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  1. @Camillajames that was the best CF of ha ji won, she'z oozing with sexiness with just her gaze plus JIS of course which makes it even more hotttt!!!! LOL How I wish she can reunite her past leading men soon, she's been vocal of wanting to work with JO IN SUNG and KANG DONG WON agaiiinn!!!! jaeballl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN JIWONNIE DO THE MOVES!!! lol
  2. THE MERCILESS VIP PREMIERE and of course her ultimate fanboy posted this unto his twitter account..soo cute TAECYEON: "It felt like a 2 hour long movie ended in 2 minutes (even more so bcs Goddess Ha Ji Won sat next to me)"
  3. more photos of HJW attending THE MERCILESS VIP PREMIERE
  4. HA JI WON at the VIP Screening of "The Merciless" that would be great if in the near future she'll do a movie with a quality that could compete CANNES Festival.
  5. we all do, sweetie LOL I miss the days were she's partnered with an A-List actors, I hope her company/agency would be more competent in making it happen again.
  6. HJW's post during CHILDREN'S DAY in South Korea. she's gettin' more interested into ARTS nowadays. it is nice reading comments coming from those people who were active on this thread before.. we misses you ladies let's do all of us here, a hug for the owner of this thread
  7. Everyone wants to work with him TBH lol. that's always the case to KES sorcery .... her male leads shines the brightest after.
  8. more photos from 2017 JIFF #DAY7 #DAY1 Cine 21 Mags at Jeonju IFF 2017
  9. 하지원 Ha Ji Won at [제18회 전주국제영화제 | 18th Jeonju IFF] 데일리 영상 DAY 7 cto
  10. cto even Ji won playfullyask him that they should do a movie together LOL. our yeoja need to do her move to pair with Gong Yoo
  11. [제18회 전주국제영화제 | 18th Jeonju IFF] 데일리 영상 DAY 7