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  1. [Drama 2017] My Sassy Girl 엽기적인 그녀

    Thank you @airplanegirl for offering, I've PM you and @LyraYoo to facilitate the takeover. Thanks also to you @flutterby06 for helping us. There's still the blog/wordpress to be administered. Please PM me if anyone is interested. Happy MSG watching everyone!
  2. [Drama 2017] My Sassy Girl 엽기적인 그녀

    My ears were itching and it turns out I have been summoned to this thread Annyeong everyone! Since we have quite a number of people on this thread, can I take the opportunity to ask if anyone wishes to volunteer to - take over Joo Won soompi thread. I've message @coolreborn a while back and she's unable to continue. What we need is a volunteer so that we can put your name to moderator Lyra. Alternatively, you can pm Lyra yourself. - take over the blog. I've yet to ask the administrators of the blog but I think something needs to be done. If you are interested, please pm me. Meanwhile, I'll talk to the admins. I hope something can be done soon.
  3. [Drama 2017] My Sassy Girl 엽기적인 그녀

    Why are you always so awesome @jeonghyang? Thank you for your gifs! @nonski chingu, I am seldom on soompi these days. I can barely watch the dramas I wanna watch, LOL. To everyone else enjoying MSG, Annyeong!
  4. Annyeong everyone! Silent lurker here. I enjoyed this drama tremendously at the start and have occasionally dropped by to read your wonderful posts. Real life has limited my time on soompi. However, I try to read up on the drama over here after completing an episode to see if I can fill in any gaps in my understanding. I am rather surprised by the appearance of moderator intervention : My understanding of this rule is based on two key areas 1. Do not bash....this(refers to bashing) includes....usage of derogatory remarks, spreading rumors, swearing, etc. The phrase "including but not limited" must always be read in context of what is mentioned otherwise it would cover anything and everything. I don't see the use of derogatory remarks unless words like 'evil' and 'bad' is banned on soompi? The word "derogatory" may be an issue in itself. At its broadest definition, derogatory can be defined as expressing a low opinion. Does that then mean only 'high opinion' is allowed on soompi? 2. Please respect each others' difference of opinions. I would like to think this is the true spirit of the rule on soompi. What constitutes a difference of opinions? Maybe something as simple as: - I think this show is great! - I think this show is terrible! Would the 2nd opinion be considered as bashing the drama? If interpreted as an low opinion, I can see why some moderators might. If the issue is the number of times a low opinion is expressed, then what is the maximum number of times before it becomes bashing? By this definition, I feel like I have been 'inconsiderate' on soompi. Nope, I don't terrorize people like Dae Mok do but I am a merciless believer of speak my mind and no sugar coating. I cannot remember the age restrictions of soompi members(is there?). However, I like to think everyone is a mature adult who can accept criticisms on their favorite dramas, characters and actors, not just read positive reviews only. Until someone gives me a perfect drama, character and actor, I shall continue to do so. Otherwise I might as well read showbiz propaganda. Am I understanding this correctly? We can't post negative criticisms on the drama characters or acting? I know that the above mentioned rule was to prevent soompi from becoming a place where members's differences in opinions and favorite actors become a war zone filled with personal attacks and profanities. I am proud say that I have always enjoyed my time on drama threads even when there were vastly different opinions but I do also know that some drama threads here have run into situations where moderator's intervention was necessary. I take you as a representative of Soompi. If you say negative criticisms constitute flouting soompi rules, I won't question. I'd like to keep my head, you know.
  5. [Drama 2016] 1% of Anything 1%의 어떤것

    Annyeong everyone! @gladys57 When I requested to re-open the thread, I did it because I felt that Ha Suk Jin should have at least a thread on soompi. I had been asking for fans willing to step up as threadkeeper because I knew I would not be able to do a good job. However to date, no one has done so. If anyone is willing, I will be the most happy.
  6. cr JW DC Stay healthy, stay safe! See you 2 yrs later.
  7. @gladys57 has nicely reminded me of my threadkeeper's duties. Oppa! Will you forgive me? Dropping a video here. Not sure if it's been posted before but worth another post
  8. [Drama 2017] Radiant Office 자체발광 오피스

