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  1. This drama has up and gone crazy with plot holes upon plot holes. Nothing makes sense anymore. It's as if the writer is just pulling ideas out of thin air and writing them down to see if the audience will like it. Time to take myself out of watching this crap of a story.
  2. I love the OTP, but I'm wondering if they're going a bit fast with the ring if it's a "proposal" ring. However, If it's a couple ring, that's fine. On a side note, the 'prop ring' is a tad too big on HN's finger. Glad Hanna told the truth and admitted to her plagiarizing Leo's design and that it was SH who passed the USB to her. At the very least, JH knows about her sister's shady-ness a bit.
  3. HW is beyond help. Her greed is just too much. Girl got no conscious at all! She wants everything and hates WJ (as she's the real daughter of her adopted dad plus DB loves her too). She wants to take everything away from WJ. She doesn't care that DB told her straight out that he doesn't love her or has any feelings towards her. Heck, he even did his 'proposal' in front of her to make her realize his feelings towards WJ. But does that deter her, NOPE, not one bit! She's still bulldozes right along in her path to get DB, not caring if she hurts him in the process. WJ should just stay away. DB is just too stupid. He tells HW that he has no feelings towards her, yet, HW calls, he goes. If you don't like someone, shouldn't you stay away. HW warned you that she's not giving up and she's desperate to get you. STAY AWAY...or better yet, MOVE OUT!!! Ugh, this daily is just bonkers and making me stupid just watching it. May have it give it up. WJ is also stupid!!! Why are all characters either stupid or just plain crazy!!!
  4. Whoever had Ep 73 as the episode where HG & HN finally kiss, you deserve a cookie!!! I thought we would never get there at the rate the writer was developing HG & HN's relationship. It was just recently that HG realized that he started to like HN and was falling for her more and more each day. HN, for her part, is still confused with her relationship with HG. She just finally woke up and realized that DG is not longer a viable option for her. He's fallen in love with JE and she has reciprocated his feelings. If anything, I truly thought HG & HN would get together probably around Ep 100 with them kissing around the last few episodes. That was how slow they were developing IMO. But, great way to end today's episode!!!
  5. whome

    [Drama 2018] Familiar Wife, 아는 와이프

    This drama reminds me a bit of the 1998 film "Sliding Doors" starring Gwneyth Paltrow in which a simple change in the past affects the future.
  6. I have to admit that majority of kissing done in a daily drama aren't passionate or amazing to begin with. I'm not sure if its because the time it airs (earlier than prime time) or if it's because the entire family watches it as it airs earlier so they keep it as non-sexy as possible. Many OTP's in daily dramas that kisses are very bland. It's like two statues' lips pressed together. Although you have a few couples that does kiss wonderfully so color me surprise when that happens (e.g., the kissing between the OTP in "Happy Sisters" or "Enemies from the Past").
  7. This is what I don't get from the writers. Why is JE having trouble at K1 working with HN? What did HN do to JE that is causing her to have such a hard time functioning?!!! HN did nothing. Just because she's biologically SJ?!!! HN doesn't know that she's SJ. She has no memory. Only JE & her mom knows that HN is SJ, so how his JE having such a hard time. The writer makes no sense whatsoever. Even if SJ did bully JE when they were young, it was such a long time ago. Plus, it wasn't prolonged bullying. Yes, kids can be cruel. It's because majority of them do not understand consequences of their actions or the fact that other people's feelings can be hurt. They can be possessive of their own objects and are selfish. Kids don't know any better. JE harboring the supposed "trauma" of SJ bullying her is soooooooooo f'n stupid. She grew up a bit privileged because her family leeched off her wealthy aunt. She's worried that HN will take away everything from her?! Well, it's not her's to begin with (this plot line reminds me a bit of another daily that just finished last week called "Mysterious Personal Shopper"). Her family leeched off her aunt who was kindhearted. Someone mentioned that in the big house of her aunt, JH & her mom shares a room. SH & husband have one room, JE has a room to herself, and her brother has room by himself too. How does the owner of house end up sharing a room with her parent?!!! JH should have her own room...it's her freaking house!!! SH is also greedy & selfish!!! Why are the villains trying to covet someone else's personal stuff? It's like this plot device keeps popping out every so often in all dailies!
