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  1. anneyong chingu dheul.. WOW.... what an amazing drama.... this is one of the best one I have seen so far.. everything is just so amazing well placed.. perfectly blended... the plot story.. the chemistry... the music background... the lighting is super well done I can sense the emotion and the weight of every scene with it... overall I am still amazed on how this drama grown better and better... Yeo Jin Go is really mesmerised me with his overflown acting talent.. he plays two absolutely different characters and nailed it big time! this young man will grant us many good dramas in the future.. love the soft pastel colors the beautiful queen wears... it portrays her self so perfectly... it’s to stay strong and bright in any given circumstances... the life in that kind of ‘ambiance’ must have been feel like an endless battle of survival... nobody to trust even your own lifetime assistant stabbed your back... ughhh I just can’t with all the scams and traps.. now that HS is the real king, I pressumed the real one died? we will see how it’s unfolded next week... never been this anxious of waiting before......
  2. maybe you need to watch a decade long more... you know.. to reach a higher level of understanding and accepting... anyway eonnie wish you good luck, Rookie....
  3. so what do you expect from a frictional korean drama? a reality? that is the FIRST thing you should, must and need to put aside... there is no such thing in a movie or drama... it is all from the brain of the writer’s mind universe... I would also want to make my own drama.. too bad I am just a peasant nobody who just lucky to get to watch dramas for free... gratis... and I’m grateful for all the writer, director, actors, singers etc etc hard work to entertain us... my sister tried Korean drama and she didn’t like it.. so she only watches Telenovela now... and Indonesian sinetron which is so so so terrible.. lol.... anyway after 22 years of watching Kdrama and visiting Korea many times... I guess I’m too familiar with it..
  4. OK... to those who complained about how cry baby Hee Joo is.... that she is like a water source for tears... that they don’t wanna see her crying face again... she is crying nonstop blablabla.. those Knetz and some other kdrama fans are so never been in love... they have no idea how LOVE is.. those whose always complaining about Hee Joo crying... if the man who helped you so much.. bought your shittty hostel for 10 million USD.. helping you find your brother that has been missing for a year.. other than him also an uber loaded richy rich CEO and being so drop dead gorgeous sexy hot blablabla... this is the man that made her world changed.. her heart is Jin Woo.. and the fact that he has not call her or even logged in.. for more than 48 hours... every second is a deep unbearable torcher... when my late fiancee passed away on the line of duty as an army in 1997.. I runaway to USA for 3 years study.. getting another bachelor degree that I already had in 1996.. because the pain was so very very unbearable I wanted to end my life... luckily I have God and family and friends... anyway that is just an example... those whose understand what I mean... won’t bash Hee Joo’s crying anymore.. we are getting nearer to the end... and yeah I know how trolling a preview can be so I’ll take it with a grain of salt...... this drama will remain one of my favorite for a long time. see U next Saturday chagiya dheul.... exciting for the FINAL!
  5. Ha Ji Won is 42 and never date... I honestly got HJW vibes in SYJ.. I can’t explain it.. many celebs are so private.. again I wish the best for all of them..
  6. what a powerful episode..... not much romance tonight but I bawled with Hee Joo when she saw her boyfriend all bleeding and wounded... PSH can cry a river and still look gorgeous.. the crying looked very natural.. other than the OTP.. my tired stressful brain is too weak to express more opinion so I’ll wait for the english sub... anybody want a good streamlink for tomorrow, PM me..
  7. as a HB noona fan for 15 years.. fall in love all over again after Secret Garden (my ID lol) and now MOA.. I’ve been following him all along and he is a Libra.. meaning everything in his life is calculated so flawessly by himself.. learned from mistakes and emerging again better than ever.. that is him. he always managed to be the best in all aspects of life. best example soldier.. best personality.. getting best luxury CFs.. block buster movies.. awesome dramas.. all.. he himself stated that he has no plan to dating again yet since his schedules are packed. I of course believe him because he’s always honest and published his relationships.. like with Kyo and KSR. so.. I do believe HB and SYJ is not dating. close chingu? yes.
  8. HB is just get off from a year relationship with Kang So Ra and he is not the type to rush into another one so quickly.. and SYJ always rumored to date her co stars because she is kind and lovely as well as had great chemistry with all of them.. the name Kim Nam Gil.. So Ji Sub.. Jung Hae In each has a big platform of shippers.. HB also a very honest man and if he really dating someone, he will admit it.. just like when he dates SHK and KSR... so if both parties denied... I believe they are not... and HB type is a much younger woman... both are good friends or colleagues since they are the same age friend (36 years old) and no way they are going to blatantly doing PDAs in IG if they do dating. we never know what the future brings.. wish them all the best!
  9. my ship is not even sailing yet but a storm crushed it..... now I don’t know what to do...
  10. the elephant underwear is in shocking pink and has a trunk to put the ‘willy’ in it.. I think I saw it in kiddies shop.. hahahahahahaa... OMG so hilarious this drama...
  11. I know exactly how they can troll us with a preview... but my ahjumma intuition once again said it won’t be a dream sequence... pleaaaaseee pinaidaaa pinaidaaa..... - beauty and the Bear -
  12. it is planned. soccer games RULE in South Korea... it’s the Nation’s most respected and loved sport activity.