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  1. My dearest lovelies, before I go to sleep, just want to share with you this wonderful edit by Labyrinth525 Wonderful, isn't it? ❤ Good night everyone!
  2. So true! The chemistry is one of a kind. And this must be the reason they are UNFORGETTABLE. Granted, they are both great actors but the look in their eyes and facial expressions are so in tune, it's making me crazy. ❤
  3. I hope you're all having a great Monday! ☺ It seemed real, right? ☺
  4. Good morning everyone! ☺ It's Good Friday here right now. For all ChangMiners who are also Christians, have a blessed Lenten Season..
  5. Sorry, I just don't know how to take your post above so I visited your profile. For someone who's supposedly following this thread, it's strange that you only joined this forum 3 hours ago??
  6. @youngatheartYup, you're totally right. Like what a lovely ChangMiner already said, he started the FM with that song, where everything began. Although he also sang some OSTs from his previous dramas, no videos were shown from them, right? Because if there were, we must have seen them in IG. So, he picked those videos of him & PMY from the Healer drama because he had an important message to say to her. ❤ Don't you just love it? The way he's making it known that "we're ChangMin and it will always be us no matter how much time will pass".
  7. Yes, and that scene where he hugged her, it's like he's telling her, "come here, baby don't cry anymore, I'm here for you" ❤
  8. Good evening ladies ☺ Here's an interesting article for all of you. What do you think of this? Suspicious eh? ☺
  9. So, when will the most-awaited event happen? ❤ When are we going to see the both of you wearing these clothes, side by side, exchanging vows? ☺ cr: fyeahjcw Hopefully, soon! ❤❤❤ Good night everyone! ☺
  10. @CatchMine_IDThank you for the video that you shared. Great one! ❤ I'm someone who had undergone a surgery five years ago. Thank God, it was successful. And I pray, yours will be, too. That is, if you're going to have an operation. We look forward to seeing more of your posts in the days to come. ☺
  11. @youngatheart / @maryofbethanyI am actually grinning from ear to ear seeing those HK videos. A few days ago, I sent both Wookie & Youngie a message in IG with a picture of them together. I couldn't help it, I need to tell them how much I love their show. And that I will never get tired of rewatching it. I'm sure I'm not the only one feeling this way. ❤
  12. I found the video of PMY! ❤ She still loves it! ❤
  13. Here are some of the pictures in the article mentioned above. cr: JCW Kitchen
  14. Hi everyone! Are you all having a blessed Sunday? I had time to visit JCW's Kitchen and found this lovely article. It made mention of Wook's penchant for eating (assuming that he must not had eaten anything because he almost finished eating the popcorn). It made me smile. While I, noticed that there was the color white in almost all his pictures that day. And we all know who's so fond of the color white. ~wink~ Anyway, here's the article courtesy of Ji Chang Wook's Kitchen.
  15. It's so hot here in our country right now so ... iced coffee, anyone? ☺