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  1. Thanks! Previews looks good for tomorrow. Wish I understand what they said in today's ep as well. Welp, gotta wait for later today for the subs.
  2. I watched this quickly, and I'm so confused. I need to re-watch this again to clear up any confusions I have. So, LJ has all these men who are in love with her, but she married and only loves WM, correct?
  3. Do you think CY & YZ figured out something regarding NJT and set up a plan to have CY pretend to be dead? If that's the case, then he's using XL as bait because she becomes a suspect in the fire. They must have made up because in that scene where he's telling her about finding her necklace in the fire rubble, they're both in their pajamas in bed.
  4. The previews are up on YT for Episodes 12 & 13. I Agree. I'm wondering if YZ, perhaps, never had a true relationship with another woman. Although he was childhood friends with AY, he never saw her more than a little sister. He has money, power and an influential background, so whatever he wanted, he could get. He fell in love with XL (practically at first sight), and didn't know how to approach her. He waited 2 years for his opportunity when he could have approached her way back when instead of the cruel method he used to get her to be with him.
  5. He calls XL "mu mu" (木 木). If you put her nickname together without the space, it's XL's name, Lin (林). Her full name is Xia Lin (夏林).
  6. Agree. I don't know why he came up with his stupid plan of manipulating her medical diagnosis. She suffered so much anguish when she thought she had leukemia and if a donation didn't come through, she was going to die. That is really cruel to do to someone you supposedly "in love with." He could have easily keep bumping into her so that she would notice him and perhaps strike up a friendship with her first like NJT did (by using his dog). As smart as LYZ is, in this regards, he's dumb dumb dumb. Even if XL were to find out that LYZ purposely tried to create opportunities to meet up or be with her, she probably wouldn't have minded...perhaps maybe even flattered that someone like him would like her. But to seriously cause her suffering cause she thought she was dying is just too cruel.
  7. Based on the previews for the next two episodes ...
  8. I'm enjoying the drama so far. Wasn't really a fan of Riley, but I'm okay with him in this role (I find him a bit bland at times but his character is a bit icy/cool and not much emotions). I'm really enjoying Zhao LuSi's feisty personality at times. She's beginning to grow on me. Didn't like her character in "Unbreakable Lovers" but enjoyed her in "Oh! My Emperor." I like that SW is falling for her bit by bit after being aloof to her. Perhaps when her mom scolded her about not liking him dating her daughter without realizing who he actually is started the ball rolling in terms of him feeling sorry or something for ED. She literally looked down on him as if he was a nobody and not good enough for her daughter. Wait until she realizes who he actually is and how rich he is. SW literally followed ED to the toy store and bought the entire section of toys for her. After that moment, he started paying more attention to and about her. Loved how he continued to be sick (when he was well enough) to garner more sympathy and attention from her.