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  1. Video from Asics Korea She looks so beautiful and fresh, she looks really great, she is glowing. I am so happy that she is back, can't believe that even if she is has been inactive for 7 months she still was able to have new endorsment. Imagine when she will come back with new projects and if she becomes more popular in Korean and Internationally. She will be everywhere. Brief trans of what she said : "Hello, I'm Lee Sung Kyung. Asics will hold a press/public event on Aug 24. There are many new things on Asics' 2017 A/W collection. Please wait for it. Let's meet there! Bye everyone~" Credit to: @forsungkyung
  2. She is not the global ambassador for Asics she is only the Korean ambassador of their new campaign "I MOVE ME" and she will be attending the event on 24th August. Yay!! Our girl always has CFs from big brands, hope for more and more, i also hope she will do a TV CF for it like she used to do for Adidas, kinda sad that she is not Adidas endorser anymore, i wish she could do both. She looks amazing Lee Sung Kyung was chosen by ASIC KOREA as new Muse Global sports brand ASICs (ASICS KOREA) having a brand new campaign ' a chosen lee sung as a muse and the lead of I MOVE ME champaign . Lee Sung Kyung was having an sense of loving Exercise, and a healthy mindset that usually showing the personality brightly and enjoying a healthy life that makes Lee Sung Kyung is the ASICs brand campaign ambassador of ' I MOVE M E ' that would be a perfect match. ASICS ' I MOVE ME ' campaign, announced the 1992 since ASICs spiral logo the big brands. The brand message "I MOVE M E ' a healthy mind in a healthy body ', is an extension of philosophy 70 of ASICs, focused to target young people of ages ago, sport and healthy and happy through the motions to get vital to planning. Meanwhile, the ASICS on August 11, the last A/W collection showing at Lotte 'Iconic', first open a pop-up store, and Lee Sung Kyung would be coming on August 24th, to be attended the champaign "I MOVE ME" event at cheongdam, Seoul store.
  3. She didn't delete the post, it is still on, it's amazing to see that she has good friendships all over the world, this gift is from her friends in Paris, that is so sweet of them, she is still loved even if she live on the other part of the world.
  4. Yes, me too left a couple of comments, we also have to downvote the negative comments and upvote the positive ones because the negative comments are always on the top with the most upvotes and the positive comments are always on the bottom with the most downvotes. Me too can't wait for Lovesling, for now there is not news about Kim Min Jae filming, only LSK and Yoo Hae Jin have been seen for now. It looks like LSK will be a lead with the same importance of YHJ and KMJ characters. So excited for this movie, we still have to wait next year, i hope that for February/March it will be released.
  5. I think she won't post for sometime after all the hate that she got for her birthday post, she did the same last time. Damn haters
  6. Agree. I would also like if she will do some cameos in other dramas and also i really miss her modeling. I hope she will do some modeling too.
  7. I wish she will make a drama next but i don't think she will, and i think that for her career it's better to focus on movies now and maybe next year a new drama. I just hope that she won't take another break, that would be torture.
  8. OP saw Yoo Hae Jin & Lee Sung Kyung shooting #LoveSling in front of his house, located at Chungmuro area, he didn't take a picture of them tho he said that LSK is really pretty. I am so happy that she is working with such a veteran actor, she can learn alot from him.
  9. New old picture of Lee Sung Kyung at Laneige Beauty Road Malaysia Credit to:이성경
  10. Lee Sung Kyung reached 7.1 Million followers on Instagram. Congrats Queen!!
  11. Another post reached 1 Million likes. This is the 4th 1 Million.