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  1. I was so surprised but happy nonetheless. JJ 'sacrificed' himself for her revenge. He knew her thirst for revenge against MH & GH far exceeded anything else. He was once in her shoes. But he found love (albeit temporarily) and closure. SY has not. Pierre could have been a big boost in taking down MH & GH. But I think she gave that up to go back with JJ. In the flashback scene, JJ remembered what he told SY after her grandfather's death. He could not be her husband nor the father of her children. But, he can be her shadow. No matter how much he loves her, he can only be her shadow. I think he was resigned to that fact, so imagine his shock and surprise to see SY meeting him on the roof. I hope SY chooses to stay with JJ and allow him to help her seek revenge against MH & GH together. I, also, hope the writer didn't troll us and have her meet JJ after having met Pierre already.
  2. I swear, writer-nim just comes up with stupid plans for them left and right. Why oh why kidnap SY's bio mom?!!! Psycho doctor for being smart is really dumb at times!! I was happy to see SY & JJ get close again.
  3. Question: I was under the impression that the drama was filmed in Thailand. If so, they're wearing jackets, turtlenecks, scarves, etc. but Thailand is very warm and hot. Was only a bit of the drama filmed in Thailand?
  4. True, but with only 1 episode remaining for today, it was all about the smackdown of ONR. I guess the writer only wanted one character to not have a happy ending. Had the writer started the ball rolling earlier (like say a few weeks ago) with the downfall of ONR, we may have scenes where SR & YS were both dragged through the coals with their part in blaming GY for everything when it wasn't her fault. ONR could have said bye bye several episodes back, and then the remaining few could have been SR & YS receiving their own harsh punishment and the last episode be everyone reuniting into one big happy family. But, daily k-dramas never satisfies us. They're always lacking something.
  5. Glad to see JJ was able to escape the thugs and made it back to at least connect a punch onto cheating husband's face!!! YAY!!! But, he looks badly beaten up. I need the subs to find out what happened with the evidence she got from the psycho doctor's place and with the board meeting. I miss JJ & SY being in a relationship. He was such a strong pillar of support for her and had her back. When Ms. Geum asked him if he could protect SY, he said yes. He truly will do so with his life I believe. He's so deep in love with her but unable to do anything but be her shadow since she's now the true heiress and granddaughter to Chairman Eun. The need for revenge path he was on has ended. The only thing remaining on his agenda now is finding his sister and protecting SY. I really hope the writer will give them a happy ending. Psycho doctor is working on bio mom good. I think bio mom will do something against GH and Ms. Geum under the pretense of protecting SY and her legacy. This will in turn push GH to side and work with cheating husband and psycho doctor against SY. GH right now is vulnerable and lacks confidence. Man, I hope cheating husband and psycho doctor get what they deserve. Either in prison with life sentences or in a body bag. They do not deserve any redemption nor a so-so happy ending whatsoever.
  6. At least it was a great ending for everyone not named ONR to which I'm happy!!! Need the subs to find out how far rock bottom she hit...YAY!!! Loved that every single person cut her off. Don't know what happened to her afterwards, but don't care. Also, liked that GY & JS had one final kiss scene. Was missing that towards the latter half of the drama. The only thing I did hope would happen but didn't was that GY was pregnant. Ladies and gents, I had a great time chatting and discussing this drama with you for the past several months. Hope to see you in the forum on other threads!!!
  7. His name is Robin Deiana. He was a fixed cast member/panel (season 1) on the variety show "Abnormal Summit." There was a panel of about a dozen foreign members (representing their home countries) who discussed a variety of topics among themselves in a sort of a round table discussion and/or on a topic the guest of the day brings to them. It was pretty interesting. I'm sad that it is currently on hiatus and/or cancelled. Loved hearing each countries viewpoints on certain agendas. For season 2, only two (representatives from Canada & Italy) of the original foreign panel along with the 3 main MCs returned.
  8. Apparently, when a character gets a major injury such as a gunshot wound to the head, they can recover from a coma with all faculties intact it seems. Bastard husband needs no rehab nor long term treatment, and he's back right away with his shenanigans with psycho doctor in trying to get rid of both GH & SY as well as take over the company. It's like he never lost a step. {{smh}} I hope nothing happens to JJ.
  9. I felt a bit let down after today's episode. I will need to rewatch with subs to see what else I missed. But it took the entire episode of buildup for only that one slap at the end?! ONR needs multiple slaps from everyone!!! Tomorrow is the last episode. The writer wasted so many episodes leading up to tomorrow and will cram ONR's downfall into one stinking episode!!! Her downfall should have started several episodes ago or even last week. The story should not have been so draggy the past few weeks! I would have like to see ONR hit rock bottom in each episode for the last week or two. Not just in one episode! Also, in the preview, looks like ONR is not going down without a fight...WHY?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She should not be given any opportunities to get back up swinging. She should be taken down by a KO!!!!!
  10. It was explained in an earlier episode right after SY reunited with her bio mom, that her mom's health is failing and she does not have much time to live.
  11. I'm wondering if SW is more connected to Poong because they were both got married around the same time, and then lost their significant other in almost similar circumstances. They were both "dumped." SW because of her dad's arrest leading to her husband and his family to abandon her. Poong because his wife had an affair with his boss. Poong, IMO, is trying to do his best to not show any emotion towards SW. Even though he finally took off his wedding ring, he's still technically married. They haven't divorced yet. Neither has SW. He won't admit to SW that her so-called dream of him hugging her warmly was real. At this rate, they're quickly developing a friendship/bond based on similar circumstances. Also, whenever they need to vent or release stress, they both end up going to "their bridge." Plus, he knows she still loves her husband. Although DCS really likes SW, I feel she's not there in returning his feelings nor even halfway there. She may be attracted to him or appreciative for all he's done and helped her, but she's holding back because A) she is still married and still likes/loves her husband; and B) she feels a pull towards Poong.
  12. A bit of karma IMO for him & his family with blaming GY (although I'm pretty sure it was unintentional on his part) for his dad's death. Can't even believe CTP said it right. Doesn't even matter if she was his daughter, she is not to blame for anything he did. She had no part in it, yet they blamed her without looking at themselves. So, if he were to get a panic attack anytime she's not around or if he can't find her, then so be it. GY, literally, left for her own peace of mind as well as hope his family returned back to "normalcy." It was that extreme.
  13. Can't wait for tomorrow's episode as ONR's downfall has FINALLY begun!!!! It took too long ... we had to wait till the last 2 episodes!!! We should have been enjoying it bit by bit in each episode for the last week or two and not the last 2 episodes!!! I don't want her downfall to be rushed. I want to savor and enjoy every minute of ONR being taken apart shred by shred until she's left with absolutely NOTHIING!!!!