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  1. I see you like petite girls. And sweet looking of course Just curious, would you have to explain about watching kdramas? I'm sure there are guys watching kdramas but I think I can't be wrong that there's even less in other parts of the world than say Asia. furgeet the horse. okay, I think I've had enough for the day.
  2. @dhakra every time I see you post a hawt pic of HSJ, I can't help giggling, imagining you searching his pics. Here's more servings of your honeycakes
  3. The moment he realized that she may have issue paying her share. smiles knowingly... offers to pay the entire bill himself cr HSJ DC Woo Jin ah, we know you are a hard man but can we see more of these moments where you reveal your soft creamy goodness within?
  4. I was a bit afraid to watch this episode because before I started, I read comments that it was boring and worse than ep 3. I am glad to report that I enjoyed this episode as much as the others. You are right that even if it isn't the strongest, it's still better than the usual from other dramas. I was watching one highly rated current drama until I got seriously bored. The ratings meant people like those kind of shows but I feel that it pales in comparison to the little gem we have here. I'm tired of overdramatization, cliche plots and unreal characters. Radiant Office may not seem to have a huge plot or twists but it is enjoyable because it is so relatable to anyone who has worked in an office and experienced these issues to some extent. I wanted to throttle her. Unfortunately, people like her exists and are such annoyance. I was so happy that WJ blasted her and called her out for crappy work. But she still couldn't see what she had done wrong. She's not only lazy and irresponsible, she is dense. When WJ gave Ho Won more work and responsibility, I laughed at Ji Na's response. She just doesn't get it, does she? He is the type of general who will lead the fight and fight with you. This is one trait I admire of Woo Jin as a boss. He has the guts too. In a society where corruption is strife and safeguards to fight corruption ignored, I am really curious how far he would go. There's one thing that puzzles me. What is WJ and Mr Heo planning? Is it as simple as taking down Jerk Park? Or are they zealous anti-corruption fighters? I love how WJ is giving Jerk Park and CEO Han a massive headache, they even wonder if WJ has the guts because he's connected. I'd say that the writing shows quite nice details like Woo Jin's family name. Viewers have wondered if WJ is actually the scion of Hauline's owner and this is exactly what Jerk Park and CEO Han thought about too! Thank God for Ki Taek who proves to be Ho Won's friend in need and faithful cheerleader. I love how they celebrate their little successes, much to the annoyance of Ji Na. It was so sweet of Ki Taek to offer Ho Won money for a medical check up. He deserves a gal thousand times better than Ji Na. I am 80% sure she isn't. If she is, I am blaming the writer for bad writing in this aspect. Which doctor in his right mind will not speak to Ho Won clearly about her condition? In the first place, it should baffle him that she wants to work or worries so much about work if she has indeed terminal illness. Even if he was charitable, he should be buying her a vacation instead of giving her a 3 month employment contract. Luckily I wrote most of my post before reading yours. Hot buns with sweet cream filing? I am so tempted to squeeze...just sayin
  5. I can't stop laughing although I sympathize with you. Frankly, if I were her, I would be a lot worse. Ep 3 continued where Ho Won was shocked that she's the one with the terminal illness. Yeah, I think it is even more devastating this time round compared to the previous. There was hope or a 67% chance that it wasn't her. Now with Ki Taek and Kang Ho being certified with a clean bill of health, it's 100% confirmed. At least that is what it seemed to her. I just love this show more and more. It is the most realistic depiction of office life. Misaeng was awesome but I think Radiant Office is no less if it keeps up the good work. Unlike Misaeng, Radiant Office has to inject comedy, fantasy and romance so the challenge is in the balancing. So far, I think it's doing a great job at juggling all these. I nodded my head so many times, cringed at some and laughed out loud at others. I also feel the sadness, not just Ho Won's plight but the injustice and things people have to do to survive. In my working life, I have been both an interviewee and interviewer. I have been both a subordinate and superior. I am surprised to see how the show not just show things from Ho Won's perspective but also from Woo Jin's. When Ho Won was having her little tirade at the beginning, I could see how she looked in Woo Jin's eyes. She seems like another feckless young woman who thinks she deserves a position despite her lack of qualifications. Yet when she gets the job, she behaves irresponsibly and even looks suspicious (that's how she came across when she tried to hide the letter). Just as he doesn't care about those rich kids who try to get in through the back door, he doesn't give sympathy points to those who whine about their disadvantaged background or experiences either. Finding Ho Won drunk and worse of all, throwing in the towel so soon just confirmed his worst opinion of her. Of course, something inside him was moved. Not by her words alone but there was a certain sense of desperation, a sort of crying out for help and empathy. He was pondering over it during his drive home but he brusquely brushed it off. Unbeknownst to him, it's the start of his interest in Ho Won, not in a romantic way but maybe more of curiosity? Of course, many eventful stuff happened after which did not put her favorably in his eyes but things are going to be different pretty soon. Even Ki Taek and Kang Ho think that Ho Won has her shortcomings and that Woo Jin isn't as bad as what she made him to be. Of course they changed their mind about him after he lashed out at them for the accident, LOL. It's easy to hate Woo Jin for blaming the two guys for it but again, they showed that from Woo Jin's point of view, KT and KH was busy chatting and using the phone instead of doing their job. Maybe he expected them to stop the child before he climbed up the shelf. Together with much at stake on the event's success, Woo Jin blew his top. I both laughed and dreaded that it might be Ho Won beneath the bedcover. Whatever her reasons may be, it is definitely one of those things which should get her fired. Imagine you walk into IKEA and find their employee sleeping on the display bed? News of it would make social media go crazy and reputation of the company down the drain. To Woo Jin's credit, he did not make it worse for Ho Won. The email blunder is so real. So is Ho Won's rebut about how no one ever teaches temporary workers anything. Previously, I wondered why would someone who has terminal illness want to work. Work should never be on anyone's bucket list. However, after watching this drama, I realized that things like going for a trip is something out of reach for people like Ho Won. Even if you know that you will die soon, you still have to think of your next meal, the rent to pay etc. To Ho Won, her whole life seemed to be geared towards full time employment. Strange as it may sound, getting a full time job is her ultimate dream. On the same note, I don't hate Kang Ho for being disloyal to Ho Won. This is a guy who tried to end his life because he couldn't get a job. Kudos to the drama for being consistent. Same with Ms Cho, she wouldn't give up all her years of slogging just for this. I can see that she hated not having the guts or ability to help Ho Won. I have rambled enough. Gimme hot buns to shut me up please!