  8. The drama has totally gone the makjang path. JE's path to the dark side was sure fast! She became a calculative manipulator & liar, thief and would-be murderer all within a few episodes! She has no conscience now. All she cares about is getting rid of HN (and quite literally to boot)! She's roped in her mom in helping her achieve that goal. Stupid & naive DG is almost there (whether he knows it or not). He's covering for JE with the stolen blouse. I have no time for him. You can't teach stupid!!! I FF almost every scene with him, JE & SH it seems. We still half more than halfway to go, I wonder how low JE can go! After every horrible thing she is doing to HN, she goes off whining & crying "woe is me" playing the victim card. What victim?! What did HN do to you that requires you to do that? You inadvertently caused her disappearance. Then when you found out HN's true identity, you kept it a secret knowing your aunt was desperately looking for her daughter all these years. It's like she has a split personality. One one hand, she's smiling at HG at work, and then behind his back, is plotting evil deeds towards HN. I'm hoping the writer has her thwarted at every attempt!!! Her mom, SH, has some gall! If JH ever finds out that HN is her daughter and that SH purposely tried to sabotage HN business/career, I hope she lay a big heap of whoop @ss on her!!! SH's descent to the dark side was quick too!!! Next thing you know, both JE & her mom are going to commit physical criminal acts if they don't succeed in getting rid of HN. HN's personality will not allow her to quit and back down. Plus, now that HG is on her side and will try his upmost to support her, JE's attempt will be canceled out. I'm thinking the ratings are going up is because it has jumped the shark and gone full makjang. Korean public seems to love watching makjang daily. They do well in the ratings. Guess it's because it's not boring. But the writer has just thrown her/his own logic out the window and writing nonsense. JE's rationale makes no d@mn sense!!! She goes from being her friend to full out hate just because HN is SJ!!! It's not like SJ bullied JE all her life for JE to develop such hatred for her. SJ went missing over 20 years ago. She became HN with no memory of her past. Her mom brought her up well in a loving family. HN is optimistic and strong. Yet, JE hates her with full passion! She & her mom have some nerves thought. Her family has freeloaded off of JH all these years. They covet what JH has or what she will leave to her daughter should she ever find SJ. JE is so greedy! Since we're only halfway there, I have a feeling I'm going to keep getting pissed off & annoyed with JE for several more weeks!
  9. ZZH was also in another costume drama called "Legend of Banshu" with Jian Ting. He was a teacher in the royal palace with Jian Ting. It's okay. Still like YX better for him though. All eps are on YT. Not too sure if it has been subbed though.
  10. Wow...JE's character sure turned dark quick!!! She went from being a whining, selfish and lying person to now an almost murderer!!! I doubt she'll be able to run over HN (probably brake at the last minute when she comes to her senses), but the fact that she was willing to do so says a lot!!! We still probably have 45 episodes till 100, so JE's descent to the dark side has begun!
  11. I think it was originally supposed to end at 100. But due to airing interruptions, they extended to 103 so that it ends on a Friday instead of Tuesday (today was episode 100). The new daily will begin on Monday next week. This way, the network wouldn't be scrambling to fill in the time slot for the next 3 days. Anyway, at least SY smarten up a bit. GH was unable to obtain Chairman Eun's original documents, as SY & JJ filled it with blank paper. They also did something else, but will need the subbed episode to find out. Looks like whatever GH did backfired on her. Did Ms. Geum convince GH assistant to do something?
  12. The the unfortunate of a daily drama with over +100 episodes. The writer drags and drags and drags...
  13. Finally, the show is picking up the pace between the leads. It took a while, but now we're at the point where HG knows he's starting to like HN beyond a work relationship. HN is starting to feel the beginnings of butterflies when HG was so close to her to wrap his blazer around her waist to hide the ice cream stain. Surely but slowly, it has begun. HN does indeed look very pretty with her hair down and in a dress. Almost didn't recognize her. LOL! Thanks @dramaninja for the preview text. We haven't had the previews for the next eps the past few days, I wonder why. Anyway, based on Google translate (which sucks at times), does HG asks HN to continue as his pretend girlfriend even though the blind date is JE? He has not interest in her, correct?
