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  1. Don’t worry Taec, we know how much you admire our Jiwon
  2. from July 15- Sept 9 for a total of 9 episodes So, HJW will blessed us a 9 hours screentime Thank you G
  3. OMG Jiwon you’re so savage!!! HAHAHAHA
  4. cto Khunie and Jiwon are 10 years old apart, yet I can’t see the age gap... so pretty Jiwon
  5. aww Jiwon we are really missing you thanks to Nichkhun fans for sharing this video
  6. so Ji won was practicing piano when she posted that photo on her IG
  7. Turn to part 8 for the vid can’t wait for this to air
  8. she now back to Korea so pretty
  9. Ha Ji Won ft. JoMalone London aww what a lovely woman
  10. Excited for Grazia photoshoot
  11. flood your IG jiwon from this work / vacation in russia hahahaha