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  1. Hello 7-day Queenies ☺People who are not watching this show is missing A LOT. Just because it is based on a tragic plot made them veer away from it? No, you should ALL give this a try. It's AWESOME! This is me taking a short break from my super busy life these days. It's hard being a working mom, without a household helper. :-(
  2. I want to say something, too. Re the bed scene in SP... Just saw it in IG. Can't compare, period.☺
  3. Anyeong lovelies ❤ I've started watching 7DQ and you know what, I've been loving every single minute of it. ☺ I took a peek while downloading ep6 and saw the kiss! So, couldn't wait to begin watching the show hehe. Sorry, Wookie, I didn't mean to, but if you don't do something about it soon, at least until your return from your MS, our Min Young will really be taken away from you. What with her charm and goddess-like beauty? Who will not be captivated? ☺
  4. Hi Mary! I am about to go to sleep but thought I'd give you a word or two to somehow cheer you up. ☺ Although I'm watching SP and enjoying it, I don't think the pair's chemistry can compare to the chemistry of our ChangMin couple. There is no sexual tension whatsoever even if they are staring at each other's eyes. Let's just be understanding of the show's fans for Wookie's sake. And I'm sure PMY will love us for this. ❤ Because she's one very supportive "partner" (in life?) hehehe.. Good night lovelies! ☺
  5. Thank you so much for this, Mary! Note that she experienced "l❤ve" in Healer. ☺
  6. Here I am, back-reading ☺ Annyeong everyone! ❤
  7. Good morning lovelies! Have been really busy these past few days, lots of back reading to do ☺ Found this amazing video by @fyeahjcw, hope you like it too! ❤
  8. Hello fellow ChangMiners! ☺ Let's reminisce the first time we saw the attraction between this lovely couple... The look in Wookie's eyes as he gazed at Youngie's angelic face & the shyness of our heroine is just so endearing, isn't it? ❤
  9. Good morning lovelies! ❤ Enjoy the personal contact of our couple hihihi ☺
  10. @youngatheartMy condolences to your family to the passing of your mother-in-law..
  11. Hi there! We will soon be very busy here, what with both dramas of our dearly-loved ChangMin starting soon. Hope to see more of you in the days to come. ☺
  12. I noticed this, too and so I am curious to know if the jacket that they were wearing were also edited. If not, what a lovely idea to have PMY wear the same design of what Wook wore in the first picture. So, so lovely. ❤
  13. My dearest lovelies, before I go to sleep, just want to share with you this wonderful edit by Labyrinth525 Wonderful, isn't it? ❤ Good night everyone!
  14. So true! The chemistry is one of a kind. And this must be the reason they are UNFORGETTABLE. Granted, they are both great actors but the look in their eyes and facial expressions are so in tune, it's making me crazy. ❤
  15. I hope you're all having a great Monday! ☺ It seemed real, right? ☺