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  1. I can't with HJW saying, body warmer/abs warmer Hyun must be so warm, and she can feel it and the second BTS she loves touching his chest as much as how KMH hands just so comfortable caressing her back and neck while crying...these two really... anyhow they are song eun jae and kwak hyun, i should keep that in mind..and that's how dr. Song and dr. Kwak way of flirting once they are official LoL
  2. HJW and her playful self, really how come she does like that around with renowned director John Woo. LMAO. SOURCE
  3. Angeles Woo: "I'm honored to work with an amazing actress Ha Ji Won and it's delightful to come to Busan together".
  4. Ha Ji Won has this Ms. President aura LOL. She can have this kind of role in the future
  5. As i've remember her past works were all saguek dramas... it is her first time to write a drama sets in modern settings.
  6. eye acting is hjw's forte, she's so good with scenes with no dialogue at all especially when she's hurting.... so I am curious how she will deliver this scene based from JG description in the preview JG: She is so calm and collected, however she seemed to be crying with the world’s saddest voice. make our hearts move again Dr. Song we're ready ^^
  7. the less the OTP give some love moments... the more fans will get crazy... I think that is what the writer trying to do... savor those little things i remember her hwang jinyi writing that i had more heart aches than heart fluttering
  8. Well done sis It is already a big thing for the OTP actually, knowing SEJ who is very cold and naive when it comes to love gesture
  9. we need a gif of that holding hands moment 0:18 of the OTP, the way SEJ hand without hesitation the writers gift for the OTP sweet moment for just a second LOL
  10. cto the holding of hands though Dr. Song and Dr. Kwak
  11. I think if we're talking the degree of closeness, having 'shi' is more formal, and calling noona shows that you're more in close relationship to compare to 'shi'
  12. most of HJW's leading men were younger than her, so they usually call her 'noona' or hajiwon-shi....