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  1. Fact: *otoke i have a crush to this peanut sized lady ** i hope Minhyuksik will don't mind this ajumma Cr:
  2. First & foremost thanks to everyone for the live recaps, translations, YT links, tags, gifs & etc , KUDOS to you ALL. Btw,I lost my breath (oxygen please) reading live recaps that full of actions & heartbreak. It seems that I watched live streaming too. Plus those annoying scence from minions, thugs, (made me made & pulling my hair), but I love this ep as usual. Don't worry yorubon her lost power is just a temporary not forever. She maybe hurt an innocent ajusshi by accident & not on purpose due to that punk crazy richard simmons**** kidnapper. It doesn't make sense that her power will vanished just like that, it's case to case basis after all. But there's a perfect possibility that she will have her power back as soon as MinMin & BongBong have a "bed scene or passionate kiss"on tonights episode . Once again, thank you so much yorubon
  3. Yay! Adorably cutie little MinMin with Appa Minhyuk & Eomma Bongsoon Cr pic via wumiaka
  4. My friend knows how crazy I am about MinMin & BongBong (yesterday's issue on their daily newspaper. The previous post was 040417) *bts
  5. Hello to all! A chingu of mine from different planet send me this on their daily newspaper issue.
  6. Omooo...even the staff & Crew they are hungry for another long kiss-es just like us. Teasing our couple PHS & PBY reaction like PHS: (asking PBY permission) can we? (my delulu) *I know that there's something good & love attraction connection or shall i say "going on" between this two based on what my eyes can see, my mouth can tell & my heart can feel. How much more those people surround them personally, right?. Anyway, a big "THANK YOU" for those people who keep this page run smoothly beautiful updates like live recaps, translations, news, links, photos, gifs, arts & etc. Hugs to you all!
  7. PHS & PBY killing us softly Kiss scene BTS (omooo, i'm dead with their "holding hands" off cam) *they have their own world, that's why they even forget their shoes
  8. @lingx2 Thanks. I mean in YT. Anyway checking it again
  9. @lingx2 JTBC deleted the newest BTS. I guess they accidentaly posted it. But i saw it already & yeah you're right, BS ran away from CEO. And i'm terribly sad. But anyway, they are sooo cute and sweet helping Hyunsikie to get warm because they're filming under the cold weather
  10. @nonski Thank you so much chingu-yah as always. Saranghae! Finally! The most awaited part of the week is.... FRIDAY & followed by Saturday Now i can easily bring along my puppies on my pocketwherever & whenever I go