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  1. Book ending summary : It’s a simple, happy ending. Don’t understand why they had to complicate the drama by killing people left and right. Too bloody for my liking.
  2. I’ve not watched the latest episodes so I don’t know if it was explained further but what I’ve figured out so far is ... I thought this was supposed to be a light hearted romcom but has now evolved into a bloody fight for the throne drama with people dying left and right ... sigh ...
  3. I also love this character. He’s so funny. I wonder if his character was supposed to be written as comedic, or the actor made it so. Here’s another scene of him which I found hilarious.
  4. I’ve been locked out of my account for the past few days, and I had been dying to add my two cents worth about DFS. Definitely can’t stand him. From the time he tried to ruin BQ’s reputation by kidnapping her and spending one night with her, to setting up rival shops to compete with her, and almost destroying XX’s martial arts skills, and not forgetting kidnapping YL and causing her to beg him on her knees .... so many atrocious deeds ... and he thinks he can still win her heart? Delusional! I don’t know what his background is, but he has no sense of propriety, and definitely no sense of righteousness and morals. Even if he ends up sacrificing himself for BQ at the end of the story, I don’t think he can redeem himself enough for me to have one shred of sympathy for him. Anyway, @themarchioness Thank you so much for your recaps! Reading your thoughts which came with them made me laugh.
  5. @40somethingahjumma I believe that scene implies exactly what you are thinking. They were separated for a period of time and reunited finally, and knowing now with great relief that they are actually not siblings. All those suppressed feelings .... you get the drift .... @mimidq8 In the book, they were reunited in the garden, and the maids were a short distance away, so it’s not possible to *ahem* ... so just kissing and hugging. Haha ...
  6. Looks like it’s only 4 episodes next week. No broadcast on 7th Feb ... sad ... but at least we will see CY and BQ reunite finally !!!
  7. I believe that is either his ‘school name’ or ‘courtesy name’ used by his peers. It is considered disrespectful to address him directly by his given name, which can only be used by his parents or elders.
  8. To add to @crackaddict ‘s post on the difficult position that MRF is in, he is not only protecting his Mother but the entire Mo family. Imagine what Qi Wang Ye will do if it is revealed that BQ died in the hands of MRF’s Mother. The entire Mo extended Family will probably be executed and the employees, servants etc, sold off as slaves. MRF is responsible for the business and many people’s livelihood. And since there is no antidote to save BQ, rationally speaking, there is no point sacrificing more lives. It won’t bring her back to life anyway. Looks like MRF’s story arc has ended? So we won’t be seeing him anymore. Aawww ... anyway, the drama has introduced a new actress to look out for in future dramas.
  9. Is Biluotian treasure and how BQ is the holy maiden to be sacrificed to access the treasure written in the novel? If this story arc only exists in the drama, then we can only guess what will happen next in the story. So far, DFS knows that BQ is his betrothed, but the question is, does he know about the BiLuotian treasure, and his grandfather’s intention to use her to get the treasure? We don’t know his intentions yet, but he seems like a decent guy so far. Hopefully, he is just set on marrying her because he likes her, and not because of the treasure. Anyway, I have no doubt that it will be a happy ending. Just waiting to see how they resolve the Biluotian treasure story arc.
  10. No, not yet. So that’s why she cried bitterly when she saw CY’s face in the new trailers for Ep. 16.
  11. I am intrigued by the good looking Mo Ruo Fei and looked up the actor. Turns out it is played by a female actress called Xing En https://www.weibo.com/xxxingxxx. Nice interaction between MRF and Buqi. Hope he can protect her from his Mother.
  12. I am #18. Quite late in joining this thread - only at Ep. 12, so I can’t join your discussion in real time. But I must say that I was blown away by the fight scene in Ep. 6, when NQ helped Chao Xiao Shu. Now enjoying NQ’s daily ongoings at the Academy. How awesome was is it when the 3rd Prince tried to embarrass him at the Club, and the drinks ended up being on the house because of NQ? Ha!
  13. @harooxxx 嫡子(dizi) is the Son of the Empress. People in those days place more emphasis on the children of the main Wife, as opposed to concubines. I am behind in the episodes, now only watching Ep. 64 (downfall of Jia Gui Fei, and her Son, the 4th Prince). I‘Ve lost the watching fervour of the earlier episodes, maybe too many episodes in this long drama. And maybe also dreading the upcoming decline of Ruyi’s power as Wei Yan Wan schemes and climbs her way up. I enjoyed Jia Gui Fei as the villain - she is a strangely compelling to watch. But Wei Yan Wan is irritating, and I really dislike the fact that her Son will eventually inherit the throne.
  14. The Maid in the photo is Suo Xin, Ru Yi’s maid. Empress second maid is Lian Xin. It certainly seems like she hesitated a bit, maybe she remembered how the Empress married her off to that awful Eunuch, but I don’t think it would have made a difference. She’s not the only one who hesitated - the concubines, Ling Yun Che also seemed to have delayed the rescue.
  15. This episode is not shown yet. Maybe you saw the preview. Briefly, I must say that most of Ru Yi’s clothes look so dull, except for a gorgeous deep blue dress, which left an impression on me.
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