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  1. Hello everyone I came here to claim my lips. THAT'S MINE. Lol Jk jk I wanted to comment my birthday wish here on his birthday. But since im in countryside, there was no connection. But successfully did it on fb anyway. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOOHYUN-AH!!! WISH YOU ALL THE HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS. eventhough im not active here, im still checking news about you everyday, also your fans are doing good job at sharing the all the news. We didnt leave you. We are behind you! So dont worry about us, just serve well, eat well, be healthy, be happy. That pic with uniform made me fangirl so much. Ugh why so handsome. I wasnt expecting such a handsome face bcs all celebrities ms pics were so lame. U are aging like fine wine. love you soooo much. Waiting for you patiently... Thanks u guys for sharing the pics and news. He has truly awesome fans. I always check on the thread. Fighting
  2. My dear Baby-ah. I was so sad hearing your decision to join the army. Bcs i wanted to have one more drama before ms. But i respected ur choice. Way back in 2012 i knew u will be in active duty. Since then i was preparing myself. Until today i was doing fine. But im so heart broken now. im gonna miss you so much. I will be right here when u come back. Stay strong, be healthy, eat well. Dont worry about your fans. We will be waitibg for you. love you sooooo much. Btw wth those ceremony's pics are life
  3. The owner is not here. So u can take it at this time. We really love everything about him. He is just this precious baby. i watched Real without subtitle. I wanna watch with engsub. That time i will write about it. just wanna say: "Soohyun-a im so proud of you. No wonder critics praised ur acting. I can see how much u studied, researched for this role!!! I just love how u potrayed masked jty. Very feminine yet manly. Even stares were different from one another. " He gained huge experience from this. No regret. I cannot wait his next role. I think he will do one more project before ms.
  4. Get in line!!! Girls!!! That lips is MINE. You can take anything not his lips. Its mine since once upon a time
  5. Hi hello everyone. It's been while. Sorry for disappeared for a long time. Ive forgotten my password. But i check the thread everyday and never ever leave him if some people think so. About REAL. I don't wanna comment about it until i watch.I know it's painful to read those reviews. But most important thing is he's done his job perfectly. No one doubt his acting. They can criticize the movie all they want but they can't criticize his acting. That's what i want. Of course i wanted the box office hit. I guess it's not our year. He wanted to challenge himself. He did it. That's it. Some fans are acting like 'His career is over. LOOOLLLL EXCUSE ME? " He is too young to retire yet. He will hit daebak very soon. Side note; Oh... to his antis " watch ur month dont understimate him. he just doesnt considered as #1 without any reason" I LOVEEEEE infinitive challange eps. Uri boy is awesome. I named him ' My bunny boy" he is so adorable and natural. In 2011 he wasnt like this. During tmets i thought he was holding himself. Finally after mlfts he let him go. ha! Now he is more open minded and doesnt afraid of expressing himself. He is just being himself. Im glad that people love him for this. His bowling video got 8 million views in fb. AWESOME!!! I watched the kiss radio. How cute they are. It's been a while since i listen his singing voice. Love my baby. I read that he got new nickname " Handsome bingu?" It's sounds so cute. Aigoo. M magazine ps are hot and sexy!!! RAWRRRRR Soohyun shi I'M STILL HERE FOR U I WILL KEEP SUPPORTING U. LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH.
  6. Asdfghjkl Our boy is BACK!!!!!! Omggggggg Jang tae youngggghhh my love, so freaking sexy, handsome. Nearly droped my phone when i see the teaser on fb. It's so coool. There will be a lot of magazine shooting and interview. Finally!!! After such a long time. We deserve this type of teaser!!! Congratulations baby-ah!!!