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  1. MissAria

    How do you handle toxic people in your life?

    It depends. Is it at work ? I would try to talk to my supervisor. Is it in your circle of friends ? I would try to defend myself. Is it in your family ? If it is a senior, I cannot talk back. It happened before that I talked back and I was lectured to be rude and so some of my family dislike me and keep saying I'm so rude with seniors... Is it a stranger ? I don't have the courage to talk back to a stranger. I don't know how they would react and I think it is not worth my time for someone that see me one time.
  2. I still watch and listen to k-pop for the visual (fashion, makeup, hairstyle), for the talent (dancing and singing) and just because some songs are really catchy.
  3. MissAria

    What would you tell your 16 year old self?

    Be less shy. Make more friends. Go out more. Talk more... Everyone makes mistakes.
  4. Growing up in a lower middle class immigrant family. I'm more lucky than my parents because I have a bachelor degree. I want to have good stable career and have a better financial situation than my parents just like what my parents wish for me and always told me to study well. The reality is having a bachelor degree is not enough. Having a master degree could be not enough too. Having a doctorate degree is worse ! There is less job for theses graduates. Right after graduating, finding a job was difficult, and it is not well paid at all. I had to accept job like this because I had nothing else to pick that was better .When I worked in the past they said our company isn't making enough profit for the investors so we won't increase salaries of the employees. So, I tried to apply in other companies with no results. In the end, I quit to pursue another career. I went back to University. Now, I'm 28. I still live with my mom. I feel so bad. When I was about to get my bachelor degree my mom would often say we will soon be able to buy a property. I still cannot afford to have a property. I cannot give a better life for my mom. It just sucks. I want to travel but I can't. I want to have a family but I can't. I know it is not all university degree that will lead to a sort of ''unemployment''. Like, I heard there are a lot of well paid jobs in programming and computer sciences, and companies are looking a lot to hire graduates. However, I am not very interested or passionate in that, so I didn't study in programming or computer science. Anyways, I know some people, they study what they are passionate about, but in the end they cannot find a stable job related in their studies. Some people have given up in their first career choice, and they went back to study in something else that has a better rate of employment. There is something else I find difficult. My extended family is so mean (cousins, uncles and aunts). Like, when they ask me how much I earn, what job I do. I'm just a laughable failure because I'm no better than them. I stopped to have contact with them, but it is not easy to hide a situation. I cannot lie I don't have a good job, I'm studying again. How about you ?
  5. MissAria

    Official 20+ Jobs Thread

    I would like to know how do you convince your boss to increase your salary and what you experienced. Lately, at my part-time job, my coworkers are leaving because they found another place that would pay them higher. I know in general people ask for a salary increase because they believe they deserve it. So, I would bring up arguments about my performance and skills. I worked in the past in a company said there is no salary increase because they have financial problems... Another situation is that when my coworker ask for a salary increase and didn't get it. Now, they want to increase his salary because he is leaving, but it's too late he said he already accepted the other job offer and don't want to go back over his choice. Some people would say tell your boss that you are leaving if you don't get a salary increase. I could say that but what if I don't find another job ... That's why after a refusal, I would look elsewhere and just leave. Sometimes, asking for a salary increase is also another bunch of reason. Why your coworkers are more paid than you when you can be as good as them or why when you do the double of the work because it is low staffed, you cannot have a salary increase or why should you work here if you can be paid more somewhere else. Some people would not work elsewhere in the fear if they don't get along with the other people. Like, if right now you really like your coworkers, sometimes it is hard to leave. Another situation, the boss would suggest that he will accept the salary increase if you work more hours and give you more tasks... I feel this is like a fake salary increase because he gives you more job , so...you should be paid more anyways. In that case, would you accept? I would like to read your own experience and advice.
  6. Do you have vacation during summer ? Are you planning to travel? What are your plans ? For this summer 2017, I have no vacation plans. I work more. I hope that next summer I can have 2 weeks off so I can travel a little.
  7. MissAria

    Do you exercise regularly ?

    Hi Soompiers ! Do you exercise regularly ? If yes, what is your fitness routine ? Or do you do sports regularly ? Well, I do nothing seriously...
  8. List beauty products that you regret buying and explain why. - Vichy Aqualia thermal sunscreen : It dries after a few seconds after application on the skin and can leave dried cream residue, if you touch again the surface or applied too much product and want to spread more, it just leave white particules on your skin... So annoying. - Rimmel scandaleyes eyeliner pens : I heard they are dupes of urban decay 24hr eyeliner pens. The truth: Not at all. They are too creamy and do not stay on my lids even with a primer. - L'Oreal Paris True Match foundation 17 fps : It has very small glitters, doesn't have a good coverage, and looks cakey if I try to build up the coverage, It is not a dupe for Makeup forever HD foundation. -Boscia BB cream : The color doesn't match me at all (too dark) and it has chunky glitters, when applied on the face, they appear randomly, just no good... - Laneige BB cushion : So many people rave about this. The scent is annoying to me. When I want to build up coverage, it looks very unnatural, like I have fake skin. When applied the right amount (lightly), it looks nice, but doesn't stay long on my skin, I need to retouch. There is not a lot of shade available in America, the color doesn't fit me well. I will not repurchase because of the scent, not long-staying, do not look nice building up coverage. - Kiehl's avocado eye cream : I have a combination skin type. This eye cream is too heavy for my eyes area. A lot of small white bumps appeared when I used this cream. When I stopped using, my white bumps started to disappear.
  9. MissAria

    How's life after college ?

    In college, I remember being stressed out for exams, spending many hours studying. I didn't work a lot while I was studying. There were classmates I disliked, I told myself I have just have to ignore them, tolerate them for a few years until I graduate. Now, life after college is ... finding the job that suits me, but not only that... the job ambiance,coworkers, manager, supervisor, the pay etc... I got a level entry job, because employers are picky they want job experiences, letter of reference. I'm trying to fit in the company. I'm just used. Financial compression, low staff, people are all getting in their nerves. I'm making mistakes. Coworkers that are phony, they kindly ask me to help them, when they think I'm not looking around they give me hating stares, roll their eyes, sigh, keep whispering. It's just the same everywhere. What do you think?
  10. Before, my most important goals were to complete my bachelor degree and after that find a job. Finding love is a goal that I give up, there's a saying that love find you... Now, that I achieved the 2 goals, my interest changed and I want to do a different career. This means, I need to go back to school. Not all the courses are interesting, I'm not very motivated , and I want to keep my job full-time to earn money & work experience, to become totally independent financially and to travel. So, instead of studying full-time and graduate as fast as possible. I'm studying part-time, work full-time and preparing my traveling plans. Because, I'm fed up of all the studying. I've spend all my life studying, listening to my mom restrictions, never go out. I miss having fun and discover the world. So, what are your important goals right now?