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  1. Lee Sung Kyung's Top 5 BEST Fashion Moments
  2. Welcome @roseann1989 Unseen picture of Lee Sung Kyung from Fresh Pop I miss her beautiful long hair
  3. Also today no news, hope for tomorrow I will leave for today with this gif Our sexy Sung Kyung, that lip bite
  4. I would like for her to have a drama too next but it looks like she wants to do a movie. Me too want her to do a movie but i hoped that she would do a movie earlier than who knows when and after that she could do a drama. I can still hope that it will happen, after all we are at the beginning of 2017 and if she chooses a movie now she might still have time to film a drama by the end of this year. I read that YG opened a drama production label and it's hiring alot of producers and directors, i hope that this will give more chances for Lee Sung Kyung to have a good project next. Decoview 2017 Update
  5. Like you me too i am worried about her career, it's already so long and she still didn't accept any offer, i want to think that it's because she wants to chose a huge project that will skyrocket her to stardom but i am also worried that might be for other problems. Agency problem, Knetz problem or else. I sure hope that she is not thinking to give up on her career for love, she is still so young and has such a promising future ahead of her and that would be the biggest mistake of her life, especially now that her relationship is still new and difficult and there is no guarantee that it will last, so i think that her career now should be the most important thing. I actually would love if she tried to expand her career internationally too, i think she could be successful but i don't think it will ever happen. I agree about BCOTW, it would have been her big breakthrough and i would still like to know why she refused it, but like you said we can't do anything about it now and we can just hope that her next project will be even bigger and better. This waiting is killing me slowly but i hope to hear some news soon, for Love Sling i am kinda losing hope, after BCOTW i started to be very pessimistic if there isn't a confirmation soon. Me too wonder why this event is so private and sudden? Maybe was intended to be that way. Some videos from Laneige event, it looks like Lee Sung Kyung can understand some english but can't speak it.
  6. I was a little worried about Lee Sung Kyung and about how she was feeling but from this few photos and videos she looks normal. I thought that we wouldn't see her for a while yet so i am really glad to see her so soon, but why there are not official pictures and video?
  7. Lee Sung Kyung had a Laneige event today, why nobody announced about it?
  8. Lee Sung Kyung selca reached 1 Millions like on Instagram.
  9. From W Korea Magazine Credit to: Luminous Fan Cafè
  10. No news for today so i will just post some some beautiful gifs, i love this look on her, i wish to see her with her old style soon
  11. Welcome @Sarah Denver If she is happy i am happy, so if this relationship makes her happy i am happy. I think that for celebrities is always difficult to date but i hope that she won't feel burdened and will be free to do whatever she want and like. I am happy to see so many people sending their love to this couple and i hope that Lee Sung Kyung will be happy too and will feel less preoccupied, there is nothing bad in dating and she shouldn't be ashamed of it. I am always worried about how Lee Sung Kyung would feel now that this news is out, if she is comfortable or is uncomfortable. Maybe it's better now that it's in the open and she will feel more relaxed and less worried or maybe it's the opposite. She always seemed very private and bashful about her private life.I don't know, i think with time whatever she is feeling it will pass, being myself a very private and shy person i think she was not very happy to be busted. I wish she can concentrate more on her work life so she won't have to think about this "rumor". Me too like you want a new project for Lee Sung Kyung soon and i hope that this dating news won't have any affect on her career, i don't understand either why is taking so long for her next project i hope that she won't give up to her career for pursue her love life, she is free to do whatever she wants but it would really be a waste especially now that her career is rising it's the perfect time to further her acting career. I wish her all the best in her private life and in her professional life. I just want to see her happy and smiling face
  12. YG just confirmed that Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk are dating. They are officially a couple now. Lee Sung Kyung is all day that is trending on Naver 1st and 2nd. Breaking: Lee Sung Kyung And Nam Joo Hyuk Confirm They Are Dating Actors Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk have confirmed their relationship! On April 24, following reports about the former co-stars and good friends dating, a source from YG Entertainment confirmed the news and stated, “After checking with Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk, they confirmed that after being close friends since their modeling days, the pair recently developed romantic feelings for one another and are dating well now.” The models turned actors recently acted in MBC’s “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” which ended last January. Prior to this they also acted in tvN’s “Cheese in the Trap” as well. The couple has a four-year age gap as Lee Sung Kyung was born in 1990 while Nam Joo Hyuk was born in 1994. Furthermore, they are label mates under YG Entertainment. Congratulations to the new couple!
  13. I actually was really surprised, i never thought that they were really together and really looked like just friends to me but the dispatch photos don't leave much doubt about their relationship, it seems much closer that just two friends. I am happy that they found love but i am worried that they will have some problems with their agency, just hope that this won't affect her career. Just hope that this is not the reason why she is taking such a long break from work. The news we are talking about is this
  14. I feel the same I wake up in the morning hoping to see some news but nothing Also no news about Love Sling, Did she accept? Did she refuse? Is she still thinking? Did Yoo Hae Jin accept? Who will play the son? If this movie actually will shoot this year, when will it start filming? I hope soon so Lee Sung Kyung will still have time for a drama come back. it looks like we are back in time waiting for news about her confirmation or not for BCOTW.