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  1. Lee Sungkyung selected as Korea's representative in a digital project (Ferragamo's Paul Andrew 2017 shoe collection). Lee Sung Kyung's images of the Ferragamo Digital Project will be available on the Ferragamo official Facebook and Instagram on June 28. The project includes large-scale digital show featuring world-class celebrities from 6 countries inclunding Asia. Our Queen working for international stylists with other international celebrities. Go conquer the world girl.
  2. Lee Sung Kyung with her sister musical friend. She went to watch her sister's musical Les Misarable. Caption : "Sung Kyung noona. #thankyou #forcomingtotheshow #afterperformance #artscenter #lesmiserable" Credit to:
  3. Lee Sung Kyung old picture, it's from 2009, she was so thin back then. I love her with her natural dark hair, i think they suits her better.
  4. Congrats Lee Sung Kyung for your 6.7M followers. Hope to hear some news next week. It looks like she is dog sitting her friend puppy these days so i guess she is not busy and we won't have any news I feel like next week we will have some news about Love Sling, they should start filming soon, we should have the confirmation that another actress took the role.
  5. Me too i already saw it so many times, and i missed to hear her sweet voice. When you quote pictures and videos you should delete them or the page will become too heavy. In her recent Allure interview Park Shin Hye mentioned Lee Sung Kyung
  6. Yes, i know that, it's YG that doesn't understand it, if they gave her a little promotion now she would be even more popular and she would have also some project while now she has nothing from 6 months and more. Exactly because she has a growing fan base they should invest on her. If she was in another agency she would be everywhere rigth now, while with YG we don't have news about her from forever. They should make her do some TV apparences, Interviews, Fan Meetings, Photoshoots and so much more, but nothing. The attention that she had before, she doesn't have now, it's also normal if there is no news and nothing to wait for, people move on. Lee Sung Kyung is promoting herself with posting on Instagram once in a while but that won't be enough forever, people need to see her in new things to not forget about her. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo and Doctors will be soon shown on Philippines TV, it would be the best time for a fan meeting or a promo event there, any other agency would do that. There is also Anne Curtis that is a big fan of hers, they could plan some event there
  7. I am so mad at YG, they are sleeping on her. They have too many artists and can only focus on some of them and she is not one of them. How i wish she would just change agency, she could choose a small agency where she is the biggest artist, in that case they will focus only on her and she would have full attention and promotion, but with YG it won't happen. I still can't believe that after WFKBJ they did zero promotion to her, they didn't even give her one fan meeting, with all the fame that she got she could have had a big Asian Fan Meeting Tour, even not popular actors now have them but she doesn't even had one. At least at the Philippines where WFKBJ was very popular, but nothing. Her manager too, doesn't look like he cares much about her career and doens't look like someone ambitious. She needs someone that knows what to do, someone that can guide her, someone passionate. Now she also left YGKPlus, they were the ones that gave her the most CFs and magazine shoots jobs, for this she doesn't have a new photoshoot from awhile.
  8. I know that YG will never allow to Lee Sung Kyung to have a fan meeting but i am still hoping, even just a small fan meeting with few of her Luminous fans is ok. Should we try ask YG? @fromyg and @yg_stage? I really want to see her having a fan meeting like everybody else, she is with YG from 3 years, she has 6.6 millions followers and about 7000 Luminous fans and she still never got a fan meeting. Why? She has no new projects so she will have all the time to prepare for it, and we can finally see her doing something for this year. I am just desperate to see her doing something.
  9. That puppy is so cute, but I don't think is hers, puppies need alot of care and attention and with her job it's impossible to take care of him. Cats are more indipendent but it looks like she doesn't have them anymore, maybe she gave them to her sister or her mother, i really liked when she posted pictures and video of them. I think they were active because they were filming for WYWS for a couple of days but I hope you are right about the possibility of her having a new project, i have honestly lost hope
  10. In the meantime Anne Curtis Smith continue to fangirl over Lee Sung Kyung, she also left a comment on her new post. Can't they just work to a new project together?
  11. It this her new puppy? She is so adorable. But where are Boy and Du Du now? I really really really hope that she will take a new project for this year, there are no words that can describe how much i miss her.
  12. She had for sure two offers but she refused them, so i guess she just wants to rest, but if she just wanted to rest she would have refused sooner the offers, she just didn't like them. In some interviews after WFKBJ she said that she received some offers she also talked about a movie she was excited about but it looks like it didn't go well. I wonder how long will this hiatus last