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  1. Ha Ji Won's Photoshoot Naver - My Daily : Ha Ji Won says she doesn't want to spend her precious time in depression 1. [+1687, -73] She lost a lot of weight, so pretty 2. [+1235, -46] "Even if you have a problem, take your time to figure it out. I don't want to spend my precious time in depression. I have to think the solution first" 3. [+825, -54] So cool 4. [+651, -53] You are so pretty. I am waiting for your next project 5. [+582, -54] So pretty, she was also so pretty in Secret Garden 6. [+117, -13] Ha Ji Won suits strong woman image 7. [+120, -17] You are good at maintaining yourself. So pretty 8. [+83, -12] That's right. It is not a bad thing to not get married and live alone 9. [+80, -12] Ha Ji Won and Kim Hye Soo choose to not get married, not that they can not get married 10. [+79, -15] "It is my last pride to not giving my heart" That's her dialogue in What happened in Bali. That time i was so impressed with Ha Ji Won's acting. I can not believe that it has been more than 10 years already. LINK: http://koreannetizen.blogspot.co.id/2017/02/ha-ji-wons-photoshoot.html
  2. Ha Ji Won perfects the classy look in Las Vegas for 'Grazia' Actress Ha Ji Won graced the cover of 'Grazia' featuring the desert and barren landscape just outside of Las Vegas. Walking alongside the open road to posing in front of a motel, the actress emits her refreshing charm. Dressed in an eyelet one piece to a denim trench coat as well clothes designed by Michael Kors, Ha Ji Won perfected the classy look with matching accessories. She stated in an interview, "My favorite phrase is, 'This moment right now.' I don't want to waste my precious moments worrying and being depressed. I just want to enjoy the moment." Fashion fans can get the latest styling tips from Ha Ji Won when the full March pictorial hits newsstands. >>more photos and part of interview will be release on 22nd of Feb.
  3. more photos from Crocodile Ladies 2017 Spring Collection HJW DC
  4. aww soo many beautiful goodies from crocodile ladies, sesa living and Grazia..... yet still i'm waiting the new shots from Stylus, Vivien, and Purmil so greedy.
  5. HJW DC without even trying..... sophisticated, carefree and all.
  6. HJW DC Jiwon is a combination of cute, classy, elagant....and everything. Her vibes is really one of a kind.