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  1. Just sharing this here.... Ji Eun's latest MV's shocking colors is such a stark contrast to dark Ji An But I see Ji An's bad-@ss attitude here...waahhhahha The lyrics daebak...burn those haters ! Bbi-Bbii !!!!
  2. Yiiiiieeee so sweet ...Hahhhaha Are those their authographs below ???????
  3. THIS AGE GAP BROU-HAHA Please do not judge me for saying this.... but I've been wanting to say this for so long already. I have nothing against ahjummas or middle-aged women, we will all get older/mature eventually anyway. And there is always that graceful way to get old, and still look just as fabulous, and be a woman of substance. But I think all these over-the-top reactions to age gaps, criticizing if the male lead is way older than the female lead, but exalting if it is the female lead who is older --- seems to do just one thing ...TO FEED THE AHJUMMAS FANTASIES.... that whether guys are old or young, all will fall only for them and not for those cutesy, youthful type. Now that is just delusional. UNREALISTIC. (knowing how the male species operate and behave--- well i'm not generalizing though hahha). The ahjummas in Korea might be really scary ...for Kdrama storylines to bend-over-backwards for them all the time.
  4. @justamom I've been hibernating in summer hahhha... no interesting Kdrama yet... Then this latest photoshoot/ interview lured me out. Hahhhhaha.
  5. A video (BTS) of that photoshoot pleeeaseeee and video of the interview.... Pleeeeeaseeeeee Domo arigato gozaimasu
  6. @mylovelystar Is that an edited photo of them?????? How come the Japanese media can bring them together in a photo??
  7. This was after the loan sharks called him about the stolen money (certificates) that was brought to them?? i seem to have memory gap on this part of that episode
  8. Hi, Regarding this GIF... i can't seem to remember from which episode?? and why was JiAn so angry at him here??
  9. And so i have been reading some random blogs about couple relationships... to past away the time. Some have happy stories, some not... some mind-boggling. But one couple "profile" who both partners have a hard time letting go (when they were breaking up) left me stunned...Hahhha because strangely, it seems to remind me of the DH-JA dynamics.. Oh wow... so who pushes the button of whom... hahhaa Well they both definitely pushed my buttons...
  10. I was also wondering about that... why their son was made to study overseas so early. I mean i understand the quality of education they are after or for him to learn English, for him to be independent? or learn the western culture/way of life. But why at a very young age? he's practically still a baby.. still in his formative years, when the parents' presence is most important?? shouldn't they have waited until he was already in High School or College?
  11. Would i ever? Girl !!! he had gotten so well in running ... it's because of those times trying to get away from me throughout college... round the university grounds..w-aahahha. Lucky him i don't run as fast as JiAn..
  12. LOL. ... i think in that one photo LSK is just wearing his cap backwards. Hahha we're just so used to seeing Engineer DH in suit as compared to this rugged and laid-back look of LSK
  13. And so this is the sequel.. DH & JA dinner together..and so he accepted her invitation.. hmmm
  14. They can lurk at their own risk... Someone give them the links of those "fan-fics" and have them translate that ..waahaha
  15. Shy ahjusshi is feeling it....wahhaha Their lips touched...and BAM !!!! And yeah they're going to go out and have dinner... Will there be smooching after desserts? How will we ever know!!? I want visuals, billboard monitor size visuals...pleeeasseee