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  1. @USAFarmgirl Glad that you also found this drama and liked it. I myself was pleasantly surprised that it turned out to be such a nice and engaging romantic fantasy story. I was doubtful at first, when the voice over at the beginning of each episode would tell the lore of the alien fox race. “So lame,” I thought. “Have they run out of interesting stories to tell? Aliens + Fox ... zzz “ But He Lan Da Ren soon me over with his earnest sincerity, the young actor and actress who played the younger versions were adorable, Xiao Ju and her interactions with the 2 guys were cute, and provided most of the laughs. Very memorable drama for me, short and sweet, and will certainly stay in my mind for a while ...
  2. The word that Qian Hua used in Ep. 23 was 魂飞魄散 which means, In Chinese mythology, that the soul is scattered. If you watched 3L3W Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, this is like MY when he sacrificed his soul to the Eastern Royal Bell. It took him tens of thousands of years and the Soul Lamp to rejoin the soul pieces. So unless the Fox Clan have a similar lamp and something else in their mythology that gathers the soul, I would assume that Zhao Song and Qian Hua are as good as dead, at least in this lifetime. Xiu Xian and Kuan Yong did explain to Xiao Ju that they can be restored to human form after 800 to 900 years. Of course, Xiao Ju won’t be around by then. He Lan already lost his powers after saving Pi Pi’s bf, so he is a mere mortal now. But Qian Hua did say that after many many years, He Lan’s Powers will be restored and he will regain his memory. But of course, it will not be during this life time. Anyway, He Lan and Pi Pi can enjoy their lives as normal people now.
  3. @silfeeah well, in Ep. 25 So I guess we must wait for Part 2, if they ever make it, to see the happily ever after. but at least, He Lan didn’t die and he can see in daytime, and Pi Pi is now free from her curse to die on her 25th birthday. The End.
  4. Yeah, , I like the trio, too. i just watched Ep. 22, and They were so funny that I couldn’t help LOL ... I can just imagine how much fun they would have had while filming those segments. They are the bright spots in the drama which is taking a sinister turn as the dead bodies count is increasing.
  5. I initially had some sympathy for Zhao Song, seeing that he was in love with Qian Hua for hundreds of years, whereas she only had eyes for Helan but what he did in Ep. 17 has totally put me off him.
  6. One of the LOL moments ... The 4th S ... At 8.00 KY : "Ms. Guan, did you and Lord Helan really do the 4th S last night?" PiPi (smiling sweetly) : "You all knew about it? Thank you. I'm so happy. We ...." KY : "As long as you are happy, it's enough. No need to tell us the details!" XX : "Why don't you want her to tell us?!?!?! Please continue, Ms. Guan. I want to hear ..."
  7. My exact thoughts. I stopped watching from around Ep. 30 and just watched clips and read recaps here (Thanks to @themarchioness. ) so now I will watch the last 2 episodes, and if the warm fuzzy feelings persist enough, I’ll go back and watch from Ep. 31 onwards. This reminds me, same thing happened in
  8. I haven’t read the book so I don’t know it is portrayed there but from what I see in the drama, the 2 of them went through a lot of hardships together in the past, so they must care a lot for each other as kin. They seem to like women, as can be seen from Xiu Xian’s fondness for Xiao Ju. Looks like a love triangle is forming. I also hope that Xiao Ju will end up with one of them. Anyway, I love watching their interactions together - so many LOL moments. As for Pi Pi’s Friend, it is not going to be smooth going for her. Imagine if you snatch away your best friend’s Boyfriend, how are you ever going to face her? No words can ever convey your guilt. What if your Friend can’t take it or even contemplate suicide if she is very weak? There is also the fear that if that boy dumped a girl before, he could also do the same to you in the future?