  14. Thank goodness there's only a few episodes left to put us out of our misery. I originally watched this daily as I thought it was intriguing, and I liked the chemistry between JJ & SY. Now, after boring eps after boring eps, my enthusiasm for it has just gone down the drain. Since I, unfortunately, spent so much time on this stupid daily, I'm determined to finish it. {{sigh}} At the very least, give me a happy ending for JJ & SY. Don't care for anyone else. Have GH & MH both go to jail or something. Plus, do not give Ms. Geum a happy ending. She stole SY's birthright and time away from her real mom. Although SY & her real mom reunited, it was too short as her mom was dying. Ms. Geum did nothing to stop GH from her evil ways. All BS talk about being heartbroken by her, blah, blah, blah...did nothing to GH. She pacified her mom by saying she gave SY what her grandfather left her, but it's a fake. GH has not decent or moral bone in her body anymore. The minute she attempted to kill MH, there's not a hint of goodness left in her. SY is the rightful and true heir of Winners, but GH doesn't see it that way. She doesn't care that she's not the real granddaughter. All she cares is that SY can't take anything away from her. She's the one that spent all these years with the grandfather and at the company. DNA means jack crap to her! She should not even have a decent ending!!! Just end the show with a wedding between JJ & SY.
  15. Just watched the RAW, did JJ at the very end ask to start over with SY? Need to wait for subs, but loved that he took her with him to go apartment hunting for him & JY (but I'm sure he secretly wanted SY's opinion on the apartment in case they do start over and that's where she'll live in the future [I'm hoping this is the case]).
  16. Just when I think the path is paved for a JJ & SY reunion, now his sister is remembering when they were young, will she be an obstacle in JJ & SY's reunion? Will she oppose knowing them being together knowing that SY's grandfather probably treated their family horribly after their dad went to jail? I need to watch the subbed version to find out what their mom asked/begged the grandfather.
  17. Being that this is the Chinese remake of Reply 1988, I take it that the 'who's the husband' subplot will remain as well?
  18. YAY...FINALLY!!! JJ has finally found his long lost sister! Thank goodness the fake brother plot didn't drag on too long. Can't believe no one questioned the fake brother at all. He was rude, mean, verbally abusive, selfish, etc to everyone including his so-called long lost sister. Only Ms. Geum questioned him. Of course the DNA results are real. They used JJ's DNA since he's the actual brother. But at least, brother & sister have reunited. He got his closure in regards to getting revenge for his dad, and has also found his sister. Both goals have been met. He can fully concentrate 110% in helping SY take down psycho doctor, MH & GH, and along the way, rekindle the relationship between him & SY (I hope). SY made the move to hug him as a way to comfort him. I hope it doesn't end there. They both obviously still love each other. If this is indeed a 100 ep drama, we only have 19 more to go (~3.5 weeks left). It's about time to start the ball rolling in terms of SY getting revenge (if she actually will) and hopefully rekindling the relationship with JJ. I hate rush endings and cramming everything into the last 2-3 episodes. The writer now has 19 left (if it's only 100 eps). If it's 120 eps, then we have a lot more time of bad guys winning till the very end.
  19. FINALLY...after 31 episodes, we finally get to where at least one of the leads starts to feel something or an attraction towards the other lead! Han Kyul is finally seeing Ha Nee in a new light after today's episode. He volunteered to drive her home (when she thought something happened to her mom), although he got mad at her when it turned out to be nothing serious, and her family just wanted her home to celebrate her birthday. Based on the preview, it looks like he got a bit jealous seeing Ha Nee & Do Kyung's close relationship. But at least, the ball is finally rolling.
  20. Dramafever has Ep 1-2 subbed. It's good so far. Yang Mi really has a good eye for picking projects. Have a feeling it's going to be as big as 3L3W.
  21. I was so surprised but happy nonetheless. JJ 'sacrificed' himself for her revenge. He knew her thirst for revenge against MH & GH far exceeded anything else. He was once in her shoes. But he found love (albeit temporarily) and closure. SY has not. Pierre could have been a big boost in taking down MH & GH. But I think she gave that up to go back with JJ. In the flashback scene, JJ remembered what he told SY after her grandfather's death. He could not be her husband nor the father of her children. But, he can be her shadow. No matter how much he loves her, he can only be her shadow. I think he was resigned to that fact, so imagine his shock and surprise to see SY meeting him on the roof. I hope SY chooses to stay with JJ and allow him to help her seek revenge against MH & GH together. I, also, hope the writer didn't troll us and have her meet JJ after having met Pierre already.
  22. I swear, writer-nim just comes up with stupid plans for them left and right. Why oh why kidnap SY's bio mom?!!! Psycho doctor for being smart is really dumb at times!! I was happy to see SY & JJ get close again.
  23. Question: I was under the impression that the drama was filmed in Thailand. If so, they're wearing jackets, turtlenecks, scarves, etc. but Thailand is very warm and hot. Was only a bit of the drama filmed in Thailand?