    I must apologize for disappearing without a word last night during the live recapping. I realized I had to watch it with full subs and I didn't want to get spoiled. I badly wanted to cheer our live recappers and spazz with you guys, aigooo... Truthfully, I was expecting the worst. I really didn't like where Ki Taek's story was going and from the preview, I thought it didn't look good at all. Not just Ki Taek but everything else. I should have more confidence, right? Yes, I should because despite everything(actually just 1%), I love the finale! When you love something, it doesn't need to be perfect. I love the finale although it wasn't perfect. Let me talk about the imperfections first because there's less to cover . I thought it was very unnecessary to have Ki Taek stricken with a serious illness. The show is already one of the most thought provoking, perceptive and insightful dramas I ever watched, I don't think I need another life's lesson here. If anything, they should have stopped at Ki Taek's decision to follow his talent and dream - take over his family's restaurant and make it big. So many people enter into the corporate world, unaware or bury their talents in other areas. World needs more dreamers, innovators and entrepreneurs. I was hoping the show would stay trope free and it almost did! Except for Noble Idiocy and it had to be Ki Taek. The very abrupt ending of KT and JN's relationship made it worse. Knowing Ji Na, she would have ran after him and bugged him till he surrenders. More than an insult to KT, I felt it was insulting to Ji Na. Ki Taek is the sweetest guy but doesn't anyone know Ji Na is a fighter? I think she complements KT well because I see him as the romantic, sentimental one and her the level headed, pragmatic half of the relationship. We don't need Ki Taek's illness for Ji Na to prove herself. I think most viewers are already convinced of their love for each other. Even if some aren't, this illness trope isn't the answer. @stroppyse, I was the one or one of the few who said that previews and short clips do no justice to this drama. It has to be watched with full subtitles(or the lucky few who needn't) and attention. You have no idea how I cling on to their words and conversations, they are so good. Woo Jin's resignation speech I love how he reminded CEO Seo that Hauline is not his property. Many business owners failed to see this when they change to corporate or go public. In reality, CEO Seo won't be able to hold on to his position for long. However, people like this can do sufficient damage before they get booted out. The ones who suffer most are the employees and their families as Woo Jin said. The way CEO Seo had been telling Woo Jin to conduct the evaluation exercise showed that he sees the employees as merely statistics. Everything and everyone boils down to a number. Jerk Park Surprisingly, I even agreed with Jerk Park about something. When he went to congratulate Woo Jin for being brave in standing up to CEO. he said he would have done the same thing if he was 10 years younger. That's the problem that many older employees face. Although work sucks and the boss is a jerk, they dare not throw in the towel or do anything to jeopardize their jobs. One of the biggest groups of unemployed in our economy are middle age professionals. If they are retrenched or lose their job in their forties or later, they will find it difficult to get another job. Jerk Park must have been in a philosophical mood, he even advised Ms Cho not to be like him. Indeed if she were to continue to give CEO Seo her support despite how wrong he is, all the years of hard work will come to naught. Ho Won sending off Dr Seo I absolutely love this part and boy, was I surprised at how drama managed to let Dr Seo leave on such a nice note. First, I must say I don't think the terminally ill patient in the ER was Ki Taek. Ki Taek has stage 2 cancer, that is not definitely not terminal. I am highlighting this because if KT was indeed the one, then my opinion of Dr Seo would be totally different. Nothing can save the man for me. Ho Won is an awesome woman. I think she had a more accurate reading of Dr Seo's character than the man himself. I was speechless when she said Dr Seo liked Woo Jin too. When I thought about it carefully, I realized it's true. Dr Seo liked and admired Woo Jin, he would surely have promoted WJ to a high position if WJ had agreed to follow him. If Dr Seo had genuinely wanted to serve Hauline well instead of using Hauline to serve his selfish purpose, I have no doubt Woo Jin would have helped him. I am glad that Ho Won knows Dr Seo cut her a lot of slack. He could have easily fired her. She has grown much from the whiny girl who didn't know how to appreciate the blessings in her life. Dr Seo must have regretted losing Ho Won. She pretty much admitted that she liked him and it's obvious that she was crushing and admiring him. He basically sabotaged all his relationships with people. If Ho Won is right, Dr Seo was even sincere in helping the