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  1. So that’s it? Coz i dont trust google translate you know very misleading
  2. Annyeong chingu, just if you don’t mind can you translate the caption that HJW wrote from her latest IG update, thanks
  3. Both of them I find the little girl without ponytail looks like Jiwon when she was little
  4. I dont think that is jiwon's niece, you can see here, her older sis posted this before i think they are the daughters of HJW's young sis
  5. Don't lose your contagious smile Jiwonnie, you can cry loudly as much as you can to ease the pain, and become braver than ever after.
  6. Yes sis, that's all she needs at these moment of times, a warm hug to comfort her. Be strong Jiwon, you're a fighter remember
  7. Like what i've said in my social media that she supported him in every ways she can as his older sister, yet he chose his own path, i hope everything will be fine from this day, healing is a process, a new light will come, just give time, accept and look forward the greater things to come. I do believe in the power of prayer and things will be sorted. May everyone be at peace, and so her baby brother. My heartfelt condolences to Ha Ji Won and her family. There's always a rainbow after the rain, and we'll wait for you Jiwon. Take your time sweetheart.
  8. thank you chingu @Sydney Lin, HJW is very particular as always from her voice tone, hairstyle, clothes style, even how her face reaction ... she is kinda perfectionist, isn't she? And one thing I noticed 'bout her she always has a hard time of moving on from her role after it ended. That's why happy ending stories suits you sweetie
  9. same, I think the MBC drama awards this year HJW will likely get the same treatment with what happen during her The King 2 Hearts era that the station left her with none, though they gave her the Daesang the following year even the drama was still airing at that time. i think due to HS criticisms, it will be easily overshadowed by other dramas.... yet, still we never know
  10. http://koalasplayground.com/2017/12/14/mbc-confirmed-hold-2017-year-end-drama-awards-jang-hyuk-getting-buzz-daesang/ i thought HJW was nominated for daesang, but as per Koala from above article, she isn't even considered. So, if she's not considered then there's a slim chance that she will attend the ceremony. Anyway, whatever it will be
  11. I've watched Ruler, and I could say that Kim Sang Joong delivered his role very well so between him and Yoo Seong Ho, i could say it's him in Ruler. I was not able to watch Choi Min Soo on that drama, but he's also known to live her character very well. of course, I am rooting for our yeoja we know how she made us cry for some scenes in Hospital Ship.... through her eye acting, you could also feel how she's struggling and in really deep pain. Fighting! Jiwonnie, take home the second MBC Daesang if ever But whoever wins, for sure they deserve it. edit: sorry my mistake I thought kim sang joong the one with Ruler but no, he's from Rebel I got confused with him for Heo Jun Ho.
  12. look at this cute fangirl what are you doing jiwonnie? LOL
  13. ha ji won watching BTS concert today #wingstourfinalday2