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  1. I miss Lee Sung Kyung photoshoots, i hope that she will have a new clothing endorsement soon. I am still waiting to know what this photoshoot was about, it's 3 months and still nothing about it. There is also this photoshoot/CF taken 1 month ago for Laneige i am curious about and also some other photoshoot/CF taken few days ago. She is very active for Laneige lately, now that Song Hye Kyo is on a break they use her more and more, i hope she will stay Laneige model for a long time.
  2. Baek In Ha and Baek In Ho http://seokjinings.tumblr.com/post/168541529678/ktv-meme-¼-relationships-the-baek-twins
  3. It looks like About Time is not scheduled for Monday - Tuesday but for Saturday or Saturday - Sunday so i wonder if it will air after Hwayugi? There is no drama scheduled after it, but i think it would be too early, maybe Live will air after Hwayugi and About Time after it? I think it should air before Mr. Sunshine so probably around May i guess. I know it's still early but i hope that we will hear news soon, it's already more than 2 weeks, but if she refuses it i hope she will get the role for the new drama Memories of the Alhambra that i am already in love with.
  4. Congratulation Lee Sung Kyung for another 100.000 followers on Instagram, she has now reached 7.8 milliion followers. She should reach 8 millions for the new year.
  5. Lee Sung Kyung, Park Shin Hye and other artists support message for 2017 Daniel Festival, some church related event, it will be held on December 17th. She is so beautiful and cute with that pigtails, she is really glowing lately, can't wait to see more of her.
  6. Lee Sung Kyung spotted shooting for a CF today, probably for Laneige. Too bad that i can't really see much from the pic
  7. Now she is 11th but for most part of 2017 she was 10th, so i guess for this she is still 10th for 2017 ranking. She is still the most followed actress, it's an incredible goal considering that she just started to act 3 years ago and it's 1 year that she has no projects and still her followers are rising more than other stars.