  6. Hello chingu, so glad to see you here and enjoying the drama. I am guilty as charged of adding fuel to the HSJ's bonfire although that's not always my intention. I think the pattern so far as been discussing about the drama and characters right after a new episode has been watched. Then thread quietens down with occasional talks about beefcake dude and sweet pies. When not discussing something cerebral, my mind always wander to other parts of HSJ's body. I absolutely love Go Ah Sung, I really do. This drama has made me a fan of her acting. Off to watch ep 3. I'm excited cuz it looks terrific Pity about the ratings though, well at least it didn't drop. More importantly, it looks like we got a good drama here.
  7. Got totally distracted by beefcake and honeycakes. Today is 2nd week of Radiant Office. A few days ago, I saw some post on DC about numbers trending upwards. I don't want to be too optimistic since Chief Kim is sprinting towards the finale soon. Still I hope the numbers will be better this week! Radiant Office Hwaiting!
  8. Aigooo...this is my Achilles Heel. Rather than briefs, I have an inexplicable weakness for shirtless men in jeans. I married the guy who appeared thus when I knocked on his hostel door. Actually I don't mind the size of the table, it just doesn't look very stable and might give way if it shakes too much. #HaSukJin'sbed#furniture#places
  9. Hmmm...I have not thought about the bedroom. The sofa looks big and nice, the table a little too small. @triplem About what Woo Jin might wear at home, I think something simple will do. I remember reading this awfully funny post on The Problematic of The UnProblematic blog - source: Channeling His Inner Ji Sung PS Partner I wanted to talk about how appropriate this is for sleepwear, until I realized that, Happy Trails notwithstanding, he has gone pantshands with clothes that have no pockets. Can anyone unsee this now???Thanks. I can't unsee this. I didn't see it before but now . . .Do you think that's why they cut to her so quickly? Somehow, though, I'm not bothered by this at all.
  10. It's Seo Woo Jin's apartment, though I think the beer cans belong to HSJ HSJ has a very modest apartment from what I see on variety shows. It's totally a bachelor's pad. and this super hilarious. There's no subs but I think he's acting out 2 different scenarios - the 1st is if a female friend visits him and the 2nd is if it's a guy.
  11. That is possibly the case. She may have changed over time but not by leaps and bounds. I know Ki Taek is a nice chap but he could also be a poor judge of character. When @dhakra's honeycakes called Ji Na a nobody, it did sum up what she really is. Her looks aren't even as great as Ki Taek thinks. I've got a hunch that she couldn't find herself a bf and KT was someone who thought a world of her, treated her like a princess but ultimately couldn't deliver what she wants.
  12. Same here So far, she hasn't disappoint. I think the drama is inclined towards slice of life instead of makjang. Already Doctor-son not involved in the management of the company gives me hope.
  13. Chaebol - checked Family Strife - checked Birth Secret - checked This will look like a weekend makjang story. I don't know about you all but this writer doesn't seem to have that makjang style. Same family name but their names don't follow the same middle name which is the norm. Is the writer trolling us?
  14. I'm having a sort of girl crush on Go Ah Sung. Just look at her, she is such a ball of energy and fun! I have always like actors who aren't self-conscious in front of the camera. They are willing to make funny faces, even ugly ones. It's one reason why I like Ha Suk Jin. He is willing to look ugly and idiotic, something some actors can't or won't do. Now, I see GAS surpassing him in how she camps it up. I am happy with this drama at this point, even with HSJ not being in the forefront. However, I already sense that his character could get a lot more likable. Maybe it's Ha Suk Jin who's making me see things that are not but there's this vibe of vulnerability and a really good man beneath(the fitting suit, shirt, under....i digress). Woo Jin is not really the same as HSJ's character in 1% or Drinking Solo. Am I the only one who thinks he is not so much of arrogant but has a problem with his blunt and brutal honesty? Of course, it's a big flaw because words can hurt. I went to check and it does seem so. For one, I am glad that Ki Taek finally knows a gem when he sees one! But I think the real fight will be between Doctor and Mr Tight Pants.
  15. excellent summary! I like Manager Cho best. She may be demanding but I think she's fair. It could be very difficult to meet her demands or standards but I can imagine this is the type of boss who would be less partial, don't steal credit for your work and work together with you instead of pushing everything to you. I really want to know what happened to that sweaty gym shirt? Did he bathe at the gym? Darn! These are serious plotholes, mind you. How are we to connect the dots when we are deprived of such scene? don't worry too much chingu! Your bosses is probably b**ching about their bosses or bosses lamenting the lack of good, honest, hardworking subordinates!