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  1. Finally, a drama that I can look forward to watching, weekly.
  2. Jang Nara ✪ 장나라

    Go Back Couple / Confession Couple -- I just started watching this drama yesterday and, I'm enjoying it. Maybe it's because I'm already a wife for 10 years so I can pretty much relate to the story of the female lead's life. I'm even wondering now if given the chance to go back in the past, would I still choose my husband to be my partner for life? Hmmm As usual, JN's acting is superb.
  3. I love everything you said because I so feel you. I'm one of your followers in IG (under a different name) and I thank you for all those wonderful posts there of our puppy couple. Seeing them makes my day bright and full of smile. ❤
  4. I just saw the video of the wrap-up party and there was no awkwardness between our puppy couple. Is this a good thing? Yes, I believe so. It won't stop me from shipping these two. I just so love them to be together regardless of when it will be. ❤
  5. Suddenly, this thought came to mind: PHS marathoning PBY's OMG and feeling mighty proud of her and getting amazed once again by her superb acting. This is why he's been quiet these days and can't post anything in his social media account. What do you think, guys?? :-)
  6. I don't get it. Unless they have plans of producing more dvds, then they can restrict the sharing of the contents. Otherwise, they should just let the people who bought decide if they'll share it or not. Oh, well maybe it's time to look for another heart-fluttering drama.
  7. @icemaiden21 I'm glad to help. I love your fanfic. If I may share, this couple is the 5th pair that I'm shipping. One of the pairs are getting married this coming October 31st and you know what, we were also like this before, we tried to quench our thirst for them to be together by reading fanfictions... Gosh, reading your stories reminded me of those days. So, who knows, your fanfic might turn out to be a non-fiction, after all. So, what made me decide to join your ship? I know, they are great actors but sometimes, just like what Bomi said as Kyungshim in the drama, "when two people are attracted to each other, there is this energy around them that you can't help but notice." Although I've read about PBY in the past and had also seen her in OMG, I really don't know anything about her. So of course, I started reading more articles about her and PHS. And what a joy it is to discover more things about them! Your fanfic is a great help, too!
  8. We are looking forward to that. Thanks in advance! Re the "Like" button: You need to adjust your theme's settings.. It's located at the bottom of the page, click on the "default" setting.
  9. The interview happened before SWDBS aired. I just saw it again yesterday in Youtube. I'll post the link later. Ooops, the link is already posted. Sorry, I didn't notice it earlier.
  10. Annyeong everyone. This is my first visit here and I'm a new fan of this drama. ☺ I just want to say my congratulations to the whole production team and the cast for this unforgettable and enjoyable drama. I know more people will soon discover this, too. Cheers!
  11. Hello everyone. ☺ This is my first visit here. One more pairing to look forward to in the future.. They admitted that they enjoyed working together and the guy even confessed to having fallen in love for real with his partner. I'm sure he's spending some time away from her to check if it was just the drama or his true feelings... Why wouldn't he when he said something like "I will not fall in love in a drama" heh. I believe THEY BELONG TOGETHER ❤
  12. Hello dear Changminers! ❤ Why is it everytime I hear our couple's Healer's OST, I can't help but remember all those heartwarming BTS? I can feel all the love in Wookie's voice there!☺ ChangMin forever!!! ❤❤❤
  13. Really? PMY said that there's no possibility of her dating YWJ? That's good news! ❤ @maryofbethanyThere will be times that I'll be a silent reader only but that's it. I won't be leaving you here. I'm staying. ☺
  14. Hmm, is this his way of promoting his drama? Him, being a "Suspicious Partner" of Minyoungie? ☺ L❤ve this video! =^_^=
  15. Hi there Queenies ☺ It's 1230AM here and I'm so sleepy already. But before I close my eyes to end the day, I just want to let everyone reading this post that I'm SO IN LOVE with this drama! ❤ Can't wait to see the episodes this week!