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  1. Dear PD-nim & Writer-nim, We are crazily waiting for a possible kiss-es on tonights episode. We're used to see back hugs anymore. If not now we patiently waiting until tomorrow eps. But it's fine if you'll grant our request next week too. Perhaps give us romantic wedding & kids as well as your ending eps. Am i too much PD-nim? Please bless this ajumma - dongsaeng hearts. Chaebal! Thanks you. Lovingly yours, crazyoldajumma @nonski thanks. Present as always.(*don't have any info about the rest from Obsession)
  2. More..... Yorubon, i can't breathe the sweetness of this puppies honestly cr: love_parkyungsikna
  3. Puppies BTS at the amusement park Cr: love_parkhyungksikna IG *from caressing hair, eyebrows to feeding food/snacks...whatever
  4. Ajummas poor heart can't take it anymore, Itokaje!! Sweetness+Shyness+Cuteness BTS overload= EP 9 PREVIEW Omooo! FINALLY
  5. Those "whispering secrets" made this ajummas poor heart duguen duguen & really curious everytime I watch their BTS
  6. Mina on SBS on Feb. 25, 2018 *i saw orange color somewhere too*
  7. Well, what I can say is just life is unpredictable. That's a sad news for those who like them but that's a good news for this crazy ajumma who love daramji.
  8. Watch Episode 4 Refer to EPISODE 4 *Hongki can't eat umeboshi but........he ate it all cuz Noona made it for him *Hongchan: Noona your love is sour, delicious & greasy Noona: My love has those charms. It has that deep taste
  9. Pink Brown new hair color Glad that his NEW HAIR COLOR is not Pink BLUE but PINK Brown (cuz someone love pink & blue & thats me) & love his new haircut Hongki IG Update Trans : "I'm still young!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋ" Trans: "Let's listen to the radio!!! #kbs #radio #Hongkira #LeeHongKi" Weibo Update trans: Long time no see
  10. Musical Day 15 (FINAL) Cr trans: via FtIsland5Treasure Island The dorks came to support Hongki for his Musical Those Days. Trans :#Those days #Last #Performances #Sad # #Kang Moo-young #Lee Hong-gi Many of you who have saved me and loved me, our fans, our day, our family members, our members, my friends, my family, thank you so much ㅋㅋㅋI have a lot of hardships, dry eye syndrome means that you can not have tears ... Thank you so much Hyunnie Update Trans:"#Musical #ThoseDays #Honeymoon I have finally seen the performance of Hongki Hyung! I have to watch my dinner heug... Today Jack the Ripper’s actors I've been watching musicals twice in a row, my heart is jumping ... ( Our Hongki hyung also sang well, 홍기형만의 무영으로 풀어서 너무좋았고 첨봐서그런지 더 새로웠다. It was also good chemistry with his yeongnim!! 사랑했지마안~~ When the song ended and wrote down the letter.. I cried) Ft Fanclub Twitter Update Trans:#LeeHongKi musical #Thatdays I loved Hong MooYoung but already Hong Moo-young's last performance thanks to PRIMADONNA that have come to me from the beginning!! I will long remember the days by Hong Moo YoungHahahahaha....love the flowers & the greensss *dry eye syndrome*
  11. Missing Pink Rose Flower Nuna AjummaKiss the Radio #coolFM With Heechul Hyung cr on pic
  12. Today First Game 2nd Pre-Bowler Qualification Round Info Update cr Dj.Pri Hongki scored 189, ranked 19th after 1st game in the second pro-bowling qualification round. Needs AVG of 200 after 30 games.
  13. Yellow yeloow yellllowwww mellowA certified & loyal Primanoona Aigooo.... this kids makes my heart always dugeun dugeun dugeun
  14. SF9 Twitter Update Cr trans on pic #HONGKIRA trans cr FT Station & Dj. Pri Hongki's advice for #sf9 to last: "all of you must always have the same goal" SF9 has 3 questions for HK and HK said he would answer them honestly after they finished singing The first question was how they could stay together as them as well HK: You have to have the same dream and atleast one member who helps with it. Our team fights a lot, but there is also one member that helps to solve it. Take me as example. I'm the most popular member, but I don't take all the honor 2nd questions was hobby which of course was bowling 3rd question: how to get loved by public and HK said you should get do a bit friendly image. Personally I try to show my real self while.. Keeping the law. From music side, we actually have abandoned the public XD. But there will always be people who will like your music, so if you want to get loved, then I suggest to just to go with a friendly image HK: Did FNC came up with your nicknames SF9: No ourself HK: FNC told you to make it right SF9: ... HK: Ah, I knew it. Seriously... HK: I know what the 9 for is, but not SF. I can guess though, cause before our debut we were SFHeroes. Super five heroes. Don't tell me... HK: Don't feel nervous. I don't know about other shows, but I'm here to protect you guys HK told Sf9 to watch their maknae. They have a lot of aegyo, but when they get older... you guys will be together for a long time you know SF9 Felt nervous cause HK gave them a lot of advice during DoB and now they are attending his radio show HK called a listener who asked for their ideal type a boring And after hearing the answer HK said: and again the same standard answer as all the other rookies HK:*read* What would you do if you could eat whatever you want instead of a standard menu. Wait! You have a standard menu?! HK: I used to be like this as well, but I told them I'm not gonna sing if you won't let us eat properly. HK: We could eat freely after that day, I will tell the company to give you this freedom as well SF9: *All cheers out loud* SF9 said it was more facinating than nervous to see all the artists you normally see on tv like Hongki SF9 became more and more honest now. After HK asked Rowoon if he found himself goodlooking one member said: ofcourse he's gonna say no