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  1. Yes, they both remember and Jin Mi is troubled by it. I thought the mortal realm episodes were nicely done, building up the story of how they met, fell in love, the conflict of why they can’t be together, then dying together.
  2. After watching Ep. 5, I suspect it may be due to Ruyi being influenced by the Western artist who talked about the one Husband one Wife system, and how one can leave the marriage when there is no more love. I’m guessing that maybe after Qian Long fell in love with another woman, she decided to provoke him so that he will allow her to leave. But of course, that is not allowed during those days, so that’s why she was neglected or cast into the Cold Palace. Kind of similar to what happened to her aunt, the previous Empress. I dont know this history story but does Hai Lan play an important role later in the drama? The actress playing her is quite famous, and was in another modern drama earlier this year. anyway, I’m enjoying this riveting drama.
  3. I confess I have a soft spot for the Night God Run Yu. He’s so gentlemanly and polite, and treats his staff nicely. Yet he’s had such a lonely life, banished to the night and missing out on all the activities that are going on in the day. Probably the Empress’s doing, trying to diminish his presence and power. His Mother was also killed by the Empress who has killed off all the women in the Emperor’s life. I can totally imagine that growing up like that, he will want to hang on to Jin Mi, since she is already bethrothed to him, the only thing or person that he can legitimately call his own. Maybe he is wrong to take advantage of Jin Mi’s naievety about love - he struggled with the decision, but I totally get why he did it. Jin Mi and the Night God have a lot in common - they are both water based, and both their mothers were killed by the Empress. They would have made a good team, except of course for our dear Fire God Feng Huang, who is truly and deeply in love with Jin Mi. Major Angst is starting ... prepare ourselves ...
  4. Yes, he knew. It’s really funny that the first thing Jin Mi asked for was for the Emperor to pass her some spiritual cultivation, and he willingly passed her 5,000 years (FH passed her 1,000 years). She must be quite powerful by now
  5. Don’t like the evil Empress, but it’s nice to see that actress again after so many years. She was quite a famous Hong Kong actress back in the days.
  6. How to nurse a burnt crow back to health (according to fairy from Flower Realm) : 1. Cover it in soil 2. Water it a few times a day 3. Give it flower Essence (fertiliser?) Totally enjoying this drama. All the leads are perfectly cast for their roles. Pretty costumes, beautiful sets, interesting story and characters. Those who watched 3L3W will find it easy to follow the storyline.
  7. I watched until Ep. 5 - Ep. 5 is really funny. what I understood so far is,
  8. It belonged to her Mother but somehow ended up in the Empress Dowager’s possession after her death. The Empress Dowager used the bangle to convince Yun Xi that her Mother was still alive, and she would let them meet after Yun Xi carried out her mission to spy on Qin Wang and report to her. The bangle was actually a gift from Yun Xi’s Father to her Mother, and is like a secret manual containing many recipes and antidotes for poisons. Only a person from Yun Xi’s family can enter and view the manual.
  9. Regarding the ending, Beautiful story, beautiful actors. Really enjoyed it, especially Ep. 15 when Yun Xi and Duke visited her family together.
  10. I also like FuYao’s look as Folian - her yellow dress makes her look fresh and pretty.
  11. So that she will be too sick and ugly to go ahead with the wedding. I still don’t fully understand his intentions. He claimed that he purposely ignored her all her life so that his second Wife and Daughter will not bully her too much but I don’t think it achieved the desired effect. On the contrary, it caused the entire household to believe that he did not love her, so it became acceptable to ill treat her. Anyway, Duke Qin realised it when He went back with Yun Xi to visit her family, and taught her evil step Mother and step Sister a few good lessons. It was so satisfying to see them being punished and it was so touching to see him protect Yun Xi from being intentionally scalded.
  12. This is the second time Gao Wei Guang (Vengo Gao) is playing a character who can’t swim - Di Jun, when he was the mortal Emperor, and now the General, Zhan Bei Ye. Anyway, I understand if an Emperor can’t swim, but whoever heard of a General who can’t swim?.? Hmmmm ... maybe he really can’t swim in real life? That would be funny!
  13. “Yuan Bao, if you keep eating and you become so fat, how can you accomplish the tasks I give you? Then, I may have to send you back home. “ ” Noooooo, master. I love you!!! Don’t send me back home!”
  14. Ah, now I know who invented the TOP loading washing machine ... in Episode 2.