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  1. @Malala RakotonirinaHi there! Done watching Remember ☺ I started the first episode of K2 on my way home. And then, there I was again thinking of my lovely couple ChangMin, trying to figure out what it is about them that makes me want them to be together, so much! I've seen local artists here in my country that were also spectacular in their performances and gave me an enjoyable show but never had this effect on me. Well, sort of making me say something like this: "They are good but it's just a movie anyway. They are free to love whoever they want." But with ChangMin, what I want to say is, "Oh, you belong together. Please be together, you need to be together. FOREVER." ~heart~
  2. @maryofbethanyWhen I learned that PMY attended his movie premier, I felt happy and .. relieved.☺ I thought, these two people really do care for each other. And, that's enough for me to believe in that special bond between them. Especially now that I'm beginning to get to know them more, they really click. Their personalities really match. While one is the quiet type, the other is chatty. No wonder they got along so well. You can sense it in those BTS clips. It wasn't forced because they needed to be comfortable with each other. Rather, they REALLY like each other and so, it showed. ~heart~ @yjngeI am supposed to watch K2 and Remember simultaneously but decided to delay the K2.. I'll be watching Remember this weekend.
  3. A pleasant evening everyone! I've seen HJM in Cain & Abel before although the reason I watched the drama is because of SJS. I find her likeable. Maybe SBS is thinking of PMY so they thought of offering the role to someone who is also petite like her? ☺What do you think? Well, I am sure the next time that PMY & JCW collaborate on a project, it will be a BIG HIT! ~thumbs up~ Which lucky station will it be, then? Now, off to watching the bts clips. Can't get enough of them. ~wink~
  4. @Igotcaughtdancingagain Thank you! ☺ Anyone who is a sucker for romance will really become a ChangMiner after seeing Healer and obviously, I am one. My next dramas-to-see are The K2 and Remember ... I am going to watch them simultaneously. It's good to know that those dramas did well ratings-wise. It only proves that a lot of people got to know them more because of their team-up in Healer (I'm one of them). So, cheers to more successful projects of JCW & PMY! ~clinking wine~
  5. Good morning fellow ChangMiners! I'm almost finished watching the Healer bts.. and, you know what, that kind of connection can only happen if there's something going on between an OTP. I'm surprised that their agencies allowed those bts to be shown, although I learned that initially, there were bts that were omitted that made the buyers complain so additional 2 CDs were released. Anyhow, I am satisfied, very satisfied. ~luv it~ @cmoirae2 Thank you! :-)
  6. @maryofbethany Hahaha you are so right! Those are the comments that didn't let me get any sleep. I started recommending the show to my other officemates. I can't believe we missed watching this show while still airing in SK. I just learned that PMY attended JCW's movie premier. That made me happy.☺
  7. It's 2AM now in my place but here I am watching the bts clips at mrandmrshealer1's IG account. Gosh, I'm worried when will I be able to get my beauty rest? Changmin Couple, what have you done to me? :-)
  8. @maryofbethany Yes, I saw your name there in DB's recaps. :-) Thanks for the info. I'll be backreading this thread once I had my fill of the Healer virus but for now, I'd like to finish reading the comments section in DB's recaps hehe. Re the new drama that JCW might be starring in, it's ok for me if he'll be paired with another actress because I prefer him to be paired with PMY again after his military service. ~wink wink~
  9. Hello everyone :-) I'm sorry to be asking this now but there are so many pages to backread and I'm already losing so much sleep from reading the comments section in Healer's dramabeans recaps. I'm just wondering what I will be getting if I buy the Healer's dvd. Are there any BTS that are not posted in Youtube? I'm really interested to see what went on while Changmin were filming this show. :-) I enjoy reading all the comments in DB's recaps, just so you know. c",)
  10. I just followed PMY and JCW's IG accounts.. That's how affected I am!
  11. @maryofbethany I am actually hoping that Healer will have a sequel, maybe not now, but after JCW's military service. I know I'm not the only one wishing for this.☺
  12. Happy birthday PMY! I just finished watching "Healer" and, I am definitely a fan of the show's OTP. Congratulations to the whole cast and crew!
  13. Hello there Healer fans! Currently watching this drama and loving every single minute of it. I'm having second thoughts about commenting now or saving it for later after I finished watching it but after reading the comment above about our heroine (CYS) made me decide to do this now. If it's just to say that I don't exactly agree with his comments about her. I love her character and I love what I'm seeing on my screen. It's a shame that I'm only watching this now when others are already re-watching it. But then, as they say, it's better late than never.
  14. It's so obvious! These two really, really, care a lot about each other! I can feel the love emanating from my screen Congratulations! Both of you so, so deserve it!!!
  15. Hello OMG fans, just dropping by to say I finally finished watching this enjoyable show. I know, it's been over a year now, but as they say, it's better late than never. Congratulations to the whole cast and crew for this unforgettable show. I feel that my life will take a different turn now. Watching this show made me realized a lot of things. Thank you.