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  1. I've watched Ruler, and I could say that Kim Sang Joong delivered his role very well so between him and Yoo Seong Ho, i could say it's him in Ruler. I was not able to watch Choi Min Soo on that drama, but he's also known to live her character very well. of course, I am rooting for our yeoja we know how she made us cry for some scenes in Hospital Ship.... through her eye acting, you could also feel how she's struggling and in really deep pain. Fighting! Jiwonnie, take home the second MBC Daesang if ever But whoever wins, for sure they deserve it.
  2. look at this cute fangirl what are you doing jiwonnie? LOL
  3. ha ji won watching BTS concert today #wingstourfinalday2
  4. Very nice of you to ask the stylist to fix her outfit thank you for sharing you personal encounter with jiwon, based from all fans who saw her during Manhunt promos...they're saying the same thing as you that she's the healthy type, not that skinny or slim yet she's toned. I think it is an edge of HJW apart from other celebs the way she treats, values, and her sincerity towards her fans is very admirable. I do really think that this yeoja is very sweet and clingy to be with
  5. Not just the not smiling, i hope HJW did notice that she don't have a lovelife unlike Dr. Song peace jiwonnie
  6. Same here, hoping for HJW that she will be able to have everything that will makes her happy coz she really deserves it, whether it is a namja, family, or work. As for the casting lately, I think it is because of the budget since pairing with both A-list will be very costly unless if the production is that big, but nowadays having an A-list as both leads will not guarantee as a success. So,probably they go for the safer route, as a result the pairings were quite odd nowadays I want her to get paired with jung woo sung actually, in a melodrama
  7. HJW also once said before that when she's thinking of having relationship, she's worried the what if her partner won't understand her work schedule.... that's why her sister told her that she could date someone who's also a celeb then like her. (just a random memory ) as a fan i am really curious as to what kind of man she will fall inlove one day, if that happens Not the ideal that she's always saying but to get to know and see that person
  8. They are friends, but i think she liked him too since she always mentioned him in her interviews before....it is just they are not in the same page.... and the given circumstances to them also not looks good, because if they are...HJW will looks like a third party gal knowing that she's HB last female lead before he broke up with SHK. So, HB having a gf now, cleared up HJW from those doubters it is just sad that almost all HJW leading men when they worked with her, they're not done with their military service... her timing with them is not perfect to proceed to next level if they have lingering feelings after their drama ends. Plus, the age gap for some. LOL when will be our uri ha ji won be lucky enough, since she also wanted a man that could protect her, she's just so cute, isn't it?
  9. ha ji won filmography (1999-2017) beautiful characters of Jiwon throughout the years this is worth to spread and share
  10. i like it when she's in Taiwan, coz the media there is no joke in headlining Ji Won