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  1. Recent V Application of PBY, after she won the 2017 KAA Best Advertising Spoke-person/Advocate. This time she's wearing a white checkered black dress with matching off white or beige Trench coat. Here is the LINK
  2. PBY 2017 CF compilation, there's no reason why she should not be awarded as the Best Advertising Model 2017. She is so cute and pretty, for sure many netizens were captivated of her beauty and cuteness. LINK
  3. At first, I thought that the awarding of BY as Best Advertising Model 2017 event was on same day on the awarding of the Ministry of Culture, Arts, Sports and Tourism for PBY wore the same black dress, but I was wrong since BY wore different black dress. She was very thoughtful for she wore black dresses to express her mourning on the death of Kim Joo Hyuk, her colleague in variety show. LINK, With English subtitle LINK 2
  4. Bo Young on same day at different event, I think she was been recognized as top most female model for advertisement with actor Gong Yu, though he was not around, his photo was featured (I'm not so sure, just my speculations upon watching the video) at KAA Annual Conference 2017. Here is the LINK
  5. Some photos of PBY and PBG on the event held by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism posted by "geumtaek" at PBG Soompi thread courtesy of Newsen photos. Here is the Link, Link 2
  6. Park Bo Young and Park Bo Gum won an award from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Here is the LINK
  7. Park Bo Young next to SJK and next to her was Park Bo Gum. LINK on the wedding photo shoot of guest.
  8. I'm a silent follower of PBY thread. I came across on youtube, wherein the seating arrangement of PBY and PHS was just one seat apart at her left side while on her right side was LKS. PBY was also standing next to SJK on the wedding guest picture taking of the Song-song couple. Here is the LINK