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  1. Seriously I never care of Zlying's words straight from her mouth. I look at her actions because Actions speak LOUDER than Words for me. Just like how she was photographed holding hands with Feng on 2 occasions (if I remember correctly) or way before she was photographed leaving his place twice, I think news stated she spent the 2 nights at his place alone or with her staff (if I remember correctly) then BOOM they showed off their red marriage booklets but NO WEDDING BANDS . The rice is cooked already no need of words straight from her mouth; I'm not sure if she officially said anything about her marriage to Feng or not. Their dating timeline was short, their marriage was very rushed that they DIDN'T HAVE A GRAND WEDDING like Tiffany Tang & Luo Jin. Then another BOOM right after their marriage announcement, photos of her with gained weight on her belly out of all parts of her body, she has weight on her belly since she hasn't been active for a while. But then she rebutted pregnancy rumor twice on her Weibo as #cenching stated. So I don't want to imagine the impact if she is indeed pregnant, what this would do to her loyal fans especially her young fans who look up to her .
  2. After what happened to Moon & Star couple I'm so done with shipping. I am a retired shipper fan..it feels so great . I sure got an eye-opener on many things as they were not what they seemed to be after Feng & Zlying wedding announcent. I sure hope LGX is doing well, taking care of his health & have happiness in his life. Cr as tagged
  3. Sigh...posting in here is like putting yourself in the ocean with sharks swimming around you . Tsk tsk these sharks need to swim in their appropriate territory. I don't see any big deals about F being called an old man. Good grief, whoever has problem with it is sensitive. He is an actor that is his choice of profession to get praised or criticized. He probably got labeled bad titles by many people before, does that means whoever have problem with him being called something they don't like will personally tell those people to stop calling him such & such?...You can't stop people for their subjective opinions of him I'm just happy now Zhao Lying will probably stop parading Moon & Star items Moon & Star is XingYue/LGX&Zlying. She found her man already hopefully LGX will find his woman. @mmrod_04 F is older than Zhao Lying by 9 years not 10. Just 1 year less than 10 years but I agree he is an old man. And for an old man to look young & strong he will need lots of assistance from many things . Haha I remembered I used to give 89.9 % that LGX&Zlying is in fact a real couple because of the numbers 8 & 9 which are numbers that symbolize good things but look how it turned out now ...don't rely too much in the number 9 or 8 or any other numbers .
  4. Why go through the trouble by jumping off the ship or burning the ship for, just push L & Z off the ship without life jackets...that was what I did . Add: wait a second, I will give L a life jacket but none to Z .
  5. Does anyone know when ZLY & Jin Han drama will air? Besides LGX, I can tolerate watching dramas of ZLY with Jin Han & with Qi Ji .
  6. @lgxzly I dislike seeing you leaving this ship but you have more important goals to accomplish. Good luck & get that nursing degree Girl .
  7. If there is something really going on with ZLY & Feng then why did she & her friends had to take photos with the Peppa Pig hairband just recently before? I think LGX's recent Weibo with MVP gold chain has something to do the current news of ZLY & Feng. I'm not going to fall for the media reporting news of LGX & WLK or ZLY & FSF hahaha .
  8. You are a good detective. Each of us here brings pieces of a puzzle to form the puzzle - XingYue puzzle. I didn't think much of his messy hair gold MVP chain pink jacket photo until you found a photo of ZLY with a pink denim jacket too...see you're a good detective, you're quick to find ZLY's photo. I noticed her red heart necklace lol . The two photos remind me of how LGX came to choose the Weibo profile photo he has right now (cat's paw with knife). I think he studies ZLY's photos and he tries to subliminally imitate her or he finds something similar to her photos and post them up on his Weibo. His Weibo profile photo of cat's paw with knife was discussed in here before, it has a lot to do with ZLY . For the MVP gold chain, I think he wants to be known as the Most Valuable Player/Performer in game shows/dramas/movies or he wants to be known as the Most Valuable Pick or Possession of someone lol or the Most Valuable Puppy of someone . Repost photo from lgxzly
  9. @lgxzly if that is an earring, we would see the earring hook in his earlobe, I don't see any hook in his earlobe. Good job about the stars, I was too focused on his heavy bling bling necklace chain with huge MVP pendant, messy hair & pink jacket lol.
  10. @lgxzly maybe he inserted it in way too deep into his ear canal? Or maybe from that angle of the photo we could not see the earpiece? lol
  11. @lgxzly that could be his mobile headset microphone lol.
  12. Hahaha those illustrations of LGX's hair by fans got me remembering his wardrobe in The Great Wall movie . Cr to The Great Wall movie
  13. So that Peppa Pig hairband belongs to who? Cassie their mutual friend or ZLY? Anyway here is the photo that ZLY's good friends clearly want viewers to focus at ZLY's normal hairband & voila ZLY looks so cute with Peppa Pig hairband lol. Okay we shippers can have good night sleeps on XingYue ship until the next storm comes . These photos by her good friends are valuable, we could get so many info from them. Cr to rightful owner
  14. I guess he was practicing for his future role YWY which he requires to know how to dance the tango with his female lead . Cr as tagged
  15. I will be more evil, for a guy who is 900 million girls' dream, he must have great beauty so I would make his face becomes ugly hahaha, no BB cream could cover lol...I believe LGX did claim or agree that he is good looking .