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  1. Sora in Golden Disc Award in Ilsan, while Bin is in Daegu for Cooperation promo blitz .,..
  2. kangsorakai ‏@kangsorakai Gorgeous #KangSoRa #강소라 @reveramess with Sung Shi kyung at 2nd DAY / The 31st Goldendisc Awards red carpet (vlive screencap)
  3. much better (and faster--as i can see its notification asap) in pm sis.
  4. good day pretties! if any of you have question/s need to ask our Bogummie..... Team soompi will have a scheduled short interview. please post what you want to ask and will send it to our Soompi team asap... happy week end!
  5. all set for red carpet arrivals of #ConfidentialAssignment #cooperation VIP premier #공조 #共助 #HyunBin #현빈 #ヒョンビン #玄彬 https://twitter.com/Beakmadi/status/819466828070035457/photo/1 twitter feeds says all members of SNSD will be there ! Yoona support yayy~! cr ti309
  6. news photos today http://sports.chosun.com/news/ntype.htm?id=201701130100094500006344&servicedate=20170112 \
  7. D-2 and we gotta see uri Sora in evening gownssss! hope she will have 2 or 3 set of gowns for the evening yayyy!