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  1. Hyungsik-ssi: Good Morning! My baby did you sleep well? Boyoungie: Ne! hmmm...let's go exploring this place today Hyungsik-ssi: let's have breakfast together first Me: Yah! You two! I don't have any sleep at all. Wae? because i can't still move on after SWDBS & witnessed yesterdays event over fb live. How can i survive day by day without seeing you? EOTTEOKE? omooo.... Cr on pic * i just edit the rest
  2. Nice one. Check this link
  3. I can't stop watching them. Their eyes & smile can't lie Both agreed on something spicy food like Kimchi soup & Korean bean paste soup. For sure it's their favorites
  4. Fancam...i love their short momentcloser you & i
  5. them cuz they both so shy. I know PHS heartbeat is over 300
  6. from here to there...crowded though it's still AM. Some fans said they already at the 4th floor
  7. I wish & hope for another more & most sweet interaction between PHS & PBY. But but but... Ms. Park known as 'strict' manager (from SHK~SJK fans) but shes a very 'nice' person too. They might stay Singapore for days since SHK activity will happening 2 weeks from now in Hongkong. So UAA send her to keep an eye to our puppies. Wae? cuz there's something that need to 'protect' . UAA really handle their kids properly *protect- this word always made me menbong My former OTP always said 'i want to 'protect' the girl that i love. (as a matter of fact the girl is really a privy one). Now PHS said 'i like someone who i can protect'. Well we knew that PBY is really a privy cutie one in terms in dating or in relationship.
  8. For me, I'm not so surprised at all. My former/previous OTP was like that. There was no single piece or half of their photo after their show. Accdg from their close friends & they admitted over separate interviews that they met privately somewhere. They took picture together after a year. Til now my ship is still sailing. One piece of advice, just believe what's in your heart. It is expected that you may be hurt & get disappointed but life is like that. Just be happy & dance with the music
  9. Fanaccnt: cr: eve_vana 1. PHS depart from Incheon International Airport 2. PBY took KOREAN Air. Arrived Changi Airport T2 around 12m. While PHS took ASEANA Airlines arrived Changi Airport T3 at 3AM. *PHS is with Ms. PARK (SHK Manager) Park-Park-Park avengers