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  1. @winterdew you're in singapore? i'm wanna go there this end of march hope we can meet up ^^ btw how old your little princess? maybe i can give them samcheon grim reaper t-shirt ^^ hi @missbuttercup i'm also newbie here, welcome ^^ you are so far away
  2. hello Gie, i have a group chat for INA fans, do you wanna join? ^^ i will share the project soon, still prepare for it btw girl, can you teach me how to post picture here? i'm forget how, so long time i'm not active in forum like this ><
  3. girls, i need your help for a small project in Jakarta fanmeet i will share the detail soon, can you help me? thank you ^^
  4. Hello everyone ^^ i'm Lucy from Indonesia i'm newbie to comment here hehehe (i always check this forum but not make any comment =___=) really nice saw all your interaction, so today i make a comment here ^^ and nice to meet you all, please take care of me i'm planned to come to Jakarta fanmeet and i need some help,i send message to Princi, soonD and angiemty ^^ let's be friend everyone ^^