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  1. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    @Joseph Lim Wow, Last Night Story is a revival song ? from the 80s? Just imagine, if Ji An came back to Seoul looking like this?? Let's see if DH can handle the shock... whahhaha It's gonna be more than a handshake for sure.
  2. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    Y-aaahhhh ! these photos are attacking me...i will sue this public display of saccharine gaze and giddy smiles.
  3. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    And the SUBBING CONTAGION sabotage continues... JA : I am going to Busan... DH : How are you going there...? ......... JA: Train To Busan... want me to powerblast them all for you??
  4. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    Woah! that tvN version of the conversation is TOTALY DIFFERENT... the other sites have obviously misinterpreted the entire convo... is that 'intentional' in their part? or was it a rush work since they are subbing many other dramas.. or theyre just not that an expert in the korean language?
  5. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    And one more thing .... WHY in almost the last 5 minutes of the drama they writer had to inject that dialogue about YH... DH and that man can discuss about anything... steel bars, cement, cables, etc etc ... but it really had to be YH? Thanks @h2ogirl and @ninaanin for those clarifications
  6. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    Okey, i know this had been discussed and debated upon a trillion times over.. but i had re-watched the last episode...and well.... could the site i've watched has an inaccurate subtitle? cause im so sorry to be still soooooo confused. That day when DH went to his mom's house after dropping YH to the airport, his mom asked when is she coming back? he said in about two weeks, cause she's looking for a university for helself to study. meaning at that time she was still coming back before finally moving to the US to study). Also that same day, when he and KH was watching TV.... KH asked him NOT about YH but obviously about JA, 'how is she' 'did she not call you' ? and went about talking about a movie of kids having "inner strength" inspite of being abandoned. Then after that DH cried miserably in his apartment - definitely not about YH living in the US, cause as mentioned she was still to come back after two weeks.... And so he cried it all out.... And then a year or two had passed... JA was back in Seoul and he was at the cafe now the sub / translation here .. is just so... . That is why it would be most appreciated if you know the site that has the most reliable sub-titles, the nearest, accurate translation. because being ambiguous is better than outright sabotage of those translations.
  7. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    I have a Question.... The promised trip to China... that was only for the crew and staff... and not the actors?
  8. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    N-oooooo our Ship cannot be "taken aback" Fighting ! Sail on...sail on...
  9. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    Yeah the struggle is real... Withdrawal from this drama makes me imagine DH-JA cheesy conversations... DH: I am pitiful without you... JA : No I am more pitiful... DH: I love you more.. JA: No, I love you more.. Me: Sht up ! and just make babies already!
  10. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    Bittersweet... She loves his voice... she loves the sounds he makes. A tear fell when she had to stop listening to him.... She can recognize his voice anywhere... And when they finally met again...it was his voice that led her to him..
  11. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    I wonder how may takes it took ?
  12. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    Exactly, and through and with all that, YH was just okey, no reaction whatsoever, like what does she care even if she had found out later on that her husband had been been very caring towards this girl JA (whom has feelings fr her husband), had been walking home with her, having dinner and drinks with, even got into a fight for her... i am not married too, but if i imagine myself as the wife i would have raised hell and would never, never have any of that. Her indifference tells a lot, cause if she even loved DH at all, those things would have woken her up and make her fight for her husband.
  13. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    Okey. to be a honest i was firm on my stand that DH should have divorced YH (irregardless whether DH or JA will be together or not) I still am, that's why when that was not resolved in the end, i guess for me that is the chip to this almost perfect drama. Disclaimer. I am not promoting divorce or husbands should separate from their wives (or vice versa) WITHOUT A JUST REASON. We all know what kind of a wife YH turned out to be. We all know exactly what she did. In that episode when JY was calling it quits and was avoiding her, we all see she how pathetic and devastated she was, she was reduced to a crying mess because she wants JY, she cannot get out of bed or eat and DH even have to care of her, a wife who's longing for another man.. my gosh, can i build for him a monument now?? Okey just to pacify their audience WHO CLEARLY SUPPORTS THE CHEATING WIFE ( i wonder whose values are misplaced now, theirs or YH?) like yeah he must still choose her because she is the wife, blah blah blah... is like making a statement THAT HELL YEAH, COMMITTING AN ADULTERY is just fine with us, coming from a society that is soooo judgmental and "righteous" . And for the drama production to let themselves be bullied by audience such as that is really lamentable and disappointing.
  14. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    I am sorry to want a sequel ... but it's impossible so we are left with shippers vs non-shippers take on the ending..