  9. Just started watching this - quite enjoying it. The story is refreshing - alien fox race, an eternal curse ... The Actors and Actresses are good looking. Not sure about their acting yet, since I’ve only watched one episode. The young actors playing the couple in the olden days were adorable. Present day 2 side kicks are so funny. Why are they afraid of dogs? I was waiting for the angst on the other C-drama to be over and the OTP back together again before I resume watching it but now I am hooked on this drama.
  10. Agree with budgerie that things are pretty slow going in the first several episodes. Ariel Lin is very pretty and her Arale outfit was so cute! But It’s quite unbelievable that she would turn up at the police station in that outfit in her capacity as a teacher. Anyway, most of the time, her behaviour outside of school is too over the top, although she tones down a lot when she is in school. The actor playing the Son is the young Emperor from NIF2, and he is doing a great job here. Love watching his interactions with his (supposed) birth Father. WZ’s good Friend, Shi, has the funniest lines. I love all the side characters, except for the clingy air stewardess. Seems like the front part of the drama is focusing on the Father and Son reunion situation. The OTPs have yet to develop feelings for each other. At the rate it’s going, I predict the Boyfriend in Australia is going to cheat on her soon, and they will break up. Then our OTP’s relationship can start proper.
  11. It has not been explained yet, but from what I gather so far, ZF has some misunderstanding about either RG or her Father, so that’s why he did not want to marry her even though it seems like he still has feelings for her. YX, on the other hand, just appeared out of no where, and is doing all these lovey dovey things for RG. If I were her, I would be wary of him, and wonder about his intentions. The only person that seems trustworthy for RG is YZH who is definitely in love with her, but because of his disabilities, cannot openly declare his love for her. I also love YZH best, and hope that he will confess soon, and they live happily ever after. But at the rate it’s going, looks like YZH is going to die soon
  12. @productiveprocrastinator I really admire anyone who subs the dramas, especially this one which is based in the early 1900s, so there are many words which are not familiar to us. So far I’m really confused with what’s going on, and there are so many characters! i agree with someone who commented that the costumes are pretty. Even the army uniforms look nice! Qin Sang is pretty to look at, too.
  13. I really like the opening song, can listen to it all day. https://youtu.be/yPNpINibTZQ So far, i really like Prince Yu who is caring and protective of Ru Ge, but so sad that he doesn’t want to burden her because of his disabilities. His being in a wheelchair reminds me of Jiu Ye in Da Mo Yao (Ballad of the Desert) including his villa, also called Zhu Yuan (Bamboo Villa). The story is getting intriguing - I still don’t understand the relationship between Ru Ge and Yin Xue.
  14. This drama started its broadcast and I watched Ep. 1. So happy to see familiar faces from 3L3W. Of course we already know FJ as Ru Ge, 16 is a wangye (duke? Prince?) but not sure why he is in a wheelchair, 9 is a pugilist of some sort, Yan Zhi, Sister of Li Jing, is from a prominent Dao family. Li Jing hasn’t appeared yet in Ep. 1. Bamboo forest fight scene was beautifully choreographed - reminded me of the Zhang Ziyi movie, House of Flying Daggers. A bit confused by the first 10 minutes - is that an event in the future? Nice use of colours throughout. Intriguing story so far. I’m looking forward to Ep. 2.
  15. I’m at Ep. 35 and have a growing suspicion that somehow, Xun got to know that Xiao Ting Shen is the Son of the previous wrongly executed crown prince in NIF1. If the events in NIF1 did not happen, XTS would have been the Emperor, and his heir, Ping Jing would be the current Emperor. Xun is afraid that Ping Jing would use this information one day to claim his right to the throne so that’s why he is doing whatever he can to bring down the family and remove their military power. After all, his Xun family is at great risk to lose their power if this happens, the current Emperor being his Nephew. It is debatable if XTS even knows who his birth Father is. MCS certainly did not tell him, and I don’t know if his adopted Father told him. Of course, he could have asked Lang Ya, like Ping Zhang did. But even if he knows, he is not the kind to fight for the throne. It’s just that Xun thinks otherwise.