trio. However, he also sees kindness as a weakness and proceeded to get his dues so that it becomes a 'symbiotic' instead of an altruistic one. Ms Cho @dhakra 's MVP after his honeycakes. I am happy that she took Woo Jin's advice. If she had gone further with CEO Seo, she would have tainted her career and she really didn't need to do it. Of course, it's more difficult for a woman but to climb up the corporate ladder through such means may mean a hollow victory in the end. As Jerk Park rightly pointed out, she shouldn't be like him. She has the ability and passion to achieve her goals. Perhaps @dhakra think Ms Cho deserves a higher position but that's not how promotions usually go. You don't leapfrog ranks. At the most, you may scale up faster than most. This happens a lot in organization. One way to leapfrog is to join another company especially if you are headhunted. This is why employees who feel 'stucked' in a company chooses to leave for another simply because it's easier and faster to get into a higher rank and better pay than wait for a promotion within. Ho Won and Woo Jin It is quite amazing that both stay pretty much the same person and yet have grown a lot in their own way. Ho Won is as feisty as ever. I love how she always dares to speak her mind like how candid she was with CEO Seo and how she called Woo Jin's resignation cowardly. However, she has also learnt from Woo Jin that she must restrain herself, not lose her temper and how to choose her battles. Woo Jin is still the cool dude(as long as there are no cats or slimey creatures around). I just couldn't understand why it took him so long to confess to Ho Won until I reminded myself that he's just simply being Woo Jin. He was a lot worse before. Not empathetic enough nor expressive despite possessing a good heart. He's improved but obviously has a lot more room to grow. I am very happy that Woo Jin made a proper apology to Ho Won for how he treated her during the interview. We seldom see this happening in shows. The male lead's jerk actions are always forgotten once the OTP falls happily in love. I laughed so hard when she gave him back almost word for word when she teased him for not being able to find a job. Romance VERY UNPOPULAR opinion coming up - I think kissing scenes are overrated in dramas. I am not saying this to defend this drama nor did I lose my marbles. I may have been one of those incessantly asking for kisses and skinship. Sometimes in jest, sometimes in desperation but before all these, the thing I ask for the most from a drama is being and looking realistic. More often than not, romance is not done right. That's the reason I stay away from the genre except for the very few who get it right. Whether a drama has many or few or one kiss(like here!), it doesn't matter. Foremost, I want the romance to be natural and relationship well developed. If it's contrived, no amount of tongue action and sucking lips can excite me. I was prepared for no kiss for even this last episode, much less expect a deep or hot one. Even though I write trashy fan fics, I think it would be weird for Woo Jin to kiss Ho Won deeply in that instant. She just confessed and so did he. It would be more of a tender moment than an arousing one. Whether they progressed to more passionate kissing, it's left to our imagination. Last words(probably not )... This is probably not everyone's kind of show but it's definitely MY type of show. Except for that 1% Something, I love the 99% and Everything else. It's one of the best writing I've seen - perceptive, insightful and heartwarming. We don't just get very good main characters, we have all these fantastic characters right down to small ones (Kktobi, Ho Jae were delightful). I would highly recommend this drama to those who love slice of life genre and especially those who are working or have ever worked in the corporate world. The issues, situations and characters are all relatable. Go Ah Sung is a wonderful actress. I've like her since "Heard It Through The Grapevine". My interest in this drama went up when I read of her casting. I knew that it must not be any ordinary drama since she does mostly movies. I am waiting for her interview but I guess she may have picked up this drama because of the underlying message and how it relates to the Korean society and workplace. I am quite surprised that some think Ha Suk Jin is wasted in this drama. I can't disagree more. Although I keep a few delicious pictures of him in my folder, I think he is more capable than just taking off his shirt, showering and making hot kisses. This role looked deceptively similar to his previous but as we know now, it's very different. It's not easy to play different type of roles but it's even harder to play different roles which seem similar. So kudos to GAS, HSJ and all at Radiant Office. This drama never failed to bring a smile, split my sides and moved me to near tears every week. I shall remember it fondly as one of the best which it so deserves.
  9. [Drama 2017] Radiant Office 자체발광 오피스

