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  1. nibdramalover

    [Drama 2018] About Time / 어바웃타임

    It's a wrap. The ending is so wonderful and cute. Although the accident makes no sense at all and the after effect of the accident is so poor. How come they lay there on the road with so much blood but Mika only gets a small wound in the back of her head? But overall, I love episode 15 & 16 and the drama itself. The actors & the actresses have done their job very well. It'll be better if the plot isn't poorly written and the logic of the clock is clearly explained. I'm gonna miss Doha & Mika. I think I will rewatch this drama so many times fo a while.
  2. nibdramalover

    [Drama 2018] About Time / 어바웃타임

    I think the piano is the one mentioned in Master in the house when Lee Sun Hee was the Master. He bought it from Lee Seung Gi. So he is really into playing piano now. I hope I can see him playing a piano in the future.
  3. nibdramalover

    [Drama 2018] About Time / 어바웃타임

    I think I'm emotionally exhausted watching this drama. However, it is impossible for me to give up since I love this drama so much. At first, I thought this drama would be a light romcom korean drama which is easy to watch. I hope the writer will give a happy ending at the end so the angst will worth watching *finger crossed*.
  4. nibdramalover

    [Drama 2018] About Time / 어바웃타임

    MK shouldn't run away and tell the truth to DH. She should let DH has a say to what will they do next together. It will be good if the writer writes the ending by matching or sharing DH and MK 's clock at the same exact time. After they reach the same exact time, their clock should decrease normally like any other people so they will have the same lifespan at the end.
  5. nibdramalover

    [Drama 2018] About Time / 어바웃타임

    Hello everyone. This is my first post in this thread. I've been following this thread for a while and so far I'm only a silent reader. I want to share my opinion about MK and DH connection to each other from the past. I've tried to rewatch some early episodes and I've found something interesting in an episode explaining about how MK's grandma died. In the car accident scene, when you pay attention to the person inside the car, there are two persons, the driver and a young boy in the backseat of the car. I think that boy is DH.