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  1. They're seems good friends before.... I need a reunion of these two onscreen.... jaebal!
  2. finally! Jiwonnie reached a million follower on her instagram she's so quiet these days that even in her IG she doesn't post anything. Enjoy your vacation sweetie surprise us with your comeback *.*
  3. more HD gorgeous photos from GRAZIA PHOTOSHOOT cto i hope we can hear some good news soon
  4. HA JI WON Endorsements Promotional updates SESA LIVING VIVIEN PURMIL N-1
  5. awww she's so gorgeous in red and that very sweet smile
  6. HJW DC with regards to the Hwang Jin Yi director coming project Chicago Typewriter, the casts confirmed already lead by Yoo Ah In and Im Soo Jung.
  7. behind the scenes from photoshoot as always HJW is so sunny! how about HJW's hairstyle for her next project would be something with curls...what do you think? c cto
  8. more released photos from MBN Y Forum event cto