleaned it, and I thought of marriage. It seemed to be happy for life. Q: What is your child's plan? Sung Wook: I'm thinking about at least two people. Then I try to reach to the force. But it does not mean that we will do what we want. I will try my best. Q: How was the proposal? Joe: I have not received it yet. (Laughs) Joo Sangwook: Actually I was ready to propose when I went to shoot the Hawaii photo shoot. At that time, Kim was lost. I'm telling you this happened. Q: Where will my honeymoon go? Suk - Wook: I have no plans to make plans. If I say this, I feel bad husband, but it is not. The exact date place has not yet been determined. And it can be misunderstood, it is an agreement. Cha-lyeon: You have not yet booked your honeymoon. Tomorrow the sand is the mother's seventh feast. In many situations, we only say, 'Let's go in early June.' Q: Who cares about celebrations and celebrations? Sung Wook: There is no ceremony. The celebrity is going to be with the singer, Mr. Singh Wax, the Brown Eyed Girls, and Mr.
  3. More nice pics here..forgive me to spamming so many pics of the wedding
  4. cr
  5. The outdoor wedding is so pretty and they look so blessed and happy! This photo is so cute!
  6. cr for more pics
  7. This dress looks different from the one she posted in IG but both are pretty!