    I am not sure how many inches but let's take a look from DB I just finished the last episode, been so hard trying to avoid spoilers. Will be back with my thoughts!
  10. [Drama 2017] Radiant Office 자체발광 오피스

    I thought this was going to be the first episode I wouldn't like, judging by the reactions of a few here. The short clips didn't do any justice to the show which happens all the time. This is show which you have to watch in entirety because even little conversations can mean a lot. CEO Seo is really a scumbag, isn't he? Instead of dealing with Ho Won's request(to be honest and fair) directly and reprimanding her, he chose to punish the whole team. He has even gone to the extent of giving Woo Jin 'the whip", taking obvious delight in his struggle and pain to do so. "Managing people out" is often disguised as Restructuring, a word so often misused in the corporate world. As in this case, CEO Seo is using restructuring to clean out people who are against him. I understand the immense difficulty that Woo Jin faces in the exercise. It's made a thousand times worse when you know there is no reason for the restructuring other than being a petty revenge exacted by the CEO. I was waiting for a lightning to zap Dr Seo and burn him into smithereens but I forgot this isn't your typical kdrama. Chairman Seo isn't about to rise up, walk dramatically into Hauline like in Terminator - "I'm BACK!". Neither does Mr Heo seem to have any cards up his sleeve. I honestly thought Mr Heo had something planned with Chairman to deal with the current situation but nope, it ain't happening. Mr Heo's drinking session with Woo Jin. I thought it's so noble of him to volunteer to go. Woo Jin has changed so much from being wholly task oriented to a more people oriented person. He's gain much from this Hauline stint even if he were to leave now. I'll shall talk about his biggest take away later. I think Mr Heo is wise when he said "never trust promises of those higher ups." Jerk Park lives up to his moniker in the meeting with CEO Seo and Ms Cho. In the course of my working life, I have come across many like Jerk Park. People who talk bad about the boss, complain a lot and seem to commiserate with colleagues but sing a wholly different tune in front of the boss. Ms Cho doesn't hide her contempt at all. She had better be careful of CEO Seo because even she didn't know about the restructuring. I guess she's smart enough but it will serve her well to take heed of such like Mr Heo's advice. Woo Jin and Ho Won are one of the cutest couple I've seen. I just love how Ho Won knows exactly where to poke him and Woo Jin shows us he's actually much more aware than he ever let on. Come on, man! Just confess already, will ya? His jealousy and fake nonchalance is so funny especially with Ho Won goading him. The bicycle ride was very sweet and I'm sure he was cycling faster to make Ho Won cling more tightly to him. However, the best part of the date was when he gave the talisman back to Ho Won and encouraged her to achieve her career dream. In the same vein, I like that Ji Na had said that there is nothing wrong with women being the breadwinner. The only part I didn't like was Ki Taek's. I don't like it one bit. How can this poor guy die when everything is working for him at last? I don't care about realism, I want a fairytale ending for Ki Taek. He has found his true passion -cooking and true love - Ji Na, how can he die now?
  11. [Drama 2017] Radiant Office 자체발광 오피스

    His honeycakes' screen time may be short but I think she does have the most important line:
  12. [Drama 2017] Radiant Office 자체발광 오피스

    I gonna take a stab at translating the video instead... WJ: You little piece of s***. Dr Seo: What can you do about it, you who have no power? WJ: Before I leave this company, I'm gonna make mincemeat out of you! Heo: Thank you, I didn't expect you to clean up so well. WJ: It was nothing. He's never amount to much but I didn't expect him to fit inside this box so easily. WJ: Ms Cho, love comes before work, Ms Cho: Not in my situation WJ: Love comes before work, in any situation in any moment. Ms Cho: You don't understand WJ: Do it! Before @dhakra throws more papers and flips more tables! HW: It's the last episode! And I haven't kiss your glorious body much less touch it! WJ: If I take off all my clothes now, are you sure you can receive it properly? Psssst....didn't I tell you all that my Korean isn't really up to @stroppyse standard? By the way, I cheated. I saw stroppyse's translation just when I was about to write the last line
  13. [Drama 2017] Radiant Office 자체발광 오피스

    Hi @stroppyse this is the clip Judging from Ji Na's reaction, I don't think KT is the one who's terminally ill. Maybe one of his friends(not HW or KH) has taken seriously ill and KT is sad/had a 'carpe diem' moment If KT is really terminally ill, Ji Na's reaction will be much worse. -edit- just saw @Nodame post the same clip Anyway, just glad it's not one of our Trio
  14. [Drama 2017] Radiant Office 자체발광 오피스

    I'll miss them Such a good time for a kiss! Wae? Wae?
  15. [Drama 2017] Radiant Office 자체발광 오피스

    If it's true that KT is THE patient, then I have no words for Dr Seo