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  1. Try to watch it on youtube, just search 31st Golden Disc award 1.
  2. Oh, thanks frJanz for uploading the video. I've been searching at you tube sometime then, but I could not find it. It"s good to watch her as presenter, talking in English. She"s awesome.
  3. I've been searching at youtube about Lee Ji Ah as a presenter on MAMA"s event in Hongkong but I found it none only the red carpet event with Lee So Hyuk. I found the video of Lee So Hyuk with another actress/singer as a presenter.
  4. SIMPLICITY IS BEAUTY. Lee Ji Ah featured in Get it Beauty 2016, episode 14, so simple on applying make up but very pretty and beautiful. Here is the link at youtube. I'll be waiting to watch it on TV @ M(Minute) Channel with English sub soon.
  5. I think our dear princess is in the US. Here is the LINK, can't be copy paste.
  6. Wow, very cute and pretty PBY featured at Entertainment Weekly @ 14:50 min on youtube. She was so professional in answering the interviewee when asked about SJK. I"m happy that their movie "Werewolf Boy" was shown again on their theaters.