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  1. Ha Ji Won Pulls Off Short Wavy Bob with Bangs in Array of Interesting Outfits for Instyle Korea LINK:
  2. @andra30 aww i really love those beautiful gifs *.* HJW hairstyle nowadays reminds me of her Closer to Heaven days image
  3. i'm delighted to know that these 1987-liner co-stars of HJW, like lee seung gi and ji chang wook never forgets her even after years that they've work with her
  4. Ha Ji Won reveals the character she cherishes the most in 'InStyle' Actress Ha Ji Won recently posed for 'InStyle's upcoming August issue! She expressed her excitement about playing her first ever doctor role in MBC's new medical drama 'Hospital Ship', scheduled to air next month. Ha Ji Won said, "In order to perfectly portray the role of doctor Song Eun Jae, I am currently doing a lot of research and studying. I look up YouTube videos of surgeons performing operations and managed to pick up some medical books. I even practiced sewing up a banana on my own." When asked what made her decide on 'Hospital Ship', she answered, "As an actress now, I feel like it's time for me to select more sincere projects rather than for just pure fun and entertainment." When asked about the one character she cherished the most, Ha Ji Won chose Chae Ok from 2003 drama 'Damo'. "I didn't know much about acting at the time and everything felt new to me, but I was able to act accordingly thanks to the fun atmosphere. I felt a sense of freedom on set," she explained. LINK us also jiwonnie, hoping that you will be more critical in choosing and considering a project after Hospital Ship ends .... so we'll be expecting a more serious and mature ha ji won after this? hhhmmmm....
  5. @andra30 LOL so after 7 years the real Gil Ra Im, standing there alone..... where is her real KJW then?
  6. and it will be on OCTOBER in Singapore aww i miss this INSTYLE look of Jiwon, she's so sexy in it ^^ reminds me of her 2010-2012-ish mag photoshoots
  7. she also sent to Crocodile Ladies and Sesa Living staffs ~ ~ uri Jiwonnie your vitamin ^^